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on October 1, 2016
[Moderate Spoilers] In all honesty, before seeing this movie, though I don't live in a cave, I had heard of Robert Pattinson and mildly recognized him but still have yet to see any of the "Harry Potter" or "Twilight" movies, so I had never seen him in anything. I also had absolutely no idea about the last 10 minutes of the movie, and I won't give that way, although, I must say, it got extremely serious extremely fast. Up to that final 10 minutes, however, I must also say that it was not up in the same league as 1980's Oscar-winning "Ordinary People," to which some have compared it. Made in 2010 but set in 2001, "Remember Me" tells the story of young lovers "Tyler" (Pattinson) and "Ally" (Emilie de Ravin). We learn that, in the past, Tyler found his older brother after he had taken his own life, and naturally, that trauma has never left him, just like Timothy Hutton's character in "Ordinary People" (though his brother's death was an accident), but, again, Pattinson can't match Hutton's Oscar-winning performance (though, in Pattinson's defense, not many can). The family even regularly visits his brother's grave on anniversaries of his passing. As subplots, Tyler doesn't seem close enough to his workaholic Dad (Pierce Brosnan, fine but not memorable), and he's also very protective of his kid sister (especially when she's bullied). Meanwhile, Ally has had quite a traumatic life of her own after, as a child (in the opening scene), she witnesses the murder of her mother (an uncredited Martha Plimpton, from 1988's brilliant "Running on Empty," TV's "Raising Hope"), and her Dad (Chris Cooper, who almost seems to get lost in the shuffle here) could also use some pointers in parenting. Most of the movie centers around Tyler and Ally meeting in college and falling in love. Sounds like the makings of a small masterpiece, right? Well, while de Raven and Pattinson are fine and make par for the course, other than those final powerful 10 minutes, there unfortunately aren't many distinctly indelible moments in nearly 2 hours. For whatever reasons, it doesn't all transmit cinematically, excluding the performances by Cooper and Plimpton, particularly in the ineffective argument scenes and romantic scenes and no closure with the incident between Ally and her Dad. But it deserves accolades for the depth of its characters (something most movies lack, specifically the main characters' history and their meeting and destiny) and its sincere, though slight, redemption in those closing 10 minutes, which qualifies it as a sufficient recommendation.
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on March 9, 2013
This is a well conceived and executed film. I found myself fascinated by the authenticity of the sets. That might sound strange, but comedy or drama, Hollywood has prettied everything up to make room for the violence and gore in most films. The film really convinces me that I am in New York. This is just an aside meant to demonstrate how layered this film is.

The story is so delicately told that despite knowing the ending, I was taken away and was living the film emotionally on the level of the characters.

Despite what critics of The Twilight series may think, Pattinson is developing into a fine actor who is choosing wonderful parts. He does have a certain calm persona that translates from film to film, but he is wonderful at conveying depth of emotion with the tiniest signals.

Brosnan is interesting as a classic divorced rich executive who has distanced himself from his children. The supporting actors all do a fine job.

