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on September 12, 2013
I live in prime CA quake country. Went through the '89 Loma Prieta quake and power outage. At the time I relied on a Maglite 3D cell flashlight, which served me very well. Still have that light but technology improved and I've improved my quake kit in several ways. With regards to flashlights, several years ago I added the Rayovac SE3AAAMN-BA 1-Watt Sportsman LED Mini Flashlight with 3AAA Batteries to my kit. It is superior to my Maglite in that it has two light/power settings, the higher one nearly matched the reach of the Maglite. The SE3 is MUCH smaller, fits in a shirt or pant pocket, even can be held in my mouth if necessary, and has a much brighter/whiter light.
I recently added the Rayovac DIY3AAA-B Indestructible 3 AAA Flashlight to my kit.
The reason I did so was because it also has two light/power settings. The high beam is much brighter (lower burn time) the low beam is less bright than the SE3 (longer burn time). Both are important and have their advantages in an emergency situation. For me burn time is an important consideration. I might also add that this light's size may be carried in a pant pocket, not so in a shirt pocket.
Comparison of flashlights:


SE3AAAMN-BA 1-Watt Sportsman 80 High beam 6 Hours
LED Mini Flashlight 30 Low beam 22 Hours

Rayovac DIY3AAA-B 120 High beam 5 Hours
Indestructible 3 AAA 19 Low beam 40 Hours

Maglite 3 D Cell Standard 78 Single beam Indeterminate,
but much longer
than led lights

Must add, I read another reviewers evaluation of battery size vs. performance concerning choice. He may be/is absolutely correct. I just have to add that having been through two extreme emergency experiences, the first batteries that sell out are the D cells, the last ones to sell out are the AAA cells.
Hope this helps.
Many would still consider the Maglite a standard to go by, I still keep mine on hand. Also I haven't investigated the new Maglite LED's due to their cost.
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on November 5, 2016
This little palm sized beauty exceeded my expectations by far. It packs a powerful stream of light for it's size and price. It's beam unlike others fills your immediate space with plenty of light but can also light up a target from a distance.
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on May 25, 2016
It is a well constructed flashlight with two brightness levels, both of which are usable. I wish it used AA batteries but nonetheless the battery life is very good with 3 AAA batteries. This is the third model of Rayovac LED flashlights that I have purchased for my vehicles and house and they are all as well made and perform as well as those from other companies costing two to three times as much.
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on November 4, 2016
Rayovac Virtually Indestructible 250 Lumen 3AAA LED Flashlight with Batteries (DIY3AAA-B)

Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible 250 Lumen 3AAA LED Flashlight with Batteries (DIY3AAA-B)

$17.00 on Amazon

The Rayovac 3AAA Indestructible 250 Lumen flashlight seems like a perfect, everyday around the house flash for every type of user. I was attracted to their claim of indestructibility and a Cree lighting element, And while I would have preferred the Rayovac 3AA Indestructible for this chore, because I prefer the AA battery over the AAA battery, they were out of stock of the 3AA. The reason for my preference for the AA is that the AAA battery delivers approx. 1/3 of the energy of an AA battery. That means when you are using a AAA battery, instead of a AA battery, you are paying 50% more for your batteries while only receiving half of the juice. That said, this flashlight looked interesting and might be a keeper, even if it is a Rayovac product, which have constantly failed me in the past. If a flashlight catches my eye and the price point is good, that flashlight usually has me hooked. OK. Lets try the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible 250 Lumen 3AAA LED Flashlight. I was willing to give the Rayovac a try, hoping that if could meet my basic criteria of a flashlight to be hardworking, durable, boasting long lasting LED and no internal voltage leaks.

At first sight, the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible 250 Lumen 3AAA LED Flashlight
seems like a good flashlight for anyone who wants a solid, reliable flashlight.
This could be a standard bearer for everyone in America to have in their emergency drawer for when the power goes our or in their car. A bright 250 Lumens for when you want to chase away the darkness and a lower power 20 lumen output as an energy saver. I would suppose most people will be more comfortable with the 250 Lumen mode as it is strong and fresh with the Cree LED kicking out a nice bright beam.This flashlight seems solidly built from an aluminum frame and a hard, seemingly durable rubber casing around the flashlight head and button tail. The button seems sturdy and has three modes, 250 lumen, 20 lumen and off. Of note here is that I like to leave batteries in flashlight and turn the end cap a half turn to disengage the battery, insuring that there is no battery drain and the flash is ready to go when I need it. You can NOT do that with this flashlight. Bummer. Also of Note is that this unit, like most industrial products, is made in China. Which could be good or not, depending on how much Rayovac cut corners on internal electronic design. I really like a flashlight of this size to have a pocket clip or eyelet for a wrist teether and the Rayovac has neither. The warranty is another selling point as they claim a lifetime guarantee. Try to find it on - it will take awhile, they hid it under the contact header. If the guarantee is so fantastic, put it on you main page and blast that fact to the world. You will sell more! Worked on me!

