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on April 10, 2012
Recovery shows Eminem's latest work. Here is the track listing and what my opinion is. Note: There are no skits, unlike the rest of Eminem's albums.
1 - Cold Wind Blows
Incredibly vulgar, an Eminem classic. It's a pretty good song, kind of catchy. But it really shows Em returning to his comedic and vulgar roots (even though the Slim Shady persona apparently died).
2 - Talkin' 2 Myself
Features Kobe singing the chorus. One of the standoff-ish tracks. About Eminem feeling like he is the only person to ever go through his pain, and how he has been "talking to himself" for the time between Encore and Relapse.
3 - On Fire
Reminds me of Encore. Funny but serious, a great quality of Eminem. Many fans of the classic Eminem would be displeased.
4 - Won't Back Down
My personal favorite. P!NK performs the chorus wonderfully plus there's a great guitar riff. Three verses perfected by Eminem.
5 - W.T.P.
W.T.P. stands for White Trash Party. Belongs in Relapse. Possibly the funniest track next to On Fire. I like it, but it is one of the few songs from the album that failed to chart (the others being Seduction, So Bad, Going Through Changes, You're Never Over and Almost Famous).
6 - Seduction
Unnoticeable, I never cared for this one.
7 - Not Afraid
Not Afraid is the lead single, and deserves to be. This is Em's comeback song. With the motivational theme and the creative lyrics, this is Lose Yourself 2010.
8 - Going Through Changes
Doesn't stand out either. Uses an interpolation of Changes by Black Sabbath.
9 - No Love
Lil Wayne performs the first verse. Eminem has a great rap in this. Several interpolations of What Is Love? by Haddaway. My favorite single from the album.
10 - Space Bound
Great song. I love listening to this. Steve McEwan performs the chorus. Surprisingly, this is a love song. Eminem rarely, rarely, o so rarely, sings love songs. And it isn't about Hailie.
11 - Cinderella Man
A lot like Til I Collapse. I like the motivation in this song, too. Eminem sure likes bragging in this one.
12 - 25 To Life
The chorus is performed by Liz Rodrigues. Catchy, one of the standoff-ish tracks.
13 - So Bad
Also doesn't stand out.
14 - Almost Famous
I love the evil sound of the chorus, also sung by Liz Rodrigues. Eminem warns listeners about fame.
15 - Love The Way You Lie
Everyone knows Love The Way You Lie. Great song. Rihanna performs the chorus.
16 - You're Never Over
This song is pretty good. It shows Em SINGING (yes, singing)the chorus. I'm not too sure, but I believe this song is about Proof, the founder of D12 whose death heavily impacted Eminem.
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on June 30, 2013
I would have to say that this may be the least of my favorite albums of his although it's wonderful that he is in recovery from drug addiction. I'm sure it's probably a lot tougher trying to learn how to do everything without drugs, especially being in the public eye. But I felt this album was more cold and cruel than his last albums, but I guess that's what happens when you have to get to know the world again without the cushion of mind altering substances. I really liked So Bad, Space Bound, Talking To Myself. The rest I felt were kind of a cushion to protect himself from the depth of Space Bound? It's probably pretty hard putting out sweet, heartfelt lyrics to the public after going through so many public breakups.. But Space Bound was such a beautiful song- unfortunately the rest of the album is really harsh for me, and is shown through his portrayal of all these different brunette beauties in videos. The real question is, who is he really angry with?
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on June 21, 2010
Not comparing his previous work. Even at em's worst *Encore* he tries to create new music every album. When I say Em is back on that "Show" and "MMLP" I mean in quality of music. Eminem hasn't had a classic album since eminem show, over seven years! But I promise you recovery is everything you want to hear from Eminem and can finally bump the man's music in the car again. Just don't play seduce, he might take your girl from you ;)

1. Cold Wind Blows - 7.5 - While I don't love this track I can see it being a hit. Great beat though I can't say I love the flow or lyrics. Yeah some funny punchlines thrown in and some decent flows on verse 2 but with a crappy chorus can't say I love the track. It's not an amazing opener but a decent song none the less.

2. Talkin' 2 Myself - 9 - Amazing song talking about problems Em went through in last few years. He covers mostly issues on his mindset towards the rap game and such. The chorus done by Kobe is great and overall makes it a great song about Em's problems.

3. On Fire - 7 - Feels like a filler track. A few decent lines, a funny chorus, but a boring beat. Overall the weakest track on the album for me.

