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on February 1, 2014
Ever since I first saw it, this has been one of my favorite films, and I just like it more and more every time I see it. The complaints that most people have just seem *exaggerated* to me, like minor things being turned into major failings in the minds of the detractors. And then they go and overlook the stuff that's just superb - the music, the models, the terrific scenes of the Titanic breaking the surface, Richard Jordan's walk through the liner's dripping interior, raising the pennant, the Titanic being towed into New York.

And now, thank you Shout Factory, for treating this movie with RESPECT and not like an embarrassment or a joke. The first DVD copy of this movie I ever got was a Scandinavian release, 2.35:1 but non-anamorphic (letterboxed). The second one I got was anamorphic, but painfully cropped to 1.78:1. The third was like the first, 2.35:1 but non-anamorphic, but at least it had a few extras. Those were all PAL releases. (Oh, I also previously owned two different copies on laserdisc - both pan & scan - and one on VHS - pan & scan and EP mode.) 5 years ago I posted this comment on one of my web pages: "Now all we need is perfectly framed anamorphic, a DD5.1 mix, or how about a Blu-ray?" I honestly never thought it would happen. But here it is. I would have loved more extras, but the movie is the main thing, and here it is done right, done better than ever before, done as good as it could be.

Great picture and sound, and a great movie too, maybe you don't agree but I love it and I'm not afraid to say so!
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This movie HAS its faults.
1.) It was made before the Titanic was actually sighted on the ocean floor.
2.) It was made before CGI SF/X
3.) The book's author hated it.

However, anyone that authorizes a 55-foot----to scale----model and goes to all the trouble
of cranking the camera to 1000FPS instead of the normal 24 or 25 frames per second
needs a pat on the back.
The only fault that I found was that the water looked a little THIN. Whatever. The movie was
entertaining, and it was as good as it got... "back in the day".

This reviewer liked the movie. You will too... unless you are under thirty-years-old. It IS dated.
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on August 13, 2016
This was one of my favorite movies when it first came out. I was a Titanic freak way before it was cool. I saw this move at the theater at least five times and knew it quite well. I was disappointed when the VHS was released because it was a little bit different than the one I saw at the theater. Some footage was edited out. I later learned that there were two slightly different versions of Raise the Titanic distributed to different cities; one slightly longer than the other. When I saw this BluRay version on Amazon, I quickly ordered it, not only to see how it was re-mastered, but also to see if it was the same version I saw back in 1980; sadly, it is not. But, I can say that the HD treatment of the film is quite good; stellar as compared to the VHS tape. I can still remember the missing footage and wish it was intact in this two disk set. Still, it holds up well and I'm glad it's available in this new format. No complaints. Just wondering if anyone else got to see the other version; it's better in my opinion but back in the day, there were often two versions of a film; pre-release and later, edited, final versions. The extras here are lacking but the principle actors in it are now dead, so, none of them are interviewed; just those who worked on the underwater scenes. The 55 foot model was for sale a few years after the film ended production, still sitting in the yard in Malta. I think it was finally scrapped, it rusted so badly. Anyway, it was still a thrill to see this again after many years. The actual discovery of the ship five years after the movie was released proved the technical aspects of the Titanic's condition were vastly different. This is an adaptation of the Cussler novel and one has to keep that in mind when viewing the story. If you're a fan of the Titanic, I think you will enjoy watching it; the ship is the real star of the film. One other thing; the life size Greek freighter they used for the on deck scenes didn't quite match the real Titanic, hence, the different look of that and the 55 foot model as well, which again affected accuracy....but it's close enough for a fictional story. The fact that there are no CGI effects here says a lot about the immense effort that went into how the crew built tangible realism, using miniatures and huge models.
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on June 28, 2015
This book and it's later motion picture adaptation are a fascinating piece of fiction. The movie was presented just a few years before the actual discovery of the remains of the Titanic on the ocean floor. Modular depictions of the ship in the film are surprisingly accurate. Fictional movie character Dirk Pitt is described in the film as "one who sucks all of the air out of the room". What a marvelous way to describe a dominating personality! The BluRay process simply enhances this film all the more.
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on February 15, 2014
I have owned this movie in a vhs tv recording, commercially produced vhs, and the dvd version that double featured the stinker "Man Friday". It is in my top ten favorite films. This version from shout is the absolute best version ever made available for home theatre viewing! Finally to see it in it's original aspect ratio!! Younger viewers used to cgi will not appreciate the fantastic scale model work in this production, but it is a marvel to look at and I never tire of repeat viewings. The John Barry score is one of the all time best ever ranking up there with film music such as performed by Williams and Goldsmith, and Horner and Elfman. The storyline is relevant again in our post terrorist era and the actors are very well cast. My one negative: I wish someone could explain the freighter rigging on either side of the foreward mast. They had Titanic experts designing and overseeing the model building. How the heck did that blunder go unnoticed?
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on July 3, 2016
I remember when this movie came out way back in the 1970s. At that time, thought that this would be a total waste of time. Flash forward 500 years. Saw this on Amazon video selection, so gave it a try.

