Customer Reviews: Rainbow Women's Premier Double Layer Wide Strap Sandals
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on October 8, 2012
I had heard excellent things about Rainbow Sandals, including their superior comfort and durability. I had also noticed in some reviews that these particular sandals take some time to "break in" to your actual foot shape. Before purchasing, I heeded the sizing recommendations on, as well as those on the Rainbow Sandals website, and even measured my foot to ensure that I was making the most ideal selection. I typically wear women's size 8.5 or size 9, so I opted for a women's large in this sandal. After trying them on, the fit was rather tight and my feet were apparently too wide for the sandal base. I compared the women's large to my boyfriend's size medium in men's. The men's size was just the right width, so the fit was fantastic. I returned the women's pair and bought a men's medium instead (same color, same wide strap, same double layer as the women's). The sandals, as far as I can tell, are essentially unisex, so I have no qualms about wearing a pair of sandals technically designated for men.
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on November 11, 2011
I got on here to order a pair of the narrow-straps, but decided to write a quick review for the wide straps because I just counted how long I've had my original pair... 9 years! I got them in 8th grade and am now a first-year law student. absolutely the most comfortable and longest lasting pair of shoes i've ever owned. The leather strap has become almost shiny since I've had them for so long but structurally they are almost like new (other than the fact that they fit my feet PERFECTLY and the sole is a bit thinner around my heel and big toe). I'm only buying new ones to have a different color/style.. not because i'm going to stop wearing my old ones. :) Seriously, invest in these!
By the way, I wear between an 8.5 and a 9 depending on the shoe. If you're like me, order the L, not the XL. They run a little big AND stretch to fit over time. I do have a narrow foot though.
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on January 19, 2007
This sandal is the best ever! I used to wear reefs and they are also comfortable , the rainbow's mold to your feet after a couple of weeks and become perfect!They are kind of tight in the begining but the pain is all worth it. I had a pair of the lighter ones, I think light tan and they got dirty very quickly, so I like the dark brown much better.
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on December 7, 2011
I love rainbows. I own a couple pair and want to add to that immediately. The 2 problems you will encounter with your first pair of rainbows is this...#1 they are a &$@?/ to break in! I recommend wearing them everyday, even through the blisters. Just put on band aids. Also, get them soaking wet and wear then until they are completely dry. That will form them to your feet. That brings me to #2 don't buy a size bigger than you think. They will stretch! As silly as that sounds, they are leather and it stretches. When I first purchased my large 8s for my 7.5 normal foot, they fit fine and then they didn't. I still wear them but I have extra leftover at my heel and it's probably not noticeable to anyone but me, but I notice. Oooh and the white fades pretty significantly. I still like them, but I love my tan ones. Enough said.
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on April 5, 2008
These sandals shipped quickly and are in new condition. I love the double stack arch. I can walk all day in these and not pay for it with low back pain or aching feet the next day. I ended up buying them in three different colors. Worth every cent. I highly reccommend them if you want sandals that are as good to your feet as sneakers.
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on February 7, 2014
I have several pairs of rainbow sandals - many of which I purchased straight from the manufacturer. These were fakes & were returned - stitching was different, tread on the bottom of the shoe was vertical instead of horizontal, the rainbow label was different & the rainbow logo imprinted on the shoe was different. If that wasn't enough, the quality was obviously that of a knock-off. This is an expensive sandal & it is horrible that Amazon allowed this to be sold through their website. Make sure you purchase through an authorized dealer!
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on May 26, 2007
i love my rainbows now, but when i first wore them, the straps made my feet bleed b/c they'd rub against the top of my foot! they've worn in now though, and they're great. a few warnings: they aren't really waterproof~sometimes splashes leave watermarks. your feet also will leave a dark print on the bottom of the flipflop. i don't know how to clean them, since water doesn't work. my feet don't really get dirty though, unlike with j. crew flipflops. overall, i'm very satisfied with my purchase.
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on November 25, 2012
I purchased a pair of Rainbow women's premier double layer wide strap sandals almost a year ago. I was told that these sandals would take some time to break in and might not be comfortable right away. I wore my pair as much as I could stand for several weeks fully expecting that they would become more comfortable over time. They started out hurting the first knuckle of my second toe in both feet, with the right one hurting more than the other. I had never experienced anything like this with a flip flop. I have determined that the toe posts for both sandals were too short, with the right one being shorter than the other. On top of that, the stitching on one of the straps had already started to come undone.

After a few weeks, I discovered that the bursa in that knuckle had become inflamed, and I had developed serious bursitis in that knuckle. It was a lump about a third of an inch high. Any pressure on this lump caused severe pain and it became very difficult to walk. I called customer service and they said that I would have to return the sandals from the store where I bought them. This is what I intended to do, but then I was asked by Don Daley, one of Rainbow's employees if I would mind sending the pair in so they could have their people look at them to see what might have been wrong with them. I asked him if he would refund my money and also the cost of sending the sandals back. He said he would take care of it for me.