4. Won't Back Down - 7.5 - Some great punchlines but the beat is to loud for Em. However the flow on third verse is amazing. Decent song, good for the car.

5. W.T.P. - 8 - Funny goofy song with a fun chorus. Third verse actually has some great lines.

6. Going Through Changes - 9.5 - Besides a so/so final verse the song is amazing. Amazing chorus, amazing story told, a great beat, and most of all sad yet very truthful.

7. Not Afraid - 8.5 - The message is strong in this one. One or two corny lines and a so/so beat don't stop this single from being a great song.

8. Seduction - 8.5 - A great check to just sit back and vibe through. Eminem takes a twist on a love song and makes it that he sounds SO good he'll steal your girl from you with his music itself. Some great punchlines and a great beat.

9. No Love - 9 - An amazing song when it comes to Em's verse. Actually some of the best stuff he's ever written in his life. Also the sample is amazing. Lil wayne does a decent enough job.

10. Space Bound - 9 - Blown away by the beat. The first and third verse are amazing. A weak middle kinda hurts it but overall an amazing song that you can feel his love/hate and pain.

11. Cinderella Man - 8.5 - Good beat and two kickass verses held back by a weak chorus. Another verse and a better chorus would make this another Till I collapse.

12. 25 To Life - 9.5 - One of the best on the album. Eminem uses a theme used before on many rap songs yet doesn't reveal it to the very end. His anger sounds very real, the chorus is amazing, the beat is perfect, the lyrics are top notch. I wished it was another verse otherwise this song is one of the best on the album.

13. So Bad - 8 - Fun song once again. Funny lyrics, catchy chorus, and easy to vibe with track.

14. Almost Famous - 10 - Best song on the album. Eminem is back on his 8 Mile/SSLP vibe. He's angry, he's upset, he's mad, he's hyped, and most of all sounds hungry again. This is the eminem song that got me into eminem and every time it begins to play I get a hyped vibe.

15. Love The Way You Lie - 9 - Great single for eminem. Chorus is great, first and final verse are top notch. Even the second verse is decent. Overall the beat works well with both artist and overall the song is amazing.

16. You're Never Over - 9 - Great tribute to proof. Em lost his best friend but he doesn't wanna make a depressing song about it, he wants to celebrate his friends life when he was alive. However don't get confused, this song still can make you shed a tear. You can hear Eminem's sadness in this yet how proud he was to be friends proof. It was an amazing song, chorus and all. Just wish his first verse was as good as his second.

17. Untitled - 8.5 - Great finish up track and a fun track to go off on. It's funny, some great punchlines, good beat, great flow. He goes in hard on verse 2 and then verse 3 finishes it off great. Great track, similar to criminal and such.

Overall Eminem is BACK and in full force. Listen rappers out there, the king is back. You had 8 years to take over this game and now the man who releases 3 classics in a row is back in full force.
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on December 19, 2011
In my opinion, this is Em's best album ever. I love all his albums (except "Encore"), and I still think this is his best.

I even liked "Relapse", which many fans did not. However, I can still tell he was just getting off drugs, and it was a hard period for him during "Relapse". But with "Recovery", he comes back full-throttle.

1. Cold Wind Blows (10/10): Kick-ass song. It is the perfect opener for the album. It shows that Em is back on track, and that this is his real return. He goes hard on this song, and it is definitely the kind of song that makes me want to get up and dance (but I don't, because I'm a terrible dancer. Take my word for it).

2. Talkin' 2 Myself (10/10): Very personal song from Em. He opens the song by thanking the fans for baring with him over the past few years. He talks about the struggles he went through during his hiatus. He even talks about almost dissing Lil Wayne due to his jealousy. The song is all-around great, and the chorus sung by Kobe is catchy and perfectly fitting.

3. On Fire (2/10): I've never liked this song from my first listen, and I've listened to it many times in attempt to like it, but I just can't. The beat is boring, and it doesn't go anywhere. The lyrics are good, but the song is just boring. The chorus is quite weak, as well.

4. Won't Back Down (4/10): When I first heard Em and P!nk were collaborating on a track, I thought to myself "Oh no". Well, I still feel that way. Although the song has pretty good lyrics and Em goes pretty hard on this track, P!nk ruins the track for me. The chorus is obnoxious and doesn't fit the beat at all. In fact, I also think the beat is a bit too loud and obnoxious, as well.

