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on September 18, 2015
The headline says it all. I really like this keyboard, but it is absolutely not for everybody. I think one of the many reasons I like it might turn others off. So, please bear that in mind when I list my pros and cons. Also, I am reviewing the *Chroma* version.

- I uses this primarily for gaming. I don't do a lot of typing on it. If I am working from home or will be doing a lot of typing, I have a wireless ergonomic keyboard that I hook up. The membrane keys are really quiet, but as you can see below in the cons, do take some getting used to.

- Chroma - I have a Chroma Deathadder and I love I can match up the spectrum. This is obviously not reason along to buy it, but from a completely superficial standpoint, I like it.
- Spaced Keys - Again, I'm weird. I prefer keys that are spaced wider apart. I don't necessarily have big hands, but using mechanical keyboards where the keys are spaced really close together were difficult for me. I think for a lot of people this could be a con, so keep that in mind. The keys are spaced like that on a Mac keyboard. For my tastes though, it's perfect for gaming.
- Great Lighting - You can set the tone to any level you want, but I find the lighting to be even and very good.
- Works Well With Software - Either you like the Razer software or you don't, but the software for me was easy to use and I like that I can set profiles across different games.
- Secondary Key Options Are Also Lit - Unlike other Razer keyboards (and some other brands), all the options on the keyboard have back lighting. For example, secondary functions like the * sign above the eight or the media FN options are lit. This was a big plus for me.

- Keys Can Be Tough To Press - Membrane keys take getting used to, especially if you're coming from a mechanical keyboard. Keys seem harder to press even more so than other membrane boards, but I got used to it in about a day. If you're doing a *ton* of typing, you might want to consider something else.
- Extremely Bright Caps Lock Indicator - The indicators for Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc., are ridiculously bright with no way to adjust (they're a bright wight). Not a huge con, but I do sometimes find it distracting. I feel like I should be using it as a fog lamp to guide lost ships in from sea.
- Wrist Rest Is Not That Soft - I was hoping for a little softer wrist rest. It's not a brick and I haven't really noticed any discomfort, but for some it might be a little too hard. I wish they made it more "spongy"
- Pricing - For the Chroma, I think it should be about $10 or $20 less.
- No Dedicated Media Keys - Thanks to the excellent lighting it's easy to see which keys to press for media needs, but I think having no dedicated media keys on a keyboard like this is a drawback.

Again, for my tastes and needs, I really like this keyboard. It is by no means perfect and most certainly not for everyone.
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VINE VOICEon June 6, 2016
In many ways I love this keyboard. I got it for a fantastic price here, and wish I could use it. I am returning it, reluctantly, because it will not fit on my desk. The wrist rest on the chroma makes it ENORMOUS! bigger than any keyboard I have ever seen. I have an older desk, somewhat narrow, and with a large Samsung monitor on it there just is not room for this keyboard. It extended over the edge of my desk by several inches. I did not buy this as a gaming keyboard. I have been through a lot of keyboards in the past couple of years :( The one which came with my ASUS desktop had gray lettering, very thin and difficult to see with the poor lighting in our house. I could not use my old keyboard, whichh was PS2. I wanted one with back lighting, or saw that as the best/ easiest solution to the lighting problem. I bought an Azio backlit Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard (KB505U) which was great at first, but after around a year the keys were kind of crunchy. It was starting to crumble from the inside. It was not a hugely expensive keyboard, but I wanted one which wsould last. After extensive research I bought the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 at the time the top rated and top selling keyboard on Amazon (and paid almost double what it is now selling for). I constantly had problems with dropped letters or words, inconsistent connection. My techie son told me to stick with wired, so after an hour or more of troubleshooting with logitech I was back on the hunt. I went through another 3 or 4 before I decided to invest in one I thought would last... I had purchased a Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate - Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Military Grade Metal Construction for my son as a birthday gift. He had been asking for a mechanical keyboard for years. He loved it, still does, so I thought I would look over the Razer keyboards for myself. My needs are different than his. I use mine mostly for writing, but wanted solid construction, backlighting and (unnecessary) but was very taken with the colors on the chroma. Amazon had a sale on Razer keyboards and I got this one at a very nice price.
I think it is great to type on, love the colors and found set up etc very easy.
At the same time I purchased the Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard - Cherry Red which was also on sale albeit at twice the price, but it is mechanical, more solid (or so my son told me). He loves Razer, but also prefers mechanicals to membrane keyboards. I had read that the Corsair was difficult to program, and fully expected to be keeping the Razer and returning the Corsair, but one fit on my desk and the other didn't.
The Deathstalker also takes up only 1 usb port while the corsair uses 2. Were it not for that wrist rest I would be keeping this keyboard.

