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on April 9, 2013
At our last house we had a shower filter to reduce the chlorine, so when we moved to a rental just a couple minutes away that didn't have chlorine filtration, I immediately noticed a difference. I knew I wanted to filter bath water for me and for my baby, but since we're only at this rental for a few months I thought it would be great to use this bath ball because it's easier than trying to remove a shower head that has been attached for 20+ years, and I don't actually know if we're allowed modifying that anyway.

So, I was expecting a little bit of a hassle, because I knew I was going to have to swirl this around in the tub before I got in the water, and I felt okay about that commitment.

When it arrived, my husband laughed at me. There's no way that is going to make much of a difference, he said. I told him there had been good reviews online, and I pointed to the package insert that claimed that it could change "up to 100%" of the chlorine. But when I read that, my husband laughed, and I knew why. It would have been one thing if it said 96% or even 99.9998% of the chlorine, but really? 100%...that doesn't sound like a very scientific figure for such a rudimentary filtration method. And, "up to" is such a suspicious term--of course, it is going to vary depending on whether you swirl and swoosh it around enough...but, if you've ever stopped into a store that's having a sale UP TO 80% OFF and found that most items are full price or 5% off and only a couple ultra-clearance items are actually very understand that "up to" doesn't mean much of anything.

Still, the reviews were good, right, so I was expecting to have positive results. I write lots of reviews and I trust other reviewers, so I had a lot of faith in that. So what if I didn't have a 100% experience, or even a 85% improvement. If the water was noticeably better, say, 25% improved, I would have to consider that a success, since any reduction in the amount of chlorine that we're breathing and soaking in is a good thing. I expected at least that.

So, I faithfully followed the instructions. I swooshed and swirled, for longer than the package even said to, and let it toss around in the bath too, for the enhanced results that it promised in the information that came with it.

I did this for 4 or 5 baths.


I did not notice any difference in our baths at all, except that I felt kind of awkward hanging out by the tub nakedly wanting to climb in my bath and doing the boring exercise of swishing. So I tried filtering while clothed instead and found that small splashes got my sleeves wet, which was even less comfortable.

The vapor still smelled like chlorine. The water still felt bad and left my skin extra dry.

So, I tried some other things. I tried a couple baths where I dangled it under the faucet (not recommended!) while the water was running, because some reviewers had mentioned success with that. Nope. I tried removing the ball cage so that the mesh bag could come into more contact with more water and maybe potentially filter more. Nope.

I have to conclude that there is really no difference.

I told my husband that it turned out that it didn't work. He wasn't surprised. I was disappointed that my experience didn't prove him wrong, and even more disappointed that our water is still totally chlorinated.

I'm not bothering to use this anymore. It isn't worth the hassle and it doesn't do anything. I'm embarrassed that I thought it would work, because it seems like kind of a dumb idea if you think about it. How many tiny tiny particles must be in the water, and what is the mathematical probability that they will come into contact with the metal scrubby pad inside the mesh? Pretty unlikely, I would guess.

It seems like it would be nice to have a non-shower solution that works, and I know chlorine is bad for us...but don't waste your money on this! Sloshing it around the tub for as long as you are supposed to is not as convenient as it sounds, and I cannot report even the slightest improvement. I think the best option may be to fill the bath with a shower that filters, unless you can get a reverse osmosis system.

(I almost never return items or give items 1 star, but I wish I could return this, because otherwise I'm just going to throw it away. Do places accept used returns? I've never done that before. Maybe I'll check.)
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on November 6, 2010
DO not buy this. It doesn't work. I wasn't noticing any differences in my skin and decided to buy a pool chlorine test kit ($10) to see if it was actually removing the chlorine. It wasn't!! Tested water both before and after the ball had been in the water for 30 minutes and pulled it around numerous times. Before the test my tap water chlorine was at a level 4 and after using the filter for 30 minutes it was at a level 3. It should have been at a level ZERO. I wouldn't have believed it had I not done the chlorine test myself. Tested the filter on my water purifier after that and luckily that showed up with zero chlorine. Crummy way to waste $30. And we bought three of them. =(
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on February 3, 2016
I have used these for years, but the last 2 I have purchased make a black MESS of my bathtub and I have had to discontinue use. I thought at first it was the Epsom Salts in the water, so I purchased another one and did not EVER use with Epsom Salts and the same thing. It is almost impossible to clean the mess off of the tub! I DESPERATELY want a way to bathe without the chlorine, so if anyone knows of a product that works, I would love to know.
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on March 20, 2013
Here's the deal. Now public works are putting not just chlorine in the water, but chloramines as well. Only vitamin C will render chloramines harmless. For this, put 1/4 tsp for a regular sized bathtub. I use 100% pharmaceutical grade. I would give this 3 stars if there wasn't a problem with the chloramines. And with that 3 stars, I would recommend that if you still wanted to buy this (your water doesn't have chloramines), only buy a replacement bag/filter. The plastic ball doesn't do anything other than keep falling apart. When I used this, I took the ball off and just threw the bag in the tub without it - worked just as well.
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on July 1, 2014
This product is like having a spa in your home. It removes the nasty chlorine and other chemicals from the water that you bathe in. It also corrects hard water and makes it softer. I am not sure how many chemicals it soaks up, but I know that the water smells and feels good, and my skin and hair feels better when I use it. I take it with me to places that have horrible water, like Texas. If you dont have a filter on your home water supply and you want to protect yourself from as many chemicals as you can, I recommend this product.
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on November 14, 2007
I have CONSIDERED bath / shower filters in the past but never really looked into the issues with chlorine in water you bathe / shower with until recently. It may seem logical but I was shocked when I learned that your skin can absborb more chlorine through your skin than what you would by drinking chlorinated water! Here I was concerned about the water we drink so we got a Kangen Water system and yet I did nothing to the water we clean our bodies and soak in.

