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on June 24, 2015
I have had a bad habit of buying 10 pairs of dollar sandals every spring because I am either barefoot all day, or in sandals. I was fed up with them all breaking on me, but I expected them to fall apart because of how cheap they were. This year I decided to try buying a single pair or semi-expensive sandals so that I could have something that was durable and would give me better support.

I work in my shop on my property all day, every day. The floor is concrete and it just kills my back. These sandals have given me a little extra cushion under my feet and they significantly help with my back pain from walking and standing all day. I even ride my bike almost daily with these sandals and they have quickly become a part of my everyday life.

When these wear out, I will gladly purchase another pair. The only complaint I have about them is that there is not enough arch support so sometimes my feet really ache when walking a lot in them, so I take them off and go barefoot. These would be even better with some added arch support.
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on April 5, 2016
I wear sandals when I am out, and always keep a pair dedicated to indoors wear - I don’t like slippers. I liked the appearance of these Reef sandals, and bought them specifically to wear indoors. With the relatively gentle wear they would endure because of that fact versus street use, I definitely anticipated a lifespan of a minimum of five years.

I have now worn them for barely 8 months, and the toe strap of the right sandal has already given in, its counterpart on the left side about to do the same.

The inward edge of the upper surface shows limited wear, but aside from the toe strap issue it looks as if these could last for at least three more years. So why not build them with a sturdier toe strap? I don't like parting with things before they have accomplished their intended purpose or at least a good chunk of it, so I replaced the toe strap myself with parachute cord, and hopefully the fix will last. I wish they had come sturdier out of the box, as the Rainbow seem to be. Looks were deceiving in this instance.
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on February 9, 2017
Love the Fanning reefs. I have been wearing them for over 10 years now, and various Reef's prior.

Positives: They hold up well to extreme use, over 300 days/year for usually about a year. They are super comfortable. The soles are durable and have traction like a tennis shoe. They open beers (yeah I use that feature all the time).

Negatives: They do hold up well, but they also break in the same two places every time. The thong deteriorates slowly, the first thing to go is the soft decorative cover, which I just cut away when it breaks down. The stronger nylon type part holds for much longer, but eventually can wear through and break rendering the flops -dead-. The other place that will break down (again after prolonged extreme use) is where the strap enters the sole. The glue eventually breaks down and the strap can tug loose. It can usually be tucked back into the sole for a couple months before the thong also breaks down and it's time for a new pair.

My feet sweat. The soles are partially absorptive foam which harbors all the nasties and over time require frequent cleaning. I wear mine in the shower frequently to purge the dirt/debris/smells, but then they take a reasonable period to dry out.

I don't criticize very much for these points, since I do wear these daily, rain or shine, or rarely, snow. You aren't likely to see these weaknesses for several years unless you wear them like I do.

Final note is more for the seller. I just got a "new" pair that had clearly been worn at least long enough for some foot dirt to rub off onto the inner strap. My photos don't quite capture it like the naked eye, but it's there for sure. I don't necessarily mind my flip flops having been tried on, as any pair you buy 'new' at a surf shop is fair game for customers to try on, but this is not a surf shop. PLEASE SELLER: Take a glance at the product you're shipping "as new" and divert the obviously used crap.
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on February 5, 2016
I've been hunting for a decent pair of flip flops for a long time. I don't wear them hiking, I don't really even wear them outside of the house, but still the tongue always breaks in a couple months. I suppose a year isn't bad, but for the price, it also isn't very good. They were comfortable, and fit well, but none of that matters if they only have a year lifespan. Impressively they have very little sole wear (which isn't too impressive since, as stated, I don't wear them out-and-about much).

The bottle opener is a gimmick at best. I used it once, and after that never touched it again for sanitary reasons. It also destroyed a ridged outdoor floor mat in short order, and put a couple dings on the coffee table.
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on September 23, 2013
I've had several pairs of Reefs over the years, and they've always been the best, most comfortable flip flops.

I've also had many a pair of very cheap flip flops, from Old Navy ones that were a few bucks to free ones with logos printed on them given out as company schwag. I've found that the cheap ones are always uncomfortable, sometimes the straps pinch or chafe, the support between the toes pulls out, and they absorb sweat readily and stink after a few weeks of wear on hot days.

These, however, are much sturdier, more comfortable, and most importantly, can be worn for a couple years and never start to stink like the foam ones.

I bought these as a replacement because my 3-year old pair is coming apart. (I got the leather wet on multiple occasions, went for a couple long walks with the dogs, etc. and the middle strap was finally starting to pull out of the sole.) I buy these a half-size too large, as they usually run a little small. The previous pair was the same shoe in a different style.

I've only used the bottle opener on bottom once, it seems kinda gross to put the bottom of your shoe on your bottle unless the shoe is brand new, but I guess it's cool as a just-in-case.

Overall, I would say these are about the best flip flops on the market, as long as you like the style. Their quality, comfort, and durability are unparalleled by any other flip flop I've worn.
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on June 12, 2013
Living in San Diego I've worn my fair share of flip flops/sandals. Using I don't splurge and go this expensive but thanks to that thing called age it was time for something with a little more cushion. I got the black/plaid since that went well with my overall color scheme and really like the pattern. There's enough color to make them pop but not so much it draws attention to your feet.

My only complaint is that the length is fine, the strap is just a little too snug. It eventually stretches out and they're fine, but it takes a few minutes for the material to stretch out. I hover in the 12-13 range with most shoes and like I said, the length is great, I just wish there was a little more room where the strap is.

Or I just have to lose some weight in my feet. Just keep that in mind if you usually go with a wider shoe size, might be worth it to go a size larger.

Other than that, they're awesome!
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on December 3, 2015
I will only purchase Reef brand flip flops for my kids. My "kids" ~one is 18 and one married with a husband and in their twenties :) but they request Reef sandals as they live in a sunny surf town. Reef consistently wear well, are slip proof, have great arch support and are perfect for wearing to more than just the beach, as the patterns and styles are more "finished" than a typical flip flop shoe. I always look at value for money, and if you break down how much wear you get out of a Reef brand shoe for how much you pay for a pair, it works out to pennies a day for a great shoe. You won't regret investing in Reef's!
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on May 1, 2014
The sandals are extremely comfortable and great for a trip where you are expecting to walk alot. The thong takes a bit to get used to if you havent already been wearing this type of sandal but after you do they are super comfy.
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on November 14, 2015
I bought these for my husband - we travel in an RV and good sandals are needed for jumping outside for quick errands, protecting feet in the campground bath houses, visiting the beach, and for general walking around in public comfortably. He's very happy with these sandals, which were a huge upgrade from the cheap flip flops before. He has flat feet so having some arch support is necessary to make them comfortable to walk around in public. He enjoys the support from the air cushion, and the strap fits comfortably. The size fit perfect. He especially likes the little bonus can openers on the bottom. It's nice to always have one handy.
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on August 30, 2014
When was the last time you wore sandals into a Vegas pool bathroom, stepped in who knows what, then thought immediately, "Damn, I wish I could open a bottle of beer right now! Oh wait! Let me use my sandal!"

I'm by no means a clean freak, but we step on all kinds of cr@p literally and figuratively. The last thing I'd want to do is then take something I plan to put my mouth on, and stick it to the underside of my dirty freakin sandal.

That said, if my life depended on me getting that beer open, well maybe that might come in handy.

The sandal is great otherwise. Very comfortable; sizing is accurate; and looks nice. I have managed to get some gunk stuck in the bottle opener as that is very easy to do, but thankfully it's simple to dig it out.
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