5. W.T.P (10/10): Hey, welcome back Shady! But really, this is the first song on the album where I believe Shady makes a full return (though I think the Slim Shady persona was partially present in Cold Wind Blows). A very old-school Eminem track. Very catchy chorus, simple but very clean-sounding beat, and awesome lyrics.

6. Going Through Changes (9/10): I had to let this one grow on me a bit, but I love it now. I mainly had to let the chorus grow on me, not so much Em's verses. It is a very personal song about Em turning his life around, and the struggles of doing so.

7. Not Afraid (10/10): I'll never forget when my friend Ryan sent me this song. It was the first song I heard from "Recovery". I can't lie, it almost brought me to tears. It was this song that made me think "Finally, Eminem is back for good". I felt so proud of Em, and his maturing was extremely evident in this song. It is all-around amazing, and I love the fact that he reaches out to his fans.

8. Seduction (8/10): A pretty good song. This was another grower for me, but I do enjoy the track now. However, it is definitely not my favorite on the album. Very sexual song with great lyrics, but the beat seems to be lacking a bit. Still, a good track.

9. No Love (8/10): Now let me just clear this up: I am no Lil Wayne fan by any stretch of the means. However, he does a *passable* job on this track. The choice on sampling Hathaway on a rap song was a very interesting one. However, here it works well.

10. Space Bound (10/10): One of my very favorites on the album. I'll never forget the night I was in a car accident with my friend Tom. It was only days after "Recovery" was released, and this song was playing. Since then, I've been extremely attached to this song. I love the guitar work in it, Em's verses are tight, and the chorus is amazing. Just a beautiful song. Love it.

11. Cinderella Man (10/10): Another very Slim Shady-esque song. The beat is simple yet very catchy, and it has some great lines. Another one of those songs that just makes you want to get up and dance.

12. 25 To Life (9/10): Great chorus, great lyrics about the whole rap-game. I don't really have much to say about this one, it's just a great song.

13. So Bad (10/10): This is the most old-school Eminem track here. I've loved this song from the first listen. The lyrics are awesome, but what I really love is the chorus. It has a very mellow feel to it, and has some nice guitar work in there. I just love this song over-all.

14. Almost Famous (9/10): Great song about when Eminem was starting out, and he could feel himself reaching fame. Pretty much that "Almost there!" feeling.

15. Love The Way You Lie (9/10): A song about a dysfunctional relationship. Em shows some great anger here, and Rhianna's chorus is very fitting.

16. You're Never Over (10/10): A very heartfelt tribute to Proof. Although the chorus is a bit weak, it doesn't matter. The meaning is there 110%. A very nice tribute, and I'm sure Proof is proud of Em for having the bravery to release this song.

17. Untitled (8/10): Almost sounds like a freestyle. It has great lyrics, and Eminem is pretty much on fire, but the song itself doesn't seem to go anywhere. I mean it isn't terrible, but it's not my favorite here. Then again, I wasn't even aware that this song was on the album when I bought it, so I can't complain. Still decent.

18. Ridaz [Bonus Track] (9/10): Pretty good song. Not a slower song, but it is somewhat slower-paced. Has a simple beat, but it is catchy. Has a catchy chorus, as well.

19. Session One [Bonus Track] (10/10): Really bouncing track here. This one took quite a few listens before I liked it, but I like it alot now. It is a hard track, and Slaughterhouse does a very good job on this track.

Welp, that's my honest opinion on "Recovery". Take care!
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on June 26, 2010
After 2009's Relapse, I was like, wtf is going on with this album? Maybe I've just outgrown Eminem??? I use to play Eminem albums from start to finish, til I knew every word to every song. Not sure what happened on Relapse(the accent maybe?). Maybe the hooks weren't catchy enough for me("Be careful what you wish for" was the only track I listened to repeatedly). So I'm thinking, okay, Eminem is played out Drake's Thank Me Later is classic. I was nervous about purchasing this album, but oh boy was I suprised.

"Recovery" is the perfect title. Shady definitely regained his footing with this one. The production of every track is solid and Eminem's lyrics are beastly as expected. It's hard to pick favorite tracks b/c I love all of em. Favorite tracks (Love The Way You Lie ft. Rhianna, 25 to Life, No Love ft. Lil Wayne, Seduction, Not Afraid, Changes, Talkin' To Myself, You're Never Over) Eminem is back. Well worth the 10 bucks. Thank Me Later and Recovery should hold me over for the year.
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on November 5, 2011
Well lets take you back to 2005 when Eminem is currently touring the "Anger Management 2005 Tour", Eminem is struggling with his addiction to Vicodin, admits he has a addiction to sleeping pills, and is put into a rehab facility for a time period of 3 years. While still in rehab he releases his 1st compilation album along with a series of albums that followed such as:
"Curtain Call"(2005), Eminem: Presents The Re-Up (2006).

