Customer Reviews: Ray-Ban 0RB2132 601S7852 Square Sunglasses
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on September 9, 2012
Bought these to replace a pair I got at a retail outlet (that I lost). They don't feel like the genuine article; flimsy, plasticky, and the lenses move around a little in the frame. You get what you pay for.
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on March 4, 2015
Not sure why these are listed as shoes. I now own 8 pair of Ray-Ban glasses I use two pair as prescription sun glasses and the other six pair with prescription clear lenses. This is the 4th pair I have purchased from Amazon. I'm still not sure why these are in a different category from the others I purchased here, but they are authentic and look awesome. So far I have not a bad experience purchasing directly from Amazon. As for the glasses the Navy Blue looks great and the clear outline just make the frames stand out. The Ray-Ban lenses that came in them are very nice, and they have been taken out and stored securely in case I ever want to use them again. I will probably use these as my primary frames for a good while.
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on July 8, 2013
I bought these ignoring the poor reviews since they were sold by Amazon but the negative reviews were true. I don't know if they're fake, everything checked out, but they felt cheap, the arms creaked, and the lenses felt loose. I even went to sunglass hut to double check and they are definitely lower quality. They've been returned.
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on March 14, 2013
I think these were not real Ray Bans. Compared to the RB 2132 that I own, it was lighter weight, the lenses were loose and the earpieces creak when you move them. If they are actually made by Ray Ban, then their quality has gone way down. These were not worth the money and I returned them.
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on February 14, 2015
Well oddly Amazon thinks these are shoes when I went to write a review but whatever :)

They aren't shoes

Great sunglasses, I lost a pair of these go kart racing, and immediately bought another pair if that says anything. I have a squareish face, so anything to large, or to wide kinda looks weird on me; these are perfect - not to large, I think the 55mm for me at least would be a bit to big to look stylish. They look great, have the classic rayban look, and you look cool without any extra added douchyness (is that a word?) that some sunglasses can cause (looking at your ENTIRE product line, Oakley).

Some things that you may not consider buying sunglasses:

These are not polarized (at least the pair I bought isn't) - this is good for photographers who use a circular polarizing filter; if you haven't ever tried this, it is not recommended to use with polarized sunglasses, as the light filter gets all wonky and you have to move your head around to be able to see what you are shooting. I'm not a professional photographer but I do use such a filter, and it was annoying as hell on my Smith Serpico's (which are polarized) trying to take a photo with it on.

The lens quality is good, especially for this price point. Maui Jim's, well, they are other worldly, but these are still very, very good. It filters out brightness and glare without making everything way to dark, and what I found particularly interesting in the fact that my first pair I didn't take good care of, I would leave them in my laptop bag out of a case, stuff them in a jacked pocket with keys and change in it, and they never even had a hint of a scratch on the lenses. I don't suggest you treat your sunglasses as such, but sometimes it happens, and its good to know that these will stand up to normal wear/tear.

I don't really have any cons, if you are a larger guy (or gal) I'd go for the 55 or 58mm size, as these may look a bit too small, but thats not really a con, just a factor you should consider. Good price, excellent quality at this price point (Maui Jim's I mentioned are 2-3x more expensive than these), and they will never, ever go out of style.

One other thing I guess just to be thorough, some squarish glasses like these have a tendency to have gaps in coverage from certain angles, i.e. the sun can occasionally make its way through the sides or top of the glasses if its hitting you in a certain way - I've never had that happen with these, so consider that a non-issue.
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on August 16, 2015
Seller exchanged with me a new pair! The quality is a lot better and the glasses seem more authentic. The RB engraving is now regular. Also I actually just bought another pair at sunglasses hut, and I found that indeed all the cases have this little pocket in between...which I find weird but doesn't actually negatively affect the case's function. It seems like the case color is random as well I received a brown this time when I exchanged it.

****Next Day Update : 2 stars
So actually I looked a bit closer and the RB engraving seems off. The letters aren't etched with equal weight. The center of the B has a white spot thats actually pretty visible and distracting. I also noticed small nicks on the bottom of the frames. I am going to return this pair for an exchange and update my review when I get them
Original 3 Stars
I ordered the RB2132 New Wayfarer 710/51 52-18 2N from Vision Group, fulfilled by Amazon.

On the RB website these retail for $140.

The box I received was had wrinkles in each corner. For SOME reason they had to put the Amazon bar code ON the RB Serial Information on the box. I had to peel it to make sure that this was the right model. Of course the sticker destroyed most of it, but I could make out a 2N 710/51 and 52 so I guess it's the right one.

The contents of the box include the glasses with 1 sleeve of plastic on 1 temples (not both or together), 1 black case with a gold seal, 1 RB cloth, and 1 RB Manufacturer's note.

The cloth I got seems to be a little bit off, the zig-zag cut pattern is not even on all sides and the redness of the logo seems a dark magenta red vs. the cherry red seen on the box/booklet/website.

The case I got is okay. The gold seal is shiny, but it seems like some of the gold print was scratched off on the inner ring. The WORST part seems to be that the case may be coming apart.

The glasses, however based on my comparison to a few youtube videos seem authentic. All small details are present and they have a good feel.
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on June 23, 2011
I ordered the 55mm Black, non-polarized G-15 XLT version of these from Sunglass Express as a gift. They seemed like a great deal. When I opened the box I knew something was off. I own a pair of New Wayfarers in tortoise shell and the ones I just received felt way cheaper than those. The lenses are very loose and make creaking noises. The construction of the glasses feels subpar compared to the other pair I own. If you set them on a table the arms of the glasses are not even close to even. I just went up to Sunglass Hut and purchased a genuine pair of the exact same model and the difference is drastic. The pair I received from Amazon sure seem to be cheap knockoffs. All of the logos etc. are all there but the quality is markedly worse. I had read others with similar issues but shouldn't have ignored them. I am returning these for a refund. Don't be tempted by the low price of these. If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.
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on July 11, 2015
I liked these but returned them. 52mm was too small so hopefully 55 will work since I like my glasses a little larger. 52 would be good for a male but for females 52 looks too small. Overall its a great product in great condition.
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on June 27, 2014
I love these glasses so much. I am coming from some Oakleys that are made out of metal and let me tell you these dont feel cheap at all. These glasses arent polarized so dont go based off of the description, but base your decision off of the picture. They are exactly as shown in the picture. They are a blue frame with transparent outline which look really good. Also the lens is a "tapered" gray instead of the traditional green.

Hope this helps...
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on June 8, 2013
This was the second pair of ray ban new wayfarers I have bought on amazon and I am again pleased. This particular pair has just the simple regular lenses ,so they aren't extremely strong. Keep that in mind. You may want to spend the extra money for polarized. They work for my brother though, who just wanted them for the style. He loves them!!
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