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on December 24, 2011
When Red Dead Redemption came out I wasn't very interested, it looked like GTA in western times to me. Well that was an incredible mistake but one I am glad I made, why? Well you see, I do not have Xbox LIVE and therefore I can not get any DLC for any game I own and since the Game of the Year Edition comes with all the DLC already there it just made it that more great for me! The reason I finally bought the game was because it came with Undead Nightmare and I LOVE zombies, I could have bought the DLC alone but I decided the actual game wouldn't hurt since the DLC might be pretty short.

The Story:
The story for Red Dead Redemption blew me away John Marston (The main character) is an excellent and well made character who seems to always be in the middle of the right or wrong path. He is sent to hunt down his old gang members from when he was an outlaw in exchange for his family that the government has kidnapped. While it may sound simple at first you will soon see that it is nothing close to being easy. I expected the story to bore me, believing that the game would be more focused about sandbox environment and free roam rather than the story, boy was I wrong! This is now my favorite game, John Marston is a wonderful character that I absolutely love, I know I didn't touch much on the story but I am trying to be as spoiler free as possible.

The gameplay is awesome, I also had a "meh" expectation for the gameplay because it takes place in the west so I thought I'd be using a gun or two but once again I was wrong. There are so many different weapons they all feel different in their own way, the options of weaponry let you have the option of choosing how to approach certain situations for example, you may go into an area with your guns blazing and just take an all out offensive on your enemy or you can lasso them and bring them back to the town to face what they have done. There is also some knives and throwing weapons that can be used for stealth attacks, though I didn't really seem to go into that part of the gameplay much since your usually out in the open and the general enemy would be a tad difficult to stealth kill.

The game looks amazing, each area has it's own unique look and there isn't a sudden abrupt change, as you move from one area to the next you'll notice the land slowly becoming more similar to the next area, the animals in the game (that you have the option of hunting and skinning so you can make a few bucks) are so much fun and there are so many animals to see and/or hunt. Some may be docile and flee while others may be aggressive and attack you, some animals will even pretend to flee and return when you have your back turned or with a group and attack you. Lets get to sound, now.. Usually I don't pay much mind to the sound, it's there but there is never anything that pops out to me personally. But this game has an amazing soundtrack, and even the sound effects of certain actions are awesome! The voice actors are incredible, the animals are realistic and the music just pulls it all together in a beautiful looking game.

The reason I bought the game.. Well, I will admit that the DLC is very fun but I am very glad I didn't purchase it alone because I would have missed out on such an amazing story in the main game and the DLC did in fact feel very short (To me anyway) There are also DLC costume and weapon packs that are already in the game, so that was fun too but I'll focus more on Undead Nightmare here. The zombies are.. Well.. Zombies! I was so pleased to find out that only fire or a head shot could kill them, shooting them in the arm, chest, leg, or anywhere besides the head will not kill them! Isn't that awesome?! I actually found myself not really using guns because it was so much fun to get close up and smack them on the side of the head with a tomahawk. The story is good, not as good as the main one. What sticks out in this is definitely the gameplay, not only do you get to fight zombies but you also get new weapons that you can't get in the main game! Also the animals can become undead which I found to be a nice touch, an added bonus to having animals becoming undead is that your horse can become undead also! My horse was killed by a small horde of zombies and once I whistled it returned to me looking like it had been dead and chewed on. The Undead horse has unlimited stamina but is also a bit more difficult to control as it sometimes will try to steer in its own direction rather than yours. There are also a few mythical creatures in the game that I will let you find out about for yourself.

Gameplay, story, visuals and audio is great!
DLC comes free already in the game so you don't need Xbox LIVE
Free Roam + Sandbox environment, what's not to love?

Minor bugs and glitches
There is a Multiplayer aspect of the game but I wasn't able to even play it because it requires Xbox LIVE, so keep that in mind.
Now I don't want to scare anyone from this product, it is indeed awesome but personally I had a game freeze a few times, they were NOT often and only happened about three or four times and my game or console was not harmed by it in anyway.

