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on June 4, 2009
First, Reebok has managed to confuse a lot of us by naming several different shoes "Princess". Many of the reviews here refer to 'sneakers', but the Princess sneaker is a different shoe, so it isn't clear if we are all on the same page. I am talking about the Princess aerobics shoe that I got from Amazon in the following: The shoe is very lightweight and that is good. It is fairly comfortable, but as someone else mentioned, it doesn't have much arch support. It also has a rather low toe box, so if your big toe isn't relatively flat you may find the shoe pressing on it. For some reason, the shoe has a remarkably large tongue that tends to stick out beyond the laces. It also has the name 'Reebok' plastered all over it: on the inside, on the back, on the big tongue, and on the side; your pair of shoes says 'Reebok' eight times, which is advertising overkill. The shoe is lighter and better looking than a sneaker, but my 10-year-old Reebok sneakers are more comfortable because they have a better arch support and a higher toe box.
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on August 20, 2014
I have been buying these shoes for more years than I care to admit! They WERE great shoes, made of leather, when I was first buying them, but now are "man made" junk. Their manufacturing has also moved out to China and Vietnam! The size has been shrinking along with the quality. And, with this last pair, it led to extreme pain! I had just started wearing my new pair and found that my knees were in so much pain I could barely walk, or sit and stand. And climbing stairs became a new kind of torture! I thought my arthritis was out of control and saw my primary care doctor. He had me scheduling an appointment with a specialist. THEN my new Sketchers arrived. I had never bought Sketchers before, but thought that they looked comfortable, and decided I wasn't buying the cheap imitation Reebox that this shoe had become. So, I took off my Reeboks and put on my Sketchers. OMG, the pain in my knees was reduced immediately! I was walking more comfortably. I even climbed the stairs without groaning in pain! Mind you, I was actually thinking I was going to have to sell my two story home because the stairs hurt so badly to climb.

Reebok refuses any form of remedy to these defective shoes. I first contacted their official site I explain that the shoes were defective, including pictures of the shoes, the box and receipt. They said that unless the shoes are purchase through they take no responsibility! That is their policy! That's like Ford making cars and saying the defective car you bought from them is not their problem but the problem of the car dealership! Ridiculous! I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Massachusetts. Just because they choose not to take responsibility doesn't mean they can! I'm outraged! DONT BUY THESE SHOES! BTW, I'm still in less pain, even after wearing other shoes. It was most definitively the Reebok shoe. They were made in Vietnam, BTW!
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on August 9, 2014
As with so many others who have written reviews here, this has been my favorite shoe for many many years. Unfortunately Reebok has really dropped the ball. The white version is now so tight in the toe box that I can no longer wear it, and I have narrow feet. The black is sized a bit better but has serious durability issues. The toe delaminates within the first month of wearing. So far super glue is keeping the shoes usable. The soles are wearing at least three times faster than in the older models. And of course the replacement of the old leather construction with man-made materials is a disaster. A shoe which used to always stay cool and comfortable is now a stinky sweat box.

On the plus side, this style still provides a reasonable degree of comfort, at least in the black model, though NOT in the white, and gives my foot excellent lateral support. Easy Spirit makes a similar style in leather, but the lateral support for walking is poor, the fit just too sloppy for my active lifestyle.

So far I cannot find a suitable substitute. If only Reebok would reintroduce the original leather Princess, I would be happy to pay more for what was such a well designed and constructed product. Alas, they have declared that will not happen. Reebok - get a clue. You are destroying your reputation.
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on March 27, 2014
I ordered, received, and returned this shoe. I'm not sure what Reebok is thinking. These poorly sized shoe made of inferior material should NOT be marketed as Reebok Princess. Simply stated,, they are falsely advertised. I ordered a 6Wide. The heel of the shoe is very wide, but the toe box (which is the important part of the shoe for me) is narrow, about the same as a 6B. The "leather" which is some synthetic form does not give or stretch - like trying to do anything athletic in a street shoe.

