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on March 30, 2017
I wanted bentonite clay for both internal and external use. This clay was mentioned in a few of the health blogs I follow but I was concerned because some of the reviews said that it had a different label than the one in the product description and theirs reads: for external use only. I couldn't find a comparable product so I took my chances and ordered this one because the price kept increasing. Sure enough, I received a product with a different label than advertised. My product label reads: for external use. I was very annoyed so I called the company and spoke with a woman who explained that there are new rules for labeling products that are used for internal use. For whatever reason, companies must use two different labels, two different descriptions and two different containers. So even though their clay is fine for both internal and external use, they must sell one with a label that says external use only and another with a label that says for internal use. Redmond is in the process of making new labels and marketing them separately but the clay inside is exactly the same clay. This employee says that this clay is safe to drink, eat, apply as a mask, brush my teeth with, make a shampoo with, etc...
I've done all of the above except shampoo. I love it as a mask. It made my face really soft and clean. It helped me pull toxins from my armpits so that my homemade, natural deodorant works well. I've been drinking it about 1-2 times a week with psyllium husks and/or activated charcoal to help my gut. I haven't had any issues taking this internally. I haven't noticed many benefits but I'm gonna keep trying. I've made a mineralizing tooth powder with this and other ingrediants and I really like it. I'll definitely be buying this product again once this tub runs out.
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on April 20, 2016
If I could only have one thing in my medicine cabinet it would be a jar of Redmond Clay. It has saved me so many times. The healing properties will boggle your mind. I use it to treat any wound or infection my family might get. First, I mix it with a small amount of water to make a paste. Then, I apply the poultice to the wound and cover it with Saran Wrap. Around the edges of the Saran Wrap I put medical tape to keep oxygen out so the clay doesn't dry out. It must stay moist on the wound! The clay has enormous drawing power to suck the infection or bacteria right out. I think of it this way- it's taking the bad stuff out all the while infusing all the minerals your body needs to heal right into the wound. It's amazing.

While on vacation my daughter severely sunburned her legs. She was hysterical, and in so much pain. I've never seen a sunburn that bad. We were in the middle of nowhere and hours from a hospital. I mixed up a lot of clay and coated her legs from the knee down. It looked funny, of course, but the clay cooled her legs down enough for her to go to sleep. In the morning we washed it off and couldn't believe our eyes that the burn was almost healed. It's the stuff miracles are made of, I tell you.

We have also used it for scorpion stings (apply as fast as you can and cover so the poison can be sucked out), other insect bites like bee stings, acne, and blisters, and detox baths. Another main use of the clay in our home is for stomach ailments. If you suffer from heartburn and are tired of taking antacids I suggest you try this. We mix a small amount in a mason jar or water bottle, put the lid on, and shake vigorously until all the little chunks are broken up. It's instant relief. It's also good for upset stomachs and diarrhea.

I have been using Redmond Clay for about 6 years now. It's something that I won't ever let us run out of. I always pay full price for it, and I consider it very inexpensive for how much I get and the wide variety of uses it offers.
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on March 3, 2013
I tried this clay because I heard comments about its effectiveness from several different sources including health practitioners. The online comments make interesting and encouraging reading.
It works beautifully to clean out the digestive tract without sending you running to the bathroom. It sounds like a harsh thing to do, swallowing clay, but it has a gentle and thorough action on the gut. When mixed with water negative ions are formed which attract deposits stuck to the intestinal walls so they are eliminated from the body. There can be pounds of this stuff in there!
I read that among the great effects this clay has is not only the completeness of the elimination it brings about but it is done in the absence of any foul odor. I actually found this to be true!! I was really impressed.
When it comes to preparing the mixture, as some users complain, it does take a bit of effort but after using it a while and thanks to some suggestions from other reviewers I have found a comfortable and effective way to use it. After establishing how much is best for you to use, if you add some to water and let it sit a few hours it blends more easily into a paste which can be spooned out and mixed with a glass of water as needed. It does not spoil so it can sit around for a while. It should be taken with a tsp of psyllium powder in a glass of water to make sure the bentonite moves freely through the intestine.
Very pleased with this regimen.
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on July 28, 2016
This stuff is amazing! I've used it to make a bug bite salve, a natural toothpaste, an armpit detox, a facial mask, a foot detox and a digestive aid. It is something I keep handy as it is so versatile.
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on April 5, 2015
I bought this to mix in some water and drink every day as a detox, but my favorite use for it is on acne. This stuff will make a pimple disappear faster than my $40 dermatologist topical ointment! I will definitely purchase again.
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My gut flora was ruined 10 years ago from a heavy course of antibiotics, all the probiotics over the years have not restored my intestines to what they were, and the movements were loose/liquid every morning. This was not only a nuisance and a time-waster but increasingly bad for health long term, and I am SO thankful that a tablespoon of this powder dissolved in a cup of water each night has given me back normal solid, clean-wipe movements each morning - as well as the vast improvement in how I feel - headaches and head-tension from that bad internal state is gone as long as I use this.

I typically take a week's worth of the powder and blend it with water in a large pitcher of water with a stick blender so it's totally smooth and ready to drink. A shaker is NOT sufficient, the clay will stay in lumps and clumps no matter how long and how hard you shake (even days later). For a single serving cup, a spoonful in a cup of water can be blended sufficiently with a high-speed drink frother wand, but it won't be quite as smooth as a larger quantity pre-blended with a stick blender and allowed to thicken/gel at least overnight. After drinking this for a couple of years now, it still amazes me how different the taste and texture is from when it is first blended vs. a day later. Vast improvement.

I've tried other brands and either the taste was off/bitter, the texture oddly never thickened, or it simply did not work to solidify and bind my bowels. This Redmond brand clay makes a creamy, smooth, mild tasting mix, and more importantly it works to cure chronic loose stools. Depending on what the problem is you're using it for, you have to start with smaller amounts and slowly work your way up to see what the optimal amount is for you. For me, it takes 2-3 days before a particular nightly dose fully manifests in my system, so it's definitely something that takes some time to experiment with to find the right amount. You don't want too much though, because that will firm things up to the point of constipation.
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on December 16, 2016
I originally bought this for homemade toothpaste but have since found so many uses for it. Facial masks, skin irritations such as any bites, stings, even psoriasis and eczema which my son and daughter have. I've ingested it several times as well when I felt a tummy bug coming on and it works like a charm. Never have a family without keeping some clay around!
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on September 10, 2016
This is a great product it really get things moving and your body gets a very thorough cleaning and it doesn't take long to see the results !!
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on January 17, 2017
bought this little bottle to give it a try for facial and internal issues. Drink it mixed up with 22oz of water (use a blender bottle and warm water for best results I mix it in the morning and drink it before bed) once a day and I do notice a difference with no leg cramp or less joint pain overall. Cuts heal better, excellent for a facial that isn't too drying. I'm sold. I'm going to keep purchasing this to have on hand.
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on August 11, 2015
I got this to help my daughters acne. The very next day after using it as a facial mask we noticed the acne was less severe and less red. A few days later and it's all clearing up nicely. Proactive couldn't even do this good.
I read of all the uses for this clay. I look forward to researching it all. God supplies what we need.
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