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Price:$109.95 - $299.00
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on July 23, 2015
These glasses are BEAUTIFUL! They are the newer version of Wayfarers, and fit snug on my nose. Does not fall off at all. Wore it on a boat ride and sturdy as can be! These are DEFINITELY authentic Ray Bans and fit so nicely. They are the 55mm frame, and they fit my petite face. My boyfriend tried them on and they even fit good on him, too, although they fit a bit smaller on his face.

It says these are Mens' sunglasses, but I'm not sure a man would want to wear them unless they have delicate smaller face or heads, or if they like the smaller lens look. I think they still look great on a man, though. Also has RB engraved on the lens! Checked it with the real ones and they are identical!!! They are relatively cheaper than the ones in store because they are not polarized. They do, however, come with a protective leather case and come in a box, as well as a soft cleaning cloth for your lenses. The lens has a sticker on them that says 'blocks 100% UV," and if you want them for protective purposes, these are it! You don't need polarized lenses to protect your eyes or look stylish. As long as is block UV at leas 90%, you're safe! Anyway, very stylish, looks great on my small, girlish face, and have received plenty of compliments on them!
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on November 27, 2014
Love these sunglasses, they rarely leave my face.

I read a million reviews and watched youtube videos before ordering because I was concerned about authenticity. These are legit. They're cheaper because they're not polarized, but the style is really excellent. I love the matt black with the clear plastic sides. Really great sunglasses.
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on March 9, 2016
I liked a lot of things about these sunglasses: the fit, the materials and finishing, the clarity, and the style. But I had to return them because the lenses were not as dark as I wanted for everyday use in bright sun, too much light got in from the sides and back of the glasses, and there was a noticeable amount of reflected glare off of the back of the lenses. For casual use or cloudier days they would be great, but to be my one everyday pair of sunglasses they weren't the right choice for me. If I did decide to try the wayfarer shape again, I would definitely get the polarized lenses. I didn't think polarization would make that much of a difference, but I was really missing it when I tried these non-polarized ones out. The glass lenses are awesome. They really are super lightweight and thin, and are very clear with almost no distortion across the field of vision. I have a medium to large head and the 55mm size was right for me. The G-15 green tint is pleasant--it brightens up the world without making it garish, but I found I prefer a blue or gray tint for truer color. That's not to say these affect color dramatically, but it is noticeable.
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on February 14, 2015
Well oddly Amazon thinks these are shoes when I went to write a review but whatever :)

They aren't shoes

Great sunglasses, I lost a pair of these go kart racing, and immediately bought another pair if that says anything. I have a squareish face, so anything to large, or to wide kinda looks weird on me; these are perfect - not to large, I think the 55mm for me at least would be a bit to big to look stylish. They look great, have the classic rayban look, and you look cool without any extra added douchyness (is that a word?) that some sunglasses can cause (looking at your ENTIRE product line, Oakley).

Some things that you may not consider buying sunglasses:

These are not polarized (at least the pair I bought isn't) - this is good for photographers who use a circular polarizing filter; if you haven't ever tried this, it is not recommended to use with polarized sunglasses, as the light filter gets all wonky and you have to move your head around to be able to see what you are shooting. I'm not a professional photographer but I do use such a filter, and it was annoying as hell on my Smith Serpico's (which are polarized) trying to take a photo with it on.

The lens quality is good, especially for this price point. Maui Jim's, well, they are other worldly, but these are still very, very good. It filters out brightness and glare without making everything way to dark, and what I found particularly interesting in the fact that my first pair I didn't take good care of, I would leave them in my laptop bag out of a case, stuff them in a jacked pocket with keys and change in it, and they never even had a hint of a scratch on the lenses. I don't suggest you treat your sunglasses as such, but sometimes it happens, and its good to know that these will stand up to normal wear/tear.

I don't really have any cons, if you are a larger guy (or gal) I'd go for the 55 or 58mm size, as these may look a bit too small, but thats not really a con, just a factor you should consider. Good price, excellent quality at this price point (Maui Jim's I mentioned are 2-3x more expensive than these), and they will never, ever go out of style.

One other thing I guess just to be thorough, some squarish glasses like these have a tendency to have gaps in coverage from certain angles, i.e. the sun can occasionally make its way through the sides or top of the glasses if its hitting you in a certain way - I've never had that happen with these, so consider that a non-issue.
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on September 19, 2015
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical buying this product since I saw a couple of reviews saying it was a fake, and although the price is slightly cheaper than if you buy it at a retail store, after spending $90 or so, you'd still want to get an original Ray-Ban.