If you like westerns, free roam, huge areas for gameplay or anything like that, BUY THIS NOW. It is a great game and in my opinion it is well worth the price since you don't need internet access to get the DLC.

P.S. This is my first review, I apologize if I wasn't very good, I tried my best and just wanted to let everyone know how much I LOVE this game! Have fun!
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on October 28, 2017
If you like skinning animals, riding horses, pissing off locals, being a gentlemen, shooting birds from a moving train, outrunning lawmen, becoming a lawman, betraying the lawmen, outrunning the lawmen, shooting bad guys, shooting good guys, saving women, deciding not to save women, collecting herbs, wearing badass clothes, owning a lot of badass guns, winning money from strangers, hunting outlaws, killing cougars with a knife, silencing witnesses, abusing dynamite,

buy the game already.
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on January 15, 2017
Pure Excellence. Just buy it, lock yourself in a room for a few hours and play it. It's much better than you remember. Also the update Xbox One case design is beautiful.
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I've always thought Rockstar was one-step from making GTA into a perfect game but they always had to get too cute with GTA. Not with RDR, even the Undead DLC is a ton of fun. What's more fun than jumping on an automatic mounted chain-machine gun and mowing down hordes of zombies? I think a big part of the fun with RDR is the main character John. Unlike GTA, especially V, you don't feel a polarizing feeling towards John. The story and his backstory draws you in. You could be just like him .. you know, if you lived in the old west. You're going to get attached to the character, his family and you'll even enjoy the parts that normally would feel repetitive. I will say Skyrim and Fallout are also good at doing this. All video games, in my 30+ years of gaming, become boring. They drag. It's going to happen but if the developer can make you feel like you're accomplishing something for your character, you don't notice it as much. RDR does that. I'll give an example with GTA. I really like the GTA games but I eventually get tired of "playing by the rules". Like when GTA San Andreas had you destroying the comic book guy's remote helicopter toys and you had to use a remote helicopter toy to do it. In RDR, there's no real restrictions, if you can kill those legendary animals with a knife, have at it. Want to throw dynamite at them? You can. Or you find them from a distance, get your Carcano Rifle out and try to snipe the elusive beast.

My teenage son said it best, "Everything in it feels epic". I think that's what makes this game so great. From the side challenges like trying to skin X amount of a certain wild animal to trying to poke a knife between your fingers in a QTE game to my personal favorite moment of the game. You've just realized you have a bunch of animal skins to sell but haven't saved. Then you hear it. The sound of a cougar attacking. Those will kill you before you can get your gun pulled, kill your horse too. It's such a fun, intense moment in a usually mid-paced game. The characters throughout the game are either crazy or hilarious or both. Just wait until you have to run behind the bank and hunt the critters. It's a relatively violent, harsh game that doesn't use gore or shock to make it violent. It's almost like an old west simulator. I've had Red Dead Redemption 2 preordered since last summer. Even worse, I decided to switch from the XB1 to PS4, so now I'm going to have to cancel my XB1 preorder and preorder it on PS4. I would rate it as one of the greatest games ever made. The game that comes the closest in old west style is Gun. Nowhere near as challenging as RDR but similar gameplay and setting. By the way, it works great on BC. I've played it all the way through twice on 360, once on XB1 BC and wouldn't be surprised if I try it on PS Now.
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on June 4, 2012
There is so much to love about this game that I don't know where to start! You assume the role of John Marston, a retired outlaw whose family is abducted by the government and used as a bargaining tool; John can see his family once he kills the remaining members of his former gang. John's quest sends him across the American West (specifically a fictionalized Texas and Mexico) of 1911, where locomotives are nearing their Golden Age, automobiles are just seeing the light of day, horses are the main form of transportation, and lawlessness abounds. This is an open-world game where you can explore at will, hunt, take on storyline quests as well as numerous sidequests, play minigames (like poker, horseshoes, blackjack, or liar's dice), purchase weapons and clothing, and try to bring peace to your part of the world. Marston is a lovable and complex character who likens his former-self to Robin Hood and his current-self to a simple but honorable husband, though in truth he straddles the line between the good and the bad (and maybe even the ugly when you consider the scars on his hardened face). The characters you encounter are both charming and despicable, and always full of life. You can play as a fearless justice or ravage the land with your cruel deeds; the choice is yours. Horseback-riding is a ton of fun, the visuals, particularly the open plains at sunset, are gorgeous, and the controls are fluid and easy to pick up. The story, gameplay, and exploration will undoubtedly get you hooked. And then there is multiplayer...

