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on September 1, 2017
I have purchased reef sandals in black for the past 9 years. Our local store closed so went to my go to Amazon. I wear 11's or 12's depending on what the store stocks and both have worked great. I ordered 12's just to be sure. When I opened them I had my sons look at them because honestly they look like none of the reefs we have around the house even though the last 9 years look incredibly similar. We have purchased 27 pairs not counting my wife's. These are definitely different but was thinking new model year or something. Tried them on and after a few minutes my feet hurt (not a sign or true reefs), and these 12's are way smaller when held up to my 11's. To give you an idea, I love the 12's but the sandal hangs out about 1.5 inches from my heel and 3/4 inches from the 11. On these my heel hangs out. My conclusion these fit like knock off Nikes fit me, terrible. Buy with caution because if these aren't fake, they definitely are sized different. For the record I checked the size on the sandal and they say US 12. My sons are 31 and 27 so older and I share reefs. My younger son wears a 10 which were bigger than these. All in all birthday present for me was wasted.
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on February 28, 2017
I purchased this hoping for a replacement for my old, worn-out pair. Super-comfy but looking rather sad - old pair is all solid black with leather upper, which was a major part of what I was looking for. Opted for black/silver because the description said leather upper, but what I got is synthetic. I guess Reef is, like all other manufacturers of wearables, constantly changing its styles, but it would be awfully nice if their leather-upper line still came with a plain basic black. Sadly, sending these back, as my experience with synthetic uppers, unless the synthetic is a fabric, is that they won't ever conform or comfortably mold to your feet, no matter what.
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2015
As my Sanuks come to the end of their life I decided to try some Reefs for the first time in over 20 years. Okay I was a little won over by the "Thirst Quenching Technology" because who doesn't remember with awe the first time they needed a bottle opener because they weren't drinking crappy generic twist-off beer and someone raised their foot and said, "right here!"

Comfort is my #1 issue, I wear orthopaedic shoes for walking and for work with custom orthopaedic inserts, but for beach/casual wear in warm weather that isn't as much of a concern. I've enjoyed how comfortable my Sanuks have been but the Reefs are very comfortable too and I have no buyer's remorse. The 4-star rating instead of 5-stars is for the overall comfort, the Sanuks definitely feel more like standing on a yoga mat.

If you're planning on spending a day walking around an amusement park you should not be wearing sandals, wear runners or shoes designed for walking. Sandals are for more casual affairs, going to the beach, popping out to the store to grab some more liquor, you get the gist. The Reefs are very stylish and they fit perfectly, really like a glove for your feet. I knew my size and was a little hesitant to order online but I'm pleased to say everything was perfect.
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I am currently living in a tropical country and purchased these sandals with the intention of wearing them for most of the day pretty much every day of the week. After several months of wearing them here are my thoughts.

Fit - Somewhat small, at least until they are broken in. I usually wear size 10 shoes so I got size 10 in these sandals. The fit at first was tight to the point of being uncomfortable. After several weeks of use though they have stretched a little bit and I would say they fit me like a glove right now.

Quality - Very good. I have been wearing these sandals pretty much every day for the last three months, and though they show some signs of wear, the sandals look very good overall and I would guess these sandals to be at less than half of their life expectancy.

Comfort - Meh. The comfort of these sandals in my opinion is just OK. Especially right at first they would hurt my feet after wearing them for a while, but now that they are broken in they aren't too bad. I find that in the hot climate, the wide straps and snug fit also contributes to keeping my feet very warm and somewhat prone to sweat, which has also caused some odor issues. I also think these sandals are on the heavy side which makes wearing them almost more like a shoe than a sandal. If you are shopping for a sandal with comfort being your top priority, I would suggest looking elsewhere, though these aren't too bad once broken in.

I would recommend these sandals for someone looking for sharp looks and good quality, but I do find the comfort somewhat lacking. I have never actually used the bottle opener on the bottom, but this (useless to me) feature may tip the scales for some people. If you aren't going to wear these a lot, expect a somewhat long break-in period. If you can catch these on sale somewhere I would say you are getting a good value for the money, otherwise I feel they are a bit pricey.


Since I wear sandals a lot, comfort is a big thing for me when purchasing. Since I've had this pair, I have found another sandal that I would far prefer to this one - the OluKai Hokua OluKai Hokua Sandal - Men's Dark Java/Dark Java 10

These sandals are slightly more expensive, but I have found them to be FAR more comfortable than the Reefs. I have found the durability to be similar, but the OluKai sandals also include a one year warranty, which makes them a far better value in my opinion.
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on June 24, 2015
I have had a bad habit of buying 10 pairs of dollar sandals every spring because I am either barefoot all day, or in sandals. I was fed up with them all breaking on me, but I expected them to fall apart because of how cheap they were. This year I decided to try buying a single pair or semi-expensive sandals so that I could have something that was durable and would give me better support.