Was a better movie than I thought. Was entertaining, though slow in some spots. Still had my attention. Won't go into great detail like a lot of other reviewers, but seems that TITANIC was supposed to be transporting some type of rare radioactive material, so rare that the entire worlds supply was on TITANIC when it sank. This material is essential for an American 1980s "Star Wars" defense system (NOT the movie, the President Reagan space stuff). Yep - movie takes place in the 1970s and can remember about all the discussions about Star Wars.

The race is on to try and recover this material before the Soviets get to it first - though I thought that there really was not much of a hurry to get there. Eventually TITANIC is brought to the surface and the radioactive material is........... Don't to spoil it!!!

Fair enough film - kept my attention mostly. Watched via Amazons video selection.
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on March 23, 2014
First of all this was 33 years ago. The miniatures used (6 feet long) were for the time excellent and to my untrained eye still stand up well. We know now that the Titanic broke into 2 pieces but still seeing the Titanic being raised was always something I did wich could happen. there is a reason for it in the movie, there is something called Byzanium on board and both the US and USSR want it. Jason Robards is as always terrific, Richard Jordan,(Logans Run) was right on the mark for once, David Selby (Dark Shadows), was annoying. Happily we get a cameo from Alec Guinness. All in all very entertaining and don't we all wish it could happen.
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on November 10, 2014
Interesting film could have been much better. OK for its day. The film makers really missed the boat (pun intended) by not playing up more of the emotional aspects of what would be at that time one of the most historical events of the century. There's a scene where Richard Jordon's character (Dirk Pitt) tells Jason Robard's character (Admiral Sandecker) that maybe the naval crews involved in the search should be told that their target is THE TITANIC, since they've been thus far kept in the dark due to the top secret nature of the mission. Yet that scene isn't shown and may never have even been filmed. Now I'm sorry, but when a bunch of life-long sea-faring types are told that the ship they're searching for is the most famous wreck in nautical history you know there'd be TONS of emotion; crying & cheers to bring down the house, murmurings of disbelief and even angry outbursts over the idea of disturbing the grave of 1500 souls, etc. The writer, director and producer didn't even bother? What a WASTE of a potentially emotionally gripping sequence! Also, the discovery of Titanic has a big build up but the actual discovery seems like an afterthought with no big music build-up or payoff.

The visual effects are pretty good, again, for when this was made. Derek Meddings was a British F/X legend who made a career creating intricate miniatures to stand in for the real thing. His work is good but does not hold up well here, especially when viewed with modern eyes that are used to the hyper-realistic visuals that CGI provides. Honestly, the Japanese technicians who built whole towns for various fantastical Toho kaiju to flatten were better in their craft, IMHO. The sets and miniature craft are great looking, from a technical standpoint, but are obviously exactly what they are when seen on screen. Modern audiences will likely laugh at the work, where old-school fans like myself can just marvel at the intricacy of the craftsmanship and expertise used to bring this stuff to cinematic life. I love this kind of stuff, but if you don't have the ability to suspend disbelief and use your imagination then you probably wouldn't enjoy this movie even without the historical inaccuracies. It's no wonder this film sank into obscurity once the real Titanic was discovered just a few short years later.