The FIRST time I used this, I noticed a difference in the water. Even my son noticed a difference in his skin, telling me that it was no longer itchy from the 'hot' (warm) water. It's hard to conceptualize if you've never experienced it before but it turns bath water into 'silky', smooth bath water. As I was swirling the ball around before my children got in their bath, I noticed that just by sticking my hand in the now dechlorinated water, that my hand was SMOOTH and soft without any residue or oiliness.

If any of you have ever drank 9.5 alkaline Kangen water, water spun for an hour in a Vitalizer Plus machine or even bottled EON water, you'll know the difference in the 'texture' and 'feel' of the water. It's silkier, smoother, sweeter and 'thicker'...almost like a fine, full bodied wine. The TEXTURE (obviously we didn't drink it) of this water is almost identical.

It makes your hair and skin totally smooth and silky! In fact, I loved it so much that the very next day after using this for the first time, I bought myself a shower filter!! And now, I'll be buying a shower filter for every shower head in our home.

I have used both (shower filter and bath filter) now and personally, I THINK that the bath filter creates a smoother, silkier and thicker water because you can leave the ball in for longer vs the water simply running through the shower at a much faster rate. With that said, I still do love both and will NEVER go back!!! :-) In fact, if we travel, this ball is coming with us!!

For interested individuals: I bought an Aquasana shower filter...I bought the version that ALSO removes chloramines as well as chlorine. It's my UNDERSTANDING that some cities use both chlorine AND ammonia to create chloramines because it's cheaper than using all chlorine. It's also my understanding that chloramines are more toxic for our bodies than just plain chlorine, although I am not thrilled at the prospect of chlorine leaching into our pores either!

YES, you DO have to take a few minutes to swirl the ball around in the water but it's no big deal...I swirl it, then my children take turns swirling it then they get in. The directions DO say that you have to swirl the ball around for 5-8 minutes and is not effective if you try to simply hold it under the water spout because the water passes through it too quickly but considering the difference in our skin, it's worth it!!!
I was in a hurry today and I put the ball in the water as the bath was filling up then we started swirling it in the water when the water was almost full. No biggie.

Get it, you will NOT regret it!! Oh! and this vendor ships fast too!! :-)

EDIT TO REVIEW / UPDATE on Jan 17, 2009. Since posting this, I have learned a lot about water filteration systems for drinking and bathing. While I still do love this bath filter, I don't feel that it provides ADEQUATE filteration from the chlorine. Since approx 70-80% of chlorine disappates into the air when it comes out of the faucet, it turns into a toxic gas that quickly spreads but is slow to degrade. So although your water now has approx 20-30% chlorine that it had that this bath filter could take care of, you are now breathing fumes from the chlorinated water. So although I still like this bath filter as it makes the water super soft, I no longer feel that it's adequate to rely on to filter out gaseous chlorine vapors. If you have any questions regarding drinking & shower filters, feel free to contact me.
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on February 19, 2017
I really want to believe this works. I'm so gullible though. Just watching it float there, I felt ashamed I paid for it.
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on April 3, 2014
Works well if you stick the ball under the spicket while filling up the tub then swirling it around in the water for 5-7 minutes. To date, this is the only solution to de-clorinating bath water that I've found. The only down side is the five minutes you need to move the ball around the water after the tub is filled. Further, I've only used it for three weeks so I cannot yet say if it will last 200 baths before needing a replacement filter. If you're in need of a chlorine free bath, this bath ball is certainly worth a try.
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on March 3, 2017
Love to use this! Takes away all chlorine smell from bath water. Works immediately and makes my skin feel softer after the bath.
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on January 6, 2013
I had high hopes because my shower filter by Rainshow'r is amazing. But the bath ball is little more than a metal dish scrubbie with a couple pieces of quartz, inside of a nylon bag, inside a plastic casing, which came apart within the first 3 or 4 uses. (That is how i know what is inside.) Im all for low-tech things if they work, but even after the recommened 5-7 minutes of swiriling (and that's a long time when you just want to get in the tub and relax), the water still smells of chlorine AND its significantly cooler from all the stirring. Granted the chlorine seems to be minimized a bit, but not completely. And im not willing to stir for 10-15 minutes before a bath. For almost $40 including shipping, I would say "make your own, and plan on being patient."
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