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on November 18, 2010
Ever see something, then read something, or hear about something just often enough as it crosses your path again and again that you begin to think "Ok! You've got my attention. I'll check it out".
Well, that's what happened with this book as it just seemed to pop up here and there.

I must say I'm absolutely delighted with this book and so glad I bought it. This is definitely a book that you will find yourself getting extra copies to share with others. It would make a perfect 'group' reading book, and I concur completely with so many (well written) reviews here that describe it perfectly.

It truly is a 'go to' book; a great tool or reference or guide. It is written so profoundly simple that it is an easy reading book for people who are completely new to the raw concept and also to the experienced one because the recipes are so good.

It is a book about cleansing, and also transitioning to the raw food diet whether someone wants to be occasionally raw, partially raw, or completely raw, and therefore, yes, there are a few healthy cooked recipes included also. I'm glad Penni included them and I attribute the success of her book to just that attitude of loving, sincere, helpfulness for those who will journey along this healthy path.

I'm so glad I found this book and expect for word to get around in no-time and see the number of reviews really take off.
In view of our aging; sick, population; the economic crisis and peoples' concerns about their health care (rather 'sick care'), I believe more and more people will come around to taking control of their health and learning about it.
This is the book I believe would be most instrumental in sharing the message as to just how easy it is to improve your health, and just how much of a difference you can make yourself.
Update comments:

I have some comments that I feel is important to share and they are meant constructively and as an FYI for the purchasers.

There are a very few, minor things that I feel could have been more helpful and better for the person planning their cleanse.
First, each set of cleanses lists the suggested type of juices, etc to drink each day. They are usually listed like this:

Morning Meal: 32 oz fresh fruit/vegetable juice
Lunch Meal: 32 oz fresh vegetable juice

On another day's plan she shows:

Morning Meal: 32 oz Raw Cleanse juice

1) The different description and wording makes you think they are different things otherwise, why not word it the same? But I see no differentiation in the recipe pages?
2) The recipes for the juices are all lumped together. It would have been more convenient if they were separated by type: Fruit/Veggie juices; Fruit Juices and Vegetable Juices. When you are choosing two of each kind to make for yor day, it is much easier to go directly to that page and pick, rather than glance through each recipe to see if it's a Veggie, or a Fruit/Veggie. I ended up marking them all so I can see at quick glance.
3) I don't see anywhere how much each juice/smoothie recipe makes. As you need 32 oz of this, and 32 oz of that, are we to assume that each recipe conveniently will make that much? As it doesn't say one way or the other, I guess I would have to make it and see how much it actually makes and then make the notes and adjustments accordingly. It would have been nice if that was already done for you or at least if it said, but it doesn't.
If somebody just assumed it did and did all their grocery shopping based on the recipes, they could be very disappointed.

Since I am planning to do this with a group of people, I don't want to be caught in 'the raw' (Ha!) without being prepared, so will make the revisions ahead of time for everyone participating.

Hopefully, this is helpful. The recipes all look amazing. Everything Penni Shelton does is truly a work of art.
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on February 28, 2010
The Raw Food Cleanse is an easy guide for anyone who is interested in upping their health game which features a test group of people who actually participated in a trial cleanse. The information is clear and encouraging for newbies to the raw movement as well as seasoned followers. There are juice feasts of various lengths so you can test the waters or dive in for a long term fast. In any case, there are a multitude of delicious recipes to create for during your fast and a bevy of taste titillating recipes for post cleanse. I have alot of raw food recipe books and the recipes in this book are not overwhelming as some of the books I have. Even if you are not gung ho about cleansing I would recommend it merely for the recipes. It is the perfect affordable choice for anyone who wants to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables in a easy yummy creative way!!
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on August 9, 2013
If you are looking to just add more raw foods into your diet, this may not be a good book for you. However, if you want a true "cleanse," this book offers a 3 day, 5 day, 10, day and even up to 28 day cleanse. I think the author is well informed and her book was well organized. However, I could do without the pages (there were many) of personal stories from those who have tried the diet.
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on January 11, 2018
Nothing new Here. I could have done at raw cleanse without this book. I suppose is a good reference for a novice.
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on August 26, 2010
Whether you want to go completely raw, highly raw, or occasionally raw, _Raw Rood Cleanse_ is a great resource for doing so. In addition to providing a healthy serving of go-to-and-frequently-come-back-to raw food recipes, this book also offers highly digestible information and guidance for realistically incorporating rawness into your life. Refreshingly real, _Raw Food Cleanse_ won't clobber you with an eat-completely-raw-or-die dogma, but instead offers the tools for creating a lifestyle plan that meshes with your preferred degree of rawness. Wherever you fall on the raw spectrum, _Raw Food Cleanse_ can help you achieve more of those healthily addictive boosts of raw food pleasure.

Go raw and go strong!
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on May 3, 2010
With all the confusing information out there concerning diets and eating lifestyles and especially with the "raw foods" this book is a valuable guide, very easy to pick up and read and find the information you need at the time you need it, and it gives options, and what happens if you take this option or that, and why. Lots of good, easy recipes from a "tried and true" food expert/chef - at least I consider her a chef, I've tried her recipes even before this book and they've always been among my favorites. Penni knows her stuff, and she cares! It's a handy little "go to" kind of book, can remain with you always as your "reference" and inspiration!
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on October 14, 2010
I have purchased several copy of Penni Shelton's book, Raw Food Cleanse. Of the at least 30 raw/living, vegan and health related recipe and guidance books on my shelves - this is my "Go To" guide. The author writes clearly and is easily understood. Instead of being preachy, Penni Shelton shares knowledge and experience with grace and style. There are many easy and affordable options for readers who wish to take aim at restoring their health and well being, as well as losing a few pounds. I highly recommend this book.
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on March 30, 2010
I thought this book was very informative and got down to the main subject instead of the first 100 pages being about the history. There was a lot of practical recipes and I have certainly gotten plenty of use out of this book! I've even let my vegan friends take a peek at this! I love this book and keep it in my purse!
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on April 25, 2011
This is one of Penni's books from Raw Food Rehab. I really like this little book. Well written and to the point! I love the recipes and how encouraging Penni is. A great companion for anyone starting to increase the raw food content of their diet or looking to juice feast for the first time. A book that will be used as a reference for many years. Good buy. I would have enjoyed more pictures is the only reason I gave it a 4.
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on April 9, 2016
Wonderful recipes and information. I did lose weight on the raw food cleanse. I have let friends borrow this so they can learn about the benefits of raw foods.
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