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on April 13, 2011
Having read previous reviews, I knew what I was buying. This product does not replace a true dolly unless your shot is on a gymnasium floor. That had been iterated more than once in the reviews. My comments will concentrate on the product, not its applications.

DISCLAIMER: The following comments take into account the price of the item (~40 USD.) This is not a high-dollar item.

The tripod-"foot" locking hardware is plastic with threaded metal inserts. While not a machined piece of engineered aluminum, they work well and seem moderately durable. When locked onto my Manfrotto 3401, the dolly became one with my sticks and remained as stable as legs alone.

The wheel locks function at the touch of a toe and unlock just as easily. Very snug when engaged.

The base is metal yet lightweight. I wouldn't stand on it, but it seems durable. There is no slop when locked in the "open" position. Again, very snug/stable. The pins that lock the two moveable base "legs" snap into place and are pulled to release. The spread is adjustable. For my particular set of sticks, it doesn't quite extend to allow full separation of my tripod legs, but this does not affect the stability.

The dolly folds nicely and carries well with the integrated handle. The bag is what you would expect: minimal, but clean and well-fitting.

OVERALL: I recommend buying this dolly immediately after you get a good tripod. (Repeat: GOOD TRIPOD) A good tripod is a necessity. A good means to move that tripod efficiently and safely comes next in my opinion. This item certainly fits the bill.

BONUS!!! I also got (unanticipated) a free mini-tripod in the box. It has little telescoping legs, 1/4" thread, and supports my mini cams. Totally cool. Almost surpasses my affection for the new dolly.

I just finished a shoot this evening with the dolly. This was my first "gig" with it. Here's the scoop.

GYM FLOOR! Yes, bumps and shakes are evident on all but the SMOOTHEST of surfaces. I had a flat marble lobby with VERY tiny joints (the cracks between the pieces)to use for some venue shots, and it was pretty good. If you weren't aware that I had some roughness in the shot, you might not notice... but, now that you know, you would see the very slight bumps in the footage. So, unless you are running on a gym floor for dolly shots, there will be slight bumps (almost unnoticeable.)

HOWEVER, the dance floor shots with the dolly were magnificent. I'll try to post a link to a clip or two. But for now, take my word for it: this dolly will get you some VERY professional shots under the right conditions.

Lastly, simply for moving the cam from shot to shot, this was a time saver and total breeze. The carpet I was on was a tightly knit, Persian-style surface. The dolly moved freely and without much overall rattle. Still, not for filming, but great for getting around.

I recommend that you buy this. Period. (And I do not work for or have any affiliation with the maker.)

FINAL EDIT (this is getting long-winded....)
Here is a link to some test shots from the aforementioned shoot:
youtube(watch?v=fDIxOr2HSW8) Dolly begins at 0:11 and continues for about 20 seconds.

In the first scene, I was on the marble floor. Next you will see dance floor dolly shots.
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on January 13, 2015
 In this review I will be referring to the Ravelli AVT Professional 67-inch Video Camera Tripod along with the Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly.

Let me first start off by saying holy s*** the tripod and dolly combo is amazing! I saw a bunch of good reviews on this piece of equipment but I also spotted some really bad ones saying that it didn't come with the right stuff and was a piece of crap. I don't know what they were talking about because it came with everything that was advertised and even some extra microfiber cloths. Like a bunch of them. There isn't much more to say about this setup other than it is a wonderful hidden gem for budget film makers. You can get some crazy-professional looking shots with these. The tripod itself has a very respectable weight and sense of sturdiness to it. The head is smooth and the legs are easy to manipulate. Both products fold up nicely and take up little space when collapsed. I have attached a video of some test shots I put together after just minutes of opening them. Enjoy! ...and buy this s*** right now.
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on November 11, 2013
This sets up rapidly, breaks down quickly, folds up small, supports my heavy 3221 Manfrotto tripod, rolls smoothly and the casters lock securely. I have used it twice. During the second use, on several occasions, the locking mechanism that prevents the dolly from folding disengaged on one arm. As a result one of my tripod legs swung back and the tripod collapsed. This caused my camera at the end of a 4' jib crane drop about 10'. The pan tilt head protected the camera and the lens was fortunately undamaged. Initially, I thought I hadn't locked the arm correctly, but the third time I knew the thing was locked and the lock failed. There is a plastic tip at the end of the locking pin mechanism that is prone to shear if you bump something while rolling and the slop in the hinge allows the leg to become free of the locking pin. if you intend to use this product to support anything of value, unbolt the hinging arms at each hinge and insert a fender washer (large diameter washer)between the arm and frame and replace the bolt for both arms. This removes the slop in the arms, allows the arms to articulate smoothly, and even with the plastic tips of the locking pins gone, allows them to lock the arms into position with the metal portion. even with the plastic tips intact, the washers do not interfere with the locking pins. This modification is simple, requiring a 3mm allen wrench and 30 cents worth of hardware from the hardware store. I also recommend adding blue breakable thread lock to the screw threads when reinstalling them.
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on August 12, 2015
A pretty sturdy tripod from Ravelli. I actually stood on this and I weigh 120 pounds and there was no bend in it. I actually felt like it would hold a lot more weight than that.

Wheels are nice and large with individual brakes on each wheel. Wheels move well across both high carpet, wood, ceramic flooring. I would replace the wheels if you want to use this as a track dolly outside. Looks as if this would be easy to do and one reason I got this dolly.

The brakes are strong. Once locked down, this thing isn't going anywhere.
Folds together nicely for portability just as shown in the image and pretty easy to break down and comes with a strong bag with handle for storage and carrying around.

Very strong and professional looking.

