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on September 1, 2015
This is what I purchased:

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses,Black/Green Polarized,52 mm
Sold by: LLC

Sunglasses came in black Ray-Ban leather case, which is inside a white box, which is in another Amazon Prime box. Where is the original box that ALL Ray-Ban sunglasses come in? I want to know all the details about this $110 sunglasses that I bought. I want EVERYTHING that comes with it originally.

* Arrived with no plastic sleeves on the arms (like it's supposed to).
* Fingerprints AND sticky residue all over the lens and frame. It was really gross. There was a huge blob of sticky residue behind the "Ray-Ban" logo. Sketchy much?
* No stickers on the sunglasses' lens like the sticker to indicate it is polarized.
* RB sketch on the lens were not smooth and was on the front of lens. It seems like there was a difficulty in sketching the "R" because top of it was even. (I compared this to a authentic RB2132 non-polarized sunglasses. The authentic sunglasses had smooth RB sketch on the inside of the lens.)
* Left arm inside prints were unaligned--the model should be printed closer to the hinge.
* Right arm print not clear.
* The polarized lens are definitely polarized, but it has some type of film on the inside of the lens where it would reflect green/purple light. I don't remember seeing this in the stores, but I have never owned polarized lens before so I don't know if this should be the case or not.
* The arms (when folded) were not cut smoothly.

The sunglasses case were leather and it seemed authentic enough; however, the stitching wasn't perfect. There was a loose end.

FAKE! This seems like a very GOOD fake. If I am wrong, and it is not a fake, then at least Amazon should sell it with its original retail box. I have owned two Ray-Ban sunglasses before and I know how they should be packaged. This was all wrong. The glasses need to arrive in clean and new condition too. Those fingerprints and sticky residue were really gross. I didn't even want to touch the sunglasses. I had to wipe it off with some Lysol wipes before even trying it on.
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on March 12, 2017
This is my 5th pair of Rayban Wayfarers, but only second pair of the new, smaller framed model. I love the sunglasses; they're dark enough so that I don't have to squint in bright sunlight, but not so dark that I have a problem with driving. These are polarized, which as long as I can afford them I will always buy! Polarized really cuts the glare, and though they are more expensive, for me, they're worth it. I had my last pair of new wayfarers for about three years and recently lost them (heartbreak) or I wouldn't have bought this new pair – since the old ones were still going strong . Very well-made, classic, great !
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on October 31, 2015
I love these. I had the original Wayfarers way back when I was a teenager in the 80s, and for me, they will forever be the symbol of Southern California summer, learning to drive, and hanging out at the beach with my friends. I love the shape and fit of the New Wayfarers, and I love that they come in my favorite tortoiseshell. A note on fit: I originally tried these on at an eyeglass shop and decided on the 55mm, because I wanted a more oversized look. I ordered them in the 55mm, but they were too big to stay on my face. The issue wasn't so much the width of the frames (although they were too wide), but the length of the temples (the long pieces that go along the sides of the head). They extended beyond the curve of my head and the curve over the ears didn't start until well behind my ears, so that the glasses kept slipping down my nose, and every time I tipped my head forward, they slid off. I sent them back and got the 52mm, and they fit perfectly. The lenses are a bit smaller, but still block out enough sunlight, and the temples fit well--close to my head and curving just at the tops of my ears, so they stay on. I am a tall (5'11") woman with a somewhat narrow head. I think the 52mm would fit average to smaller females, younger teens, or tweens. Women with larger faces, older teen boys, and adult males would probably prefer the 55mm. The 55mm fit my husband and teen son well.
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on December 3, 2015
Sunglasses are hard to review as they are largely based on personal preference. I like the fit of the new wayfarers vs the originals as they are a little smaller and fit my face a bit better. I use these for casual wear and when I run and am on the field coaching. These are my 2nd pair of the same sunglasses. My first pair are still with me after 2 years, but the lenses cracked (my fault). I liked them enough that I wanted a backup pair while I explored options to repair my first pair. I will say that the first pair has held up very well and the replacement lenses are very reasonable for a polarized lens. About $59 shipped from Luxottica. The lenses are crystal/glass. The blue to brown fade of the lens are nice when driving in he car as the upper half of the lens is darker and if I need to glance down to look at the dash, the lower half of the lens is lighter. I'm pretty hard on my sunglasses and these have been thrown in a backpack, fallen off my head, stepped on, and still fit. The tortoise frame is subtle with a matte finish. The hinge is a little less tight, but still firm after 2 years. The glass lens is super clear and polarization is great. There were a lot less scratches on the lens after 2 years of daily use.

