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on January 13, 2015
 In this review I will be referring to the Ravelli AVT Professional 67-inch Video Camera Tripod along with the Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly.

Let me first start off by saying holy s*** the tripod and dolly combo is amazing! I saw a bunch of good reviews on this piece of equipment but I also spotted some really bad ones saying that it didn't come with the right stuff and was a piece of crap. I don't know what they were talking about because it came with everything that was advertised and even some extra microfiber cloths. Like a bunch of them. There isn't much more to say about this setup other than it is a wonderful hidden gem for budget film makers. You can get some crazy-professional looking shots with these. The tripod itself has a very respectable weight and sense of sturdiness to it. The head is smooth and the legs are easy to manipulate. Both products fold up nicely and take up little space when collapsed. I have attached a video of some test shots I put together after just minutes of opening them. Enjoy! ...and buy this s*** right now.
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on April 6, 2016
This dolly is rather poorly packaged and relatively low quality. Repeatedly folding and unfolding it to travel with wears quickly on the locking pins and hinges making this best for a static set-up. If you have a lightweight tripod and camera that you need to move from spot to spot within a single space, it's great for that and adds some rigidity to your tripod legs. That being said, I found this dolly doesn't really suit my needs due to the low-quality build as I need something durable enough to travel.

In response to the reviews that complain about not being able to get smooth shots when filming, that is because as the name implies, this is a TRIPOD DOLLY and its purpose is to allow you to move your loaded tripod to a different positon. It's not intended to be used as a film dolly, nor should one expect a film dolly to be so simple and inexpensive.
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on May 1, 2017
I just ordered my second set of wheels.

This thing is a great product for the cost. It lasted me through dozens of weddings but this last weekend one of the bottom bolts felt out causing one of the arms to come off. But i was in the outdoors and the group of dirty/rocky/grassy. I also don't keep it in the bag. I kinda throw this thing around since I gotta carry 2 other tripods plus all my equipment to carry around.

But yes a screw fell off of it so if You get one tighten all the screws at the bottom or check them every other time.

Also one of the plastic knobs broke off. I had to replace it with a regular bolt. But again I use my equipment pretty heavily and have been using it for years over the course of dozens of events. I think i might be able to fix it.
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This makes moving shots with a tripod a breeze. One of my favorite parts of this (besides it's sturdiness and quality build) is the rubber, smooth wheels, which produces smooth shots even when rolling across not so perfect ground. I bought 2 of them, for both of my tripods. I use them constantly. This thing is the real deal. Made with all quality parts, and comes with a handy carrying case with a strap to carry it on your shoulder. It's pretty light, so it wouldn't be difficult at all to travel distances with it around your shoulder. Recommended!
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on March 23, 2015
Under $40, nice case, free lens cleaner, free led clip on flashlight, smooth like butter, wheels lock & unlock perfectly. Wheels are high quality, roll super smooth and swivel effortlessly. Don't hesitate, great value and nice to have in your gear bag. I use it for all my indoor work. Looking to get a second one. Take a tip from Snooch, use a couple of sand bags or ankle weights to make this super smooth!
It's not a deal breaker and I didn't buy the dolly for the flashlight, but if they include it I think it should work.
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on November 28, 2016
Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly for Camera Photo Video

To preface, I'm always torn when rating budget photography and videography gear - on the one hand professionals automatically require a higher level of quality from their equipment, but on the other hand most creative professionals agree that gear does not make good videos/photos. So keep in mind! So, before we start - repeat after me: "This dolly costs $39.96." Okay, we can begin.

Overall, I'm pleased with the construction of Ravelli's tripod dolly. Unlike cheap tripods (which tend to be made of cheap, thin aluminum) this inexpensive dolly has some weight to it. When we're talking about anything that holds or moves what can amount to thousands of dollars of equipment, sturdiness is almost always a good quality. The materials and craftsmanship that make up the frame are definitely a pleasant surprise, and the opening mechanism has a well-balanced feel to it much like a well-hung door, if that makes any sense.

Similarly, the hardware that joins the wheels to the frame is made out of what looks to be galvanized steel, and the break locks close and open with a snap that is strong enough to do some damage to fingers, so I would recommend using feet (with shoes on) ONLY - my thumb is still smarting. The wheels are made of a solid rubber, and remind me of quality indoor roller-blade wheels. The tripod feet locks are perhaps the weakest link in the design, using mostly composite plastic type stuff along with a threaded bolt to tighten them. They've held up so far, but I would predict that this is going to be what breaks first if anything.

Again, with the reminder that this dolly costs about the same as pizza for a family of five, let's put it to the test! First of all, despite my comment about the tripod feet locks being the weak link, they do actually work pretty well. There's a sweet spot between over tight and too loose that you'll have to feel out for each individual tripod. My favorite part is that the feet locks actually slide up and down the frame, meaning they can accommodate plenty of different tripod spans, and you can even only open up one section of your tripod's legs for lower shots.

Once my tripod was secure, I attached a Canon 6D and a lens then fired up the video mode. Here is where your expectations are going to come into play in terms of performance. If you're looking for perfectly smooth shots on an uneven or texture floor, you WILL be disappointed. You'll need rails for that. That said, on a relatively smooth and even concrete floor at work, I managed to produce some very smooth shots. Even more so on a linoleum kitchen floor. The rubber wheels, under the right circumstances, are really quite good and they spin freely enough to where I've managed to get my technique down for changing direction mid shot without any wheel spinning messing up the fluidity.

For the price, I'm VERY pleased. On carpet and flat floors, I have found the performance to be excellent. The dolly is near-silent and moves with a fluidity I did not expect at this price range. The plastic hardware could definitely use some upgrading (especially the plastic knobs on the foot lock adjustment which feel a little flimsy) but again for the price I'm not going to complain. Overall, this is a lot of gear for the price and is a great introduction to dynamic shooting. Sure, you could spend $350 on a Manfrotto dolly, but in my opinion you need to learn to crawl before you can walk when it comes to videography. Recommended without any real reservation I will update this review as time goes by to comment on durability.
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on September 14, 2017
Sort of a cheap build; not professional grade at all. I wouldn't put more than 15-20lbs to avoid having problems with its locking and adjusting mechanisms. Wheels are not very smooth so don't expect smooth moving shots if you plan on doing video work with it. It is, however, convenient for doing still work that requires you to occasionally move your tripod about.
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Also: I don't understand why this Ravelli dolly does not adjust wide enough to fit their own tripods.
Bottom line: good enough for the price.
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on August 31, 2017
These aren't really smooth enough to use for a moving camera shot. Perhaps one could replace the wheels with better ones and get better results? I don't know.

They're intended for use as a way to quickly move a camera or light between shots. For that, it's great. I bought this with the matching tripod, ended up returning the tripod, but kept this for other stands.
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on October 18, 2016
I'm glad I purchased this. I have used it to get some amazing video during weddings, especially during the dances at the reception. The wheels can be stubborn, so I learned if I am going to roll it, I need to first pull/push it in the direction I want to go, then the wheels are turned in the correct direction. I then lift it up off the ground, set it back to my starting point, and then start filming as I roll it. This has proven to give me the smoothest shots without the wheels getting tangled up. The wheels are hard and therefore sensitive to bumpy ground. I can have a perfectly smooth shot ruined by a divot in the floor or a pebble. That probably is a problem for other roller dollies. My camera has stabilization features, and you can also add stabilization in post-production. Although I feel the bumps, I don't always see them on the finished product. Regardless, I'd buy this one again and am very satisfied with it.
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