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on March 6, 2014
EDIT to add: DPI is NOT, I repeat, NOT tied to certain LED colors. Adjusting profiles in the software allows you to customize all the LEDs at any DPI.

I took a chance with a mouse from a brand that I'm unfamiliar with and seems fairly new and I've got to say... I'm not at all disappointed. Very pleased with this mouse. I'm comparing it to a Razer Naga, which I used for a year before buying this mouse.

- The mass can be adjusted easily.
- The texture of the mouse is amazing in my opinion. Easy to grip and it stays clean longer.
- I find it to be ergonomic to a degree that exceeds the Naga. It fits my hand better.
- The contours of the side buttons are incredible and far easier to differentiate, opposed to the Naga.
- Customization of LEDs in the mouse is AMAZING. Any color you want.
- Red and black braided USB cable.

- On immediate glance, it looks of lower quality than a Razer mouse. I've found this not to be the case.
- If packaging is important to you, this mouse does not deliver compared to Razer products.

At half the price of a Razer mouse and at LEAST equal quality, this mouse is an amazing buy. Give it a shot.
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on November 28, 2013
I brought this mouse as a replacement to my old Razer which was on its last leg. What stopped me from getting another Razer was the fact that the new model is not as natural and comfortable as the old models. So I decided to give this a try, I was a bit skeptical at first because I have never heard of this brand. But the features and price got me curious.

Shipping was very fast. At first glance the mouse looked quite different than my old mouse. Despite the size/mass it has a very smooth and light feel to it, without feeling flimsy. It feels great in the hand which is one of the most important parts!

The side buttons take some time getting used to, as I imagine they do on any MMO-Gaming Mouse. It took few hours to fully adjust to the new buttons. After the learning curve was over I started to love the buttons. The contour of the buttons made it easy to figure out where my thumb was on the pad. The additional programmable keys on and below the scroll wheel proved to be very helpful in some games.

The LED light and the weight tuning is an added bonus.

The programming is a bit complicated at first, but once I figured it out it was a piece of cake.

Overall, I like this mouse. It works amazingly well for MMO's. I've played few games like Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, TERA, and a few others and this worked perfectly for all of them. Definitely worth the money!
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on January 11, 2016
Looked for a "MMO mouse" and this came up the highest. The mouse is a cheaper alternitive to the Razer Naga and is a pretty good one! I've been using it now to play competitive World of warcraft and play FFXIV almost every day. While this mouse is great it has 2 major draw backs. Ill make a short list of the pros and cons.

Texture (a bumpy kinda plastic, I actually love it)
Software is actually good once you take a few seconds to figure it out
braided USB line (what you come to expect is almost all USB products tailored towards gamers)

1) Heat!!! - After about 1 hour gaming sessions the LED light in the palm starts to get noticeably warm. This doesn't bother me terribly but its extremely noticeable. I couldn't imagion if I was one of those people who get sweaty palms to be able to tolerate this at all. This was the big thing to prompt me to leave a review. I dont know if its just my mouse because I don't see other people having this problem but its there.
2) Side buttons - After coming from back to back naga's the side 1-12 buttons are extremely crisp and give you great feedback on when they are pressed... This mouse not so much. Much more on the "mushy" side my wife says. While they do their job just fine and I dont think i've had a issue when the press didn't translate to a cast... Its just one thing to mention. They seem to have a slightly more resistance then the naga so a bit more force is needed. Not a single button of the 12 gives a satisfying feel really.

Worth entioning
1) People who have started that the 10-12 buttons are awkward to press probably haven't used other gaming mice of this variant. They are no more awkward to press then any other "MMO" styled mouse.
2) If it seems I have a somewhat defective product (which is possible) If the company wants to send me a better product with these issues fixed I'll be glad to redo my review. Until then These really are the only downfalls to the mouse. I was going to give it 3 stars but If you don't have sweaty hands the heat issue isn't as bad of a problem.
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on September 12, 2016
I bought this on a limb, not sure if it would actually work for mac os or not. There were a few saying it works and others saying it doesn't. Well, the mouse itself DOES work for Mac. As of now, I have been running Mac OS Sierra Beta's and the perdition works perfectly with it.

