Customer Reviews: Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses
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on March 27, 2009
Without a doubt, the 2140 Original Wayfarers are the coolest and most comfortable sunglasses around. I ordered them with the regular tint, instead of the Polarized lenses because my previous sunglasses with Polarized lenses made it very difficult to read LCD screens. No such problem with the regular lenses and glare never seems to be a problem either.

The only recommendation I'd make regarding purchase is to check your head size to make sure you get the right fit. I've always thought my head was pretty big, but when the original pair of Wayfarers arrived, I found that the 54mm size was entirely too big for my face. I contacted the vendor, EZContacts, and they let me exchange the sunglasses, quickly and without delay, for the 50mm size, which fit perfectly and look great. I never thought 4 measly millimeters would make that big of a difference, but when it comes to the way sunglasses look on your face, it sure does.

So, unless you have a Shrek-size head, my suggestion is to opt for the 50mm size. Oh, and when it comes to cost, I saved at least $40 buying through Amzamon versus the retail cost at my local mall's Sunglass Hut.
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on March 31, 2015
Great pair of glasses and authentic. The box was legit and had barcode label on the side. Case is good quality and the logo is on the snap. Everything on the inside was packaged exactly, icons booklet, cloth is good quality and came with the luxotica booklet. The glasses have the tilt, have weight to them, the logo didn't scratch off, the Ray-Ban logos on the side are pinned in, the rb etching on the front lens is real, cellphones darken and are hard to read (real polarization), the inside has the 7 hinges and writing on the inside. I was skeptical but super happy now.
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on October 23, 2012
I bought a pair of Ray-Ban RB2140 902/57. They were listed as "Polarized" also was indicated with the "/57". However, once I received them I quickly realized that they were NOT polarized lenses. First off, they didn't have the "P" after the Ray-Ban inscription on the front of the right lens. Also they failed every test to check for light polarization (i.e. viewing a LCD screen and rotating the sunglasses should make the screen darken or disappear).

This may have been an honest mistake of someone putting non-polarized sunglasses in a box labeled polarized. Though once I started investigating the lenses themselves I realized that the lenses weren't even authentic Ray-Ban lenses. However, the frames were most definitely real. So someone at some stage of the process inserted (or replaced the real lenses) FAKE lenses into a pair of REAL frames! And if you know anything about high-quality sunglasses (i.e. Ray-Bans) what you are really paying for are the lenses, NOT the frames. I've contacted the seller and Amazon, but neither seems too concerned. So just keep this in mind when you receive your sunglasses. The frames may pass all of your quality control tests, but be sure you aren't being duped on the lenses!
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on March 18, 2014
I ordered these sunglasses as a gift for my son. I paid with my Visa. A few weeks later he received them and they were too small. Instead of refunding my visa account which is required by law, he issued a gift card. I didn't want a gift card, I wanted to take my son somewhere that he could try the RayBan's on. Now I had to pay for another pair and I have a gift card I DON'T want. I contacted this seller many times and not ONE email was answered. Shame on you and I should report you.
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on July 5, 2014
BE CAREFUL People...there are ALOT of really good FAKES being sold here(MANY SELLERS). I sent 2 pairs back this month.They LOOK real in almost every respect...One pair passed every test...but there just seemed to be something "WRONG". The plastic "squeaked" and felt cheap and they seemed to be stretched out..they would NOT stay on my face/nose. I did a side by side comparison.....they looked identical. The one pair(REAL pair..I bought 3 pairs) felt SOLID & were a tight fit.Don't settle for anything less than a PERFECT FITTING PAIR.Even at $80+.....that is ALOT of money for an ill fitting pair or a FAKE. China is KNOWN for making great fakes/copies.
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on November 12, 2015
im not satisfied and will be returning this for an exchange, the product is well built, heavy, not squeeky,but the lenses have different colors, the left side was blue and the right side was green.
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on February 16, 2016
Very pretty, lightweight and comfy. Love the purple. Get a ton of compliments. The sun blockage is not super dark, but good enough for me and I have had sensitivity to light a little more then normal from previous lasik surgery. Great price on them as well. Purple camo on the sides are fabric.
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on October 6, 2012
I love these sunglasses but just noticed that one arm is longer than the other. I did not notice this until now and it definitely changes the way they fit. I wish i could get this fixed and it would be 5 stars
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on March 23, 2013
I ordered the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB 2140 in White/Texture/Azure Mirror Blue Gradient, 50mm, from HDO Sport on Thursday and received it on Saturday! It comes with the special red case, red Ray-Ban cleaning cloth, Ray-Ban pamphlets, and a Ray-Ban Rare Prints Special Series Certificate of Authenticity, all placed in a matching red hard box. These sunglasses are absolutely stunning! The Azure Mirror Blue lenses are dreamy. The London Texture is so cool only you would know. This is the real thing, "hand made in Italy"... no worries here :) Nice packaging & super fast shipping make this one awesome transaction!
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on September 3, 2015
Don't buy from third party sellers unless they have free returns!

I purchased a pair of non-polarized G-15 Original Wayfarers from seller abrahamconley and from initial inspections they looked authentic. However, the first thing that put me off was that I ordered non-polarized, but I received a pair with "Ray-Ban P" on the lens and a ray ban polarized sticker on the other lens. So I took a closer look at the lenses and they appeared to be of a blue tint instead of green like they were supposed to be. I'm rather color blind though so I couldn't be sure. At this point I'm thinking I got a pair of fakes, but I couldn't be sure that I didn't just get the wrong pair so I looked further. Since I bought Original Wayfarers, I checked to see if the lenses were aggressively slanted and sure enough they weren't. They appeared to be pretty close to a 90 degree angle like you'd expect from New Wayfarers. What's surprising is that they felt just as heavy as the authentic Original Wayfarers I tried on at the mall the previous day. All the packaging looked authentic and it came with everything it's supposed to including the icons booklet. The case was hard in the front, the Ray Ban stamp was accurate and clear, "Ray-Ban" was on the button, and all the stitching looked well done. The only other error I found was that the barcode on the packaging actually referred to aviators when googled. If it wasn't for the missing slant, all of this could be chalked up to packaging errors. So, as the title says, these were rather high quality counterfeits and if I hadn't recently tried on an authentic pair or did my research I could have easily been fooled. I would provide pictures, but I don't usually write reviews so I didn't think about it before I mailed them back. Hopefully, this review will help people avoid getting scammed!

Thankfully, the seller offers free refunds so I didn't lose anything but time. I decided to spend an extra $30 and bought a pair directly from Amazon LLC which is an authorized seller of Ray Bans and, therefore, should be authentic.

Update: Well, I received my new pair that was sold directly through Amazon LLC and they were either damaged or fake, I'm guessing the former. As you can see in the photos, the temples are not properly aligned and the sunglasses do not lay flat on the table. Also, the box they came in looked like it had been previously crushed. It's seems like you're playing the lottery when trying to get an authentic new pair of sunglasses through Amazon so I'm done. I'd rather pay an extra $50 at the mall and know that I'm getting exactly what I want.
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