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on November 15, 2012
Taylor Swift has become the #1 name in pop music, having the catchy first single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and having her new album (this one) go Platinum in five days. This album is definitely up to all the hype and sales, and Taylor Swift truly deserves all the attention she is getting - even if she doesn't want all of it, given the necessary poke at the paparazzi she gives in "The Lucky One."

Highlights of the album include:
-The arena-rock opener "State of Grace" when Taylor explores a sudden relationship
-The title track "Red" about the colorful lust of a past relationship
-"22" about the joys of being that age
-The true-to-form "I Almost Do" where Taylor wonders about the yearning of her ex
-The cute ballad "Stay Stay Stay"
-"The Last Time," a strong and harmonious duet with Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, about both sides of an on-and-off relationship gone sour
-The disco rock "Starlight" which shows an exploration of new genres that go beyond strumming a guitar
-The closer "Begin Again" and Taylor's heart pumping red again

Other songs such as the Dan Wilson-produced "Treacherous," the Max Martin collaboration and mega-hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," the aforementioned "The Lucky One," the reflectional "All Too Well," and the eerie "Sad Beautiful Tragic" that's everything "Last Kiss" from Speak Now should have been all live up to expectations as well. "I Knew You Were Trouble," an over-produced rant of self-blame and misfortune, and although it is written as typical Taylor Swift fare, it becomes annoying.

Although the album has some disappointments, like the forgettable "Holy Ground" and the waste of a duet with Ed Sheeran ("Everything Has Changed," a random, unfocused mess), it is overall a very strong effort that lives up to the A+ work of "Speak Now" two years ago. Even if it is long and has a few duds, it's still well worth a purchase given that over half of the songs are worth listening to. Keep in mind: This is a pop record, even with its few country moments on "Treacherous" and "I Almost Do," and if you're looking for more Fearless-era Taylor Swift, this isn't it. She's growing as an artist in her own direction and trying to discover what her true calling is. Although there are songs that seem to be from different albums here, this sixteen-track set is exploring the variety and evolution of Taylor Swift's songwriting, and the music reflects it.
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on October 28, 2012
"Red" by Taylor Swift continues Taylor Swift's musical journey of love and life. "We Are Never Getting Back Together" was an ok song, but I fortunately heard other tunes on this cd that I like more. The following are some of the other strong songs on her cd: "Sad Beautiful Tragic", "Red", "I Knew You Were Trouble", "The Last Time", "Everything Has Changed", "The Lucky One" and "Starlight". This cd is best for those who have liked either "Love Story" or "You Belong With Me" (due to the songs being in a similar musical vein).
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on July 1, 2016
Before this came out. Taylor Swift was never straight ahead country. But she had a fan base that any artist in any kind of music would have liked to have had. With this cd. She is going in more of a pop direction. But her songs are still being played on country radio. I dont like this cd as much as the ones before it. The title song Red is a good song about all the different emotions of a relationship. And I have always thought she was a great writer. She really has a gift especially to be so young. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is maybe my least favorite song of her's. It is over the top. 22 is good. Everything Has Changed and Begin Again are my favorite songs. I wish she would go back to her roots. But this cd sold about a zillion copy's then she went full fledged pop. Her older songs are still getting played on country radio. so I guess I'll have to settle for that.
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on December 8, 2013
I believe that my reaction to Tay Tay's musik is unique but incase I am wrong. I recommend this musik for anyone who is looking for something to listen to while they write fictional short stories and novels. Unlike 99% of all other lyrical music this musik will help you think and feel energized to write more over the long haul. Typically only classical musik is supposed to have this effect for writers but *shrugs*

Amazon's little thing asked why I gave it 5/5 stars and so that is my answer. I imagine that is what a reader is after... whether I recommend it for them to listen to and I most assuredly, absolutely and abundantly do. I find it difficult to imagine a situation a situation where this is untrue. Thus I suggest I may be more than a little biased... or absolutely crazy.
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on June 7, 2014
I enjoy most genres of music, and the gauge I used to evaluate the quality of an album is twofold. I note the percent of the songs I like, and the degree to which I like the songs. I would say I enjoy about 60-70% of the songs on the album which is pretty high considering some albums COUGH IMAGINE DRAGONS COUGH have one good song and that is it. The first several songs are mild and likable and you don't have to enjoy country music (I don't) to like this particular album. It is mostly a lot of breakup and romancer songs, shocker, with a little country twist to pop rock to varying degrees.
While the landmark song is "22" which is a real get up and dance around your room song, I thought "All Too Well" was brilliant and deep and heart wrenching. There are a few tears and some dancing, and just mellow songs you can leave on in the background. For reference I grew up on Alt Metal and Punk music and currently listen to Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Less Than Jake, among a dozen other bands and would recommend anyone give this accessible album a try.
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on July 14, 2015
I think this was one of Taylor's most mature albums and best works. "All to Well" was definitely the highlight of the whole album and probably one of her best songs to date. "I Knew You Were Trouble." is easily the weakest song and obviously written just for airplay and catchiness. Sometimes, I feel the album doesn't transition between tracks very well because of how different each one sounds. But overall, I would recommend for pop music lovers to at least give it a listen.