Frankly, I HATE the wrist rest. what is the point of a hard plastic wrist rest? It might work for some, but.. why is it not removable like it is on the corsair? I personally prefer both the beanbag wrist rest I am currently using and my old gel pads to the hard plastic extension on the Deathstalker.

Long story short, mom is learning programming again. My son did offer to set it up for me, but I asked him how he would feel if I called him next year at CalTech to ask him how to reprogram my keyboard if I wanted a change. LOL.

For others who might be looking at this as a standard keyboard for writing (but nicer than average) the 10 key rollover is a double edged sword. I have never had to do so much editing: accidentally brush a key (or keys) and it is part of your document.

I am sure this is a terrific gaming keyboard, very fast, easy to set up and use, and Razer synapse is very simple. Great hardware and software, but... be aware that the wrist rest makes this almost double the size of a standard keyboard, and it is not removable (as it is on the corsair) which is also a compact keyboard, and mechanical, and very durable. For those who are comparing (and I know from reading reviews that a bunch of people are) the Corsair also has a more solid build, or seems to. The Corsair software is also not as hard to work with as you may have been led to believe, after all, mom can handle it. My son loves loves loves his Razer, but he has the mechanical (Black Widow Ultimate)...which is not going to match the firefly mouse pad I got him, but he can live with that ;)
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on March 17, 2016
Solid keyboard. Backlit keys seem like a novelty until you've used it for awhile, then it's simply impossible to go back. If you're a mechanical board fan, this isn't for you, but if you're looking for a non-mechanical board this is pretty much as good as you can get.

I used a Razer Lycosa for many years before the crucial "R" key stopped working, and I was on the market for a new keyboard for weeks before I settled on the DeathStalker. I know mechanical keyboards are the rage in gaming these days, but I really prefer to avoid those because of the noise. I wasn't specifically looking for another Razer product but it looks like out of the major gaming keyboard manufacturers, they're the only ones still making quality non-mechanical boards. It worked out pretty well. I'm very happy with the Chroma so far. The practically infinite color selection is by default set up for a constant, yet subtle, color shift across the spectrum, and is a great feature that adds a striking touch to your workstation (or battlestation).

In terms of cost, many people will balk at paying $80+ for a keyboard when they've never used a gaming keyboard before. Easy mistake to make. In terms of budget, get yourself a quality mouse first, sure. But don't skimp on your board! If you've ever played high intensity games that require a lot of keypresses at once, and find yourself frustrated when you're pressing buttons that aren't counting... that's your keyboard limitation. This keyboard alows up to 10 simultaneous keypresses at once and will record all of them - nothing gets lost. That can make a huge difference.