Happy with the first pair and glad that I have a backup. They are popular enough to that I feel good that replacement lenses will be easy to find if anything ever happens in the future.
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on May 15, 2016
I purchased a 55mm RB2132 Matte Havana Blue/Green Polarized. I received product that measured 52mm, not 55mm. Thus the product did not fit me - it was not what it was purported to be.

This is most likely a product SKU-labeling error. Why? Even in the replacement order, the size was wrong again.

Until this product SKU-labeling issue is resolved, my advice is to stay away.
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on May 18, 2013
I wasn't sure whether to go with the 52 or 55 mm size. In the end I ordered the 52 mm and am glad that i did. They are smaller than the classic Ray Ban sunglasses, but I like them a lot on my face. The lenses seem to be of high quality and the shade is just right (and not too dark) so that you can wear them even when it is not super bright outdoors. They are fairly light, actually lighter than I would have expected, but they seem sturdy and well built. My wife likes them so much we may have to order some for her as well.
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on June 27, 2016
If you simply love the Ray-Ban's style of the New Wayfarers but are apprehensive about the quality because it's not from the manufacturer like I was, I'm here to say don't be. They come in a leather case and with a microfiber cleaning cloth. It's important to always keep them in the case when not in use and they'll never have a scratch on them. I've recently been leaving them folded up and set out of their case and tiny scratches have been appearing, so back to the case! The quality is great - hard, sturdy plastic. I got the New Wayfarer's Black Frame - Green Polarized Lens. The polarized really does cut down on the glare and I was unsure how the green lens would look but they work and look fine.
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on December 15, 2015
What can I say. It's Ray-Ban and it's their classic Wayfarer. It is comfortable around the ears and the lenses are premium. They are clear and you can see better than most polarized sunglasses out there. Sometimes, it does pay to get the pricier one and these do it. Plus, the plastic is heavy and sturdy. You can probably sit on it and it would be fine. Not that I'd recommend testing this but let me know how that goes if you can afford to. :)
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on May 7, 2013
I had the best pair of sunglasses in Ray-Ban that I lost tailgating a few years ago. I bought these because of the classic look and polarized lenses. Finding them here on amazon for a fraction of the cost anywhere else was great! These glasses fit me absolutely perfectly and look awesome. To address the bad reviews: If you received the wrong pair of glasses, its probably because you didn't click on the right pair - each different color is sold by a different company so you have to look and see who the seller is. Amazon was the seller on here and I've heard bad things about Sunglass Express. Any store that doesn't have correct conjugation of a word is usually foreign and you can get tricked, though Ray-Ban does actually make their glasses in China now. These, however are made in Italy. They are real, and I was able to find the laser RB on the outside of the left lens (looking out), though it was tough to see at first. The size for me was perfect. I bought the 52MM and I have a 7 1/8 to 7 1/4 hat size, these fit like they were made for me. They don't have huge lenses either so they don't take up a ton of space on your head. Very happy.
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on March 24, 2015
I just got my sunglasses, they look pretty original, but not a 100% sure. Everything look good, just like the original ones,

I just remembered that my previous glasses that I lost. The RB was embedded on the glass, and this ones are engraved, is that the true sign, between an Original and a good copy? (not original)

If not original, please I would like exchange for an original or a full refund.

Thank you
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