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on June 11, 2016
Authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses, I purchased Ray-Ban Men's Aviator Large Metal Polarized Aviator Sunglasses, Arista Gold Frame, 62 mm from Vision Group Fulfilled Amazon Prime. The real deal, here is how I verified. (See Pictures).

Hope this gives buyers some peace of mind.
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on December 26, 2013
I ordered this pair of sunglasses for my husband as an xmas gift. I felt secure in the purchase because this was originally listed as 'sold by Amazon' as opposed to merely 'fulfilled by Amazon'.

Well, something changed I guess.

Unfortunately, I cannot speak in terms of the seller because I cannot say who ended up actually filling this order, but it wasn't Amazon.

I would also like, at the very least, to say that I received a fake pair of Ray Ban aviators, but that is far too generous. A fake implies that some effort was put in to make the product mirror that which I thought I was buying. Wouldn't that be nice? But nope. I received a random pair of 5-dollar aviator sunglasses with a Ray Ban sticker on them. No markings on the frames, no markings on the lenses, not even the slightest effort made to trick me. To that I feel somewhat insulted. I cannot imagine a world existing where a person would receive this product and think "awesome, just what I paid $150 dollars for!!" What a joke.

Because I made the specific effort to assure I was ordering directly from Amazon and still had my order fulfilled by some random seller, I would encourage any shopper looking at this sort of item to walk away, save your money, and spend a few more dollars for the privilege of not getting ripped off. As a long time Amazon shopper, I can say that my confidence in this company has been significantly shaken.

I love xmas - it gives me a chance to finally spoil the people who I love and who do so much for me throughout the year. Thanks for finally allowing me to bestow upon someone an awful pair of random sunglasses in a ripped up, fake Ray Ban box. A dream come true. Unbelievable.
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on March 27, 2017
I have owned several Ray-Ban aviators (both small metal and large metal 58 mm) and I ordered all of them on Amazon.This maybe a fake one or a very bad quality authentic one. I found one defect right out of the box before trying them on. The last letter "P" on the left frame(right beside the temple length number 135 and for mine it is supposed to say "3P") looked suspicious because it kind of looked like it got scratched off. But I neglected this fact and was thinking about keeping them since the box, the soft cloth and the sunglasses looked ok. But later on the same day I received these sunglasses, I noticed 2 white, tiny dots: one on the upper side of the right lens and another one very close the right upper frame. I tried to remove it with a soft cloth but it did not go away.(see it in the photos!). It seemed like some of the white paint from the logo got stuck on the other part of the right lens. And again I tried to scratch those off lightly with my nails but they wouldn't go away. This is a huge disappointment for me. I cannot say whether these are original or fake ones but there is no way I am keeping these because of these defects.

I ordered the same exact sunglasses(55 mm) directly sold by Amazon a few years ago for a friend of mine and I had no doubt about the authenticity of that one and the price was much lower for a flawless piece. Ray-Ban needs to strictly control their quality standards on their products or Amazon should stop letting the sellers sell low quality products to its customers.
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on June 16, 2015
Authentic product *if* you buy the "Sold by" pairs. Filter by vendor in the search results if necessary. This was the first time I've worn a Ray Ban Aviator with a polarized glass lens, and it's top quality. They seem to add more anti-glare coatings than other brands, and there's something about polarized glass as opposed to polarized plastic that makes it different. In any case, I'm glad I was able to save $75 by going through Amazon as opposed to the Ray Ban site.
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on July 23, 2015
Very good quality, nice glass lenses, hinges feel very sturdy. The polarized is worth every penny, it looks so much clearer than my other pair of aviators. They look a bit small on my face though.
I would say definitely worth the extra few dollars though.
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on May 28, 2015
Not only is this my first real pair of Italian Ray-Ban sunglasses, but my first pair of aviator-style as well. I've been an Oakley wearer for years (mostly sporty styles), and after my last set of metal-framed Oakleys just got too scratched up, I decided I needed a new pair. I was attracted to the aviator-style, but I'm not really sure why. After a few months of thinking about it, I decided I'd go for it, and who better to choose than Ray-Ban?

I got these in the narrower 55mm width because, even though I don't have a small head, my face seems narrow and I feared the "normal" 58mm might appear bigger on me than they really are. After having these for a few days, I think I made the right choice.