* Redragon DOES NOT make Mac compatible driver's. So you DO have to set it up on a windows machine. I got around this by using parallels. Other's were able to do this through boot camp or other virtual OS apps. I like parallels over boot camp for the configuration of the perdition, because it gives me the ability to make changes to the mouse quickly.
* If you are mapping keys, remember that the Mac Command Key maps to the Window's Key. Control Maps to Control obviously, and Option maps to Alt
* I recommend using the on-screen keyboard in Window's Accesibilies to set these shortcuts up, as window's doesn't really do too well with Mac keyboards.

One thing that is a bit annoying, is that for my iMac, the mouse prevents it from sleeping, so I do have to unplug it before putting it to sleep. It does not prevent screensaver's, so during the day, I simply enabled the screensaver and at night I would disconnect it and put my iMac to sleep. I am not sure if this will be the case with laptops.

All in all, you're not gonna find a better mouse than this for the price. Even at higher prices I wasn't able to find a better mouse that suited my needs.

This is most definitely a must-have!
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on March 29, 2016
Excellent mouse. I bought this mouse to replace my CM Storm one. I mainly bought it for the macro buttons on the side, which it has 12 of. The macros 1-9 are really easy to reach, but the 10-12 ones, are a bit hard for my small hands. I really appreciate the software that came with the mouse, as I can program the macros on the side to do whatever I choose. I also appreciated that the mouse came with a weight tuning set. As my previous mouse was a light mouse, I could not adjust to this heavy one, So I took out the weights, Red Dragon also provided us with a cover to store the weights, How nice. Overall a really great mouse for what it's worth. Probably the same as the Razer Naga. but much cheaper. The mouse also comes with a braided cable. I don't know if this is with the way I'm moving the mouse or something, but sometimes when I move the mouse, the cursor stops on the screen for a second or two, then continues moving.

UPDATE: 5-7-16

This mouse has stopped working, when I plug it in,the logo lights up for a few seconds, then goes out. Will be trying to get a return on this
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on November 11, 2014
This is an excellent mouse, one of the best ones ive owned since my old Logitec G500 weighted mouse.
and a great alternative to the more expensive mouses like the Razor naga's, While the button placements
are alittle bizzare feeling and i sometimes press it when moving the mouse REALLY sharply during intense
gameplay it performs extremly well.

I took some time to find a proper hand placement where it would not trigger my Carpal tunnel syndrome pain
but once i found nice hand placement it was all good and i could enjoy the mouse, a Very good replacement
to the Steel series COD Black ops II mouse that i had.

Fast and very accurate
Tons of buttons and a Excellent Control program for setting buttons and multiple profiles
STURDY a VERY big plus, does not feel cheaply made
Braided cord will not break easily under tons of use and movement.
Everything is programmable and macroable
On the fly DPI Speed change with wheel color led change signals
Colorfull changable led
Interchangeable weights

Large mouse people with small hands might have issues ( none for me due to large hands)
No Advance macro scripting ( very few mice have this option anyways, best stick with a programmable pad for that like G13 scripting)
Unable to turn off -ALL- lights, Wheel mouse lights do not turn off when you shut off the lights for the rest of the mouse
which can interfere with sleep.
Shape takes alittle time to get used to as it snugs 3 fingers to it, Shape can agravate Carpal tunnel syndrome folks untill fingers can find a position to be comfortable
Thumb buttons can be accidently pressed during heavy game play if playing high action mmo , Adventure or Shooters

i Will check out more products from this company line, So far so good on this i enjoy it alot i do hope the company comes out with a similar alternatives to things like the logitech g13/19 as id definatly be in to purchasing one of those.
review image
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on June 11, 2017
 (+) Fantastic device! I love all of the number keys it has to allow for quick access to abilities in MOBAs and MMORPGs as well as weapon swapping in first person shooters.

