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on January 24, 2016
Mixed, is the most accurate word that describes how I feel about this headset. I've had it for nearly 5 years, and it's intermittently failed me often enough to really irk me. In general, the audio is great. No real problems there. The mic, then, is the problem. Rather often it spirals out of control and destroys the eardrums of all the people you're trying to talk to. It worked fine for a few years, but the first year and the last several months I've had severe issues getting it to work. Until a week ago when I learned I could only use the headphones, or the mic, but never both at the same time. This was after fixing a similar problem where you had to disable the xHCI in the BIOS to make the headset work with certain motherboards. The one constant problem was the 'Mute' function, that never worked correctly. Any time I unmuted, my mic would cascade to an unbearable roar to anybody listening to my mic. A headache, is what this set has given me for too long.
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on August 14, 2013
My complaints:

1. The volume control unit is clumbsy and falls off my desk alot due to accidental cord pulls
2. The ear cups detach frequently. They are meant to come off and you rotate them to put them back on, but still annoying. They come off after some time of normal adding/removing them from your head.
3. The surround sound feature is washed out and sounds absolutely horrible. It's just some digital sound manipulation, I could get the same effect through equalizer software on my PC. I always keep the 7.1 off because it sounds bad.
4. Volume is EXTREMELY low. I have maxed out volume in Windows and on the volume knob on the base and it's very very low.

The good:

1. Mic is very good
2. Sound in 2.1 is nice
3. Very comfortable to wear for extended periods, I like how soft the ear cups are.
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on January 2, 2014
+ Great sound quality in 2.0 mode
+ Ability to customise each speaker, mute mic and volume control from the attachment sound card 'maelstrom' box
+ Extremely light and comfortable!
+ Made from cheap plastic but is considerably durable

- The 7.1 virtual surround sound is muffled (in 5.1 games) , it has an echo effect, like you're in a stadium (not impressed with it)
- Disappointed in the bass.. DO NOT BUY IF... you like 'bassy music' (has a little bit but not enough kick for my liking)
- Comes with cloth earcups, comfy but aren't really noise isolating, which makes for some noise leakage (you can buy leatherette earcups from razers store for improved bass and isolation )
- The price is crazy...
- Does not work with USB 3.0
- Out of the box you must update it to a new version or else you'll have all sorts of problems!
- Hardly use 7.1 mode

Good headset if you are only focussed with gaming, I haven't tested the 7.1 surround sound in games that contain it so I'm not sure if it's really that good....it lacks the kick of bass but is very comfortable.
I WOULD NOT buy this again due to it being so expensive, having muffled 7.1 surround sound in majority of games and little bass.

With the price drop to $121 this product is now a good buy, it's still one of the most comfortable headsets I've ever worn for long durations and you don't know it's on your head. That being said if you want an all around music and gaming headset, this is not for you. This headset is only meant for gaming as my techno sounded ....'mehh' with these on.. but a very nice headset for gaming.
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on March 1, 2015
Comfortable to wear for hours at a time eventhough it's heavier than most the fabric on the sides of the headphones doesn't bother you or develop an odor although it needs to be cleaned from dust (preferably with alcohol).

The 7.1 feature is pretty useless. It's not really surround and the conversion sounds no where as good. So I almost always use it in 2.0 mode. It is very sturdy and will last for years. The sponges in front of the headphones won't degrade and fall apart like others.

Out of hundreds of games the 7.1 mode of this headset prevented one (one of the Cabella hunting games) from launching due to conflicts with Raxers 7.1 drivers. This happens in 2.0 mode too. Not a big deal since it's one game but worth mentioning.

I would give it 3 stars except it is half functional. The microphone on this headset has a serious design flaw. It is not shielded properly so even at lowest volume and sens (sensitivity) setting, it will pickup feedback from the speaker part and develop echo, noise and distortion. It makes it completely unusable in conferencing. Everyone will complain about the feedback, it is really bad. This is simply unaaceptable for a headset of this price range. I can expect it from a cheap $10 knock-off. There is also no noise reduction to speak of.
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on July 26, 2017
I have having these "built in sound cards" for headsets. For awhile thats about all you could find anymore for gaming headsets. Why does my pc even have a sound card then if I never use it? Quality is okay, lights died out fast on the ear cups. Sound was good. 7.1 was useless and no game really ever supports it? Let alone it just sounds like you're in a giant hallway. Did not like that.
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on March 7, 2013
This is my first Razer product, and I couldn't be happier. I've tried their gaming mice in the past, and always thought they were well designed devices, so I had high expectations for this headset. Before you even get to the headset you have to admire the packaging. This is a premium product, and you get that distinction before you even try it on. First is a solid cardboard box with the printed materials nicely stowed in the lid. Next is a very nice zippered ballistic case where the headset resides. I've seen these included with expensive headphones costing much more, so its nice Razer took notice. After taking out the headphones I was surprised at how light they were. Some may perceive this to be low quality, but I believe Razer intended them to be lightweight for comfort, and the quality is still there, so relax. They should hold up to daily use just fine. The ear cups have a plush fleece material that's really comfy. The adjustable headband has soft memory-foam. Overall this is a very comfortable headset. I hardly noticed once I put it on, and it practically disappears after prolonged gaming sessions. Comfort 5/5

