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on October 7, 2017
Maybe my expectations were too high for this product, but they did not last all that long. I installed these on my car in April and they were pretty much worthless now in October. Without ever being exposed to snow and ice, one of the wipers ended up splitting and not clearing the water effectively from my windshield. I will be trying a different brand next time as I am not impressed with these what so ever considering they have not been used very much during the spring and summer months. I would hate to see what would happen to them if I used them in cold weather where snow and ice are an issue.
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on September 21, 2014
These work great! Even better once I figured out to remove the clear/white plastic protective blade covers! You'll figure it out quickly if you forget as well because they'll streak horribly and then once you remove the protective covers the blades glide perfectly smooth. I do wonder for those reviewers who experienced streaks if they also forgot to remove the blade protectors (used for packaging only). These work/fit great on a RAM1500 Sport (2012).
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on May 1, 2017
On April 30th, 2017, we drove from Springfield, MO to Faribault, MN, right in the middle of the MONSOON that was lingering over the heartland of the US. The MyRadar app on my phone showed us driving north in 7 hours of the Yellow to Orange bands of rain almost the whole way, many drivers abandoned the interstate because their wipers couldn't keep up. I had unfortunately replaced my wipers earlier this year with a different brand of Hybrid wiper blades that were on sale at our local Wholesale member's type store. With 20 - 30 mph cross winds were making those tire brand wipers float up right off my drivers side windshield. We stopped when I remembered that I had a Spare Rain-x Latitude wiper I bought last year from amazon. Put it on under a gas station cover in southern IA, and the Rain-X Latitude wiper kept my windshield 1000% clearer than the other brand. I've just ordered another pair (always keep a spare, just in case). I'll never switch unless Rain-x makes a better one....
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on December 12, 2015
PROS... The actual rubber squeegee part is good, in fact superior to the new blades that came on my 2015 Volt... But time will tell if the squeegee will last. The actual rubber part looks flimsy and I suspect this is made in Chuna.

CONS... Rain-X has a really Mickey Mouse mechanism for a "catch all" approach in mounting their products to the wiper arms. We had a special phrase for this when I was in the military but I won't write it down here.

The original parts on my 2015 Chevy are shaped better to allow air flow past the (called parasitic-drag) the OEM parts actually look like a spoiler seen on the back sides of modern cars, but the Rain-X mechanism is a bulky contraption and also awkward compared to the OEM.

Frustrated with the gawky and ugly parts of the Rain-X blades, I pulled the rubber squeegee out of the Rain-X and inserted them in the OEM blades. Now I have the best part of both worlds. Too bad you can't simply buy the squeegee parts and not the whole ball of wax! That's how it was done in the "old days" and result in less stuff being deposited in landfills.

This would be a 5 star product for me but I deducted two stars for the lousy and convoluted control arms.
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on April 7, 2015
Some people believe that wipers are wipers, why would they need to spend more than $3 on something to just clear the windshield? Well, all wipers are not created equal.

Back in the old days, you had a metal or plastic hinged wiper blade. They worked ok in the summer and terribly in the winter. The hinges would freeze and you would end up with a stiff blade and a big mess in the middle of your windshield. Of course, they offered a winter blade. The winter blades had a protective boot that would keep the hinges from freezing up. Sound great right? Well the boot also acted like a reverse spoiler and would lift the blade slightly off the glass at higher speeds. This would cause the blade to not contact the windshield properly, which in turn, left the windshield a mess.

Luckily, technology started advancing. Toilets got moved indoors, bread became sliced, and the hingeless wiper blade was invented (possibly not in that order). The hingeless blade is really the best of all worlds. They wipe well in all seasons, they conform to the windshield better at higher speeds, and they don't look so old fashioned.

Everyone offers a beam blade these days. In my opinion, you can't go wrong using any of them over a traditional style wiper blade. But the Rain-X blades are a cut above the rest. They are built well, they have the hardware to fit most cars, and they seem to last. I installed these on a Buick Enclave, which has a very odd wiper attachment method. I expected the old school hook and to just snap the blade on. Luckily, Rain-X prepared for this blade attachment and included the necessary hardware. It wasn't as quick and easy as I expected. It took some force from a screwdriver and a few four letter words. But I was finally able to separate the hook style adapter and snap on the Enclave adapter. The rest was a breeze. I live in New England and we can go from heavy snow to ice to rain within an hour. I have had no issues with ice or snow building up on these. They seem to work well on the highway as well as at lower speeds. Wiping is smooth and quiet. What more do you want from a wiper?