This film is quiet and subtle and much better for that. Good job.
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on November 11, 2010
This movie is not about 9/11 or lives cut short, as tragic as that is, as previous reviewers mentioned. All though grief is the main catalyst woven into the damaged hearts of many of the main characters it is not the message we see unfold at the overly tragic ending, an ending that could well have been left off without diminishing the films impact. I was very moved by how well the director and actors captured the bittersweet possibility of redemption and restoration a human heart is capable of after tragic loss has left it shattered. The film used talented actors with considerable skill to develop nuanced characters that we care about. The viewer is transported deep into the intimate love story of a young couple and the achingly sweet love of siblings and family. It was done with muted restraint which is a rare experience these days amid most performances Hollywood employs, using techniques that insult our intelligence. I was glad to see the theme of love, hope, redemption and restoration unfold and blossom as it made the unexpected shock of the ending more tolerable. It's time that more films were made that present the other side of tragedy in the human journey, it was a refreshing respite amid the gloomy news spilling from every media outlet since the recession began in this country. Hopefully viewers will not be left with just the tragic flavor of the ending but instead focus on the moment Tyler discovers the thing he has needed most to heal and move into a new life full of promise. This message is well timed in the context of pervasive pessimism in this country but the ending seemed to belong to another film entirely. I felt as if the writer hijacked the viewers vulnerable connection to the main character in an attempt to wring one more emotion from us as we are thrust shockingly into the very real pain of those who lost loved ones on 9/11. The double loss that touches the two families is an interesting element and at least we are allowed to see both families emerge from the ashes changed for the better, as the writer attempts to blunt the unwelcome assault on our senses of the 9/11 horror. Hollywood views happy endings as trite and pushes tragedy as the only true art form, so we can expect more of these hauntingly unsatisfying endings to be written into otherwise wonderful films. I can see Robert Pattinson emerging as a modern day James Dean with his mesmerizing beauty and vulnerability. He has the potential to be someone we root for as he matures in his trade and shows glimpses of raw talent that also remind me of a young Marlon Brando. With so many great actors passing away we are desperately in need of new talent with the potential to fill their large shoes. I would also recommend watching Robert Pattinson in his early Indie film "How to Be", a hilarious English comedy that showcases his range and talent that draws comparisons to a young James Dean. If Mr. Pattinson carefully chooses his roles and leaves behind films like the Twilight Series, which obscure his talent with heavy reliance on his sexuality, he has the potential to become more than a teen heart throb and move into the roles that will define him as a great talent for many years to come.
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on July 20, 2014
I knew the ending of this movie before I saw it so it took a while for me to get the courage to watch it. I'm glad I did. I cried for an entire day and revisited diary entries from my past. I read some of the names from that day. - If you know the ending you know what I mean. If you don't watch it and see. This movie was a special way of revisiting my youth and remembering those that have been lost personally and globally. Violence enters our lives in so many ways but most often suddenly. This movie addresses that in three different ways and has a special way to teach us that life is fleeting so grab the good stuff while you can. This movie is a good way to remember those that have been left behind in our pasts with love and a reminder to live each day as if it is your last.
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on January 7, 2013
Unlike other reviewers that reacted negatively to the ending, as exploiting a tragic traumatic event, I thought it was used in good taste. The story is essentially about people just trying to live their lives as best they can, like we all do, unsuspecting, like a lot us are, and not realizing or expecting how cruel life can be sometimes. For most of us, the history-changing event happened on a day that started out like any other day, but it happened for real in real life and may happen again we never can be sure. One point that can be made of the movie is that, rich or poor, no one really is above it all - s*** can happen in life to anyone of us unexpectedly so appreciate what we have while we have it for they can be gone just like that.
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on January 17, 2014
I loved this film. There were some moments in the beginning love story where I felt the acting was a bit slow, between RP & E, on her part, however it was still a very moving story. Could a father be so cold as to perhaps purposely miss his daughter's exhibit? I found that hard to believe but yes it does happen, there are people like that and there are people like Tyler who wouldn't accept his father's inability to be openly demonstrative of his love and whose desire to love and to heal his family was stronger than what tore them apart. Well worth seeing and anyone who has suffered, loss, regret, abandonment, betrayal, death, suicide, tragedy and mourning of any kind will understand & appreciate this film. Very good acting all round.
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on June 16, 2016
Oh, what can I say about this movie? Such a beautiful story. It was written beautifully and with such skill. The ending is unexpected, heartbreaking, yet left my heart pounding and my eyes streaming tears.oh, you have got to consider adding this year he to your collection. I highly recommend and it will s so a winner for this moving loving family.
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on February 12, 2017
Good movie. I would give this movie a 9.11 on a scale of 10. There were about 911 kisses, 911 hugs and 911 reasons to like this movie--until the end which I can sum in one word: Deux Ex Machina. Okay, that is three words. In ancient Greece, all plays ended with a Deux Ex Machina. The plays would reach a complicated end with no way out for the play's protagonists until a Deux Ex Machina, a machine of the Gods descended down from the heavens to solve, with absolutely no foreshadowing all of the protagonist's problems. Today, a Deux Ex Machina is called cheating and lazy storytelling. This movie's Deux ex Machina ending was not only completely out of the blue but also horribly offensive.
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on January 23, 2011
I remember seeing the trailers for this film and they didn't convince me enough to make me go to the theatres to go see it, despite that I am fan of the Twilight Saga. I decided to purchase the dvd after seeing the trailer again, a few days ago, and I had forgotten the scene of Rob in an argument. To me, if you can act out an argument on screen and make one feel for you and for your reason of the argument, I say you're a good actor. Also, I was getting sick and tired of people comparing Rob's acting to the Twilight films. Despite me being a fan, it is just luxury, fun reading. I know that saga isn't a great story per se, or written by a not-so great author with not-so-great "outstanding" writing skills (sarcasm). It was just fun reading. So, I decided to give the movie a go, and got to see a little bit of it online. Annoyed at the poor quality, I decided to buy the dvd. I knew if I decided I didn't like it, I could always return it.