I have used these shoes to play tennis for many years. Yes, I know they aren't heavy duty tennis shoes, but comfort was more important and I simply absorbed the cost of about 5 pairs a year. I always bought all the size 6 (and more recently 6W) the store had in stock, often walking out with 6 pairs. Back then the quality wasn't always consistent, but I was able to avoid poorly made Princess shoes by being careful about the country in which they were made. For the last couple of years, all of the Princess shoes seem to have been made in Viet Nam. And, every pair is the same poor quality. Stop making them in Viet Nam or send someone over there who knows how they should be made to oversee the product.

Reebok, please go back to your original design and quality control for these shoes. If you are trying to kill this line of your shoes, please let it die gracefully, not causing pain and frustration for many loyal buyers.
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on July 1, 2012
I should have considered the reviewers who said to stay away from VIETNAM made shoes. I received the VN shoes and oh how horrible. Terrible hard foot bed, and no arch support. I have the ones made in Indonesia, so soft to wear and great foot bed. If I can find the Indonesia made ones I will rebuy, If not Good Bye Reebok. These from VN are IMO junk for wearing.
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on March 6, 2014
I've been wearing Reebok Princess for at least 20 years. They always fit and feel the same and look good with clothes, not clunky like other athletic shoes. However, these are NOT the Reeboks I've loved for 20 years. Even without a sock, I could hardly get my foot in the shoe. It was long enough but the toe area had no depth. They are not leather anymore and are just not the same shoe. I'm extremely disappointed because no one else makes a shoe that looks like this. I don't know why Reebok has chosen to make such a lousy product after years of it being a classic.
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on November 19, 2012
I've just been so badly embarrassed. I gave these shoes to my sister for her Birthday. She told me she is sorry, she cannot wear PLASTIC = MANMADE synthetic shoes. I had NO reason to look at the tag. I 've always purchased these in the garment leather which is STILL in the description on the page. Take a look! I've saved incase they change it NOW that I've complained.
I'm so upset with good reason.
Go find a good pair of LEATHER shoes and you can find SYNTHETIC shoes for MUCH less than this price.
Don't buy this unless you don't care that the shoe is not leather.
Thank You.

I see the page at least now says SYNTHETIC I have a pdf of the original webpage that said soft garment leather from 2 pair that I purchased and have to return them. The first was for a gift as I said above, and the second was for myself. One pair is a horror to try on and I see some mentioning where they were made. i have not checked that. This was honestly the only shoe I could wear, the only one since RA struck me a few years ago. I don't know what I am going to wear now. Terribly upset with the page previously stating made of leather and receiving plastic, synthetic = PU shoes.
Never again.
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on April 22, 2013
As several others have written, this has been my go-to athletic shoe for years. They have always been dependably comfortable, and I especially like this style because it is lightweight. When I searched Amazon for my old favorite, I found that it looked the same, but was man-made instead of leather. With some reservation, I went ahead and ordered a pair in the size I have been wearing. When they arrived and I tried them on, they looked and felt narrow. I decided to wear them for awhile on my carpeted floor. After about an hour, I took them off and found a purple mark where the shoe had rubbed on my foot. Since they are NOT leather, I would not expect them to "give" at all to accommodate my foot. I have returned them and purchased another pair that is described as "leather". We'll see...
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on December 13, 2013
My mom has been wearing these since the 80s! I recently bought her a new pair, and she says they are way too narrow and uncomfortable. Her feet haven't changed, it's the shoe! They were made in Vietnam. I hope Reebok gets its act together and changes suppliers.
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on August 5, 2013
I just received a pair of Reebok's white Princess aerobic shoes. This is at least my 5th pair given I like the shoe; however, I was shocked at the poor quality compared with an old pair I have. The new ones smell like cheap vinyl/plastic (no leather) there is NO arch support. The toe box is narrow. The stitching is inconsistent - missed stitches. Overall uncomfortable. I will note this pair I returned was made in Vietnam. My previous comfortable/higher quality pair was made in Thailand. I will not being buying any more Reebok shoes. Sad to see the loss of quality.
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