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on September 1, 2013
I just started another playthrough of this awesmoe game after having let it sit for a few years, and I am once more blown away by the production values, the scope of the universe, the tightness of the gameplay, and the delivery of the ever-present Ratchet-style humor. This is one of my very favorite games of the past console generation, and my favorite franchise, as well. And on that subject, I would say that "A Crack in Time" is the best Ratchet and Clank adventure to date, though I'm sure Insomniac is cooking up something extra special for the forthcoming "Into the Nexus", as well as whatever Lombax madness might be arriving on the highly vaunted PS4.

If you are a Ratchet fan, you need this game in your collection. If you're a fan of platformers, you absolutely NEED to give this game a try. I've never played a better platformer in my life, though Rayman Origins comes darned close (although the two are so different, it's hard to make an adequate comparison - let's just agree that they're both awesome). What's particularly noteworthy about "A Crack in Time" is just how much there is to do in this crazy universe. The story-driven campaign is quite lengthy on its own, but I love revisiting the sectors that I've already passed through. There, I can search moons and planets for additional challenges and collectibles, including gold bolts, zoni, and schematics for the ultimate weapon, the RYNO V.

Additionally, I can answer distress calls from other star travelers and assist them, upgrade my spaceship, do battle with other ships, collect weapons and gadgets, focus on leveling up Ratchet AND all his crazy weapons, visit the coliseum for arena battles, and so forth. And as if all that wasn't enough, there's STILL the challenge mode (New Game+), trophies, AND a whole bunch of skill points to acquire. This is platforming perfection, and Ratchet and Clank gold. One of my favorite games of all time, I give it my highest possible recommendation. It's impossible to play this game and not have FUN, and just as impossible to not SMILE! Enjoy, space cadets!
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on April 1, 2014
I've played three of the R & C Future series, and this is probably the best of the bunch. The game is nicely split between the adventures of Ratchet on one hand, and the adventures of Clank on the other (Clank's portion of the game is actually the most entertaining and amusing). Other than the great graphics, challenging gameplay, fun story and ribald humor that we've come to expect from this series, there are a lot of interesting aspects to this installment that make it a standout: hoverboots were a fantastic idea, they are tremendous fun to use; General Azimuth, one of the last remaining Lombaxes, is a fun companion; the voice acting in this game is some of the best I've heard in a video game -- the best since Red Dead Redemption, which is arguably the best of all time; and the soundtrack in this one is really fantastic, puts you in the mood for a rousing space epic. I could only come up with two minor problems that keep this from being a five star classic: firstly the choice of weapons is surprisingly mediocre, certainly nowhere near as good as Tools of Destruction; and the lack of a female presence in the game is kind of a letdown -- if you are going to have a rousing space epic of game, it would be nice (from a male player's POV) to have a good-looking, clever female sidekick with black belt in karate, a Princess Leia to your Han Solo. But these were only two minor flaws. Crack in Time is at least as good as the superb Tools of Destruction, and a worthy installment in the series.
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on September 17, 2016
For those unaware, this is the second of a trilogy of games that make up the core installments of the series, which follows up the trilogy of games back on the Playstation 2. Previous knowledge isn't required, but there are occasional nods through the story.

Those familiar with the series should know what to expect, and the game delivers: Outrageous weapons, bizarre alien worlds, silly fun with sci-fi tropes; it's all there. The biggest change this time around is that the two title characters are separated for most of the game, due to events that took place at the end of the previous title. Ratchet's gameplay remains the same, though his jumping skills are limited. Clank's, however, is completely new in that it deals with a lot of puzzle elements involving the use of "time clones" to coordinate series of platforming challenges. They can be surprisingly tricky, especially for those just here for the run-and-gun gameplay, but luckily these can be skipped if the game notices you're talking a long time to complete them. You lose out on some bonuses, but it's nothing that will detract from the core experience.

My only real complaint here is the new gimmick of Ratchet's hover-boots. You get these several levels in, and they can be tricky to control, often leading to multiple deaths within certain portions of the level. Your experience may vary, but I wasn't a fan.

