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on June 5, 2016
Guys be extra careful where you order your shades from i got these from Jones Deals for a great price and fulfilled by amazon so i thought since they have the "fulfilled by amazon" stamp they had to be legit right ? Wrong wrong wrong these are "ok" knockoffs and if you dont anything about ray bans you will get fooled. The very next day i got a new pair direct from amazon with no middle man in between and boy its like night and day.

First off the boxes are different sizes.

Aside from the different size the fakes just decided to use a different box altogether.

Notice the "®" inside the ray ban logo the fonts are different very subtle but they are different.

Looking in the logo circle again notice the word "sunglasses" the black case is the fake now look at the "gla" letters on one the letters are bunched up and off center on the other the letters are perfectly spaced and on line.

The clothe to clean the lens well you see for yourself which is real and which is fake just the detailing alone is a giveaway.

Cases are cut different fakes are cut in a straight line the real ones have a nice arch to them also the feel inside the case is softer on the real ones.

Even the booklets aren't right the color is duller missing info and my goodness even the address is wrong WOW.

Back of the book looks the same but the color is way off.

Look at the etching on the fake ones the "RB" isnt where its supposed to be as opposed to the authentic where its perfectly in line with the leg of the shades.

Some other notes the "mirror" effect on the fakes seem to be louder or exaggerated as to the authentic where its not as pronounced.
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on December 26, 2013
I ordered this pair of sunglasses for my husband as an xmas gift. I felt secure in the purchase because this was originally listed as 'sold by Amazon' as opposed to merely 'fulfilled by Amazon'.

Well, something changed I guess.

Unfortunately, I cannot speak in terms of the seller because I cannot say who ended up actually filling this order, but it wasn't Amazon.

I would also like, at the very least, to say that I received a fake pair of Ray Ban aviators, but that is far too generous. A fake implies that some effort was put in to make the product mirror that which I thought I was buying. Wouldn't that be nice? But nope. I received a random pair of 5-dollar aviator sunglasses with a Ray Ban sticker on them. No markings on the frames, no markings on the lenses, not even the slightest effort made to trick me. To that I feel somewhat insulted. I cannot imagine a world existing where a person would receive this product and think "awesome, just what I paid $150 dollars for!!" What a joke.

Because I made the specific effort to assure I was ordering directly from Amazon and still had my order fulfilled by some random seller, I would encourage any shopper looking at this sort of item to walk away, save your money, and spend a few more dollars for the privilege of not getting ripped off. As a long time Amazon shopper, I can say that my confidence in this company has been significantly shaken.

I love xmas - it gives me a chance to finally spoil the people who I love and who do so much for me throughout the year. Thanks for finally allowing me to bestow upon someone an awful pair of random sunglasses in a ripped up, fake Ray Ban box. A dream come true. Unbelievable.
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on March 19, 2014
I just received my gunmetal/crystal green polarized Ray-Bans from Amazon. I was never so afraid of a purchase in my life. I made a point to purchase a pair sold directly by Amazon versus a third-party seller. And I'm glad I did! There are numerous reviews claiming that their sunglasses are fake. Rest assured that if you buy the "sold by Amazon.com LLC" styles you have the real deal (be careful when you are selecting sizes/styles, as the seller changes for each that you click on...only certain ones are available directly from Amazon).

I was skeptical of the authenticity because of the huge price difference between local vendors and Amazon ($195 vs. $115, respectively). I've always trusted Amazon, but thought I'd dig deeper. I emailed Ray-Ban corporate, and here's the response I got:

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your email; we appreciate your interest in RayBan.

Please note that Amazon.com is an authorized online dealer of Rayban if the purchase is being made directly from Amazon. If the purchase is made by a 3rd party dealer on Amazon then we cannot guarantee if the product will be authentic. In your case you stated it was a direct purchase so you can be assured that the product you received is 100% authentic.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us. Again we thank you for your business and loyalty to RayBan.

Customer Care Specialist | Ray-Ban.com

I hope this information helps with your decision! It did with mine! I received the sunglasses today and couldn't be happier!

Thank you Amazon for a great product at a great price!
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on December 30, 2015
Funny thing about RayBan.. they don't etch the logo on the front of the lens. The glasses I received are replicas. The shape is off, the size is off, the color is off, this glass has a mirror finish that is not the finish on the authentic glass, the case and cleaning cloth are off, and the logo is etched on the front of the left lens. Not only did I compare these glasses to two authentic pairs of RayBans that I previously purchased from Nordstrom, I also took them to Sunglass Hut, whose employee confirmed that the glasses I purchases were not authentic.
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on May 1, 2014
I'm extremely disappointed that it took me 6 months to realize the pair of aviators I bought were fake. Honestly, the only reason I even realized this is because I recently bought an exact pair again (my original pair got stolen....funny now knowing whoever stole them, stole fake ones!) through Amazon and noticed they were a bit different from the ones I initially got. Out of curiosity I decided to check online to see if there were different types of the gold frame/crystal blue gradient lens, but instead I stumbled upon some of the reviews on here (which I probably should have read before purchasing my original pair) stating some were fake. After doing some online research and reviewing the original case, info pamphlet, and lens wiper given to me, I realized the ones I originally purchased were in fact replicas!