Setup couldn't be simpler. There's only one usb plug that connects to your PC since the break-out box has everything on-board. Once plugged in the controls light up blue along with Razer's logo on each side of the drivers. I wish it was their signature green instead of blue to match the rest of my system, but this is a personal preference. It still looks great. Setup 5/5

To test the audio I fired up some music. The audio controller automatically selected 2.0 for stereo sound, and the corresponding lights indicated that it was a 2.0 source with just the front (simulated) speakers active. I was pleasantly surprised how well these drivers performed given that they're intended use is for 7.1 sources. I've tried a variety of circumaural headphones for audio monitoring, and the the Megladon performed very well for a gaming headset. Clean audio with nice imaging. The bass thumps. Even when turning it up the drivers did not distort or sound muddy. They just hit harder. Very nice. Stereo Sound 4/5

The first game I tried was Battlefield 3 since its audio is mastered in Dolby Digital. I have Turtle Beach's excellent XP400 headset for my 360, and have played this game extensively with them, so it was a good basis for how well the Megladon would perform. I'm happy to say this headset passed with flying colors. The Maelstrom audio engine processed the 7.1 effects perfectly with excellent separation. They might be even better than the XP400's. For a headset with only 2 drivers I'm really impressed. That brings me to the surround sound settings. Everything is controlled through the break-out box. You don't even have to bother with Windows. You press the middle button with the Razer logo, and the corresponding speakers will light up allowing you to adjust the levels. "BASS" will light up to control just the bass frequencies. It couldn't be simpler. Surround Sound 5/5

I haven't had a chance to test the mic extensively, but so far it works great. It bends for easy adjustment with sensitivity and gain controls on the break-out box. The mute button will turn red when activated.

If there's one thing missing it would be assignable profiles for the surround speaker levels. This would allow you to have different settings for various games. Instead it retains the same settings for all 7.1 sources. Not a deal breaker though. The XP400 has presets for different surround angles, but they're not customizable. Also, the ear pads leak a significant amount of ambient noise. This can be good or bad depending on your environment and preference.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a versatile wired gaming headset with excellent audio, extreme comfort, and no nonsense controls, the Megladon should be on the top of your list.
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on December 17, 2013
I purchased this headset as a way of getting around a broken 3.5mm port on my motherboard (I had been dual running a headset through a Xonar DGX and my desktop speakers through the motherboard). My old headset, the Sennheiser PC151, had great sound but hurt my ears after extended use. So after researching nice usb headsets that would let me power my desktop speakers again, I settled on the Razer Megladon headset.

Now, I would like to preface that I did not expect the audio experience with this headset to exceed or even meet that of the Sennheiser. Running audio through USB in general will produce a subpar experience compared to traditional analog, but this was a special circumstance and reviews of the headset convinced me to take the plunge.

1.) First of all, this headset is very comfortable. I had a 5 hour session using these one night, and beyond my ears getting a little warm, there was no discomfort.
2.) The packaging and carrying case that come with this case are also very nice.
3.) The fit and finish of this product is very attractive. I appreciate the slightly more toned down looked compared to some of the gaudy alternatives.

1.) This isn't so much a con as a warning, but when you try and use these in Skype or other VOIP software, make sure to check your mic level. There is a control module "puck" in line with the cable that will handle treble, bass, mic levels, as well as switch between 2.1 and surround. I would recommend setting your mic level on the control module to around 2-4 bars. You also need to go into Windows and change the mic levels from the default of 100 to anywhere between 15 and 30. If you do not, those on the other end of your call will get intermittent LOUD noise.
2.) The virtual 7.1 surround. I, admittedly, have never tried a 5.1/7.1 headset before. But for me, the experience with this headset was awful. Other reviews have suggested that you make sure the game you are using the headset with support 7.1. So after some research, I installed a few of the games I own that support 7.1. Each and every game was as bad as the last. The only effect turning on the 7.1 produced was an underwater or echo effect.
3.) The in general sound quality of this headset was disappointing. I went through not only my game library, but quite a few songs to get a better sense of the sound profile. It wasn't bad by any means, but I guess I have been spoiled by the sound card I have been using. Even after playing around with the levels in the control module, It sounded quite tinny to me.