All in all, though, if you're a fan of this series and haven't gotten around to picking this up, it's definitely worth your time.
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on August 28, 2015
This game is also known as Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time in Europe and Ratchet and Clank Future 2 in Japan.

At the end of the credits for Quest for Booty, a message reading: "The Quest Continues Fall 2009" is shown. This indicated the planned release date for the next installment of the series. Ratchet continues his search for Clank, Dr. Nefarious returns as an antagonist (primary or otherwise), and the game goes into more depth about what happened to the Lombaxes.

The story and player's perspective alternates between Ratchet and Clank; Clank's side of the story involves him fixing time at the Great Clock, as well as learning to fulfill his destined role as the Great Clock's senior caretaker. Clank also learns that a Zoni named Orvus had created his soul. Ratchet's part in the story includes meeting another Lombax named General Alister Azimuth, an elder who turns out to be unintentionally responsible for their kind's downfall as he allowed Tachyon to use the Lombaxes' technology, and is intent on taking control of the Great Clock to rectify his mistakes. Qwark also assists Ratchet during the storyline and eventually goes alone to gather useful information for Ratchet.
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While I never played the series on the PS2 when I finally decided to get the HD collection that was going for the PS3 it immediately had me hooked. While it doesn't have the blood,gore,and hard core action of games like Resident Evil or Call Of Duty the endearing quality of the characters gameplay and story more then make up for any of these seeming faults. The character of Ratchet,Clank and the bumbling Captain Quark truly make this series a fun filled game and while some may feel it's a little childish for the older gamers I say try out the game if given a chance you'll be amazed at how much you enjoy this as much as you would games like Assassins Creed or Halo.
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on July 26, 2017
Ratchet and clank is my childhood and this is the best ratchet and clank game with good storyline ....still not better than ratchet and clank up your arsenal though
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on March 28, 2012
The Good: Excellent voice acting and storytelling, Clank's levels are really fun, some of the weapons and gadgets are unique, space exploration adds variety

The Bad: Dated visuals, monotonous game play on Ratchet's part, low enemy variety, some useless weapons

The Ratchet & Clank series is dear to me because it came out about ten years ago when I just seriously getting into gaming. It's part of my generation and now that I'm playing the last game in the second part of the series it feel great. Everything you expect from a Ratchet game is here and intact and nothing has really changed. That's both good and bad depending on how you look at it. Hardcore fans will love this and not feel a thing towards the repetition, but to me it feels Insomniac was running out of steam game play wise. The story is great, but it's the same run and gun controls, slippery platforming, and a few curve balls thrown in to keep the series interesting like past games.

This game is serious story wise and tells the tale of Clank's origins, what his purpose is, and this is the best part of the game. It's what we've been waiting to hear about for ten years, but after playing Clank's mind bending puzzle sections Ratchet's feel monotonous after about half way through the game. Changing up the levels doesn't cut it anymore because the graphics are pretty dated. The art style is still charming, but the graphics look like a really good PS2 game compared to other games out there today.

Clank's levels consist of time manipulation and you can record former selves to solve puzzles. It's hard to explain, but there are four sections in total through the game (not enough) and then there's a bizarre dual stick shooter mini-game thrown in towards the end of the game. Clank's levels look better than Ratchet's and have better effects, but this is where the most interesting part of the story plays out. Clank does have combat abilities, but it's nothing you haven't seen before.

Ratchet's levels are the same since 2002, and while there's some new weapons I found a lot of them useless for once in a R&C game. A lot of the enemies recycle and repeat, and only certain weapons are good against certain enemies. However, later in the game a lot of the weapons just don't do much and you resort to using more powerful weapons. You can find mods for your weapons that add different types of ammo, make it shoot different, or add power etc, but these are hard to find and require hardcore fans hours of dedication to find them all. Ratchet has a couple of new gadgets such as the OmniSoaker and Hover Boots, but I wanted to see some more since this is a finale.

