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on May 30, 2015
The 2014 14" Razer blade with QHD screen has a lot going for it. It combines a beautiful QHD screen with a high end quad-core i7 chip, a good SSD, and a powerful NVidia dedicated GPU (870). On paper it has more power than I need as a casual gamer, and if it hadn't been for the dramatic discount on the product ($1499 at purchase - assumed to be a result of clearing out last year's stock as 2015 models are on sale) I wouldn't have touched it. Having come from a mid-range desktop I built 6 years ago I assumed everything inside this laptop would blow away my prior system, but I was a bit disappointed in my findings.

First and foremost, I don't see any reason to use a QHD screen on 14" form factor. Razer has done an admirable job in pre-configuring the system settings so that while on the default resolution (3200x1800) the icon sizes and web page zooming allows you to actually see what's on screen. However, as you would expect, having to adjust these settings creates some graininess. Downgrading the screen resolution to 1080P helps improve this significantly, but at a loss of some amount of visual fidelity (I've always found not running computers and laptops at their standard isn't ideal for general use, but if fine for gaming due to the 3D scaling). Having a touchscreen on a gaming laptop made even less sense to me in practice as using it even a few times immediately created smudges and fingerprints that I spent time wiping off and decided not to use again.

The build quality is solid, and the laptop actually feels heavier than the 4.4lbs it is listed as (possibly in part to the added weight of a touch screen). Maybe this is a result of spending too much time using an iPad Air 2 and an old Asus Zenbook laptop. By no means does the construction feel flimsy - this is a well made and attractive laptop. The keyboard is very functional, although I found I did not care for the green backlighting of the keys while in use (they look nice in pictures, but I found myself wanting the option to change to a light blue or white instead). The touchpad itself is great, but I find the buttons to feel a bit cheap and the sound of clicks both hollow in sound and unsatisfying in feedback time. Perhaps this was only my model, and this isn't a deal breaker anyhow as most gaming would be done with an external mouse anyhow.

Performance... my highest area of expectation. The night the laptop arrives I loaded it up and decided to download 'Neverwinter' to run through some casual gameplay. As this game is not an overly demanding title (yet my old PC struggled with it on higher graphics settings), I expected the Blade to tear through it - and it did. After spending some time tweaking a few settings (and ensuing the GPU was rendering instead of the Intel chip - Optimus still isn't as smart as it should be - I was flying through a few quests. I'll emphasis the term "a few", as within 45 minutes of playing (plugged into a charger btw, more on that in a minute) the laptop shut down completely. It had clearly become extremely warm (which I had not noticed, using an external mouse and keyboard at that time, and when it started a few minutes later I confirmed a kernel shut down which I understood to be a result of the laptop approaching critical temperatures. I would have expected this had I been playing the Witcher 3 for four hours or comparable, but not on a less demanding title for under an hour.

I did reach out to Razer CS who was very professional and quick to respond to my ticket with a few points of feedback, but nothing that could help me indicate whether or not my machine was defective or this was expected behavior. I had known that going with a high-end set of components there would be thermal challenges, but did not expect them so severe or so quickly.

I've spent a little more time using the machine the last two days and will run through some additional benchmarks before making a final decision whether or not to return the laptop (and potentially try the Gigabyte P34W v3, which while I assume will have similar thermal challenges brings some more efficient hardware, a lower (and more reasonable) non-touch 1080P resolution, and weighs almost a pound less. I'm going to run a few tests undervolting the Razer to see if it helps with the thermal issues, and would likely do the same for the Gigabyte to compare.

In summary:

- Striking appearance and styling
- Gorgeous screen
- Powerful hardware
- Solid build quality

- QHD not right for all laptop users (and even the powerful hardware can't always keep up with the resolution in games)
- Touchscreen unnecessary for a gaming laptop
- Thermal issues a very concerning both for ongoing use and long-term hardware integrity

[EDIT] Battery life is a huge issue, as even if just doing routine web surfing this will only last 2-3 hours from my experience so far. Then again, if you're buying a Razer product, you're likely not intending to just web surf all the time :). This does take away from having the laptop also function in a utility/productivity role due to the lack of mobility option, and was factored into my original 3 star review score.

I'll update my review over the next few weeks when I make a final decision.
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on July 28, 2014
I bought this laptop looking for something that I could take everywhere and have uncompromising desktop class performance.
The New Razer Blade 14 was the solution to that!
The packaging was very nice. It was packaged so that it would not get damaged in shipping and it made it here fine.