Fit aside, I DEFINITELY made the right choice with the mirror green! I was torn between these and the blue ones, and I'm sure that if I'd gotten blue, I would have been plenty happy. But these are SLICK! I love the color (they even seem blue-ish from certain side-angles), and I haven't seen anyone else wearing anything like 'em!

Every pair of Oakley sunglasses I ever had were polarized, and so, of course, as a new Ray-Ban owner I made sure I got these in the polarized version, too. However, some pictures of polarized Ray-Bans make it seem as though the lenses are more see-through from the outside than the non-polarized version. My number one must-have feature was a completely mirrored finish. After doing some research, I found that these are every bit as mirrored as you would expect. Maybe if enough sunlight shines on your face from a side-angle, your eyes might show through, but these are so reflective, it'll be tough to really see your eyes most of the time (so fellas, you're safe to scope out the chix; and ladies, you're safe to scope out the fellas, totally incognito).

Anyway, as a long-time Oakley wearer, I definitely hit a home-run with my first pair of authentic Ray-Bans. w00t!
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on June 11, 2016
While they appear to be Ray Ban, they are definitely not polarized. I check it with a few ways

1st I checked with my polarization tester I got faith a pair of sunglasses some time ago. It works with other glasses but not these. Will include photos later.

Second I viewed one my LCD calculator screens. The screen should have either gone completely blank or black. This pattern would alternate when rotated 90 degrees. Will add picks later.

Definitely not polarized. Will ask for $$$ back
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on October 3, 2014
Love these!! Very fun and trendy. Also if you've never had metal rimmed raybans (having only had plastic myself) I was pleasantly surprised how strong and how if you bend them, they go back to their factory shape (the part behind your ears reverts back, the nose pieces can be adjusted for comfort and fit).

Some things to note, these made me take away a star, but don't seriously bother me:

even though they say mirrored you can still barely see your eyes when people look at you. No covert people watching with these.

the green tint and polarized mixed cause there to be some reflection on the inside of the lenses. So.. say if you're driving and the sun is behind you, you get a green reflection coming back at you, somewhat bothersome, but not enough for me to regret the purchase, and isn't intense.

they get ridiculously dirty, like always, its crazy! the slightest touch of your finger adjusting them will leave very noticeable oil marks on the lenses. They come with a nice case and cleansing cloth but expect to be cleaning them EVERY TIME you put them on. It's annoying to look and constantly see you almost $200 sunglasses look like a sticky finger child has been holding them all day, when really you accidently swiped the lense when putting it in the case. I don't think this is a problem that can be avoided if your wanting to go with this green lense trend, so I just go with it, and keep some glasses cleaner in the case with them
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on November 29, 2016
I have bought 2 pairs of the same glasses and they are cheap knock offs. The last pair i bought and the lens brok after a simple fall. I took them to repair shop and they said I got ripped off. Not ray ban.
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on November 3, 2015
First of all, I want to mention the name of the seller who sold me this product. GAFFOS
I don't understand how this seller have this good rating!!!...

They sent me a superb quality fake product. First of all they took the price of the polarized version but sent me a regular version. Moreover that is a fake one. The product failed at least 4 counterfeit buster features.

I am using Ray-Ban for more than 9 years. As soon as I saw the Ray-ban logo on the glass I felt I bit uncomfortable but could not identify the problem with that. A closer look revealed the actual story.In the Ray-Ban logo the head of the letter ' R ' starts with thick edge and then becomes a bit thinner. But, the product I got, there the head of the letter ' R ' was equally thing through out its length. And the print is also slightly larger if I am not wrong.
Later I found the followings:
1) It did not have the square shaped sticker bar-code on the paper box.
2) In the nose shoe there is no 'R.B' rather there is 'R B' and the seller intentionally scratched the noes shoe so that it become unreadable.
3) In the left leg part of the white print is already gone.
4) Moreover, I am writing about a feature. May be this is not correct cause I could not find this feature over internet but discovered myself.
I have 4 pairs of Ray Ban's in all of them in one nose shoe in printed in inverted alignment with the other. But the product I got, that has both in same alignment. If anybody can check and verify my observation, please comment.
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