Ratchet can now freely explore space and visit mini-worlds for Zoni (to enhance your ship), mods, gold bolts, etc. This adds variety to the game, but after a while they get boring since there are only so many different types of worlds that are copied. Space battles add a nice mix to the fray of just on the ground run-and-gun affair so it is welcomed. Just like ground shooting once you get to the last sector you're just tired of the same space fights and planet exploring.

The best part about the game is probably the boss fights since they are challenging and each one is different and unique. It really makes you utilize your arsenal, but again some weapons will be completely useless. There seems to be spots here and there of uniqueness and variation, but it's not dished out as fast or as often as past games. The enemy variety is really low so you will kill the same robot the one millionth time by the end of the game. It's a shame Time turned out to be such a repetitious game because it has a ton of potential. I would have loved to play more as Clank solving puzzles, but there's enough here to keep you going through the 15+ hour game.

Despite a nice ending to the game you can start a new game+, but there's no real incentive to go back through since you'll want the game to end early on anyways. The voice acting is top-notch as usual, and the storytelling is Pixar quality, but this is probably the worst R&C game play wise just because I expect a lot from Insomniac. The series needs a serious reboot or I'm not coming back to visit the furry one and his metal pal.
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on January 27, 2013
After finishing Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, I thought the game was fun and enjoyable. The balance of puzzles, combat, and humor is just right, and I couldn't put the controller down as early as I should have. In this game, the player alternates between playing Ratchet and playing Clank. Ratchet has (or gains) his typical mix of powerful and silly weapons, and Ratchet play is similar to earlier games. Playing as Clank gives you more puzzles, though Clank does get to hit enemies with a big stick (the Chronosceptre).

Initially, the duo has been separated, and Ratchet is desperate to find his pal. Clank has been taken to the Great Clock, and learns about being a temporal caretaker. His puzzles usually center on time abilities. Ratchet meanwhile meets another Lombax - General Alister Azimuth. Azimuth hides a dark secret, and seeks to atone for a major mistake... sorry no spoilers here. Anyhow, Ratchet must deal with Dr. Nefarious and his minions. Capt. Quark also accompanies Ratchet on some of his missions. So on to the mayhem.

The Ratchet levels are typical of R&C. Clank's puzzles usually feature a temporal recording, where you create multiple versions of Clank to solve puzzles by being in multiple places simultaneously. These puzzles grow increasingly difficult, and the later ones are probably beyond most young children's ability to solve. Clank does get a boss fight in an early level, while Ratchet faces a variety of challenging combats.

The game play flows nicely as well. At any point in time, you can go back to previous planets and moons to find items you missed. You have a good idea where the next storyline element is at all times, so you can also stop to chase comets or explore moons. The action takes place across multiple planets and space stations. In addition, you can explore numerous moons in each sector, which give you the chance to explore, hone skills, and collect goodies. And what would a R&C game be without ridiculous weapons? This game includes the return of Mr. Zurkon (yay!), the Groovitron, and other favorites. It also includes the Rift Inducer, which creates a dimensional rift to a horrid monster, who snags Ratchet's enemies with his tentacles.

Unfortunately, the game seems to have been released without thorough testing. I discovered several bugs, mostly relating to falling. One bug causes Ratchet to fall through the surface of a moon, ending in the center (and unable to move). Another similar bug occurred in the Valkyrie citadel when Ratchet steps onto a transport. The animation goes on automatic, but then got stuck in a cycle where Ratchet fell off the transport. Since the checkpoint was the start of the animation, this happened over and over again in a near-endless cycle. Other minor glitches should have also been caught in the Testing.

The game also seems a little shorter than Tools of Destruction. The Insomniac Museum shows a lot of things that were left out due to time constraints. Some of these elements would have made interesting gameplay elements (others were notably lousy ideas), but I'd guess the game was rushed too much.