Initial thoughts.
From the second I put my hand on it to take it out of the (very beautiful) box it came in, I saw that finger prints were going to be an issue. Seriously, I couldn't even enjoy it for 2 seconds without it being all mucked up with fingerprints, they don't even clean off easily. Keyboard is very macbook like but with a slightly longer throw and "clickyness" that is tactile and audible. Spacing between the keys and the size of them are the same as a macbook pro. Construction is very solid, however, I thought it would feel just like a macbook, but it does not. I can't put my finger on what it is, but it just has a different feel than any macbook I have had. Apple has had more time to perfect the feel and quality of their laptops and it does show through that Razer is new to the game.

(harsh comparison between the macbook because this laptop is very similar build wise and are almost in the same price bracket)

Games, audio production, 3D modeling! EVERYTHING!
This laptop is a beast! Everything you open happens at light speed. Even sizable programs like 3DS Max, Visual Studio and Photoshop.
May games I have played are even playable at the crazy 3200x1800 resolution! Borderlands 2, Dirt 3 and Showdown, Unreal Tournament 3, Hawken. All playable rates 35+fps at max graphics (minus AA or turned down to x4 or x2) BF4 and Crysis 3 need to be turned down to 1080p if you want max settings or you can do medium settings at 3200x1800. The games can take some tweaking to look good, but when they do, they sure do! Other games like Eve online, you have to set the desktop resolution to 1080p otherwise your looking at tiny tiny tiny little words and boxes.

Using the thing.
Touchpad is wonderful to use. Smooth and responsive, it is one of the nicer touchpads I have used on a laptop in a while other than a macbook. L and R mouse buttons make a interesting sound, it is audible, but the tactile feel is nice.
Touch screen is what you would expect. Works well, resists smudges for the most part. I wont be using it much myself other than browsing the web on the couch, but that's what the iPad is for anyways.

Finicky things.
The Dolby sound sometimes cuts the volume in half at random times even with volume normalizer off. Not quite sure how to fix that.
Resolution settings are necessary adjustments on a regular basis. I have to change it up all the time for certain games to work. properly.
hot Hot HOT! This thing gets super toasty after a hour of maxing out the hardware at 100%. This is something I knew was going to be an issue and purchased it with that in mind. You should as well.

Final Thoughts.
Its a pricey laptop for sure. But if you need EXTREME! performance in a small package, this is the laptop for you.

UPDATE - 5/18/15
The screen appears to have an amorphous white blotch of brightness that shows through with white images.
Second issue. It will discharge when plugged in when running at 100%. My example was rendering a video for about 4-5 hours.
I had it charged up to 100% and when I got back and it was almost done rendering a video it had discharged to about 50% I emailed Razer today and got a reply within 10min. They said I will have to send it in for repair. Awaiting further instruction.
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on June 28, 2014
OK I'm probably going to get some stick for this review but I'm going call it the way I see it anyway. I've given the lowest rating because I don't feel people should buy it. As I explain below, the heat issues are too much.
Currently I have a 2014 MBP 13", a MS Surface Pro 2, MSI GT70 Dragon Ed 2, MSI GS70 Stealth Pro and a custom built PC at home with i7 extreme 4960x and ATI R9 295X2 GPU. I also have a Nvdia Titan Black and 780tiX2 in SLi which i swap on occasions. I use my PC's predominately for gaming. Previously I also owned Alienware, Orgin and Falcon NW laptops. This is my first Razer laptop. I did own one of their keyboards, a NAGA mouse and the Megadolon headphone before. Since I'm a hardcore gamer, I was excited to hear that Razer had updated their 2013 blade. However the 2014 is still fraught with problems, Rather than the press reviews who review products after few hours of use I am writing this review from one month of usage. I have taken this laptop on trips and used at home connected to external monitor.
My first impressions of this machine was that it was like a black Macbook Pro. It's gorgeous. Obviously the designers took a cue from Apple's playbook. Its heavier than the MBP 13", and feels like a MBP 15", however with the newest GPU's.
The upgraded 3200x1800 screen is gorgeous at first sight but its impractical for gaming since the GPU can't keep up. I know people were complaining about the 2013 model's screen but this one seems overkill. For day to day tasks the fonts are too small, I know you can scale up but its not the same. This kind of resolution just doesn't sit well on a 14" screen. For gaming you can play at lower resolutions and for the most part at this is good. For games like BF4, Titanfall I was getting 40fps on max settings on 1920x1080 but at the full resolution the fps dropped to 10-12dps. For Diablo 3 the best resolution was also 1920x1080 where I would get around 40fps maxed. However the laptop got VERY HOT on the right palmrest and on the bottom. It was so hot, that after awhile you're hand would get burnt unless you wear gloves. I haven't done an exact temp measurement but judging from some forums this could be as high as 100c. This for me a dealbreaker. I don't want to taking breaks from my gaming sessions to let the laptop cool down. I thought I had a faulty laptop but after scouring the forums, I don't think so. Also the palmrests are fingerprint/grease magnets. For such a great looking machine, seeing palm and grease on the laptop isn't that great. Also if you put it on your lap the underside will also get extremely hot. The major gripe with this machine is that it runs so hot, you can only really use it for surfing and email. Also the wireless adapter is slow for some reason, my surface pro 2 load pages faster. The battery lasted 1hr 23mins whilst playing Diablo 3 on full brightness with 3/4 volume, so you will probably need to have it hooked up to a power outlet most of the time.
The blade is lightweight for this sort of gaming machine and it does look beautiful but the heat management is the biggest problem. If all you are doing is surfing and email its great but if you are really into the gaming, then the heat issues are too much. Razer's slogan "FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS", but if you are really gaming like me then you will have to look for something else.