Does offer plug and play functionality, requires no installation, but if you want to customize the color features you'll want to install the Razer drivers from their website.
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on April 12, 2017
I got this keyboard as I use the "Backlit version" I love it. And got this one for my husband. He hated it.
There Is no backlight - yes that's what we paid for but. The keys are in a dark grey not white so you can hardly see the actual letters and numbers.
If you are not a confident typer stay away.
The keys have a rough texture that is not nice to type with.
He wrist rest is the same texture as the keys and it hurts if you rest your hands on it them move them to type without lifting your full hand off it.
At night it is impossible to type without a light.
The finish on the entire keyboard feels cheap - it is nothing like the back lit one. I purchased that one over a year ago. The wrist rest is polished and smooth allowing you to drag across it nicely.
You are paying for the Deathadder name.
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on November 18, 2015
As a huge Razer fan this product is a huge disappointment.
… I mainly bought the keyboard because of 2 reasons #1-It has a large wrist rest (Or I would have bought a black widow, but razer seems to want to ignore MANY requests by people to make a black widow with a wrist rest) and #2-So that color effects would be universal across my razer orb weaver on the left and the razer firefly and death adder on the right. But the software has still yet to work. I went to chroma configurator and it crashed 5 times. I restarted the computer twice and reinstalled the synapse suite and when I go to do anything and press the “Accept across all chroma devices” button. The software locks up and put my keyboard into permanent static rainbow mode and only unplugging it resets the rainbow.
The key feel is not as good as the Roccat isku , or my alienware keyboard both of which are also membrane. The Led backlighting is not as bright or as crisp as the Roccat isku and horrible compared to the alienware. The Razer synapse software needs a LOT OF WORK. The keyboard is attractive enough though the backlighting is muted even compared to other membrane products.
I should have just bought another Corsair K70 RGB as if the synapse software isn’t going to work then I should have spent the extra money….. a waste of 92.00…maybe my wife will take it.
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on April 8, 2016
I've tried several keyboards recently and this one is usable, unlike some of the others I tried. It's easy to type very fast with. I had a mechanical Razer BlackWidow keyboard too and returned it because I could type much much faster on this one. However, after weeks of use I've noticed the plastic wrist rest is EXTREMELY uncomfortable if you are using this keyboard all day every day. I wish they had either made it padded or not put it there so you can use a separate wrist rest. Other than that the keyboard feels CHEAP. The BlackWidow felt super solid, worth the money. This one feels incredibly cheap though. I will be getting rid of this to find something more comfortable.
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on April 26, 2017
The Essentials keyboard is great except that what you get is not what is in the pictures. The pictures show the wrist pad having some kind of rubber texture across the bottom of the keyboard. This is not what you get. On Razer's website you see photos of the Essentials that does match what you get, meaning it doesn't have that texture in the wrist pad area. This is unfortunate because your comfort is reduced by placing your wrists on the same hard plastic that the rest of the keyboard is made from. Aside from this issue, is this the best keyboard for someone looking for chiclet style keyboard with nice feedback from the keys and the sound that isn't going to bust your budget. I think its really close but it doesn't quite hit the mark. For example, the Function keys are too close to the number row at the top keyboard. I have hit function keys on my way to Backspacing, such as the F11 key which puts the browser into fullscreen mode. on the flipside, because of Razer's excellent synapse software, I was able to map the Print Screen button to use a hot key for a 3rd party screenshot program since Windows hijacks the Print Screen button, so this was very useful. For me, everything on this keyboard is great overall, except not having the comfort of better wrist area. The hard plastic is hard and as you type, the muscles at the bottom of your palm heat the area of the wrist pad up which adds further discomfort to the hardness of the area. Would've been 5 star if they hadn't taken this out.

**Update** Just found out there is no texturized version of the wrist rest, it was glossy before which was even worst than it is now. Now its just hard an abrasive making your wrists warm, but atleast they don't sweat. If the Razer keeps the DeathStalker alive its gotta find a better medium. The current hard plastic was just a quick fix, they need something soft that won't sweat....
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on May 2, 2017
I've always preferred chiclet style keys, though I can't really explain why. Been using this Standard one for a while now, and it's really the best keyboard I've ever had. I really love the way the function keys are grouped into fours to make it easier to accurately find the one you're looking for, as the F keys are completely essential to me in MMOs.

If this one ever breaks down though, I think I'll splurge and replace it with one of the backlit ones. The Standard's key labels are just painted on, and while the paint is really well done, it doesn't last on certain often-used keys (you know the ones: my W and A are completely gone, the other two are halfway there). The backlit keys would have to have the lettering built into the key itself as a transparent part of the plastic (I have to assume that factors into why it costs twice as much), so that wouldn't wear away over time.

One of my keys sticks a little bit sometimes, but from what I've read, it should be easy enough to remove the keys with a butter knife to clean under them and then pop them back on if the problem gets worse. I think I probably just got a crumb in there or something, no fault of the keyboard itself. In fact, I'd say that the design of this keyboard actually reduces how easily crumbs can get under the keys compared to a regular style keyboard.
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on May 24, 2015
I wasn't to particular when I was looking for a good keyboard, but this one worked perfect.

Disclaimer: I added those under glow Leds myself. Your keyboard will not come with under glow.
review image review image
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on January 4, 2017
Returned for refund after one day of use. Some people will like this, but I didn't. I found it a little misleading on the listing that it doesn't explicitly say (to someone who's never owned a keyboard like this) that you can only program three large zones and not each key like the BlackWidow. I specifically purchased this because I like the style keyboard and (thought) that you could customize keys for gaming. My brother owns the Blackwidow, some Chroma variant mouse, and the chroma mouse pad. I prefer silent typing versus mechanical so I figured, that customization with the silence I enjoy.

Overall typing was underwhelming. It typed good and the flow was decent but it was definitely run of the mill. (I work in IT and use Amazon Basics keyboards on our servers, I saw no difference) Not what I'd expect for anything over 70$.

Now I do own a couple Razer products and do like them. But from my experience I'll stick with my Logitech K740 keyboard and Logitech G700s mouse. I have this setup for both my main work machine and home machine that I type school papers, program, and game on. At significantly lower costs, I think their price tags are fair for the product you get. The K740 feels nicer and I can type way faster on it than any other keyboard I've ever used.
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