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on January 16, 2011
I just installed 15 of these in my 30 year old house with several recessed lights and fans.

It's a very good product and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It is flexible which is important if the recessed light is pushed up next to a stud or a joist, or if there are wires going everywhere.

I got the large one, the FF135, rather than the smaller one, the FF130E, because I was worried that the tighter enclosure might harness too much heat and the larger one would be more flexible to use.

It was a good choice to pick the larger one because nearly all my recessed lights had an electric box offset from the light itself, and with the larger one, I was easily able to cover both the light and the electric box. This made cutting (or tearing) the slit in the cover smaller because there were few wires to negotiate.

There were some bathroom recessed lights that even this larger one didn't fit over. They had some sort of box rather than the cup going through to the attic. However, this box appeared well insulated already so I don't think covering them with this product was completely necessary. Since I didn't check the exact configuration of each recessed light before I ordered them, I after finding out that some of these were too large, I was worried that I ordered too many. However, it so happened that I had the same number of fans that I also needed to cover because they also had some air leaks, so I ended up using all of the ones I ordered.

After I installed these, I felt immediate improvement in the insulation of the house. Drafts were less and heat seemed to stay longer. (However, I when crawling around the attic I also patched up some open holes in a sky-light shaft that were obviously a big source of heat loss.)

This product is definitely worth it and considering all the recessed lighting (and the accompanying heat loss associated with recessed lighting) that is installed in our houses these days, I am surprized this product and others like it are not more popular. Insulating is so important and this product plays a key role.

One comment about this literature on this product. Yes, it is easy to install -- assuming you can just walk right up to the recessed lighting cup in your attic and install it. However, this is rarely the case.

My house, which has fairly accessible attics still proved a real bear to get around and install these. Anyone who has ever been around an attic knows exactly what I mean. Blown fibre glass insulation, electrical, cable, phone thermostat wires, vents, PVC pipes, and thin joists to walk around on (don't step outside the joists, or your be falling through the ceiling!!!), and years and years of dust. Of course, that's assuming you don't find any furry little friends or hornet nests. One of the recessed lights I needed to get to was way deep in the rafters in about 12-18 inches of blown fibre glass. By the time I got to that recessed light, I had crawled through about 8 feet of dusty old blown fibre glass with less than 2.5 feet of head room. Good thing I wasn't clautrophic and in fairly good shape (been doing pushups recently), otherwise, it could have been ugly. But, this isn't a comment about this product -- just a general comment about doing any type of work in the attic.

Bottom line: it is a good and necessary product for insulating when there are recessed lights (or fans that may leak a little air into the attic). However, any thing you do in the attic can be VERY HARD WORK -- you need to be extraordinarily careful (so not to mess up wires, duct work, step through the ceiling, etc.) watch your head so you don't gash your head with roofing nails, and it's very strenuous because you always are needing to duck and crawl around areas that aren't designed for human beings.

I give the product a 4 because I (a) think it could be just a little cheaper (but I am not complaining) and (b) because saying it's easy to install ignores the harsh reality that anything you do in an attic is hard work (even if installing this particular product is easy once you climb around the attic).
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on June 10, 2011
I bought these since I was going to go with the Owens-Corning Atticat blow-in insulation package & needed something to cover my recessed lights.

During my insulation project, I had 2 major events go wrong, which Tenmat was very helpful in making them right:

1. Fed Ex dropped off the boxes (3) on our porch, and someone decided to steal them. Tenmat was quick in sending out replacements at a reasonable cost.

2. Once we opened them, we determined with had to ship back a majority of them because some of the lights were placed near the angle where the rafters meet the joists (i.e., there was no clearance for any cover at all). Once again Tenmat was reasonable in taking back this order.

So, I did use a few of them, and we resolved our insulation problem by swapping out our bulbs with LEDs. I wish the LEDs were cheaper, but I was not going to go another summer or winter without insulation.
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on December 17, 2016
I had ten non-IC rated can lights in the house I just moved into, great insulation around them, but the lights were open into the attic. With winter coming I installed these and with moderately cool temperatures could see an immediate 50 degree difference between the covered and uncovered light. Also the installation caused me to realize that one of the lights was buried under insulation and plywood, this could have resulted in FIRE. In addition to piece of mind we are already seeing a big difference between out average electrical bill and that of the previous owners. These were very easy to install, I just carefully tore them when the electrical line needed to go through and then sealed everything up with fire-rated great stuff insulation from a foam gun, the whole thing maybe took two hours and most of that was due to balancing on joists while doing it. Fine home-building has a great article on the alternatives to using these and why most options are bad, and more expensive at least due to time, also they discuss what your wires need to be rated at, and if they aren't what you need to do upgrade them to handle the extra heat under the covers.
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on August 20, 2016
i sealed 29 recessed light fixtures with these. easy install when you have adequate clearance , a bit tedious when you have to work around wiring and joists. easy to scissor cut to fit around obstacles. the company recommended a specific type foam sealer which worked well. my energy costs are down as a result of this product.
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on March 24, 2017
Good product works as described.
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on October 3, 2012
This is an excellent product to protect a non-insulation contact recessed light. The product is easy to cut and shape. Insulation can be packed around the covers to avoid air escaping through the ceiling. This is a very effective and useful product. The local building inspector was very impressed.
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on February 26, 2016
This is a very good product and an easy manufacturer to deal. They are very responsive.
I highly recommend.
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on December 14, 2013
These are BIG. When you get them, you'll think, "Shoot, why didn't I order the small ones?" That said, I'm glad I got the larger size; once up in the attic, they don't look as big, and it makes it very easy to install. They are easy to tear to fit the light supports and wiring. I used Great Stuff foam to seal the base and tears, which makes it a little more forgiving to install.
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on March 21, 2015
Covers work as promised and are reasonably priced. However, the first order was sent to my billing address which was the fault of Amazon. I would like to return the first order, but no return information was provided in the cartoon. I will have to contact Tenmat direct.
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on May 30, 2013
I bought those to insulate recessed light and to keep blow-in insulation touching the lights. They seem to fulfill that purpose even though it is hard to really determine if they actually do an excellent job. They don't appear to be very hot around the lights so since that was what I wanted, I am happy with them
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