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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 9, 2015
I rarely write reviews online, but I feel compelled to do so for anyone out there thinking that the ForgeTV is awesome. It's not quite awesome.

OVERALL: This device is not ready. It is buggy, key apps are not supported, and the keyboard/mouse won't release until later this year. There isn't even a power button or any menu option I could find to reboot/turn the thing off... bizarre. Owning this device is like being a beta tester.

Netflix is not supported (yes you read that right-- NO NETFLIX "at this time"). Amazon Prime Video is not supported. External storage like a USB drive is not supported (ie for ROMs). There is no web browser supported. Razer's "Game Streaming from PC" does not exist yet (supposed to come out later this year). If you want your Razer to be cool at all, you have to sideload apps designed for tablets and phones.

They do not make this easy to do: To get it done, I had to:
- Install TeamViewer QuickSupport, connect my PC, and transfer .apk files (ie. Netflix, Nesoid,, etc which I downloaded from the internet) to the Razer Forge manually
- Once there, I had to use a file explorer (not on the Razer Forge by default, had to download it from Google Play Store) to install the .apk files after enabling developer mode and allowing unknown sources
- Additionally, since these apps won't natively show up in the ForgeTV UI, I had to install "Sideload launcher", a third-party program that lets me launch these apps
- Considering one of these as a ROM machine? There is a tiny bit of input lag from the wireless Razer Serval controller. It's not too bad, but I know *exactly* how Mario 3 is supposed to feel and trust me, there is a tiny bit of input lag. It isn't driving me crazy, but it just isn't perfect. *** Update: Sometimes (no pattern to it) the controller lag is FAR worse than "a tiny bit", and games are all but unplayable unless you use the controllers wired. ***

For the sideloaded apps:
- All side-loaded apps I've tried are bigger than my screen and therefore you can't see some of the stuff around the edges-- This might just be my TV, I don't know for sure
- Netflix was a pain to sign in to-- screen was half-blank, had to futz around with the Razer Remote (phone app), but once I finally got in it works fine now
- also a pain to sign in to and ALMOST works great-- scrolling through channels there is no cursor so you don't know what channel is selected, and as you scroll downward the listings disappear so you don't know what show is on. It WILL play live TV, but the menus are really messed up to navigate
- Google Chrome doesn't seem to work-- It's such a pain to sideload apps that I haven't tried firefox/etc yet
- Nesoid, SNES9x, ePSXe all work really well-- They required some configuring, tweaking, etc but they're running very well now

Note about the Razer Remote phone app: It's really slow to connect, and it disconnects when your phone's screen turns off. This is just annoying as hell.

All in all, the Razer Forge is pretty cool, but I just wish it did what I wanted it to do natively without having to jump through a dozen flaming hoops: Be a little computer that lets me watch netflix/prime, play ROMs, and browse the web. Oh, and stream games from my PC which was an advertised feature but doesn't launch until Q4...?
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on May 13, 2015
Between Android TV quirks and the too many additional bugs this device has, I am extremely disappointed with the way this device presents itself. Other reviewers mentioned the terrible, terrible mess with the Razer control app. It is unusable, I uninstalled it, reconnecting in 20-30 seconds is simply unacceptable (check out the bulls**t from their support: is this how the Android TV control app that replaced it works, dear Razer?! Nope, it works instantly as soon as you bring it up). Moreover, when the device goes to sleep it disconnects from my (wired!) network and never reconnects again, unless I reboot it. Unbelievable. To add insult to injury, I cannot purchase any Android TV app from the store, that works only from a computer browser. Granted, this seems like a Google issue, but it adds to the complete nonsense. Missing the official Amazon, Netflix, apps (that I had on Google TV!) subtracts another star. I want Spotify, too but at least there are some (pretty bad) unofficial apps. At least one game I really wanted does not work with the Razer controller (granted, it's the app's fault) and the overall selection is quite thin. Oh, and no surround passthrough. Etc. Finally, one of the joysticks the Razer controller makes a funny squeak that can be quite annoying. This device should not have been released yet and I am seriously considering returning it due to the network disconnect and unusable main app issues.
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on May 29, 2015
Ok, so I was excited about this device. I love the Android ecosystem and the idea of a mini console that allowed me to play games as well as have an upgraded Chromecast and Entertainment apps was an awesome one. Until I got it.

