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on September 22, 2015
FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! At first glance they look real. Upon closer inspection they are not. The "Tortoise shell" material doesn't look right. Where the horn rims on the front end they are squared off instead of a gentle rounded shape.

WHAT THE HECK?! All of the customer images look right. But, the ones I received are most certainly fake.
Does anyone have an explanation?
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on June 11, 2012
So I agonized over the decision to buy these for at least a week...maybe two. In the end I ordered the mock tortoise Clubmasters which have the 49mm bridge, and I am thrilled with what I got. I was worried about the following:

Q. Would they fit my face? Could I pull off the style? A. They fit perfectly. I have a small head (hold the sophomoric comments) which measures 7 1/8, and I was afraid these would be too big for my face from the pictures I saw. In fact, they fit my face exactly as I would have hoped. They look neither too big nor too small. As for the style, they're classics. They don't fit your face...your face fits them. It just happens. I can't imagine anyone not looking great in these.

Q. Do they have the G15 lens, and should I insist on polarized? A. These do have the G15 lens, which Ray-Ban calls a green tint lens. I wasn't sure what I would get because the description doesn't call it out specifically, and the pictures certainly look like a black lens. The optics in the Clubmasters are insanely clear. You see a slightly greenish tint from the inside out, and the rest of the world sees black from the outside in. Looking at these lenses, I can immediately spot the difference between an over $100 and an under $100 pair of glasses. The green tint is quite subtle, and is hardly noticeable. Also, they are not polarized, which I think is a good thing. I have a pair of $15 polarized Wally World specials, and I use those for outdoor activities which are potentially dangerous for my Clubmasters.

Q. Will I get a pair made in China? Will those be knock-offs? A. My pair unabashedly says "Made In China," and the quality is stunning. They are well-built, all the connections are tight, and both lenses sit tightly in the frames (no issues with a loose lens as others have commented on here). Anyone who has done just a little bit of research on these knows that the Clubmasters are now made in China instead of (or in addition to) Italy. China is like any other country: with the right management and workforce, they can churn out some good stuff. And apparently Ray-Ban has some great ex-pats running their factories, 'cause these are rock solid. I would absolutely buy another style of Ray-Bans made in China. They are that good. I looked at these under a microscope (metaphorically speaking) for all the tell-tale signs of counterfeit, but I was just wasting my time; these are the real deal. I'm 34 years old, and these are the first sunglasses that I have owned that cost more than $20. You bet I looked them over real good.

Other thoughts: I'm used to curved sport sunglasses which sit nicely on top of your head when you head indoors. Sitting on your head will not do for the Clubmasters, due to their shape. It's awkward to go indoors, because the question is what do you do with your $150 sunglasses (that we smart folks on Amazon paid $50 less for) so that you don't scratch them\lose them\break them? Don't know; haven't figured that one out yet.

The straw derby/panama hat craze is in full swing right now. Not my thing, but I seem to see them on everyone. These would look absolutely authentic and correct sitting just below a short-brimmed straw panama/derby. Classic, classic look.
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on September 17, 2016
The inconsistencies on these glasses are a little odd....I am assuming I have a legitimate pair but no where does it say where these glasses are made. If I had to purchase again, I would probably look at the Ray Ban site and see authorized dealers and sellers just to be sure. My son purchased these a=with his money and naturally we looked at them when they arrived to assess their authenticity—they appear legit (pictures provided) but no MADE IN.....
If it were me, I wold purchase from an authorized dealer—too many fakes out there and why be ripped off—these glasses are not pocket change. This pair seems good but again questioning the where made.
If I had to do it again, I would probably wait to purchase at Macys and use coupons to get a better value even tho I would have tax to pay.
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on July 14, 2014
At first, I was weary of spending anything over $30 for sunglasses, let alone $80+, but when these arrived today I'm glad I made the splurge. First off, these glasses are stunning; absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing; when you wear them you can tell that they are finely crafted. What's nice, is that they are even covered under warranty by Ray-Ban even if you buy them through Amazon. They always seem to catch everyone's attention; I get compliments about them all the time. Craftsmanship and product aside, the only (minor) complaint I have is the packaging. It was shipped in a huge box with almost no packing material, which allowed the the glasses box inside to move around freely. The glasses box was pretty banged up, but thankfully the glasses themselves were still in pristine condition because they were inside of the glasses case (which was inside the glasses box). The case and microfiber cloth it comes with are great. I would suggest you make the splurge and buy these sunglasses. You won't be disappointed.
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on January 20, 2015
I was really skeptical buying these seeing as they were so inexpensive compared to places like sunglass hut, but I ended up just going for it and buying a pair of tortoise/arista club masters because I have always wanted a pair of ray-bans. Yes, these are made in China, but that's normal now, so don't listen to any of the reviewers on here saying they're fake due to that. They seem like they are nice quality, though I have only worn them maybe four times (hasn't been too sunny lately), and I foresee them lasting me quite a while. They are very stylish and I'm really happy with my purchase! Though, the price has dropped since I purchased them :( (if only I waited). Anyway, great buy, not fake at all, I definitely recommend them.
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on July 14, 2014
I ordered from Amazon US in the UK. Even with postage and customs charges I still paid around £45 less than the high street price at the moment.

Lovely, sturdy feeling glasses very comfortable. I like the way they have different sizes available. I have a slightly smaller than average female head and they fit perfect - I went for the 49mm.

Lots of "wow" "really like your sunglasses" comments.

Only annoying thing for me is they don't sit on top of your head as comfortably as some when not being worn. If you weren't over cautious they could all off.

All in all classic style that's really come back in fashion and won't disappoint.
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on June 16, 2015
My first pair of Clubmasters and they're very nice. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because after reading the reviews before purchasing, I expected them to be made in China but mine are made in Italy. Could mine be the fake ones? I'm kidding, I'm sure the others are just as authentic. I have several new wayfarers, some bought here, others at shops around LA, all of them say made in Italy, yet one of them feels off, creaky, different fit etc. and even though they have all the proper etchings I suspect fraud. What I'm getting at is the quality, how they feel in your hand, on your face, that's what I would go by. These feel great, sturdy, no squeaking, all the imprints are there...being made in Italy is just a bonus.
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on November 1, 2015
I love my clubmaster sunglasses! I have literally waited a year to buy these, going back and forth when considering how much I wanted them. Now? I could not be happier. Great fit, comfortable, and I love the look. They say made in china, but don't flip out: China now produces a portion of ray-bans and the Clubmaster series is produced there. Very happy with my purchase!
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on August 21, 2014
I've read some complain that these are cheap and made in China...Well, after stopping into a few sunglass shops after purchasing these, I can say that they are THE exact same that Ray Ban is putting out elsewhere. Yes, the Wayfarers are still labeled as "Made in Italy", but it seems they've moved all Clubmaster production to China. This price couldn't be beat and I couldn't be happier. Just make sure to order the 49mm, unless you have a big face or can pull off the oversized sunglasses look (I sure can't).
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on November 17, 2015
Read some reviews regarding made in China v made in Italy. Quite frankly it does not matter for this pair of Ray Bans!! This quality is exceptional as always for Ray Ban!! Very happy with the value too!!!
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