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on December 26, 2013
I ordered this pair of sunglasses for my husband as an xmas gift. I felt secure in the purchase because this was originally listed as 'sold by Amazon' as opposed to merely 'fulfilled by Amazon'.

Well, something changed I guess.

Unfortunately, I cannot speak in terms of the seller because I cannot say who ended up actually filling this order, but it wasn't Amazon.

I would also like, at the very least, to say that I received a fake pair of Ray Ban aviators, but that is far too generous. A fake implies that some effort was put in to make the product mirror that which I thought I was buying. Wouldn't that be nice? But nope. I received a random pair of 5-dollar aviator sunglasses with a Ray Ban sticker on them. No markings on the frames, no markings on the lenses, not even the slightest effort made to trick me. To that I feel somewhat insulted. I cannot imagine a world existing where a person would receive this product and think "awesome, just what I paid $150 dollars for!!" What a joke.

Because I made the specific effort to assure I was ordering directly from Amazon and still had my order fulfilled by some random seller, I would encourage any shopper looking at this sort of item to walk away, save your money, and spend a few more dollars for the privilege of not getting ripped off. As a long time Amazon shopper, I can say that my confidence in this company has been significantly shaken.

I love xmas - it gives me a chance to finally spoil the people who I love and who do so much for me throughout the year. Thanks for finally allowing me to bestow upon someone an awful pair of random sunglasses in a ripped up, fake Ray Ban box. A dream come true. Unbelievable.
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on March 19, 2014
I just received my gunmetal/crystal green polarized Ray-Bans from Amazon. I was never so afraid of a purchase in my life. I made a point to purchase a pair sold directly by Amazon versus a third-party seller. And I'm glad I did! There are numerous reviews claiming that their sunglasses are fake. Rest assured that if you buy the "sold by LLC" styles you have the real deal (be careful when you are selecting sizes/styles, as the seller changes for each that you click on...only certain ones are available directly from Amazon).

I was skeptical of the authenticity because of the huge price difference between local vendors and Amazon ($195 vs. $115, respectively). I've always trusted Amazon, but thought I'd dig deeper. I emailed Ray-Ban corporate, and here's the response I got:

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your email; we appreciate your interest in RayBan.

Please note that is an authorized online dealer of Rayban if the purchase is being made directly from Amazon. If the purchase is made by a 3rd party dealer on Amazon then we cannot guarantee if the product will be authentic. In your case you stated it was a direct purchase so you can be assured that the product you received is 100% authentic.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us. Again we thank you for your business and loyalty to RayBan.

Customer Care Specialist |

I hope this information helps with your decision! It did with mine! I received the sunglasses today and couldn't be happier!

Thank you Amazon for a great product at a great price!
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on June 5, 2016
Guys be extra careful where you order your shades from i got these from Jones Deals for a great price and fulfilled by amazon so i thought since they have the "fulfilled by amazon" stamp they had to be legit right ? Wrong wrong wrong these are "ok" knockoffs and if you dont anything about ray bans you will get fooled. The very next day i got a new pair direct from amazon with no middle man in between and boy its like night and day.

First off the boxes are different sizes.

Aside from the different size the fakes just decided to use a different box altogether.

Notice the "®" inside the ray ban logo the fonts are different very subtle but they are different.

Looking in the logo circle again notice the word "sunglasses" the black case is the fake now look at the "gla" letters on one the letters are bunched up and off center on the other the letters are perfectly spaced and on line.

The clothe to clean the lens well you see for yourself which is real and which is fake just the detailing alone is a giveaway.

Cases are cut different fakes are cut in a straight line the real ones have a nice arch to them also the feel inside the case is softer on the real ones.

Even the booklets aren't right the color is duller missing info and my goodness even the address is wrong WOW.

Back of the book looks the same but the color is way off.

Look at the etching on the fake ones the "RB" isnt where its supposed to be as opposed to the authentic where its perfectly in line with the leg of the shades.

Some other notes the "mirror" effect on the fakes seem to be louder or exaggerated as to the authentic where its not as pronounced.
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on July 18, 2016
one of my friends is a professional eyes doctor assistant who usually takes orders for her eyes clinic. she said these sunglasses are not the OEM ray ban that is why they sold at that cheap price $88.30. after she identifing these sunglasses, she said these are very high level imitation. everything is pretty close to the OEM except the marks. but these imitation works good. these worth the price.
if you are looking for the OEM ray ban, please dont anxious to get things on the cheap. go to ray ban official website
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on December 19, 2016
This great little product came within a few days of purchase and was exactly as described. You get a case and a cleaning cloth included. If you are worried about whether or not they are legitimate, make sure you purchase then from Amazon, llc and not a third party vendor.

The "green polarized lenses" do not appear green and look black. If you get black frame /green lenses, the glasses are going to look like black lenses in black frames. Very stylish.
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on April 23, 2012
I received my glasses in the mail a few days after ordering. They unfortunately did not match either the description or the picture, though they were actually aviators. Mine were gold frames and darker polarized lenses. They actually didn't look bad, heavy to the touch and still were consistent with the Ray Ban quality I have grown to know over the years having owned multiple pair of their sunglasses. They actually fit like a glove with no adjustment, and the shade of lens, even though I seemed too dark on the outside gave me the perfect shade. The lenses were also polarized, and being my first polarized lenses, I wasn't prepared how sharp everything became one the glare was removed. For some there is a trade off between sharp images and the rainbow you can get looking at your phone or dashboard. It wasn't a big dead to me. These are fast becoming my favorite glasses even though they were not exactly what I ordered.
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on July 20, 2016
If you're looking for authentic Ray Bans, then look no further! I'd recently lost my Ray Bans (light brown/gold aviators) and wanted new ones at a decent price. I found these on Amazon and was reluctant because I was worried that they'd be knock-offs. However, when my package arrived, I was pleased to find that the product was exactly as described and just what I was looking for. Very happy with my purchase.
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on December 24, 2014
Got this for my girl who is about 4'11" and it fits her face perfectly. Very nice pair of shades as they have a god weight to them and are real. dont mistake the P next to Ray Ban on the lense as a fake product. The P is ther to represent the fact that the lenses are polarized (you can even go on the ray ban website and see they do this with all their polarized lenses. The fram is nice, very good quality with a nice protective case. Only thing i didnt like is that the interior part of the lense has a blue coloring which isnt described. But honestly it doesnt effect the color you visually see when wearing them. All in all its a great product, best fit for smaller women.
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on January 21, 2016
These glasses are plain bada$$. However, they were too small for me and since I like wrenchin' on cars I opted for the outdoorsman model (the one with the hooks and sweat brow.
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on May 11, 2017
I'm a Ray-Ban Aviator fan for life they are the only sunglasses I like on my face. I've never seen the pink flash lenses for so cheap, I've wanted them for a while but refuse to buy them at a Sunglass Hut for full price. Very pleased.
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