This Shout!Factory Blu-ray looks & sounds good. It's nice to see a title like this get dusted off and have the chance to see the light of day again. There's a bonus feature about the making of the film with new interviews from various technicians involved on the film that's interesting and helps add value to an otherwise barebones disc. The Blu-ray also includes the DVD version and both offer the same "Making Of" featurette and theatrical trailer. RAISE THE TITANIC is a fun diversion on a rainy weekend or snowy evening. Just put away your critical hat and forget what you know of the details of the real Titanic and take this flick as a sort of alternate universe "what if" story.
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on August 29, 2015
When the book was published in the late 70's, I was thrilled, wasn't much of a book reader but any book involving The Titanic, to me, was worth the read at that time, I had already read A NIGHT TO REMEMBER more times than I can remember, so I was anxious to see what this book was about.
I wasn't disappointed, Clive Cussler's novel was a fantastic read so you can imagine when I heard a movie was being made about it I was thrilled beyond words, I had to travel a few miles to see it but I didn't care, it was just a terrific picture, it was everything I was hoping for, although, I felt the book was a bit more detailed in some areas.
Imagine my disappointment when they never officially released it on DVD as a stand alone movie, they included it as a double feature with a movie I didn't at all like or care to see so I never made the purchase.
Imagine my utter glee when Scream Factory released this on blu-ray, I immediately ordered a copy and put it in my machine same day and was not disappointed, the picture was clean and sharp, the sound quality was excellent and for a movie that's 35 years old, it looked great, sounded great.
PLOT: The government (ours) has a new weapon that can shield the country against any nuclear attack but it needs a power source called Byzanium that's buried in the Arctic Region near Russia so they send someone in there to mine it out but is shot in the process but is saved by protagonist, Dirk Pitt, who after getting him to a Hospital in the states, learns the Byzanium was successfully removed from the mine and sent overland while being chased by Russians back in 1912, according to information the agent found in the mine, they successfully got the ore to England where the leader of the expedition puts the ore into the hold of a ship to be sent home to the United States, unfortunately for everyone concerned, the ship he sent the ore home on is The Titanic.
So, the race is on figure out how to get The Titanic to the surface without too much interference from the Russians, who are eager to get their hands on the ore for their own personal use, I was disappointed that there wasn't much of a confrontation with the Reds in the movie like their was in the book but I suppose budgets prevail.
One of the greatest scenes in this movie is when they raise the Titanic, it is quite a sight and John Barry's music is haunting and compliments this movie perfectly.
The best lines in the movie are during the time when the Russians start making their move to start trouble:
PITT: Where's the Carpenter going?
SANDECKER: There's a distress call.
PITT: We're in distress for Christ sake, we need that ship.
SANDECKER: Can't ignore a distress call.
PITT: You wanna talk about distress?, we've got the Navy forecasting a force 12 storm, the Russians are breathing down our necks, we're on a ship that never learned how to do anything but sink, that's distress!

If you want to be entertained for two hours, this film will do it for you, of course, I was disappointed five years later when I discovered the Titanic broke in two but just put that out of your mind, as this movie and the book were out before that information was confirmed.
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on December 10, 2015
The movie focuses on War as we are a war like species as humans are. The movie specifically looks at a new power source greater than uranium that will ward off nuclear missiles protecting America from adversaries. Once they raise the Titanic, all with models and the visions they used in raising her wouldn't work in reality also they didn't have the technology back then to do so even if they could implement their plans. In 1980 when this movie was made they made the Titanic look virtually completely intact an inaccurate account of the real Titanic when they found her in (1986). Although the special effects were okay, the models used of the Titanic were great, the movie lacked the morality and significance that James Cameron did in 1997 movie Titanic. This movie focused more upon the "power source" they were trying to find which claimed to be on the Titanic but was not. Focuses more on the War, but in the end is a surprise ending. An ending to the movie that was the right thing to do. That is all I will say.
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