Favorite songs:
-All Too Well
-Everything Has Changed
-Begin Again
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on December 27, 2012
I am reviewing this as a 40 year old adult, father and musician so keep that in mind. I have been listening to her music since her first album started being heard on the radio in 2006. I really liked the maturity in song writing and her choice to not follow the wrong path that 90% of other teen pop stars and musicians seem to have and are taking. She has managed to avoid scandals and is really a music star I am comfortable with my daughter following. But then her next couple of albums athough having some good songs on them seemed to me to show some confusion as to what kind of music she really wanted to be, i.e country of pop. Then, in about 2010, my 9 year old daughter, who is also somewhat of a musician having played piano for about 4 years now and also taking voice lessons, discovered her and really liked so we ended up buying all her albums and listening and singing along to them in the car. Still I didn't care for Fearless and Speak Now as much as the self titled Taylor Swift album. They just seemed to be stuck somewhere between genres and never grew on me. We'll, my daughter and I had since moved on to other listening preferences as of late until we heard a track from her new album "Red". I think it was either "I Knew You Were Trouble" or "We're Never Getting Back Together" to which my daughter loved and it kind of raised an eyebrow on me, but still hadn't taken the time to listen to the whole thing until my nephew, who is also a young, very talented, aspiring musician, texted me a few days ago and told me it was on Amazon for $2 and that he had gotten it and it was really good. Well, being one to never let a good deal pass me by I swiftly sat down at computer and listened to all tracks online and promptly purchased it. Ok, now for the review. I am not exaggerating when I say I have had it on repeat on my iPhone since then listening to it everywhere I go and have even learned a couple songs on my acoustic guitar. She has really emerged with definite resolution as a modern pop country music star along the same lines and talent level as Lady Antebellum. She is to be taken serious at this point as a force to be reckoned with genious and talent wise. Her music has matured past teen infatuation and first love breakup type heartbreaks to facing and tackling adult type issues that teens don't have a clue about. Yet, her playfulness and funny side shines through too. There is very mature content in some songs and others that make you want to dance and laugh and others that have such catchy hooks that I can't help but grab my guitar and work through the chord progressions. I have been around and listened to a lot of music in my 40 years from classic rock to heavy metal to country and pop and I like music in all genres and this album has found it's way into my regular playlist (which right now is mostly singer/songwriter/pop music like John Mayer. Jason Mraz, Colbie Callait, Maroon 5, and Lady Antebellum). I realize she is going to get a lot of grief for her departure from country music but for those country fans she loses she will undoubtedly gain a sizeable portion from the pop music crowds. And for us guitar players her music is not so complicated that an intermediate player can't figure it out, like Mayer's early acoustic pieces. I highly recommend this album it is a full rich, deep album that will have you singing and dancing along to one song and then rip your heart out the next one with lyrical content that usually comes from years of experience and her chord progressions and phrasing is both catchy and logical. Buy it and enjoy it; it's really good, in my opinion.
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on December 18, 2012
Taylor Swift is cute. I mean, that's my opinion of her and the opinion of many others. Very few see her as a true artist who has diversity in songs--she does the same lyrics and the same style every time. There isn't much to call art, to be honest.

That was until this album was released.

Granted, WANEGBT wasn't artistic in any regard (still pondering that Grammy nod...more likely a "thank you for hosting the nominations concert" treat), but that was not indicative of what was to come on the rest of the record. If you are a dire-hard country fan, you will be disappointed by this album. Then again...why are you listening to a Taylor Swift album in the first place? Her last two albums were more pop than country, so I don't really see a worthy criticism in that regard.

The album opens and doesn't reach a weak point until...well, track 10. State of Grace is a U2 throwback that can only be described as epic. Red is the song everyone (male and female alike) will blare with their windows down on the highway. The gradual crescendo on Treacherous is absolutely wonderful, leading into I Knew You Were Trouble. I never thought that I would see the day when DUBSTEP was in a Taylor Swift song and it worked...but I guess I did. This is one of the best songs released this year and will be a bona fide smash hit on the Hot 100, no doubt.

I just realized how long this album was and how great it was and how repetitive I would be if I went through each and every song and said how wonderful it was, so I will say which tracks were bad.

The Last Time - Meh. nothing appealing about this. Slow and groggy would be two choice words to describe it.

Starlight - VOMIT. Horrible. Sounds like a throwaway Selena Gomez track.

That's it, honestly...The Ed Sheeran Collab was PERFECT, and BEGIN AGAIN WILL MAKE ANY GIRL CRY. Just saying.

A solid fourth album. She has made me a fan.
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on July 9, 2014
This girl is amazing. She has to be one of the greatest artists of her generation. I love every track on this CD.
I originally bought her debut album when I found out she was from Berks Co. PA. I wanted to support a local artist but ended up discovering a new all-time favorite. I buy at least one copy of all her albums, one for me and one for the family
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on August 31, 2013
I am not in the typical demographic for a Taylor Swift fan - I am 60 and male, and I never thought I would have any use for her music. This CD changed that. I heard a couple songs and ended up buying the CD and eventually fell in love with every track. Almost a year later and I play this CD more than ever, almost every day. I ended up getting all of her previous CD's, even the Christmas one and Beautiful Eyes, and while there are wonderful songs on each one, "Red" is the first one that is flawless. Taylor is a natural songwriter, with a very good lyrical sense, and her voice has improved, and the music itself has grown way beyond the country-folk pop of the earlier albums. I saw her Red tour in Chicago and it was the best concert I have seen in all my years. I can't wait for he next CD! And her next tour!
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