For those of you buying these aviators, MAKE SURE the pair you are buying are being sold from Amazon, as these are authentic. However, if you see anything being "sold by Lunettes4me fulfilled by Amazon," do yourself a favor and do not buy them. You will be wasting your money.
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on August 31, 2014
This review is for the Matte gold with Green mirror lenses.
I absolutely love Rayban sunglasses. That being said, I own 2 other pairs of Rayban Aviators 58mm that I bought from Sunglass Hut. One is a regular gradient lense while the other is the Blue flash lense. I ordered the Green flash lense from Amazon due to the cost in an attempt to save money since I am obssessed with high end sunglasses. When I received the product I was pleasantly surprised at first glance. They were packaged well in a Rayban box with label attached and were exactly as pictured and true to size. However, once I compared them to the original packaging from Sunglass Hut and compared the glasses side to side, I began to doubt its authenticity. First I will describe how my glasses in original packaging came from Sunglass Hut. The glasses I purchased had never been opened so the box was exactly as it was sent from the manufacturer. The Rayban box has no outward markings aside from the product label and the Rayban logo on front. The glasses were wrapped in a plain, clear plastic to protect the arms from scratching the lense. Glasses themselves have all the etchings and labels along with description on the inside arms. The authentic Raybans have a very clean look to the Matte Gold and are very smooth to touch.
The product I received from the Amazon seller- I ordered from a third party, however it was fulfilled by Amazon and had Prime shipping affixed. The box was the gray Rayban box with legit logo attached, however it had a recycling symbol on it that I have never seen on any other Rayban box. The label also typically has several different numbers including a serial number for the product warranty and this label simply had a generic bar code along with "Large Avaitor Sunglasses" on it. The glasses themselves were sealed in a plastic baggy and inside were wrapped with clear plastic to prevent the lenses from being scratched. The glasses from Amazon have all the etchings as they should, however the Raybans logo is very light when compared to the original and does not even show up in photographs and the RB etching is completely different in appearance from the originals. The frame also has all the correct markings on the arms and nosepads, but the frame feels extremely gritty and unpleasant to touch, is very stiff and difficult to open, and is very dull compared to the others. The pamplet from the ordered glasses that come standard with all Raybans was also very faded and looked like it was copied from a copier rather than original.
The carrying case and cleaning cloth is the only thing that appears legitimate. They are 100% the same as all other cases/cloths I have ever owned.
That being said, the sunglasses I ordered are actually nice glasses when you can get past opening them and the gritty touch. The color of the lenses are identical to the ones from Raybans. I honestly debated on keeping the glasses just because overall by looking at them they do look nice. BUT they just do not feel like authentic Raybans and I doubt they will last as long. I am returning them.
I am sure that with all the different sellers, selling these glasses on Amazon that some are legit. This review is simply from the seller I ordered from for these glasses.
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on April 7, 2016
These appear to be fake. They are missing the engraved "RB" on the lenses. Also the arms are completely different from my other RB3025s these were purchased from Summer Group
review image
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on April 19, 2017
I don't normally do reviews but, in this case I have to do it... First I'm a RayBan Fan but that doesn't make me a RayBan expert.... so I Compared my new Ray Ban to some of my personal RayBan Collection Bought in Store (Price around 175-215)..... I had my doubt because of the low price and some reviews... Comparing with others it have some "Micro" details that are blind to the naked eye....(Nose PAD have a different writing of RB, Code, etc...) But that doesn't make then Fake... Because My DAD has some Old Ray ban with different writing and different codes Etc... Why Give them 5 Stars? Because the Weight. Original or Fake it have the same weight, same comfort, Same Size (62mm), maybe some minor details that doesn't make them FAKE.... if they are Fake, they are the best Replica I have ever seen.... and I'm happy because I save close to $100...
If you feel disappointed with them... Well go to the store and buy them at ORIGINAL PRICE.... see the pictures...
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 6, 2016
Purchased from the seller: BlueMoonDeals

The Rayban 55mm polarized sunglasses with green lenses and gold frame which I ordered didn't have the white writing on the left inside temple. Real ones should have this.

Also, in bright sunlight there were gray dots in the lens.

In comparison to a recent "identical" pair which I bought from a RayBan store, these are flimsier and lighter in weight, and the lenses are more dull.
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on April 18, 2014
Do not buy amazon third party products! I bought a piece of sunglasses is fake! ! ! ! I received the sunglasses lenses are blue and purple! rayban 3025 did not even out over the blue-purple sunglasses! I checked on the Internet! Fakes are sold blue-purple! Very depressed!
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