The software is easy to use, and allows for tons of customization. I really like the fact that you can have custom colors for the LEDs as well.

( - ) I would have given this a 5 star, but after only a little over a month of use the mouse wheel started making this weird grinding noise, I'm not rough with my peripherals, so it must be a defective unit, as I did a Google search and haven't found any cases similar to mine, as it's pretty specific.

It only grinds for a part of the rotation, and then goes back to moving smooth, and only when I'm scrolling down.

This started happening just as the return window ended, which is unfortunate.

Otherwise it's a great mouse for the money, just be sure to scrutinize it when you get yours.

Edit: Revising to 4 stars. The seller offered me a replacement product which I just received yesterday. It works brilliantly!

The reason I'm revising my score to a 4 and not a 5 is this: This is a great high functioning and versatile product that potentially rivals other gaming mice that are of a higher cost (I say potentially because I have no personal experience with the "higher end" products at the time of this review).

However, for that reason I imagine more cost effective parts are required to hit the price point, which I imagine is why I had the mouse wheel fail on me in less than 1 month. The product does have an 18 month warranty, and I can still easily recommend this to anyone who needs a mouse that is looking for a gaming mouse.
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on February 11, 2014
I've had the Redragon Perdition for a couple of weeks so I thought it was time to write something since it appears to be a new offering on the market.

= CONS =

* As others have mentioned, the back column of buttons (7, 8, 9) is awkward to reach.
* There is no left or right tilt function to the scroll wheel. That doesn't bother me, but Scroll Up and Scroll Down aren't programmable, and I wish they were. (I use Combat Mod 1.1 to rebind them in Guild Wars 2.)
* You also can't program the mouse to do an infinite loop, like hold down right-click until you tell it to stop.
* The red index finger button is mainly why I took a chance on the Perdition and not the Logitech G600, but unfortunately, it doesn't function like the G600's G-shift button. It's essentially a second left-click, that's it. EDIT: PLEASE READ COMMENTS BELOW.
* It would be nice if the center row of buttons (2, 5, 8, 11) were slightly higher than the other rows or had raised dots on them for a little extra help in telling where my thumb is located.
* The side buttons feel mushy and are quiet, much like the Logitech G600. The Razer Naga's buttons are wonderfully clicky, but I value the canted button style of the G600 and Redragon Perdition more.
* The scroll wheel light is assigned according to DPI sensitivity rather than profile like the rest of the lights on the mouse, so you may end up with mismatching lights.
* When I tried to download the driver software from Redragon's site (because my CD/DVD drive is broken), Google Chrome warned me it was malware. I used Firefox to download it, and ran scans via MS Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, and Spybot Search and Destroy. The scans all came back clean, so I installed it.

= PROS =

* The mouse has a good, solid build and feel; the textured body is comfortable to grip for my small female hands. It even has a sturdy braided cord. Fit and finish are excellent.
* Pretty LED lights. They are quite pretty, and I like their "breathing" effect on the dragon logo and side keys. It is visually a very nice mouse.
* Index finger button. Even if it doesn't function like Logitech's G-shiift button, it's in a better location in my opinion. (And maybe Redragon will extend the functionality of their software one day. One can hope.)
* Aside from the awkward location of the side buttons' back column, everything is easy to reach. The top buttons have a decently defined clicky feel.
* You can set polling rates to 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.
* You can have up to five profiles.
* DPI settings available are: 1000 (orange scroll wheel light), 2000 (green), 4000 (blue), 8200 (lavender), and 16400 (red).
* Tuning weights are packed inside the mouse when you receive it. I leave all of them in the mouse, since I don't lift the mouse to adjust the pointer often. Weights give the mouse a solid feel.
* The Redragon Perdition's software interface is clean and simple to use. It only took me a few minutes to get rolling. Impressive, as I was a tad apprehensive about what I'd face from a new brand.