But enough talking lets get to the chase, it's 2008, and Eminem has finally sobered up and is now officially drug free. In 2009 Eminem released his first album in 5 years entitled "Relapse" which was better than his previous album "Encore", which had a-lot of critics raving. Later that year in 2009 Eminem releases another disc for Relapse entitled "Relapse: Refill to fill the fans over till Relapse 2 would drop which would of course be re-named "Recovery" released in 2010.

Now lets get to the actual album.

1. Cold Wind Blows 9/10
2. Talking To Myself Feat. Kobe 11/10 (Very impressive)
3. On Fire (This is a freestyle, not my favorite on the album though) 6/10
4. Won't Back Down Feat. Pink (Pop stars Pink and Eminem go very good together in my opinion) 9/10
5. W.T.P (White Trash Party, pretty impressive) I would give it a 10/10
6. Going Through Changes (Deeply describes his near death experience when he accidentally overdosed, this track includes references of his daughters). 12/10
7. Not Afraid (Eminem is now officially clean and is reaching out to people with a similar problem. 12/10
8. Seduction (Somewhat of a diss track, pretty impressive though) 9/10
9. No Love Feat. Lil Wayne (These two mold together very good) 9/10
10. Space Bound (Probably my most liked track on this album) 12/10
11. Cinderella Man (Just great in general) 12/10
12. 25 To Life (Don't really know how to describe this one) 10/10
13. So Bad (Decent track) 7/10
14. Almost Famous (great production on this track as well as many others) 12/10
15. Love The Way You Lie Feat. Rihanna (Pretty great) 8/10
16. Your Never Over (This is a tribute to fallen D-12 member and best friend "Proof", easily the best on the album) 12/10
17. Untitled (This is the freestyle that puts the whole album together, not sure why it was put after "Your Never Over". 9/10.
Very impressive I would give the album a ranking of 12/10.
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on September 21, 2012
This was a pretty good cd. Eminem is a very talented rapper. The best songs on this cd are


1. Cold Wind Blows
2. Talkin' 2 Myself
3. On Fire
4. Won't Back Down
5. W.T.P.
11. Cinderella Man
14. Almost Famous

if you hyave not listened to this cd before then i recommend you do
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on June 21, 2010
This has to be the best album i heard in long time. This remembers me of the old Eminem we, his fans heard in earlier album. This is as the title is called, The Recovery of his career , abuse of drugs and lose of his best friend, Proof R.I.P..The album is has to be most creative because he has used alot of different Producers on the songs. So, some fans may at first not like the beats on the album. The lyrics on all the songs are on point. You have a taste of all the different forms of him, from a serious, Talking to Myself & Going Thorough Changes; funny, W.T.P. & Almost Famous; Emotional, Love the Way You Lie & 25 to Life. The album is very well put together. It has a feeling that it flows from song to song. I personally like a few songs better than other but all are good. The album is in my opinion the best rap album of year and could be consider best over all album as well. It is a best buy for anyone who like hip-hop, music or who trying to get over somethings. You will listen this over and over.

1. Cold Wind Blows 9/10
2. Talkin' 2 Myself Feat. Kobe 15/10
3. On Fire 8.5/10
4. Won't Back Down Feat. Pink 9/10
5. W.T.P. 9/10
6. Going Through Changes 15/10
7. Not Afraid 15/10
8. Seduction 10/10
9. No Love Feat. Lil Wayne 20/10
10. Space Bound 10/10
11. Cinderella Man 9/10
12. 25 to Life 20/10
13. So Bad 9/10
14. Almost Famous 9/10
15. Love the Way You Lie Feat. Rihanna 9/10
16. You're Never Over 9/10
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on October 28, 2016
this is the album that made me respect Eminem as not just a good musician.. but a great human being. he's realized his faults and was man enough to realize he had to change. if you are struggling with depression i strongly recommend you take a look at this album. very inspirational.
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on May 25, 2017
Not because of the content, content is on fireeee but it came in cracked and the case is completely broken now so a little sad. Just be careful when buying things online, just go into the store for stuff like this.
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