Having had this flashlight for one day, I will have to put it through a few weeks of night time walks with my lab/ridgeback mix and see how it performs. Out of the box the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible 250 Lumen 3AAA LED Flashlight seems to be a decent, solid flashlight, with a great price point that everyone who is looking for a good, personal flashlight would be happy owning. Perhaps Rayovac is turning the corner and designing a quality product that isn’t just garbage like many of their past product lines. Time will tell.


Price @ Amazon $17.00 delivered Would Prefer 3AA
250 Lumens @ 3 hours Packaging hard to open
20 Lumens @ 39 hours No Clip or Eyelet for teether
Hard rubber ends Made in China
Aluminum body Rayovac batteries
Stands on end Guarantee hid on website
Seems to take rough handling well
Water resistant ANSI FL 1
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on November 30, 2014
I have become quite fond of this light. It's a gem for ~$10.

I mostly use this for installing bus advertisement cards in the middle of the night - walking into pitch black buses lit with only the ambient outside parking lot lights.

I also use this light when working on my car at home, or any other times a flash light is needed. I use this light with rechargeable batteries.

I think this unit is far superior to cheaper ones like the Mitaki design.
-The batteries plug firmly, and directly into the unit, and not some weak spring loaded barrel.
-The LEDs are much higher quality – the light is whiter and far brighter. (even with rechargeable batteries, the light is still very bright)
-The unit feels solid. The plastic is dense and compact. It has hard rubber trim around the circle of LEDs. The button has the same hard rubber, and has definitive click to it.
-The back cover is a little tough to remove, but that might be a good thing.
-It rotates firmly by ratchet like grooves, and stays in place quite well.
-Two modes: first click is full bright, second click is half brightness.

If you are considering those cheaper lights, I would spend the extra couple bucks and get this one instead. It is worth it for the quality of LEDs, and fit and feel of the item. I would not hesitate buying this light again if I needed to.
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on February 20, 2016
I bought my first virtually indestructible 6 1/2 years ago in Stanley, ND on the way out to being posted on a frac'ng wellsite. A buddy lost that flashlight 5 months later. I bought another at that same truckstop on a cold north Dakota wintery nite. It's been I life saver and I still have that second flashlight I bought 6 yrs ago and it still works like when I bought it including the 2 light setting. Only thing is the lens is not as clear from wear and tear, but it's still the same bulb and all. In case of you unbelievers, when I worked the Bakken Oilfields you carried a headlamp and a backup flashlight and you worked those flashlights through all kinds of weather and working conditions for days while onsite. I no longer work in ND but this flashlight is still in my possession that I carry with me where ever I go.
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on June 5, 2016
This is a great little flashlight for the price. It's very bright and very sturdy. I'm not so sure how long I'll last if you're using it on high, the batteries will probably burn out pretty quick. Just bring an extra set on hand. This is a good night and a good backup for sure. It's no Streamlight but it's a nice one. I have 2 of these flashlights in the double A battery style and I like those as well. You should know this is pretty fat because it does take three double a batteries
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on July 4, 2017
Yes it has a durable body but the battery housing is so brittle. This was only placed in an emergency kit and after few months I checked on the battery and it leaked destroying the battery housing. Now it is useless. Sent email to Rayovac asking for warranty details and until now I have yet to receive a reply from them. Will not buy again. Total waste of money.
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on January 12, 2017
Got this at home depot once and the battery life on this is better then anything else out there. Get it
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on February 20, 2017
There are several similar but different sized and different battery power units from RayOVac, and all from this "Indestructible" series all work well. Some newer products have even brighter lights but are much more expensive and sometimes a blinding light is not desirable. Very reliable, very tuff, good illumination. We have several of this series, some like this one and some larger / brighter, and they are our workhorse flashlights for home and cars. Pay more for "tactical" flashlights and such if you need that, but for 99% of people, these are super and priced well.
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