The Logitech G600 is far more programmable, and the Razer Naga has clickier buttons, but the Redragon Perdition is a solid contender and stands up well against both of them. I'd recommend anyone with small-medium sized hands who can live with five profiles and 16 programmable buttons (since left and right click are so basic, reprogramming them may not ever be an option) take a look at this mouse.


I've gotten used to playing Guild Wars 2 with this mouse and am still happy with its build and performance. An MMO mouse really makes click-happy professions like elementalist and ranger so much easier to play.
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on July 5, 2016
I try to be as helpful and honest in all my reviews so please like if applicable:

- I have had this for about a month and giving it heavy use I have not had any issues with buttons or functionality.
- It feels very sturdy and, oddly for the price, it does not feel cheap. (30 dollars)

- The surface is very course for enhanced grip. You fingers definitely do not move when holding this mouse. (some people like this, some dislike it heavily). From what I have experienced with this brand, the course surface is pretty standard as a buddy at work as a 13 dollar mouse of theirs with the same grip.
- It is a small mouse and I have big hands. This causes some comfort issues for me.

- DPI controls are on the top for quick changing during games or out of boredom :). I have yet to accidentally click them which can be a worry for some (they are inset so they are under a groove.)
- The side buttons (the number buttons) are not the best, but that is standard for these type of mouse's.
This is also a PLUS for the mouse is the way they placed the numbers on the side. They are angled so at each other so you can really tell what you are hitting to help avoid accidental presses and improve accuracy/speed of the right button.

- I feel it was a good value for the price. It does exactly what it claims to do and does not feel cheap at all. I have yet to have any problems with it and will update if there are.

Why 4 stars and not 5?:
- Well this is about the comfort and placement.
Not very comfortable to me so I can't give it a 5, but it goes up by its quality, price/value to a 4.
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on October 2, 2016
UPDATED after 9 months of continuous use gaming.


- Construction is generally acceptable, no flimsy plastic or misaligned parts or other such nonsense that you sometimes get out of knockoff brands.
- Adjustable internal weights. I put them on a scale accurate down to the milligram; I found only 0.015g variation between the heaviest and lightest weights so that's good enough for me. They aren't for lab use, after all.
- Software drivers that actually work. Razer did finally work most of the kinks out of theirs but most of the other clones have this as an Achilles Heel. Even Corsair struggles with software, their mice are great but the drivers are trash.
- Good button placement and ergonomic design. I've been using MMO-style keypad mice for as long as they've been on the market, and this feels right to me.


- The scroll wheel light color is permanently out of sync with the light color of the rest of the mouse. You can adjust the color in the drivers, but you can't fix this problem by any means I've found. Does not affect function, but it looks absurd and will annoy you if you're picky about such things. This is aside from the fact that it's a mouse covered in colored lights with a dragon logo on it; some guys like that, but we all know it's just gamer bling.
- The driver software is pretty much what you expect from a Chinese team on a limited budget. Brutally efficient and packed with typos. No seriously, expect typos on the main menu selections and grammar so simplistic you can tell it came from a dictionary. Again, doesn't hinder function, but you will shake your head at the jankiness of this.
- THE BIG ONE: after roughly nine months of use, the left mouse button now double clicks occasionally. It's mostly tolerable now but it's a familiar problem, in a couple months it will be completely unusable. This gives the mouse roughly half the lifespan of my previous Razer Naga, at about half the price. I wasn't terribly satisfied with the lifespan on the Naga, since I had an OG Naga from 2008 still working fine to this day but scuffed up. What does it take to get a durable mouse with good drivers these days?

In summary, it's a Chinese knockoff that works about as well as what it imitates, while being even less durable despite looking and feeling pretty tough. It's not a bad choice for a budget mouse if you need a new one now and don't have the cash for anything better at the moment. I was initially actually very happy with it, it gives a strong first impression in most respects, but breaking in under a year is a pretty big black mark, only saved from being worthless by the fact that it's quite cheap and functional while it lasts. If you're able to get a longer lifespan from it, it could be a good value.
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