The unit itself is very well made, stylish, and fits into the home theater setup rather well. Very unobtrusive. BUT, there are some glaring flaws:
1. NO Netflix, HBO Go, or Amazon Instant Video support....PERIOD. Seriously, the best I could do was sideload the apps (in the case of Netflix the phone app which defaults to lo res) and then if they stopped working, there's no way to get them going again. That's IF they worked in the first place. With the popularity of these services in the US, from a US based company, there's no excuse for them to not be there. Wait a little longer on the launch and secure the services your customers are going to want!
2. The advertised game streaming service isn't yet available. Not even a little. This might have been a clencher for me, but it's not there.
3. The connections are just plain crappy. There's no good reason I should see chop in a streamed YouTube video when viewed over ethernet at 2 in the morning. NONE.
4. No external drive support. Razer put a USB 3.0 port on this device, but it's only useful for standard peripherals like a keyboard or mouse (not wireless in my experience) or their own controller. Which costs a minimum of $50 extra by the way. What's the use of USB 3.0 if you can't connect any USB 3.0 compatible devices? It's a nitpick, but I'd love to be able to use my wireless USB headset to watch movies (if I could that is) or play games while my girlfriend is in bed, but it doesn't work. And with 16GB of built in storage, an external drive option would be fantastic.
5. Wireless App for Android devices will not stay connected. This isn't a huge problem since I have the Serval controller as part of the bundle, but on the rare occasion I don't have it available, or in reach, my phone or tablet couldn't establish a connection even if my life depended on it.
6. Crippled Play Store support. Why can I not see all of the available options for Android TV devices in the Play Store? This is fundamentally no different than the Nexus Player, but I don't see a large portion of the options for apps and games that I do with that device. I'd get it if it were an x86 device, but it's not, it's ARM. The only reason I can think of that this content would be blocked is licensing. Again, don't rush to market with great hardware if your software and services aren't also ready.

This has the potential to be a great little device. It just wasn't ready for Prime Time. Even though I'm a die hard Razer fan (the hardware quality is typically undeniably top notch), I'm considering sending this one back and grabbing the Nvidia Shield micro console.
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on December 29, 2016
I have some sort of DPI bug in the new 6.0.1 update. All of the graphics on the display became ridiculously large. I couldn't see what I was doing because everything was too large. I tried a factory reset, but the problem did not fix itself. I have also tried it on two separate 720p displays (worked fine on my 1080p display).

I rolled it back to the old update, and everything worked fine. Razer must have screwed something up. It is possible to get Netflix to run on the device, but it is not intuitive or easy. It is also possible to get Amazon Prime Video to work.

The device runs Kodi just fine and it does not crash, hang, or lag significantly. However, the terrible DPI glitch causes me to rate this two stars.
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on June 22, 2015
Not only does this not support Netflix, the top streaming app, but when I did try streaming a show that worked fine on my Roku 3, I started getting artifacts and stuttering of the stream. It has to be a software issue, as the hardware shouldn't have had this problem Switched back to my Roku 3 for now, no problems with it. I plan on trying out an NVidia Shield. The Razor was not ready for release. They probably made the mistake of trying to get it out before NVidia's.
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on January 24, 2017
Is it good with the stock firmware right out of the box?

Probably not.

Is it buggy and restrictive with the stock firmware right out of the box?


Fortunately, I have no knowledge of either because I plugged it in, updated stock firmware to Marshmallow and then installed the custom Adoptable Mi Rom by gabrielgagz v1.2 (google it or look on the razer insider site)

Is it stable, unlocked, rooted and beast now?

100% yes!

