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on April 8, 2015
I just received the new camera and monitor and thought I'd bench test it before installing it. The results were disappointing. Although the new system is in color, the resolution and contrast are no better than the stock camera so I don't think it would be of any real benefit.

This image shows the two monitors side-by-side. The image in the color camera has a narrower field of view, so things look bigger but I can't clearly see the most important thing when I'm parking at home - the point where my ladder is about to touch my gate. The new monitor might have a bit more resolution than the old Voyager monitor, but I don't think the camera utilizes the full resolution.

Also, I was hoping it would be a simple matter of just splicing wires to connect the new camera and monitor. But the kit includes a multi-plexor (nice if using additional cameras) which looks like it's a necessary component if audio is going to be used. (I tested the audio and, even at full volume, it doesn't seem as good as the Voyager audio). I called up technical support, inadvertently placing the call just seven minutes before their east coast closing time, was disconnected once, spent forever on their phone menu system, and then was sent to the answering service, who at 1:58 west coast time, told me that the offices closed at 5:00 east coast time. By the time I explained that it wasn't 5:00 yet, it was 5:00.

So, I'm back to the drawing board and will probably look at the inexpensive cameras on eBay next. Or, maybe I'll wait. It shouldn't be too long before backup cameras have resolution equivalent to a smartphone camera.
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on July 21, 2015
This is possibly one of the best rear view cameras you can buy, other than a factory installed unit. It was very easy to install on a John Deere tractor. Instructions for making it work whenever the ignition is on were very clear. I wanted to have it on all the time instead of just backing up. It's not easy to turn completely around to see behind the tractor.

Mounting was a simple task. The monitor came with a very robust stick-on mount. The monitor can be adjusted and locked into position depending on the user. The camera was installed after I made a small metal bracket to bolt it to the cab on the tractor. The image on the monitor is clear, the image doesn't "flicker".

The only issue I had was my fault. I did not get the ground wire tight enough on the frame. Once I identified the problem, the self-tapping screw was tightened appropriately and the camera/monitor fired right up.

I would recommend this for any large vehicle and/or tractor.
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on October 18, 2015
I purchased this back in spring, and finally got a chance to use it this weekend. This was a very disappointing purchase. Although the hardware itself looks and feels solid, its performance is extremely poor. The video quality is what I would describe as "barely adequte". It has a clunky, non-intuitive menu interface which is difficult to figure out. The left/right orientation switch is permanently set via a switch, which is a good thing, but the up/down orientation is not and it often powers up inverted. What's even worse is that the ON SCREEN FUNCTION MENU ITSELF frequently shows up inverted... this is beyond ridiculous. The claim that "18 infra red lights allow you to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest night" is beyond absurd. The nighttime performance of this camera is terrible, very grainy, and even objects only 20' away are barely visible in the monitor - and the IR lamps only illuminate the very center of the camera's FOV. Objects to the sides are not visible at all.

I would strongly discourage RV'ers from purchasing this camera. In an age when even $60 dashcams have outstanding resolution, and exceptional nighttime video performance even without IR illumination, the poor video quality of this camera setup is inexcusable.
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on June 28, 2010
I just installed the Rear View Camera system in my 2003 Ford E350 "box van" as a
backup camera, and I have to say the construction of the camera is SOLID. VERY
heavy-duty build quality that looks like it will last. Performance is also very
good - in all but the sunniest of conditions, where it's a little washed out. I
have the monitor mounted on the windshield right where the rear-view mirror
would be installed (as my van has no mirror - no rear window!).

Now for the "cons":

1. The connector at the end of the camera wire is quite large. In my case, the
camera is mounted to a 1/8" stainless steel frame at the top/rear of the truck.
The camera connector calls for a 5/8" or larger hole to be drilled (larger if
you wish to use the included rubber grommet). That is fine if drilling a thin-skin
camper side. But 1/8" stainless is another matter altogether! I had to
buy a $20 5/8" bit, and it took 6 smaller holes to be drilled first before the
large bit would finish the cut. This single hole took 30 minutes in all to
accomplish. At even at that, it still wasn't big enough for the grommet, which
I abandoned and used caulk instead - I would have had to buy a larger bit to
make the 1" grommet fit. All of this could have been avoided if the connector
were smaller or better still, be just pig-tails to a connector block.

2. The way the camera and sun shield go together is just silly. It takes 3 arms,
and 19 fingers to line up all the holes and 6 screws. I had to do this installation
9 feet up a ladder! It ended up that I decided to modify the mount slightly - I
simply used a single screw (they are tiny - 4/40 or smaller, 3/16" long!) on each
side of the camera body first - then set the angle. Then I drilled out the center
hole of the sun-shield cover so it would go OVER the already-installed camera mount
screws - this way I could mount and aim the camera FIRST, then put on the sun shield.
The way it comes you have to do the mount, the camera, and the sun shield ALL AT THE
SAME TIME. This means lining up the shield center hole, the mount center hole, and
the center screw hole of the camera all at once, before inserting a screw not much
bigger than a large grain of rice... no small feat 9 feet up a ladder on the back
of my truck!