I have used a few beam wipers over the years and these are at the top if not the best. Other beam blades I have used (Bosch Icon) have had issues with snow and ice build up. Michelin beams are not bad, but do not seem to last as long as the Rain-X blades. I feel that you can't go wrong with these blades.
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on October 28, 2015
Purchased at the end March for my 2012 Hyundai Sonata and by mid-October the driver side (26") blade was defective. The rubber blade would slowly creep up, sliding off the windshield wiper arm causing me to have to pull over and slide the rubber back down so I could see (dangerous). I've purchased wiper blades over the years from OEM to just your standard off the shelf set at autozone, and I've never had a set go out this soon. I ask Rain-X/ ITW Global Brands about a replacment or discount towards another purchase and they assured me their policy is 90 days for warranty and their blades have an expected life span of 6-12 months. This will be the last set of Rain-X blades I purchase.

Typically, I've been able to get at least two years out of a set of wiper blades.
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on November 24, 2015

Like an idiot, I didn't realize there is a clear plastic protector on the blade you need to remove. I was using the blade with the protector still on when I wrote the below review. After removing the protector (only noticed it after a month when it started coming off by itself) the blades work perfectly.


The blade will fall off the holder. I bought these to install right after I got my car detailed and was driving from Seattle to South Carolina. About halfway through the drive, the rubber part that touches the window is sliding off the blade - by about 5" by the time I could pull over and fix it. It's only done it once more since then, but I have no clue why it is doing that.

Additionally, they don't seem to press against the window with much force compared to my last set, so even brand new (immediately after a complete detail) there were streaks on my windshield.

Total disappointment. I'll keep rainX as a fluid :)
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on June 24, 2017
Decided to replace my Bosch windshield wipers with the Rain-X because, hey, who doesn't love that streakless look provided by most Rain-X products? Well, apparently that standard does not extend to these wipers.

The installation was super simple - I didn't find the catch-all connector to be as much of a detriment to the product as other users have, as it made for installation in under three minutes. No need to look up YouTube videos or reference the included installation guide - they slid on and locked in to my 2011 Toyota Prius.

But then came the first rain...boy, these things are terrible! They left a cloudy, streaky look during and after the rainstorm. To be honest, the muddied look made me a little nervous during the driving rain, where I even thought about pulling over because I simply couldn't look out the windshield. The windshield wipers are not squeaky in any way, but the blades just simply don't provided a consistent clean displacement of water.

I'll keep them on for the next couple of months, but before winter hits, I'll definitely be switching these out. Again, love most of Rain-X's products, but these wipers were just duds. Very disappointed in the quality and execution of these blades.
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on January 5, 2014
I bought these blades hoping they would last through the Central New York winter, unfortunately I was sadly mistaken. I purchased these blades through a local retailer over the summer in anticipation for the winter months that lay ahead. While they worked okay during the summer, I e-mailed the company because they were leaving a streak behind when used in severe rainfall. I was promptly told "please return the blades to your local retailer". Some help that was...I exchanged the blades, and thankfully, they left only a minimal streak, and they began to work in the rain after.

All was average, until winter started, and these blades were practically rendered useless. Our winter has been brutal with snow, sleet, rain, and ice. I figured shelling out the additional money would give me some premium blades that made my drive safer, and more visible in declining weather situations. These blades do not wipe any precipitation, in fact I do not even turn them on in fear of not being able to see! I figured, maybe I just have to clean the ice out of the grooves and they will improve, but unfortunately they remain useless. My good friend, who is more of a car aficionado than I am, took a look, moved them a bit, cleaned them out, and we were both in awe when they still left streaks, wiped next to nothing off, and made our visibility treacherous on both driver and passenger side.

My Dad owns the same blades, and they are useless on his car as well. Neither of us can remember having worse blades than these Rain-X wipers. I think I am done with this model, and unfortunately this brand. Next time they tell me to "return to the local retailer" I will take that to heart, and go with another brand that's more reliable. I would not recommend these wipers for anyone, neither would my family or friends. If anyone has suggestions please comment!
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on December 18, 2016
I bought these Rain-X wipers instead of Bosch to give them a try and I'm totally disappointed. For the good stuff, they installed easily and seemed to fit perfectly. For the bad stuff - within one month, they developed a loud, annoying squeak as they made the back stroke. I purchased these blades in February 2016 and now they streak horribly - not even a full year of service with these blades. I will have to replace them shortly for the winter weather. I recommend you spend a few extra bucks and try Bosch or some of the other brands.
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