After watching it, I am NOT returning it! Yes, it starts off a little slow, but be patient. The beginning is just the building blocks. One must pay attention. I ended up caring about the characters, even in their routine lives. Being an only child (female), I had only dreamed of an older sibling, preferably a brother, for the protective and open relationship one can have with their siblings. I would have given anything to have an older brother such as Tyler, protecting and standing up for his little sister. I thought Tyler's relationship with his little sister was beautiful.

Although, I thought Tyler and Ally fell in a love a little too quickly, I can relate to being able to relate to someone else's pain when one has also endured it themselves. It's much easier to relate and talk to someone who has experienced loss then to have to explain such agony to someone who has yet to experience it. I did NOT expect the ending. Although, I had ended up accidentally reading what would possibly happen to Tyler, I was hoping I read wrong. In an odd way, I was somewhat interested to see how it would happen, in an odd way. The actual ending, I certainly did not see coming and that tore me up. I had actually loss track of time (and date) of the film, cause I was already investing so much curiosity in Tyler's and Ally's relationship. For the ending, the anticipation, scene to scene before the final confirmation scene, I was already becoming unstable, and was not wanting it, not for Tyler. I actually found myself relating to him, trying to find themselves in life, in terms of family relations, relations with friends, potential significant others, and just finding themselves in life in general. I'm slowly discovering my place, finally. But it is still so devastating because I wanted to see the continuation of Tyler and Ally's relationship, to even see if Tyler and Ally's dad would ever reconcile their differences.

Overall, a very good film with a life lesson of not to take things for granted and cherish every day that you do spend with your loved ones. It's been so long since a movie had made me cry lol. My mom ended up watching it without me since I had wanted her to see it. I warned her about the ending. She ended up watching it without me, I just came home from work when she started watching it. I am glad I didn't re-watch it, not cause it's a terrible movie, it's NOT, it's cause I don't think I could go through that ending again, at least, not yet. Maybe in a few more weeks, once the presence of this film leaves my mind, if it ever does.... Lastly, the music was incredible, making the scenes more memorable and so much more impacting.

I am very happy with this purchase. Thank u Amazon for your, always, speedy-FREE-2-day shipping :-)
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on May 26, 2010
I saw Remember Me a while ago. Avatar was the big thing when my husband and I went to the theatre, but Rob Pattinson's film was what I wanted to see. I'm a huge Twilight saga book/film fan too and I just couldn't wait to see him do something else. RP is a rare find. He's going to be so hugely important in this profession. There's so much more to this guy and we're going to get to see all! He is so much more than his amazing face! The depth and nuances of his performance is there. It's a sometimes difficult and uncomfortable film to watch and then its touching, funny, tender, and beautiful too. There's so much to this film, that you just need to see it to understand. You leave the theatre wanting to talk about it. I'm going to own it so that I can see it over and over again. I'm one of those who has lost a husband & a brother tragically and could identify with Tyler and the harsh effects of such personal loss on family members. Needless to say, every emotion is felt at some point in this film. You get a real workout with these characters. I loved it! You will too. It's so real life. A huge Thank You to Rob Pattinson for making this film. You made me weep again over my lost loved ones and you reminded me of the beauty and preciousness of life!
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