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on October 1, 2017
The final say on what really happened.
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on August 13, 2015
Exceptional work..... Comprehensive and lays to rest all of the crack-pot theories of conspiracy once and for all.........
Prof. Timmy...... God Rest the Great American Vincent Bugliosi.......
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on November 28, 2005
Former Los Angeles Prosecutor Vincent T. Bugliosi has believed in Lee Harvey Oswald's sole guilt in the JFK assassination for many, many years. Mr. Bugliosi, in 1986, even garnered a "Guilty" verdict from a sworn-in jury during the 21-hour "mock trial" of Oswald, held in England ("On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald").

Mr. Bugliosi's still-in-the-making "Final Verdict", which has now been re-titled "Final Verdict: The Simple Truth In The Killing Of JFK" (projected release date of November 2006), will reportedly be a two-volume set of books, and will dive head-first into all aspects of the JFK assassination (per the original 1998 publisher's blurb about the book) and reveal beyond a reasonable doubt that no conspiracy existed to assassinate President Kennedy, and that Oswald (alone) murdered JFK. And given Mr. Bugliosi's reputation for preparedness, common sense, thoroughness, and logic -- such "Lone Assassin" arguments will be hard for anyone to dismiss (IMHO). Mr. Bugliosi, whom I have great respect for, has a habit of getting to the full truth of any subject matter he chooses to tackle. And I have no reason to believe that the JFK assassination will be any different in this regard. "Final Verdict", in this writer's pre-release opinion, is bound to be quite an eye-opener.

The following quotes were uttered by Vincent Bugliosi himself (over a period of several years), and they give an indication, in brief "snippet" form, as to what Vincent's general opinions are regarding the JFK murder and who was responsible for the crime. Not surprisingly, there's not a single mention in these quotes of how "Badge Man" on the Grassy Knoll fired the fatal shot. ............

"Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy. The evidence is absolutely overwhelming that he carried out the tragic shooting all by himself. .... In fact, you could throw 80 percent of the evidence against him out the window and there would still be more than enough left to convince any reasonable person of his sole role in the crime. .... The Warren Commission looked at a tremendous amount of evidence and concluded that Oswald acted alone. I've studied the evidence, and I agree." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; 1986


"Almost all of the current books on the subject deal with conspiracy theories. I believe there was no conspiracy, and I think I can convince the average reader in 25 pages that Oswald killed JFK." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; April 22, 2004


Mr. Bugliosi (while questioning Dr. Vincent P. Guinn during the 1986 "Mock Trial" of Oswald) -- "Doctor Guinn, there may have been FIFTY people firing at President Kennedy that day -- but if there were, they ALL missed; only bullets fired from Oswald's Carcano rifle hit the President; is that correct?" .... Dr. Guinn -- "That's a correct statement; yes."


"There was no plot, no conspiracy. JFK wasn't murdered by anti-Castro Cubans, the mob, or rogue CIA agents. In almost 40 years, there has not been one scintilla of proof tying the assassination to anyone but Oswald. There have been theories, but no evidence. Oswald had the motive, the opportunity, and the skill to kill President Kennedy." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi


"I agree with all of (Gerald) Posner's conclusions -- that Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone -- but I disagree with his methodology. There's a credibility problem. When he is confronted with a situation antithetical to the view he's taking, he ignores or distorts it." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi


"I am trying to finish my book on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There is a need for a book on the non-pro-conspiracy side. My view is that Oswald acted alone and that there was no conspiracy. I know that somewhere between 75 percent and 80 percent of the American people believe he was the victim of a conspiracy. .... Very few had heard both sides of the story. It was easier and more romantic to believe in the conspiracy. My book will show otherwise. Many of the conspiracy theories are appealing to the intellectual palate at first glance, but they do violence to all notions of common sense." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; April 6, 1997


Original Publisher's Blurb Re. "Final Verdict";

Via W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. (Spring 1998):

"Final Verdict", by Vincent T. Bugliosi (With Fred Haines) ..........

"It was the crime of the century, the most shattering public event most of us will ever live through. Much has been written about that day in Dallas, but never an account that laid all questions to rest - until now.