In addition to the single-player experience (which includes the exciting zombie-mode, Undead Nightmare) there is a multiplayer mode. Actually, there are more multiplayer modes than I can name here! You choose a character, a horse to ride, and a title that other players will see just for fun, then get dumped in a free roam session, which plays much like the regular game. From there you can carry out missions with other players, verse them in minigames or alternate modes (like capture the flag or horse races), team up with a posse, or simply try to be the last man standing. You earn money for completing objectives or killing people, and the money you earn increases your online level (up to level 50) and allows you to unlock new weapons, mounts (they're not all horses), and titles. Although the online system could be more streamlined (you have to wait until you're in a free roam session before you can enter specific game modes), it is really enjoyable and never boring because of how much there is to do!

In short, Red Dead Redemption is not a game to be missed for open-world game fans, even if you don't enjoy westerns (I didn't think I would until I picked up this title). It is hands-down the best Rockstar title I've played, and I don't remember the last time I grew so attached to a main character. I applaud Rockstar for the top-notch dialogue, voice-acting, and story, on top of the engrossing gameplay. And, with nearly 100 achievements to unlock, this is a game that will keep you coming back for more!
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on December 6, 2013
I do not know what else to say other than this is the greatest game I have ever played. If you haven't play this by now, spend the $15-20 and buy and you will not be disappointed. The story is AMAZING, the graphics are out of this world, the game is easy to pick up and play and just sucks you in. There are many side missions to keep you playing for a long time. The Zombie add-on is just more icing on top of a double frosted cake, I wont spoil anything, just buy it already and thank me later!

If you like games, like westerns or just love good things, buy this game and you will not be disappointed.
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on July 18, 2016
Probably my favorite game I have ever played. The sheer size of the world the game takes place in is amazing, especially considering the game is already 6 years old. With the great story line, endless side missions, and tons of ways to find yourself distracted out in the wilderness, this game is a must play for anyone that has not yet played it. Once you have beat the game play the Undead Nightmare for even more fun.
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on June 27, 2017
If you've ever played this you know why this is amazing. Works on the Xbox One. Really wanted to play this again, and since no one seems too keen to release on PC, at least I can play it again without having to hook up the 360.
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on February 7, 2014
I've been playing Rockstar developed & published games since my early pre-teen ages, and have grown up with their style since Grand Theft Auto I on the PlayStation One in 1998. I have come to love their style when it comes to games and even just their Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) for their graphics capabilities, which are definitely pretty nice. I got this game long after it's release, just because it didn't sound very interesting and whatnot. Turns out, this game is one of my favorites now. The plot of the game is really good and especially interesting if you have any fondness of the "Old West" or like history of that time period. The game is also pretty long, if you participate in some of the side missions and explore a bit and hunt animals and so on. The graphics, as I said, are pretty nice, a little 2-D, but nothing that makes it anywhere near unplayable. In regards to the Undead Nightmare DLC that comes with this version, it is really fun. It's quick to beat, but its entertaining and I couldn't stop playing it until I beat it and had all of the horses in it and everything.

So in general, this game (especially the GOTY edition) is worth every bit of the money I paid. This game, in my opinion is still work about the same money it would have sold for retail as a new release ($60). If you like Rockstar, the old west, good plotlines, and general open-world fun, this is a great game. 10/10.
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on January 15, 2018
This game is awesome! If you love GTA, you will love this game too. This is by Rockstar, the studio that brought us GTA. You are John Marsden, former outlaw, husband, father, and gunslinger. Duels, horse riding and breaking, lassos, animal hunting, more side quests than you can shake a stick at (although why you would be inclined to shake a stick at a game is beyond me), and more.
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