Not worth the $100+ asking tag from some sellers, but if you find a deal like I did ($40) it is worth it!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 14, 2015
The hardware (controller + set top box) are great by themselves.... but the truth is:

1.) this product launched missing major features. The controller does not currently work with your computer. The software for streaming from your PC to the device isn't ready yet.

2.) There are lots of popular applications that are not currently compatible with the device. Netflix being a major one. You can't even use the Netflix app on your phone to cast Netflix to the device.

3.) The software to stream from your PC to the box (Cortex: Stream) is actually 39.99 according to their page and there is no clear indication of whether or not this is actually included software you'll receive for purchasing when it is actually ready.

4.) I'm just disappointed in the release of this product. If it launched with all of its promised features I would actually be very very impressed with this right now (I'm looking at you Razer)

5.) Ugh.


After several months there still is no progress with getting popular streaming applications like Netflix on the device. HBO has recently launched for Android TV, yet another popular streaming service that isn't available on this device. Yet Razer prioritizes software updates like reducing controller input latency... they don't have the same priorities as their customers.

Do not buy this product, do not buy another Razer product. If they want to make their customers happy they should offer a trade-in program to return their Forge TVs for "in-store" credit or a cash exchange. This is a total waste of $150 dollars, it is more functional to go and buy a Chromecast for $35.

Also, the controller still doesn't work with a PC. You still can't stream PC titles to the box either. MAJORLY DISAPPOINTED.
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on June 29, 2015
This review is very late, and I have not followed the updates (if any) this product has received since my experience; but in all honesty I could not be more disappointed. I returned it within 24 hours of receiving it (the fastest I've ever returned anything), the worst part was that I preordered this box assuming it would be great, but I was very wrong.

The device itself was snappy and quick, the interface was acceptable. It was very compact and without the green led it would've been nearly hidden. However, the controller was awful, it was not up to the build quality of Razer's own Sabertooth (Xbox 360 model). It felt cheap, and honestly, I thought I was going to push the A button right through it. However this wasn't the worst thing about the Forge TV.

It lacked many apps that are a staple on today's market. Netflix, HBO Go, or Amazon Instant Video. Not to mention the native PC streaming service that was advertised wasn't available yet either. So without an ability to consume any content wether it be gaming or TV, what are you supposed to do with it? Does Razer honestly expect people to buy something and then wait around for the features they wish to use? The only person I could see enjoying this, is if you want to play android games in your TV with this box, however if that's all you want, I don't think the $150 price tag is warranted. It is unfortunate that this product did not live up to my expectations; especially due to its fairly powerful architecture.
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on January 16, 2017
Bought 4 love them 2017 update and it's amazing Netflix support Google play store and Kodiak in appstore beautiful box modern combat 5 plays like a dream
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on July 8, 2015
Really disappointed with this device. I bought it at release and gave it a chance, but it is falling short of my expectations at every turn and its own advertisements for that matter.

Pros: Android TV with plex is pretty great coming from a cromecast experience.

-no cortex stream. It's not that I'm impatient, I just feel like I paid for something that was marketed as if it would be available by now. I might as well have just waited for shield or steamlink. I have had to resort to a lack luster kinoconsole workaround. That only makes a few games playable from my main pc

-poor updates. I was having an issue where the device couldn't see my plex server or other network content when resumeing from sleep. They sent out a patch recently that fixed that issue but created a worse one. My device now has unusable lag everywhere when assuming from standby. In both cases I have to hard reset the device by pulling the power.

-no way to powe off unit or refresh network connection without pulling the power cable. This would make the experience so much better while dealing with issues explained above. Seems pretty silly this isn't a feature even if the device is intended to always be on

-limited apps (though I did find a workaround for spotify) I just feel like there isn't much practical use for the device aside from plex.

I am huge into pc gaming and with all of these issues I simply can't reccomend this device. At this point I really wish I went with the shield. Unfortunately, I had to give this thing a shot and wait for updates. I'm over my 30 day return window with Amazon now.

This experience really put a bad taste in my mouth regarding products from Razer other than their traditional pc peripherals. Go with a different product, you won't be happy with this one for several months probably.
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