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on April 28, 2017
I first ran across these Reef Seaside Surf sandals in Dicks Sporting Goods about 8 years ago. I fell in love with the fit and the feel of the buttery soft materials used on the entire shoe. They aren't bulky, they don't rub, they don't make your feet ache or tire easily, they are extremely easy to wipe clean and I've even put them in a garment bag and washed them in the washing machine several times, they take forever to show wear and tear because they're high quality and tough, and last but not least they're super classy and can be worn dressed up or down since they are a velvety rich classic black but far from standard flip flop sandal. I live in Colorado in the Denver metro area and I would live in flip flops year round if I could but I'm pretty close to it. In 8 years I'm on my 2nd pair of these uber comfortable sandals to which I bought my second pair on amazon 4 years ago because this style was no longer in stores here. I am now buying my 3rd pair and I am confident that I'll be getting the same high quality long lasting incredibly comfortable sandals that I've become accustomed to with the Reef Seaside Surf sandals. You won't be disappointed in these one bit!
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on July 25, 2015
I was gifted a pair of Reef Seaside flip flops a few years ago. Honest to goodness I've never bought another brand or style of flip flop since. They're CRAZY comfortable. I have wide, flat feet that are uncomfortable in all other flip flops. These mold to your feet after a few outings and become perfect. The straps are thick and comfortable and I never worry about them falling apart like you would with cheap sandals. I can wear these all day and still be comfortable. When we go to Disney World I wear these for 10+ hour days in the parks. Even with all the walking they're as sturdy and comfortable as a sneaker. The tread is great so I don't worry about slipping in these on glossy floors or even in the rain. Oh, and the pair I received 8 years ago...I still wear! They look as good as when I first wore them. I buy a pair whenever I catch them on sale and have been thrilled each and every time since they last and are still comfortable. These are the absolute best flip flops I've ever bought. I've seriously considered buying a couple dozen pairs and hoarding them in case Reef ever stops making this style. It sounds crazy but if you've ever had flip flop problems like me you'd understand because these are perfect in every way! Oh, and on the sizing: I wear a 7 1/2 to 8 in most shoes and have a wide, flat foot. A size 8 in these is always perfect.
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on June 10, 2016
Reef Women's Seaside Sandal,Black/Black,8 M
I purchased this flip flop for my mother. It is important to her that they be comfortable. This is our second repurchase of this shoe.
She lives in these shoes and are worn on a daily basis during the summer. They have gone with her to Key West and a number of other islands. She wore her first pair until they fell apart.
What she likes about these flip flops are:
-They are soft and contoured
-the soles are comfortable
-the piece that goes between the toes does not rub. It is not made out of a hard plastic
-the straps are soft and flexible, so no cutting into the foot.
- very durable
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on December 26, 2016
These are my favorite flip flops, ever. The difference between this and majority of other Reefs is that the material of the sole is different and much softer and "velvetier" (for a lack of a better word). Also, the strap is smooth and somewhat padded (not a lot), but different than other flip flops with a rougher cloth strap. That helps prevent the strap from cutting into the top of your foot (without a lot of use).

Word of warning, don't leave these sandals for prolonged periods in sunlight/heat - the material for the sole will actually shrink and warp. I forgot these in my hot car and accidentally warped my sandals :(
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on July 18, 2010
I absolutely adore the "Seaside Sandals" by Reef! I've been wearing this style since I bought a pair 4 years ago at a beach surf shop. Now, I just order them so I can get a good price and get a color I like in this style. The footbed supports my foot and the sole is firm, and yet flexible.

I have a lot of trouble with shoes in general since my foot is short but wide, but these shoes are always comfortable from the 1st day I wear them to the last. My ideal shoe is usually a 6 1/2 wide. These come in whole sizes and are medium width, so I go up to the 7M, which seems to work perfectly.

I have never gotten a blister from wearing these, which is very rare for me! ;-) I have been able to wear these for some moderate walking with no problem, although as with most sandals or flipflops, these aren't intended to be *walking shoes*, so I'd try to temper that.

I purchased these this time in Taupe/Blue floral and they are adorable! the strap is brown on top, with the blue/aqua underneath and on the detailing. The sole is taupe, with a swirly design in the matching brown and blue on the footbed. It disappoints me that over time that design wears away. Otherwise, these sandals really hold up well. I find that they don't "wear out" so much as get too grungy. ;-) I have washed my previous pairs safely and successfully in the washer! I spray them w/ a stain spray like Oxy(especially under the strap) and dump a little detergent in, then just toss them in on a short cycle. They come out looking noticeably better, and the colors stand out more. I usually let mine air dry, although I have thrown them in the dryer, too. However, there always comes a point when they just look too grungy even after washing to be salvaged. Bear in mind, a pair of these usually lasts me 2 or 3 full summers, and I always have a couple of pairs lying around!

So, yes.. I really love these sandals and would highly recommend them to anyone. :-) I wear them w/ shorts, and I also wear them w/ summer dresses.
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on August 14, 2012
If Amazon allowed half star ratings, I would have given these 3 1/2 stars. Just so you know the true rating I feel these deserve.

I bought these to replace a pair of Earth shoes which were staining the top of my feet black, especially when they got wet. I needed a comfortable pair of flip-flops for wearing out in my garden, where if they got wet while I'm watering my plants, they wouldn't transfer dye to my skin. That's the main reason I bought the color I did (taupe/dots). I didn't know if they would be water resistant, but it seemed that way from the listing and reviews, and I figured that even if they did bleed, at least it wouldn't be a black color on my relatively pale skin that stuck around for months after wearing the shoes (I really hate those Earth shoes--no amount of scrubbing released that dye from my skin; it just took time to fade). The type of fabric used on the underside of the Reef's thong, and the color of it, makes it comfortable and unlikely to bleed. It's actually a rather soft, light pink fabric that I like a lot (it's like a webbing material--you know, the kind of webbing the straps of backpacks are made of--only much softer).