I ended up returning this headset. Try as much as I could, I just couldn't get used to the virtual surround or the sound quality of the stereo. I am giving this a 2 star rating because I do not think the price is anywhere close to the quality of audio it would suggest. For the same price, I could get a cheaper analog headset and a decent soundcard for much better sound. I have switched to a DAC for powering my desktop speakers and put off replacing my headset for now. If you are looking for a nice headset, I would recommend skipping USB and finding a nice analog set instead.
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on December 5, 2013
My first one of these was bought used off eBay about 3 years ago and used daily since then, anywhere from 8-28 hours in a session. I wear an extra-small hat size (6-7/8) and these still grip securely without pinching and causing headaches, and my ex who usually complains that hats are too small for him found them comfortable to wear for several hours as well. The micro velour-covered memory foam ear pads are comfortable over glasses, and it's FAR lighter-feeling on my head than the Turtle Beach and Logitech ones I've tested out.

Sound is beautiful and I usually have to keep them at about 1/3 max volume, and I'm told the microphone actually lets my friends hear all the qualities of my voice rather than just a rough impression of them. That said, this is still a gaming headset and not expected to be quite as high-quality as an audiophile demands...but even my audiophile friends say they're far better than most gaming headsets. If it matters to you, these are a virtual 7.1 surround--they don't have 4 speakers per ear--but that would come with a significant weight increase.

I've dropped my old ones so many times, both tossing the headphones on my desk/chair/floor in emergencies and accidentally dropping the control brick in the middle of the cord, and they've survived it all until this last one where the control brick took a bad bounce on tile. I've been on my backup headsets for 3 weeks and my gamer friends are all complaining that I don't get on voice comms as much, or that I don't stay more than an hour or so when I do--and that's because my backup headsets HURT. I've looked at another couple dozen headsets in that time, and these are still my choice to replace my old ones, taking into consideration surround sound, mic quality, simplicity of use (purely plug and play, personally used on Win XP/Win7/Ubuntu), headphone weight, the memory foam padding, fabric ear pads (not that leatherette stuff that makes your ears sticky in 20 min!). My replacements are due to arrive within 36 hours from now, and UPS can't show up too soon so I can put my backups away!
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on January 22, 2013
Ok guys, I have no idea why these are getting some bad reviews. Thses came today, I updated the firmware, made the volume adjustments I wanted. got into Vent to ask my guildies what they thought, and the overwhelming response was nothing short of incredible. They all said it sounded like I was standing in the same room, right next to them and one guildie lives 10,000 miles away. I turned the mic sensitivity all the way down, the mic level at about 4 bars showing and there is no background hiss or distortion in the mic what so ever. I was using a snowball and was having issues with vent seeing it. With these, it was literally plug and play. As for the sound, there isn't much bass, but the mids and highs are good. It is what I expected for 40mm drivers. I'm totally satisfied with this purchase, thank you Amazon for fast delivery. Yet another, Razer/ Amazon success story.

The first pair lasted 2-3 days and the mic went bad, horrible distortion. Returned them for an exchange, recieved the replacement a few days later and all is good. Aside the fact that the right ear pad was badly mis-shapen and wrinkled. About a week later the mic got intermittent. Oh come on! Not going for strike three, so I returned them for a refund. Once again Amazon rocks.
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on September 18, 2014
I purchased this about 8 months ago. Had great sound, mic sensitivity had to be set to 0 or it had feedback (I tend to leave one ear off, and it picked up the other speaker like nothing else. Once I played around with it a bunch it finally sounded pretty decent.

Pros: Lots of configuration, easy to switch between surround and stereo, clear mic, comfortable

Cons: 8 months later and something disconnected in the headset disabling first the right ear and now both. Wiggling the wire will intermittently get sound back, but its entirely busted now and im past the return window. The mic was a bit too sensitive and the ear pads fell off constantly because of the little "L" bracket that holds them in place. Additionally, even though it has a long cord, the control switch in the middle is really close to the headset and falls off whatever its sitting on if you move more than 6 inches.

Overall, pretty disappointed as this was the most expensive headset I had ever purchased as a treat to myself. Going back to the Logitech G35. Frustrating.
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