I have returned the unit and now looking forward to receive the new Asus GX500, same weight but with 15.6" 4k screen. I see the invisible hand of Razer fanboys (with recently opened amazon accounts) have not found my review helpful. No surprise!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 7, 2014
I managed to get my hands on this beauty of a notebook when a friend of mine went on a trip to the US since Razer refuses to sell these machined in Europe. Right off the box, Blade looks awesome and feels awesome too. It runs games smoothly, although overheating prevents them from running at NVIDIA recommended settings. I am ok with this as it is a small price to pay for such a beautiful machine.

However, a couple of weeks following my purchase, the keyboard problems started. First the ESC key broke down. I thought it was a software issue and tried every little remedy I could find on the internet but to no use. When I restored to factory setting and I could not even get ESC to work on BIOS I knew it was a hardware issue. I remapped the key to F1 (I mean who uses Microsoft help?) through Razer Synapse and decided to live with the problem as Amazon refuses to ship replacements to Europe if bought from the US store.

That was not the end of it. Yesterday my left shift key broke down as well. Now I am left wondering what will happen next. Having paid a lot for what looked like a dream machine, I am left with mixed bitter sweet emotions, as a razer fan boy who watches hit prized toy get torn apart piece by piece, or should I say key by key.

I did contact Razer Support and got an answer that my message was forwarded to the right department and I am to wait for an answer, which has not come after 2 weeks time.

All in all, a beauty of a machine to look at, with overheating issues, a faulty keyboard and no support. This is coming from a Razer fan.
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on August 18, 2014
Update: It worked wonderfully for 1 year and then started to shut down unexpectedly on occasion. Finally gave out after 1 year. The company changed $100 for an estimate which was $1500 to repair it (motherboard replacement and they wanted to replace the case and screen for scratches that I have never seen). It took 1 month to get an estimate and very hard to reach anyone so disappointing customer service. I've never had a laptop give out this quickly, and surprising since most of my work was not very taxing.

Here's my original review
This was a laptop I used primarily for work, but I do some gaming on the weekends. There are a few limitations to it, but I think the pluses far outweigh the minuses (see Pro's and Con's below). It is an excellent, solidly built laptop that is very light and thin making very easy to carry around. It fits nicely in a MacBook Pro case. Over several months I've had 0 problems with it. No problems with heat as one reviewer mentioned. It actually stays cooler than any gaming laptop I've owned (they all get a bit warm after prolonged gaming).

-- Very light
-- Fantastic display
-- Good graphics card which handles all current games (although some more graphic intensive games I have it on medium quality settings)
-- Fast solid state hard drive and processor.
-- Nice lighted keyboard without flex when you type
-- Excellent build quality and strong chassis that feels durable.
-- Large touchpad that functions well.
-- Nice speakers for a laptop this size.