All in all, I'm satisfied, though it took a day or two to break in the shoes. They were pretty darn comfortable after that and for at least the first month. I ordered size 10, which is the size I normally buy, and they *just* fit. There's definitely more room leftover at the toe than at the back (which is a bit odd). I have wide feet, and they *just* fit in that regard, too (though it seems that they're trying to give me a small callous on the inner edge of my foot, near the big toe on the inner ball of my foot, because of how the foot bed is constructed--slightly curving upward). They might be too loose in width for someone with narrow feet. They're almost too small for me, but the next size up wasn't available (besides, I can only imagine how much room there would be leftover in the toe box with a bigger size!). The depth of the thong isn't huge, so they kind of hug my feet and I'm not able to just fling them off quickly. Considering I have a high arch, I figure that the depth will be sufficient for normal people and they can slide them off easier than I can. Of course, the more I wear them, the easier removal becomes.

They definitely aren't as comfortable or as substantial as I thought they'd be from reading the other reviews, but they're not horrible. The shoes are light, the foot bed is rather thin, and the meager traction on the bottom literally wore off in the first few days. However, for one summer's worth of work in the garden, they will be sufficient for my needs and I'd rather have a lighter weight shoe, anyways, since I'm a skinny lady and don't want to have to lug around heavy shoes on my feet.

I can see where I'd have to buy a new pair every summer, as the more I wear them, the less comfortable they are becoming (however, keep in mind that I wear them for *many* hours a day--for someone wearing them only occasionally, they will last much longer). For roughly $20, though, that's okay. At least they don't bleed color onto my feet when they get wet. They *do*, however, become quite slippery when wet, which concerns me a bit since I have a history of back problems and spinal arthritis. I'll probably keep looking for a better pair of actual water-resistant and comfortable flip-flops for next summer just because of that slippery issue; for now I'm just very careful while wearing them during watering chores. If I can't find anything better next year, then I'll just get this style again.

Unfortunately, my shoes are pretty trashed by now, after just a month or two in the garden, but I don't wear them in public, so the dirt stains are okay with me. They don't seem like they will ever come clean. For my purposes, however, this is okay, and like I said, I can see how I'll have to replace them next summer anyways because of how thin the bottom is. If they were charging any more for these flip-flops, they wouldn't be worth the money, IMO. I think my Yellow Box shoes are much nicer and way more comfortable, but those are really nice decorative sandals--not something I want to wear in my garden and get dirty. So for gardening chores, these will do (though I really don't like the slippery feel they get when I slosh water onto my feet accidentally--thus, it almost defeats the purpose of having them for gardening chores). For someone with disabilities, I definitely would make sure that you don't get your feet wet while wearing these, as I can see how it would be a hazard to someone who is already having a hard time getting around.
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on August 11, 2014
I bought the same sandal a few years back, and I loved them so much that I wanted to order them again. I ordered the exact same model and size. I found that on the new pair, the strap that goes in-between your toes is lower than on the original. This means that it cuts off room for the rest of your foot while providing too much room for the toes. I'm surprised as I generally have long toes. It looked very odd with so much room at the front and felt uncomfortable with my heel barely squeezing in. With the older version, I can adjust my foot regardless of where the strap is (although it is higher up). It's sadly such a huge design flaw in what could be an otherwise good shoe. Furthermore, the arches have been lowered as well, although the soft sole remains. All-in-all, if it wasn't for the lowered straps, I would have kept it, but I just couldn't as that wasn't the case. Sad that I now have to search for a new pair. D:
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on May 13, 2015
These are flip flops. I have bought the same or similar Reefs annually for the past 15 years. They last through the summer, are reasonably priced and look good for about a year. I don't think you really expect more out of a pair of flip flops. Though I rarely wear them for more than a few hours now, when I was younger, I could wear them all day. The arch supports are not fantastic but, again, this is a revelation of someone in her thirties. When I was younger, it did not bother me at all. The bottom line is that these are a solid pair of flip flops. But, they are flip flops. If you are young, they are perfect for summer wear. If you are a little older, they are great to throw on after work for a few hours.
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on July 22, 2014
This is my second pair of Reef flip flops. I previously had a pair that were purple with pink dots- that lasted at least two summers. I am a size 7.5, but size 8 in NIKE and other brands that do not have 1/2 sizes. With this flip flop I went with the 8 and it is fine. A bit longer then I might have needed, but not too much extra to really notice. The first day my flip flops were actually snug...but by day 3 my feet fit it them perfectly. I totally love the style and color (brown/aqua) and they are very comfortable too. I wish they were cheaper...I mean they are just flip flops after all, but I guess this is the going rate these days for style and satisfaction. They are my current favorite summer foot wear!
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on June 5, 2013
i was told by a woman who works for amazon that these reefs r the ones to get , she said she had to order them 1 size bigger than her normal shoe size and suggested i do the same , she said she had a wider foot and so do i , turns out she was rite , the 1 size bigger than my normal show size is a great fit ! these r very comfy , i just got them today and i'm already waring them . these r awesome , after having them for a month or so now the bed of the sandle is forming to my foot some what AWESOME ! i am so glad i got 1 size bigger as suggested to me by a Amazon employee. i will ware these till they fall apart , so comfy , and i pray that u continue to have these !so i can buy more !!
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