I work in my shop on my property all day, every day. The floor is concrete and it just kills my back. These sandals have given me a little extra cushion under my feet and they significantly help with my back pain from walking and standing all day. I even ride my bike almost daily with these sandals and they have quickly become a part of my everyday life.

When these wear out, I will gladly purchase another pair. The only complaint I have about them is that there is not enough arch support so sometimes my feet really ache when walking a lot in them, so I take them off and go barefoot. These would be even better with some added arch support.
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on November 22, 2015
I was looking for a sandal that would provide the relief I needed for my heel pain due to Plantar fasciitis. The Reef Men's Fanning Sandal provided the relief I was looking for. Although this sandals says for it's for men, I went ahead and ordered it in a size that would fit me. I wear size 9 in women's, so the size 7 in men's fit perfectly. It is soft and comfortable and provides the support I need to alleviate the heel pain. I am able to wear it all day and walk around without feeling any discomfort on my heel. The only complaint I have is that the upper strap is a bit snug, but this may be due to it being new. I'm sure in time, as I wear it more often, the straps will loosen up and won't feel tight. The bottom of the sandals also have a bottle son loves using it to open old school soda bottles :) Overall, great sandals.
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on February 9, 2017
Love the Fanning reefs. I have been wearing them for over 10 years now, and various Reef's prior.

Positives: They hold up well to extreme use, over 300 days/year for usually about a year. They are super comfortable. The soles are durable and have traction like a tennis shoe. They open beers (yeah I use that feature all the time).

Negatives: They do hold up well, but they also break in the same two places every time. The thong deteriorates slowly, the first thing to go is the soft decorative cover, which I just cut away when it breaks down. The stronger nylon type part holds for much longer, but eventually can wear through and break rendering the flops -dead-. The other place that will break down (again after prolonged extreme use) is where the strap enters the sole. The glue eventually breaks down and the strap can tug loose. It can usually be tucked back into the sole for a couple months before the thong also breaks down and it's time for a new pair.

My feet sweat. The soles are partially absorptive foam which harbors all the nasties and over time require frequent cleaning. I wear mine in the shower frequently to purge the dirt/debris/smells, but then they take a reasonable period to dry out.

I don't criticize very much for these points, since I do wear these daily, rain or shine, or rarely, snow. You aren't likely to see these weaknesses for several years unless you wear them like I do.

Final note is more for the seller. I just got a "new" pair that had clearly been worn at least long enough for some foot dirt to rub off onto the inner strap. My photos don't quite capture it like the naked eye, but it's there for sure. I don't necessarily mind my flip flops having been tried on, as any pair you buy 'new' at a surf shop is fair game for customers to try on, but this is not a surf shop. PLEASE SELLER: Take a glance at the product you're shipping "as new" and divert the obviously used crap.
review imagereview image
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on January 19, 2015
I remember shopping for sandals back in the day and I stopped into a Journeys in the mall to see what they had in stock after checking out other places with no luck. I saw an older version of these Reefs and I wrote them off. Your typical, average beach sandals I thought as I looked at them. I asked the manager if they had any comfortable sandals for every day wear during the summer. As I proceeded to show him my jacked up ankle with all of my scars I told him I was prioritizing comfort above all. He took me straight to these and said, "Here's what you want." I gave him a puzzled look and said, "Are you sure?" He replied, "I've been selling shoes for over 10 years. Trust me. You won't find a sandal more comfortable than this." He was right. I wore that first pair every summer for 5 or 6 years before I finally noticed a lack of cushioning because I had worn down the soles from extended wear and tear. I'm 6'4" and 250 pounds. That's a lot of wear and tear over the years. Hell, I think every other pair of sandals I've ever worn have blown out the tong in the middle. I recently bought my second pair. They are just as comfortable and I expect them to last just as long.
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on November 2, 2014
I am a female and I have wide feet. It is extremely hard to find any flip flops that are wide enough to adequately provide support for my foot without the flip flop being way too long or loose. I have purchased the female version of Reef's, but they are too narrow and do not provide the same support as these. These are extremely comfortable and actually feel better on my feet than running shoes. I have a pair for indoor use and for outdoor use. I also have sensitive feet that get sore if I am wearing a shoe that does not provide enough support. Not a problem with these. I use the indoor pair as slippers because slippers are not thick enough and cause my feet to hurt. If it is cold out and I wear running shoes, my feet will start to hurt and as soon as I get back to the house, I put on the Reefs and my feet feel much better. So far, these have lasted a little over a year and have not worn out. These are men's flip flops and the straps are a little wide, but I love these. I wish they made a shoe that was as comfortable as this.
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on June 27, 2016
I'd like these if they had fit like the other pair I had from this company. They were a different model, and I got the same size. They are a little larger than I expected and they were not the same sandal as pictured. The company offered to refund my money, but they weren't that different that it was worth the trouble of returning them. The width is not a problem, but the larger size makes the arch hit my foot in the wrong place. They do have a nifty beer bottle opener in the sole. Pretty neat when sitting around the campfire after a day of hiking with friends who are lamenting that no one remembered to bring a bottle opener.
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