-- Limited battery life. 4 hours is average for me. Can stretch it up to about 5:30 with the brightness turned way down and just doing word processing. About 2 hours with intensive gaming.
-- No SD card slot (on my old Sony VAIO I used the SD card and memory stick slots for extra storage)
-- Only 3 USB ports.
-- No finger print reader.
-- Only display output is an HDMI port.
-- No CD-rom or DVD drive.
-- The default resolution can be a bit too high for a screen this size. Specifically some applications that don't let you resize the text and it is quite small at the default resolution. I usually keep my display set at 1920x1080.
-- Poor WIFI reception compared with other devices. When I get a moderate distance from a router (e.g. move 3 rooms over or go upstairs) the signal is down to 1 or 2 bars on this laptop where my other laptops and phone are over half full. I wound up going back to my old laptop at one place I work because of this.

Updated: 1/26/2015
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on March 12, 2016
I purchased this laptop 2 years ago. If I had written this review in the first month of ownership, it would have been 5 stars. Sadly, its rating has only fallen over time.

Firstly I have to say the concept behind this laptop is amazing. It is powerful enough for gaming, light enough to be carried around for daily use and the design is beautiful. It is really a shame that something so well designed could be so poorly built. This laptop is just *not reliable*.

In these two years of ownership, I've had more issues with this laptop than I can count:
- Charger broke down twice
- Motherboard broke down and had to be replaced
- Track pad left button no longer works
- Screen randomly goes dark - PC restart is needed to make it come back, sometimes multiple times
- Laptop randomly shuts down (I'm computer-savvy and still can't identify the issue - it is not overheating)
- One of the USB ports no longer works
- The battery has issues - windows doesn't even recognize it anymore (it shows "unknown remaining") and it lasts less than 10 minutes

And these are just the ones on top of my head, I'm certainly forgetting something.

The computer is still somewhat usable if I save my work often, but when I spend $2.5k on a laptop, I'm expecting a lot more than just "barely usable" after only 2 years.
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on July 1, 2015
I want to like this computer, but I think I received a bad one. I used Amazon Warehouse deals and the computer was advertised as being complete and is very good condition.

On first startup it went into the setup. I thought this was weird but who knows with these new EUFI devices. I noticed the date and time was wrong and set it. That was the first sign. I soon figured out why it went to setup and not to Windows.

No mention in the description was it stated of the fact that when I received the computer there was no operating system. Well I downloaded the install files and used a USB stick to install Windows 8.1 with the code on the bottom of the computer. At first Windows kept telling me that it could not install on the harddrive, making me think it was a bad drive. Turns out is was in the wrong format and needed to be converted to gtp. So I converted it to gtp. Then I noticed once finally getting the OS installed that the battery could not be detected. The little battery icon had a red x.

I contacted Razer and they promptly replied saying to go into the device manage, delete the acpi device under the battery section and then turn off the computer. Next they had me let the computer charge for four hours. Lastly they stated that I needed to start the computer on battery power and boot into Windows. I did this only to find it was still not detected. Razer replied saying that it must be in need of repair. I didn't want to even try to see how that would go over being an Amazon Warehouse Deal.

I decided I'd try out the computer anyway. It boots really fast. I thought my old computer was a fast booter, but this thing takes 5 seconds. The touch screen is very responsive and smooth. The finish on the computer looks very nice, minus the fingerprint magnet that seem to plague most laptops. I found it weird when I gently ran my hand across the finish and felt a strange vibrating sensation. It is really weird and must be the texture.

The keyboard was great, I love how you have so many brightness levels. Same with the sound quality. I played Wolfenstein New Order and felt like the sound was coming from behind me. It was a cool experience. The first time I played, the computer shut off on me from heat. I had the computer on a Logitech Lap Desk, so I was surprised it shut off on me. I did not shut off again during the next three days of playing Wolf.

I tried playing StarCraft II only to find I had to reduce the display setting from "Larger" to "Smaller" on the scaling. This made everything tiny and hard to read, but StarCraft looked perfect and ran on all high settings. All the years I've played SC2 and I didn't ever get too enjoy all the fancy animations and things ! I guess I've been missing out. The scaling is not pleasant though, having to change settings each time to play a game.