So the game is a lot of fun, and certainly acceptable for children. It balances game elements nicely, and I enjoyed it, despite the bugs. I'm looking forward to playing the next R&C game.
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on August 26, 2011
I feel like I end up saying this about a lot of PS3 games, but I really thought A Crack in Time should be a longer gameplay experience. I'm not sure if the guys who make these games spend so much time on the amazing graphics (which this game has for sure) that they bow out when it comes time to actually create playable levels. I just found with this game, and others, I was left wanting more. That being said, it's a very good entry in the Ratchet & Clank series, and does resolve some of the issues from Tools of Destruction. I can't wait for All 4 One.
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on April 26, 2010
As a fan of every release of the Ratchet and Clank series, I was not surprised to find myself enjoying the traditional things in A Crank in Time that made the others so popular. Basically, the gameplay throughout each installment involves:
1. Lots of combat and cartoony over-the-top violence
2. Great jumping/platforming elements
3. Satisfying and constant rewards/secrets
4. Zany characters
5. Upgradable, interesting, and multitudinous, weapons
While each entry in the series sticks to this basic format, it seems that each has done something a little different to keep things from getting stale game after game. For example, the second game, Going Commando, offered some really fun races and space combat sequences that you could choose to enjoy and reward yourself with or mostly skip. I found myself playing these mini-games just for the fun of them long after the story no longer required it to be played. Up your Arsenal featured multiplayer and drivable vehicles that stayed true to the wacky cartoony nature of the game, but still nailed it with the destructive satisfaction of blowing stuff up.
With A Crack in Time, the story continues where Tools of Destruction left off with a intro movie to get you up to speed if you missed the previous titles. You were left with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the last game and this one answers everything. Actually, this is really the only entry in the series in which the story is a direct sequel to one previous. The other games were all separate adventures and could more or less be played in any order, although you would miss out in comic references to other events, recurring characters, and anecdotes, but otherwise would be fine. The story is a little deeper as well. You are now getting into more details about where you and Clank came from and the fate (or destiny) of the Lombax race. The developers seem to be moving into some deeper material here.
My only complaint about games through the series is that while they retain some recurring characters that we all love, sometimes other interesting characters from previous games don't make an appearance at all. For example, In Tools of Destruction, you are told that you are the only Lomax left in existence, however in a previous game; there was a female Lombax, Angela Cross, who was a pretty cool character. She inexplicably never appears again in the series. Captian Qwark more than makes up for this, however. He redeems himself fully in this title. Sure, he is still a coward that tries to take credit for everything, but you get the feeling that he is starting to realize it. He also helps you out much more this time around.
A Crack in Time dials in everything that made the other games so much fun, without question and finally adds trophies. Everyone should give this series a chance because the constant rewards, the non-frustrating yet so satisfying gameplay, and zany characters are all here in full force. There are clever puzzles in which you can use time devices to create other selves to help you push buttons to open doors. We have generous use of the grindrails traditional to the series which are fast and furious linear where you skate around from place to place, usually while you are being chased down. Space combat is back and they did a decent job with it. One complaint is that you cannot move vertically, but the areas to offer a decent variety and beautiful backgrounds and allow you to land on all the moons in each system hunting for hidden items and other things. They made it more sandbox-like in that you can either fly around aimlessly or decide to stop and get some side missions. These areas are all completely optional and you can come back to them any time. While doing so, you have access to several radio stations that, even after 2 play throughs, I was still hearing newscasts, interviews with Captain Qwark and music that I had not heard before. Pure polish.
Clank has always been your pal and he can pull his own weight when not attached to your back which is good because a large part of the game involves Clank not stuck to Ratchet's back, but rather dong his own thing. His elements are much different from the Ratchet portions of the game. Clank is less combat oriented and his levels involve more platforming and puzzles. He is a good character and his sections are a fun distraction from the comic mayhem going on with Ratchet.
The real robot in this game is Mr. Zurkon. Mr. Zurkon was featured as a limited use gadget in ToD, but is now an equipable weapon that can upgrade over time with the rest. He is basically a deployable sadistic killer robot that will constantly taunt your enemies and laugh at them when they explode. He has plenty to say and always has your back. He loves to kill things and listening to him is hilarious. These are the polished touches you can expect with this game.
Without spoiling anything, the ending of the game was probably the most epic among the stories told so far. When a game can bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my face, the game definitely deserves to be recommended to others. I can't wait for the next one!
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