I sent the sandals back, fronting the money for the shipping and insurance. I didn't hear back for a long time, but finally, a new pair of sandals arrived, with instructions for returning if anything was wrong with them. I tried them on, and found that the toe posts for both were again too short, and the one on the right sandal was even shorter than the first pair. I measured the toe posts, and found that the toe post on the right sandal was measurably shorter than the one on the left, by about a quarter of an inch.

I followed the instructions that came with this pair of sandals for returning the product, again fronting the money for the shipping and insurance. By this time, I was out $50.00 for the sandals, as well as the cost of the shipping and insurance for two pairs of sandals.

I didn't hear back for an even longer time, until a few days ago, I got a letter from them saying that they can't refund my money. Not for any reason.

I called again and explained to the customer service representative what the situation was. She said she couldn't help me. She said that Rainbow Sandals doesn't refund money for sandals that are bought at a store. The tag that comes with the sandals says to contact Rainbow Sandals directly if there is a problem with the sandals.

I'm still working to get this situation resolved. I'm not very hopeful, because people at Rainbow Sandals are more concerned with passing the buck than they are with providing customer service.

So I learned two things from this experience. The first is that the Rainbow Sandals guarantee is essentially worthless, and second, that Rainbow Sandals has no customer service to speak of, just a brushing off and passing the buck service.

It's quite obvious that Rainbow Sandals doesn't care at all about their customers or their product.

Update: I sent a copy of this review to Don Daley, and he responded promptly to my email with his apology, and he said he forwarded it to Tanya Carter, the person who currently holds the job that he held when he asked me to send him the flip flops. I also forwarded the email to Tanya. So far I have not heard back from her.

Second update: After sending a copy of this review to Don Daley, he stepped in and helped me get the problem solved. I have been told that I will be receiving a refund and also my shipping costs for the two pairs of sandals that I sent back.

Unfortunately, Tanya Carter is currently the person at Rainbow Sandals who is responsible for customer service. Even while she was informing me that my refund would be sent out in a few days, she was trying to blame all of my problems on me. She has no understanding whatever of what the job of customer service representative entails, and rather than helping customers solve problems, she prefers to blame the customer and avoid any and all responsibility for doing her job. So this is the quality of customer service that Rainbow Sandals customers can expect to encounter.

Third update: Don Daley emailed me explaining that the company has learned from my case, and has implemented new policies and practices to resolve problems faster and better with the customer totally in mind. I wanted some reassurance that this was sincere, so said I wanted an apology from Tanya that didn't make any excuses or any attempts to shift the blame onto me for the problems, and I wanted an acknowledgement from her that the problems were at her end of the line and not mine. So far no such apology has been forthcoming.
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on April 30, 2016
I bought my first pair of rainbows when I was in highschool which was about 14 years ago. I had that pair for about 7 years and they still looked great! My little sister decided to wear them out to our pool, got them soaking wet with chlorine water and left them in the sun until I found them a week later and they looked like a U. I've only bought 2 others and I still swear by them. I wear them until they can't take it any more!
I am extremely flat footed and have a terrible time trying to find shoes I can spend all day in. Once you get these broke in they are the most comfortable thing you will ever wear! My back doesn't hurt wearing them!
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on January 11, 2016
Considering I just ordered my fourth pair of Rainbows- I really can't think of anything negative to say about these sandals. I will recommend one thing- pay the extra money for the double-layer arch support. It's well worth the $5-$10 difference. Stupid me, I wanted a "cheap" pair of flip flops and decided to go for the single layer last time. Big mistake. The arch support can't even come close to the double layer sandals. I'm not sure what else I can add, aside from yes- it does take a week or so to break these suckers in. I really didn't think getting them wet would expedite the process, but it does. I now take my single layer ones to the pool and I get the soaked all the time- they are indestructible. I shower with them (at the pool showers), and they still won't get old lol. Anyhow, the double layer sandals have amazing support- very comparable to Birkenstocks (but look a lot cooler). I have a high instep, so it takes me a bit longer to break them in- but once they are broken in, they literally feel like silk. I've also found that certain colors break in quicker- the Expresso brown is softer and will break in the quickest, followed by medium brown and sierra brown. The black, for some reason, feels the stiffest to me. Maybe you've had a different experience, but the black ones definitely have a stiffer feeling leather. Lastly, for reference, I wear a solid size 8- sometimes 8.5 with narrow shoes (as I have wide feet). I wear an 8 in Vans and a 38 in Brikenstocks, and I take a women's size MEDIUM. It fits me perfectly- like with not one iota to spare. I have wider feet with short toes and a wide toebox. And my foot does hang over the sandal widthwise, but for some reason, it doesn't look bad at all. I don't write many reviews, and I doubt I can really add that much to a sandal that is reviewed so much, but I just wanted to add my two cents. Buy the double layer and enjoy!
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