I ran hardware monitor to find that the computer peaked at about 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This is really high I think. I touched the power button and it was hot. I can describe it as not hot enough to burn you instantly like an oven will, but if you keep your hand there long enough it could burn you. It really did get very hot. I think that with the heat being basically right where the battery is located, that was the likely cause of the dead battery.

I wish it had an SD card reader.

I really liked how the power adapter plugs into the computer. It is very tight and firm. My old laptop plug wiggled and didn't seem to be very strong, in-fact it had to be replaced once from breaking the little middle metal stud; Sony fixed that with an in home repair tech. This Blade has a much better plug.

I think that I will try again once I get my refund from Amazon. Hopefully the next one is not a problem.
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on January 5, 2015
I'm really impressed with gaming on this laptop. I'm only running 1080p on an external monitor but at that resolution, in every game I've tested I'm getting 60+ fps with the quality absolutely maxed out.

Of course, that's for the games that actually work. Since this thing runs Windows 8.1, you're going to run into lots of compatibility issues with lots of games older than a few years. For gaming laptops, you NEVER want the newest OS. Several older games I was looking forward to re-playing on this thing, such as Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas (which I originally played on PS3 where they looked pretty bad), neither one works on Windows 8.1. There are some workarounds I've found online but none of them work for me. I would have been so much happier to have Windows 7 on this thing.

What else is wrong here?

- No HDMI 2 / DisplayPort - If you want to hook this up to an external monitor and do anything larger than 2560x1440, you're going to have to live with 30hz refresh rate because that's all HDMI 1.4 will do above 2560x1440. I'm sure next year's model will have either HDMI2 or DisplayPort, both of which can do 60hz at much higher resolutions (at least 4K if not more), but it seems silly of them not to add it to the 2014 model since they built in such a high res screen.

- Not enough RAM. A few years ago, 8GB seemed ridiculous but now it's barely enough for a high end gaming machine. I would do anything to have 16GB or more in this thing. It hasn't been a huge problem so far but since I work and play on the same machine, I hate having to worry about closing down some apps when I want to play a game.

- The screen. It looks great, BUT, it is by far the biggest mistake they made with this model. 4 points here:

1) Such a high resolution (3200x1800) on a small 14" screen is unnecessary, at this size you can't tell the difference from 1080p.

2) The 3200x1800 resolution is so non-standard that you literally can't find any external monitors that run this resolution natively (I looked). So when you swap between an external monitor and using the screen itself, that means the resolution in Windows will always be changing which some apps don't like (e.g. their layout will be all messed up after a resolution change). I've been living a laptop-only life for over 10 years and it's so much nicer when your built in screen and your external monitor are the same resolution.

3) Windows HiDPI mode is nowhere near as good as on a Mac. Some apps support it but you'll find plenty that don't, so when you're using the laptop screen at its native resolution, you'll find yourself squinting way too often when something pops up that doesn't support HiDPI mode.

4) Who wants Touch capability on a laptop??? I'll tell you who: no one! Waste of money.


My only other complaint, which is fairly minor, is that the storage caps at 512GB. Modern games are huge, 50GB isn't abnormal, so this thing will fill up fast. I've only had it 2 weeks and the drive is already more than half full. I know that M2 SATA caps at 512GB at the moment (Jan 2015), but they could have put 2 of them in here and run it in RAID 0. Not only would that double the space but it would double the performance of the drive as well. This would add significantly to the cost but having it as an option would be really nice.

If they had just put in a high quality 1080p non-touch screen (or perhaps 2560x1440), they could either offer the laptop for a few hundred cheaper, or in exchange they could have doubled the RAM and added HDMI2 or DisplayPort and the laptop would have been damn near flawless for the same price it is now.

Like I said, the games that work, they look and play exceptional. It's hard to believe a laptop can have this kind of power. But the flaws I listed above are all EXTREMELY serious flaws in my opinion. I would give 3.5 stars if Amazon let me but I guess I'll round it up to 4. But I just feel like they left so much on the table with this thing. It could have been near perfect, but instead I just keep thinking about how much better it could actually be.

The 2015 model will likely address the RAM and HDMI2 / DisplayPort issues, and maybe the SSD storage space. But I bet the screen will just be even more ridiculous, so the machine will remain a few hundred dollars more expensive than it should be.