Securing my tripod in the clamps took a bit of adjustment but I believe this is more due to my super old tripod than the dolly. I wasn't able to open the legs of my tripod all the way when secured in this so keep that in mind- you may lose some spread and height on the legs but not much. By having it on the track, the height of the track actually makes up for it. **see image. Hope this helps!
review image
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on April 25, 2015
Great tripod.....only think......the wheels could be softer.
On tile,recording every little bump sound.
review image review image
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on November 15, 2016
After posting my scathing review, Ravelli contacted me and had GREAT customer service. They explained how this product is really meant for transport, not dolly movements. I guess I was using it wrong lol either way, they completely refunded me from a 3yr old order, including shipping fee, and let me keep the product! They were extremely nice and helpful, and the dolly works nicely for transport work. It also comes with a carrying case.. I think I'll hang onto it and give Ravelli a 2nd shot. They've earned it.

I don't know how this thing gets so many good reviews. I bought it years ago and I've never been able to use it. The steering is all over the place and it's super jerky, clunky and kind of heavy. God help you if you want to use this on anything but smooth glass.. get carpet, grass, tiles, or hardwood floors out of your head..Just pony up the dough and get a stabilizer or just use a tripod with video head.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon February 17, 2015
I liked the idea so much I decided to try it and here is my take;
If you are a hobbyist with smaller cameras, tripods and light stands, this should be fine.
If you put a lot of money into gear and your stands and gear are on the heavy side, maybe look for more robust options.

The best use for this is moving things around from position to position as opposed to lifting and carrying.
I can't see how you could get a smooth dolly shot for video with this if that's what you are trying to buy this for.
Then again if you have a pool-table-like surface, this may be better than what I can get out of it.

Not the greatest fit for just any stand but I really wanted this to work and so I still use it occasionally but with an eye toward caution.
You basically lock the feet of your tripod or stand in some rubber faced clamps as pictured ( not really comforting and feels easy to over tighten.)
I tried it with 2 tripods / c stand / pcbuff light stand and smaller cheap light stands and noted that this thing can only go so wide. It spans roughly 28 inches stick to stick at it's widest extension. If your tripod or stand needs a wide footprint then maybe this isn't the best choice out there.

pro's - locking casters, folds up nice and has little soft case/bag, decent price and sometimes rolls nice, Easier on my poor back. (Dr. Smith voice)
cons - construction doesn't exactly build confidence, smallish footprint, every now and then it gets shopping cart syndrome just bad enough to make you back up and change directions.

I hope this helps someone!
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on April 16, 2017
I purchased four of these altogether. Returned one as being unrepeatable while the other three I spent over hour reworking a new clamping system. I noticed this flaw before making the first purchase, thinking I could run a metal strap around the back side angled flat plastic and pin it to hold the strap in place which would prevent the round tripod leg from slipping out when lifting the tripod or moving it. The Chinese should have made a V-type brace to hold the leg instead of a flat surface. Simple engineering flaw which was made to fail. With the first unit I purchased the connecting push pins and connecting bars were not drilled properly. If you want to take time and redrill them it might have a little slop, but still work. I have 12 tripods not a single one of them lines up with the establish Y extended legs so you need metal straps around the leg holders. I also found that ever single one of them was never completely assembled or checked for quality. Speed in manufacturing where they did not tighten down all the screws and allens, Good luck
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on July 1, 2016
I purchased this to use with one of my lightweight portable fluid head tripods for wedding receptions and indoor sporting events. I wasn't expecting to much and knew it wouldn't produce the same level shots as a dolly rail setup would, but it is far more practical for non-studio shoots where you can't have an elaborate setup. I was very impressed with this dolly. On most surfaces you will get some bumps due to the small wheels and floor surface, so don't expect to get perfect shots. After some practice you can get great shots (especially if you stabilize the footage in post) that are far more elaborate than most dolly tracks would allow for. I have used similar products that cost far more due to larger wheels that create a steadier shot under the stage at live music events. If you are shooting on a concrete surface than you will get the best results, I am usually shooting on basketball court surfaces and have a bit more bumps but overall give great shots. If your looking for an affordable camera dolly than this will meet your needs very well.
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on October 28, 2015
A universal tripod dolly to move your camera across the room effortlessly? Yes, I'll take this.

From the shipping and consistent communication from the seller to the delivery of the product, the experience was joyful. The Ravelli ATD Pro Tripod Dolly is my first delve into dolly systems for mounting my Vanguard Alta Plus 263AP 3-Section Aluminum Tripod. The wheels are smooth and they glide on smooth surfaces with very little resistance. I don't use my dolly on uneven, rough terrain as I wanted to use this dolly for tracking video. It is written on the packaging that this is not the intended use for the camera, but if you have a DSLR with a lens that has vibration control or some form of optical stabilization, then you should be free of "shaky cam".
I use both a Canon 6D and Canon 70D hooked up to Filmcity DSLR Rig video camera shoulder mount with a video monitor. I will be purchasing 8' X 2' wood planks with Wilsonart 48" x 96" Laminated Sheeting to make a mobile dolly track.
The build quality is very professional and durable. The wheels spin smoothly without any rough spots. If they were to add a spring stabilization system to where the wheels connect to the body, believe this system could be made specifically for video tracking. I have not had problems like others, but then again, I haven't had much use out of it yet. After I build my dolly track, I will update my review to reflect such.
The picture makes this unit look smaller than what it actually is. It is large and the carrying bag that it comes with is much appreciated.
If they increased the weight and size, add in a spring stabilization system to where the wheels connect to the legs, this product could be utilized for Professional video tracking.
As is, the item is beautiful and performs outstanding. I can't wait to get more use out of this for my video production. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.
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