3. Because the sun shield/camera mating only has "fixed" screw locations, you are
limited in the exact aiming to one of 6 fixed positions. A much better solution would
have been to have the mount allow itself to be tightened into ANY angle position. I
had to settle for a compromise that allows me to see the extended truck bumper, but
is a lower angle than I would have preferred.

4. The manual is VERY spartan. It was no biggie for me or anyone used to putting things
together - but I can see where someone is going to have a tough time figuring things
out - the book doesn't really explain hardly anything as far as actual installation goes.

But other than that, it's a fantastic product - I just ordered 2 more cameras for it - one
to go inside the truck "cube box" to keep an eye on things inside, and the 3rd to point
more directly backwards to create something closer to a true "rear view mirror" view than
the "backup view" of the first camera, which I need to see my rear bumper when backing to
a loading dock.
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on January 27, 2017
Nice improvement for my old RV back up camera. This unit has infrared night vision that would not work behind the plastic lens so I had to install outside the RV. My existing wiring that ran through the roof of the Newmar RV was cut and spliced into the new cable for ease of installation as running new wiring was not going to be an easy task. System is up and running perfectly. There are some discrepancies with the pin outs listed in the manual but this should not be a problem with most folks.I am using this as a rear view mirror that is on whenever the engine is running.
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on April 24, 2017
Works absolutely great. It's been rained on for weeks, no sign of fog or leaks. Nothing to complain about. Would have been nice if they had an option of a shorter cable. Looking into a cheap 3g dvr for it, KKmoon probably. The quality is real good, but like anything under 1080p you can't see license plate #'s unless they're really close. The nightvision works phenomenally. I can see clear as day 100 feet. I mounted it on the upper brake light of my sprinter. The brake light can temporarily wash out the screen, so I adjust it so that it's darker during the day, and I taped up the top of the brake light. I think it's mostly just because I mounted it in a bad spot (till I get my roof rack). I leave it always on while the van is on, it's really handy for changing lanes too. Wiring it up was easy, just connect the trigger wire to positive to keep it always on. Don't be intimidated by the wiring, all you're doing is giving it power and ground and hooking up the supplied cables to where it is labeled. I decided to spend the extra money on this backup system from RVS because of their warranty. When I felt the weight of the camera in my hand I knew it was some high quality stuff. Very happy with my purchase. Yes they do make cams and monitors that allow 1080P HD nowdays but I prefer high quality with a good warranty over some no name china crap. The waterproof rating was what really sealed the deal.
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on October 5, 2014
I installed this rear view camera on my Toyota Tundra mid March 2014.
I am 70 years old and this is one of the rare well made product I had the chance to put my hands on in many decades. It is a solid unit manufactured to commercial specifications.

Installation of the unit was simple and made easy with the included instructions sheet. There are a number of interesting installation options and I have connected the unit to be "on" at all time (If I want to turn it off, I use the built in switch on the screen unit). The camera provides sharp images with good colors balance and the night vision is excellent.

As per today I am totally satisfied whit this product and I do recommend the RVS 770613 without hesitation. I am glad I did not go for the cheaper stuff available on the market.
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on March 10, 2016
I had my RVS professionally installed today and I'm glad I did. It was put in a 1985 Coachmen RV and what took the tech 4 hours would have taken me 10 and it would not have looked nearly as professional. They ran it along the rail on the roof and down next to a bathroom vent pipe behind the driver's seat. The picture quality is amazing and the audio is very sensitive. We placed it up high to see approaching traffic behind the RV as well as for backing. It serves both purposes well. I have not used in in low light conditions yet. I would highly recommend this product and I'm glad I chose to go with a wired model rather than wireless.
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on October 24, 2014
Great Camera, Amazon shipped the unit in 2 day. Just finished the install on my 2002 Fleetwood 37' motor home today. I ran the cable under the unit and cable tied all. I had to modify the camera mount to fit in the same hole the old camera was in. It is working great. I did have to order the Flushmount for the Monitor because the open from the old monitor was about 1 " bigger then RVS monitor. The Flushmount worked great also, great picture.
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on January 25, 2013
I received this back up camera and components and was immediately impressed with the quality. The only issue was the instruction manual which was somewhat vague and had some typos. But who reads manuals? I had one question which was VERY quickly answered by support staff which impressed me. I enlisted the help of two friends to mount the camera system on my F450 with a custom made storage unit on the back which eliminates the use of the rear view mirror. It was pretty simple to accomplish. The most difficult step was finding a good location for the the multiplexor box under the dash. The total install took about two hours to complete. It would be nice if the seller could offer different length of the cable which runs from the camera to the multiplexor box. We ended up having to bunch up quite a few feet to excess cable. I like knowing I can add two more cameras if needed. My current installation allows me to easily monitor hooking up my cattle trailer and my 5th wheel. No more hand gestures of various types toward my wife which she appreciates. The camera is somewhat effected by direct sun light but all cameras are. This unit has added to my sense of well being and safety while backing. The night vision is incredibly good. Highly recommended.
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