Good news is after going through multiple websites and every excruciating detail, I have deducted that these are indeed original Ray-Ban's. If ever they are still fakes due to my lack of judgement, then well they are pretty damn good fakes that make me happy to receive them in the neat little box, perfect case, and high quality craftsmanship. And if in the end you're looking for some place to spend your money on quality, then you've found it!

With regards to the style, I enjoy these new wayfarer's much more than the original ones that seem too bulky for me. These glasses removed the tilt the original wayfarer's had (something to keep in mind when checking the authenticity of your glasses), and offer a slimmer and more modern look to the popular classic.

I purchased my pair from Paris Miki Optical and i'm very happy with their shipping!
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on June 18, 2016
Pretty much 100% sure these are fake... The first time I went to clean them with a damp cloth, the Ray Ban logo wiped right off (you can see the remnants in the upper left). Disappointing.
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on March 7, 2016
I purchased the RB2132 in tortoise shell, with G-15XLT lenses, and in size 55mm. I spent a lot of time reading about which size to buy. I am a male that weighs 172 pounds, and stands just under 5'11". I have a relatively small head (based on the hat size I buy). I ended up going with 55mm, even though my gut told me to get the smaller size. I am glad I didn't, because the 55mm looks and feels great. I don't have a big head at all, and these sunglasses look great, at this size.

Otherwise, the quality is top notch, and these glasses are simple and feel rugged. The tortoise shell is dark, and can almost look black while somebody is wearing them. Sometimes the light hits the frame just right, and gives them a little more character then plain old black. I highly recommend this frame color for a man or for a woman.

The lenses also seem to be of high quality. I like that they are made of glass instead of plastic, which I feel will make them more scratch resistant. I just feel like glass seems to be of higher quality then plastic.

The only con I can think of, is that sometimes I can see a minor reflection of my own face while wearing the sunglasses. At first I thought it was a smudge on the glass, but then realized it was my own eye that I was seeing a reflection of. This is only sometimes and under certain light conditions, but happens often when I'm driving to my left eye, the eye closest to the sunny window. I have always worn sunglasses that kind of wrap around the shape of the face, instead of this boxy type of style. So, I can only figure that I am seeing this because the lens sits a little bit out from the face, which is allowing me to see the reflection. This negative is still outweighed by the look, feel, and quality of these glasses.

I received the black Ray-Ban case with my glasses.

Overall, I think these are being sold at a great price for what you are getting, and highly recommend these sunglasses.

I payed FULL PRICE for this item, and am of course giving my unbiased review.
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on March 4, 2015
Not sure why these are listed as shoes. I now own 8 pair of Ray-Ban glasses I use two pair as prescription sun glasses and the other six pair with prescription clear lenses. This is the 4th pair I have purchased from Amazon. I'm still not sure why these are in a different category from the others I purchased here, but they are authentic and look awesome. So far I have not a bad experience purchasing directly from Amazon. As for the glasses the Navy Blue looks great and the clear outline just make the frames stand out. The Ray-Ban lenses that came in them are very nice, and they have been taken out and stored securely in case I ever want to use them again. I will probably use these as my primary frames for a good while.
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on April 27, 2014
As others have noted, if you are average to above-average size (mainly facially) I would recommend getting the 55mm as opposed to the 52mm. These fit great; I am 6'1 with somewhat large facial features and the Wayfarer's sit nicely on my nose and are proportionate. I am always hesitant to buy glasses I haven't tried on, but went out on a limb here since they were on Lightning deal. I love the color of the frame (mine are darker that the image shown, and almost look black in some lighting, which looks great IMO) and the glass-tint provides great protection with a clear/crisp image. Came with a nice brow-leather semi-hard case and cleaning cloth. Glasses fit perfectly in the case and don't take up a lot of room, which is great for my ever-cluttered center console in my SUV. I have always wanted a par of these "classic" RayBans and now I have them! With the lightning deal @ around $70 you can't beat the value. This is my 3rd pair of RayBans and I am a very satisfied customer again
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on March 7, 2016
These glasses are amazing with tax i got these for $87 , i own ray bans before and even fakes. I know these are the real deal. The case smells like a baseball glove (leather) and the glasses are very sturdy. Keep in note that the "new wayfarers" (rb2132) have different hinges compared to original wayfarers and the style is completely different. If you are really wanting to see if they are real just take your sunglasses to sunglass hut to see if they are real. Sunglass hut is owned by ray ban (luxottica). Make sure you buy directly from amazon and not by an amazon seller. Anyways i am extremely satisfied with my purchase!!!
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