At 1:00 P.M. on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead, the victim of a sniper attack during his motorcade through Dallas. That may be the only fact generally agreed upon in the vast literature spawned by the assassination. Polls reveal that 85 percent of Americans believe there was a conspiracy behind Lee Harvey Oswald -- some even believe Oswald had nothing to do with it -- and in this astonishingly-encyclopedic and readable book, Vincent Bugliosi shows how we have come to believe such lies.

Bugliosi, brillant prosecutor of Charles Manson and best-selling author of the book, "Outrage", that hammered a chain of circumstantial guilt around O.J. Simpson, is perhaps the only man in America capable of "prosecuting" Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of John F. Kennedy.

His book is a narrative compendium of fact, ballistic evidence, re-examination of key witnesses, and, above all, common sense. Every detail and nuance is accounted for, every conspiracy theory revealed as a fraud upon the American public. While reading it we have the eerie feeling that we are in Dallas the day a lone gunman changed the course of history. Mr. Bugliosi's irresistible logic and absolute command of the evidence shed fresh light on this peculiarly American nightmare. At last we know what really happened; at last it all makes sense."


Additional notes re. Vince Bugliosi and his "Final Verdict"........

I've heard through the grapevine that Vince will be devoting several hundred pages of his book toward debunking the various conspiracy theories. So, I imagine, he's been plugging away, dealing with such conspiratorial nonsense as the following........

> "Badge Man".

> "Black Dog Man".

> "The Umbrella Man".

> Sewer Man.

> Dal-Tex Shooter(s).

> Oswald Was A "Patsy".

> The Single-Bullet Theory Is An LNer's Wet Dream.

> Puffs Of Smoke On The Knoll.

> Oswald Didn't Kill Tippit.

> Ruby Killed Oswald As Part Of A Conspiracy.

> Conspirators "Allowed" Ruby To Enter The DPD Basement In Order To Kill Oswald On Live TV. (LOL!)

> The Zapruder Film Is A Fake.

> Vast Numbers Of Dallas Police Officials Were "In" On The Conspiracy.

> Ruby Planted Bullet CE399 At Parkland.

> Ruby Knew Oswald.

> Tippit Knew Oswald.

> Gordon Arnold.

> Ed Hoffman.

> Jean Hill.

> A West-End TSBD Killer.

> James Files Killed JFK.

> Secret Service Agent Hickey Killed JFK.

> Limo Driver Greer Killed JFK.

> Acoustics Evidence Proves A Conspiracy Existed In Dealey Plaza.

> Oswald's Rifle Was Planted In The TSBD.

> The Three Bullet Shells Were Planted In The TSBD.

> The Empty Paper Bag Was Planted In The TSBD.

> Tippit Was "Assigned" To "Rub Out" Oswald Before He Could Talk.

> Marrion Baker Was "Assigned" To "Rub Out" Oswald Before He Could Talk.

> Michael Paine Was A Conspirator.

> George DeMohrenschildt Was A Conspirator.

> Santos Trafficante Was A Conspirator.

> Carlos Marcello Was A Conspirator.

> Clay Shaw Was A Conspirator.

> David Ferrie Was A Conspirator.

> Guy Bannister Was A Conspirator.

> John Connally Conveniently "Arranged" For The Motorcade To Pass By The TSBD.

> All Three Autopsy Doctors Are Liars and "Faked" The Official Autopsy Report.

> Gerald Ford "Conveniently" Moved JFK's Back Wound.

> The Warren Commission Was Comprised Of Only Evil People Who Wanted Nothing Better Than To "Cover-Up" Any Signs Of Conspiracy At All Costs.

> Ruth Paine Was An Evil Conspirator.

> The Oswald "Imposters".

> The Backyard Photos Are Fakes.

> The Autopsy Photos Of JFK Are Fakes.

> The Autopsy X-Rays Of JFK Are Fakes.

> All Of The "Oswald Evidence" In The Limo Was Planted.

> Oswald's Palmprint Was Lifted Off Him In The Morgue.

> Howard Brennan Is A Liar.

> Oswald Worked For The CIA.

> Oswald Never Went To Mexico City.

> All The Witnesses At The Tippit Murder Scene Are Wrong Or Liars.