UPDATE Feb 3 2015 - Razer just announced the new model. Of my 3 major complaints, they addressed 2 of them, however it's an either/or situation: You can get more RAM but you're stuck with the ridiculous overpriced touch screen, or you can opt for a 1080p screen but you're stuck with 8GB RAM and have no option for 512GB storage, which is incredibly lame. If I was buying the Razer today I guess I'd opt for the extra RAM because there's no way I'd accept a meager 256GB storage. If they offered the 1080p with 512GB storage I would go for that in a heartbeat.

But either way you're still stuck with HDMI 1.4a which is awful, and the storage still caps out at 512GB which is disappointing.

Of course you get a better CPU/GPU for the same price as last year so that's good. I'd still buy it as it's a good gaming machine. I just can't believe how much they're still leaving on the table here.
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on September 27, 2014
So it has been roughly a month since I bought my Blade 2014 512GB model, and here is my review on it. So the Blade is an awesome laptop, with some great specs such as the GeForce GTX 870M, with 3GB of VRAM, 4th gen Core i7, 8GB of RAM clocked at 1600mhz, and full SSD storage, and finally, its STUNNING IPS, 3200x1800 QHD display. Now the only things that I could see being a "deal breaker" are the RAM not being 16GB, the cooling in this may be loud when gaming, no optical drive (not a problem for me), and the price. Gaming wise, this thing is a beast, as I said, if your gaming for a while, the thing gets hot, and the fans ramp up hard, but all the games I play end up averaging at 50-60FPS on Ultra High settings. If I am gaming at the native resolution, I can get 60 FPS on high, not ultra. So is this computer really only meant for gaming? The answer is no. This laptop can be used for many other things than gaming. First off, let's start with the definition of a laptop. My definition is that a laptop is a computer that is portable. The Blade has extremely great portability, as it is a little over 4 pounds, and is about 0.8 inches thin-thinner than a dime, as Razer likes to brag about. It has 3 USB 3.0 ports, and HDMI out, a Kensington Lock, and it's power. Speaking of power, it's charger is just dead on sexy. It has quite a bit of length, so connecting to a far away outlet isn't a problem, provided your distance from an outlet is reasonable. The brick is super sleak, and had a green light on it when it's plugged into the wall; the brick also has some glossy black accents on the sides-triple prong plug btw. Now let's talk about that screen. That screen is a 10 point multi touch, which means it's a touchscreen, and combos great with its OS, windows 8.1. Now I'm not really too much of a fan of windows 8.1, because of the start menu, but if you check out Startisback on google, you can have both windows 7 and 8.1's start menu. So is the razer blade really worth it? That answer is debatable. If you use the laptop to bring you $2,700 dollars worth of work back, then yes, this is completely worth it. It's all about how you use this laptop. But this laptop can be labeled a "luxury item" as LinusTechTips has pointed out in the past. This laptop is like a Mac, just in a PC form factor. Amazon, also sells nice skins and covers for the Blade, so you can customize however you want. All in all, I love my Blade, my wallet doesn't, but I feel like if the Blade can last me another 4-5 years, then it would have been completely worth it.
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on September 14, 2014
The laptop meets the demand, but some things I think customer shall know. First, though it is a very powerful laptop, it will get hot while playing graphic intense game. However the heat mainly around the power button, the remain area is just warm to touch, in daily use, it will stay cool and the fan is quite you can hardly hear. Second, the fingerprints, it is not a big issue if you don't care, but if you do, this machine will make you crazy, besides, there is only one online store sells the cover for over $30 on amazon, the other accessories like the keyboard cover cannot be found.(it is a good keyboard, but with the sweat in hand,the green color may not last very long, which is why I want to find a keyboard cover, unfortunely, there are none matched). Third, the screen, it's clear and sharp, the color is vivid like my friend's MacBook Pro retina, but in comparison, the viewing angel is poor, yes it is, I doubt the razer say the 160 degree viewing angel, it's more like a MacBook Air, far behind the MacBook Pro retina (which is a little disappoint consider it is much expensive). Last, many people will not notice, is the power adapter, it's slim and light, but there is some sound, might be the electricity sound(not sure) which is not very quite especially when you in the very quite place like the library, it is pretty annoying. Overall, it is a good laptop, despite the high price, after all,the similar laptop is rarely see on the market, (14-inch with Gtx870m, the aorus x3 plus may be the other choice, it's cheaper, lighter but more powerful, however the power adapter is huge, together it will be heavier than razer blade).
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