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on November 16, 2013
This is a very impressive machine. "Worked" great up until this morning (6 month mark) when I needed it. All I can hear now is my son's comment about staying with Apple...

Power unit died- now trying to see what kind of support I'll get from Razer...

System support replied back within a few days. Since I bought it through Amazon Warehouse it isnt covered by any warranty. So now I'm trying to get information on sending it back to be repaired. The quote so far is $100 to assess the issue. 5 days now and 4 emails form the Support folks... I'm beginning to believe that it will be a long and an expensive process to get it working again.

Will update once more happens..maybe 2014...

12/18/13- I stand corrected. Got the email 2 days ago from the Razer Customer Service folks that my laptop was being shipped back. I called and there was no charge and it arrived here looking and acting great. These guys did an awesome job and I'm glad I bought this. Definitely better than what my son recommended.... Will be looking forward to their next 17" to come out.

Thanks Razer!
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on March 12, 2013
This laptop was not designed to compete with laptops like the Asus G75 or MSI laptops however the true design of this laptop was to make gaming portable. This laptop executed this phenomenally, i own it and i use it for schoolwork and in between classes i game with it. If you are looking for a truly portable gaming rig that you can take to a friends house or to a cafe this is the perfect computer for you. If you want a top of the line gaming computer buy a desktop...
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on November 22, 2013
Easily one of the best laptops on the market today, for gaming or otherwise. The switchblade interface is a cool, unique setup that makes it quick and easy to access a variety of functions. the hardware inside makes it an incredibly powerful laptop, all packaged in a sleek design. All in all, i won't need another laptop for years to come. Thank you Razer.
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on April 17, 2013
great laptop for gaming...this computer is fast and reliable... comes with great features like NVidia sound and razor cult membership...does not have a disk driver with it but you can download most games today.....condition:like new as promised, no bugs.....
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on January 30, 2013
I would give it 5 stars, but after swapping 3 from amazon, I have to question the build quality. The laptop is very fun and very sleek. I would definitely get a warranty on it.
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on February 18, 2013
Well worth the price thnx fast ship may have last years tech but still blazing fast.Love the 1080 screen and size beats the 10 lb weight of other monsters
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on February 9, 2013
From my son:
::unintelligible whooping:: Boots up lightning fast (<5sec), more power than other gaming laptops at its price-point (in its class), perfect tool for crafting an indie game (its intended purpose in my case), and Windows 7 is a match for this machine's specs (next gen has newer graphics card, but its processor is downgraded due to Windows 8 inability to handle the i7 family of processors). Price difference from Razer itself and should be enough to sway anyone on the fence.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 1, 2013
I've had this computer for a few months, and at first it seemed like all would be ok. I do 3d modeling as well as gaming, so it seemed like a good fit for my needs. Not having an optical drive is ok once you get used to it. I have, however, had tons of issues with the keyboard and mouse pad not working. On several occasions it crashes on startup. Drivers are limited so no fix available there. Additionally, I have noticed that it tends to have rendering issues with the 3d programs i use. I have found workarounds for this within the program itself, but it is a headache nonetheless. I now regret the purchase and wish I had bought the ASUS I was looking at instead....
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on December 31, 2012
I bought this laptop for gaming and portability and fell in love with it. However after 28 days, it died. I was given no explanation from the Tech team at Razer, as they are almost incoherent. After they had "fixed it" It worked for a day and a half and it completely died. The Motherboard I assume is fried. Razer does not use the best equipment for their "high end" laptops. I am incredibly disappointed in this company. Be weary that you may lose all of your information at any moment so keep a spare harddrive if your willing to shell out 1500 for this thing.

When it works, its awesome.
When it's dead, well, it's dead.

Sorry Razer, not happy at all. And your customer service is so slow and unresponsive I don't feel that I will ever do business with you guys again.
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on July 22, 2012
Been having my eyes on Razer Blade as I'm a fan of Razer mice (have abyssus, spectre) and watched Min's presentation as well. Was glad to see it on Amazon as I'm a Prime member and offers convenient return given it's different from what I needed. $2799 + tax is very hefty price albeit it comes with SSD, switchblade UI, and portability (like almost close to iPhone thick), and great design. I knew it focused on portabiity, and not on GPU power, so it was ok.

1. Design
-Amazing. simple as MacBook, and only keyboard, Switchblade UI, and power button. Full aluminum chassis makes it extremely sturdy. Sort of heavier than expected (just me. I was expecting Macbook air lightness as I heard so much about portability about this), but considering power brick (very small and light) and the thinness, it's just amazing how they managed to pack all into one.

2. Switchblade UI
-one of selling points. very interesting concept and was convenient to use. Tried using macros and it was indeed interesting to use and convenient. Didn't get a chance to utilize it yet though. The screen is very clear, which I'm impressed at although it does present little lag when playing youtube videos (like watching videos on old cellphones stiffness in 2005, but of course the quality of the screen is great).

3. Performance
-GT555M. 2nd gen processor. One unfortunate fact is ivy bridge started to come out just a month or two after its release, and all the present gaming laptops come with 3rd gen cpu. I tried D3 on all default High settings at 1920x1080 and I was getting 15-20fps and it became 60fps playable at 1366x768 resolution, which wouldn't look as beautiful as full resolution, but playable. SC2 ran 60fps on high, which was pleasant as it's my favorite game. In terms of everyday usage, it booted very fast 15-20sec (power of SSD) and was no lag.

4. Overheat
-Had it on my table, wide open space. After an hour of SC2, I felt overheat on top right of the Blade, and it was uncomfortably hot. It was even hotter than Samsung Chronos 17inch. to double check, it had NVIDIA GPU running, not embedded.

Don't get me wrong. I love Razer, and proud owner of two mice and would always spend money on upcoming Razer products, especially if 2nd gen will come out. As much as I love Razer, it definitely is an interesting machine, but personal user opinion didn't differ much from public IT reviews out there. Great technology, portability, but with minor improvements that could be done and medium performance level. Not sure how many would be willing to spend $3K to spend this much for portability, for most of gamers would actually be willing to carry heavy machines if that could save extra $1k with more outperforming specs. I like Razer and Min's boldness. I am very much looking forward to the possible 2nd gen Blade if there would be one with improvements on specs and lowered price (or keep the premium price going, but definitely come up with improvements), and I would definitely save up my money to buy it again.
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