> The Tippit Bullet Shells Are Fakes/Planted.

> LBJ Killed Kennedy.

> The Mob Killed Kennedy.

> The FBI Killed Kennedy.

> The Military Industrial Complex Killed Kennedy.

> The CIA Killed Kennedy.

> Castro Killed Kennedy.

> Khrushchev Killed Kennedy.



I left out about 57 other "theories", but I had to come up for air sometime. I was starting to drown in the CT-infested swamp. But you get the idea from the above list what Vincent Bugliosi is up against.

And Mr. Bugliosi has got to tackle all of 'em. Is it any wonder why Vincent's "Final Verdict" is taking so long?
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on October 23, 2016
Thorough outstanding book
Detailed, leaves no room for doubt. I would recommend this highly to anyone interested I knowing the truth behind the most prolific murder in American history.
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on January 19, 2015
Definitive, in depth, mind blowing in it's broad view of the case. It's physically massive but hard to put down. Included CD is a nice touch. Very impressive work.
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on February 4, 2017
great reading
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on May 25, 2017
I'll be brief. I've read so many books and watched so many news programs, documentaries, etc. It's fun/exciting to entertain the idea of a conspiracy that lead to JFK's assasination ... but when ALL of the information is presented as Bugliosi does here ... all of the conspiracy theories that were so fun to discover completely fall apart. Completely. One has to be willfully ignorant to believe anything other than the findings of the Warren Commission when ALL of the information they considered is made available to you. This is a must-read for anyone with the slightest bit of doubt that Oswald, idiot though he was, had the wherewithall and skill to pull off murdering the most powerful man in the world.
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on October 27, 2015
In a speech regarding this book, Vincent Bugliosi said this: "When they tell me that they think Oswald's innocent, I know one of two things: They're either completely unaware of the evidence, or they're just some silly person."

A proper review of this book would be as long as the book itself. Every aspect of the assassination is covered, more importantly every aspect of all the conspiracies are explained away. If you say you read this book and come away from it still to think that Oswald was either innocent or backed by some shadowy, lurking group, you are lying about reading the book.

Every angle of conspiracy is addressed and explained as to why it wasn't, or couldn't be. It isn't done with conjecture, which is all the conspiracy people have, explanations are not only done by citing testimony and evidence, but forcing you to follow up with the 'evidence' the conspiracy theorists have. One of many examples:

If a bullet can't zig-zag, which is the crux of the conspiracy theory, they must only travel straight. If they only travel straight, that means Connally was shot from a separate rifle. So, when the bullet came out of Kennedy's throat, where did it go? It had to go somewhere, and if you say it can only travel in a straight line, where did it go? The car wasn't damaged and no one else in the car was injured. I guess you now have to expand your conspiracy instead of admitting you are completely wrong. If you're wrong about such simple things, imagine what else you're wrong about in your life.

But I guess we're not mentioning Connally was seated inboard and lower than the President on a jump seat. What does that mean? It means you can draw a straight line through the both of them right to the window. But that doesn't make for an interesting story I guess.

As far as the book itself, 1600 pages with 1100 pages of end notes on a CD. It reads very smooth and it isn't over complicated. It is long enough that after you read it, you can read it again and find a lot of things you forgot about. Love it.
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on August 8, 2014
Simply put, if after reading this book you still believe in a conspiracy in the assassination of JFK, you are either using a "conspiracy theory" as a means of making money, such as writing conspiracy related books or you simply are unable or unwilling to connect dots beyond 2+2=4.
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on June 30, 2014
Almost anything Bugliosi writes is pithy, meticulous and pertinent. His legal mind cuts away the fat like a scalpel to reveal the important sinews of legal issues. In this very large tome he takes on the Kennedy Assassination. Part of the work is the dramatic four day narrative of that awful weekend in Dallas. This section has been published on its own as a separate smaller publication. Bugliosi tells what really happened and then goes through the various conspiracy theories like a legal buzz saw, revealing their logical bankruptcies, inconsistencies and just plain fantasies. This is a good first stop for anyone who wants to jump into the morass of the JFK assassination. At least you will be grounded before you wade through the rest of the swamp.
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