Customer Reviews: Remember Me - Playstation 3
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Format: Video Game|Change
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on January 10, 2014
I just finished this game and while I mostly enjoyed it, there were a few issues.

First, let's talk about the good:
1) The story is decent - sort of a Total Recall vibe to it as others have noted, but at least it was something different and it managed to keep you engaged. I will note however that you don't really get too attached or care much about any of the characters, which was a missed opportunity.
2) The atmosphere and general look of the game is very well done. A lot of detail with a more vibrant color scheme than most games that have the washed out, bland look to them.
3) Voice acting for the most part was fine though a few characters were a bit irritating and some of the comments were more than worthy of an eye-roll but overall it didn't really detract from the game.
4) The enemy AI was done well - almost too well in parts, which added significantly to the frustration factor in a few areas but the game remained challenging throughout.
5) The combat system is similar to the Batman Arkham Asylum game though it's not quite as good. The dodging is spot-on and movement is very fluid. The idea of customizing your combos to fit your gameplay style is a great idea though there is a bit of a learning curve. You unlock more "pressens" (as they are called) as you level up so you can really customize your combos as you get further into the game. You also get special powers which add significantly to your arsenal during battle (more on that later).
6) Graphics were also good - I have the PS3 version and experienced no frame rate issues at all, even when there were a lot of characters on screen.
7) I know quite a few people complained about the climbing portions of the game and how they weren't challenging, which is true but it's not Uncharted so if you don't expect it to be, you'll be fine.
8) The game is very linear - which could also be a con but its not an RPG with a massive world to explore so I didn't expect it to be. There are a few extras to find - you'll see photos which will show you where to find a power up item or find some little screeching parasite thing, but other than that, it's linear but at least you always feel like you are moving forward.

The Bad:
1) Back to the combat - while you can customize your pressens into combos based on your gameplay, you often can't complete the combos because you are swamped with too many enemies or enemies you have to use special powers on, leaving you dodging or just running in circles trying to break up the pack or kill time before your special powers cool down. Sure you can almost always get in a 3 or 4-hit combo but you don't get much of a payoff until you start getting 6 or 8-hit combos, leaving the whole idea a bit cumbersome to say the least. The special power moves often have massive cool-down times and when you can't use a combo to knock the time down, you will end up running around a lot - especially early in the game.
2) The camera angles were often a hot mess. Mostly they were a mild annoyance but a few times they cause your demise during battle which is downright irritating. There is no lock-on button and while you can reset the camera to be positioned behind you, during battle you are moving around too much for that to be of any use. Often I found myself wailing on the wrong enemy, thus wasting my precious special power combo.
3) There are no health packs or med kits - except for a few health stations scattered here and there so if you get low on health during a battle, you have to use your regeneration combos to regain health. Now that may sound good on paper - health at your command but just read the previous section again and see why that can be a problem. Also, as your health gets low, the screen starts to scramble, filling with pixels that move around, which are distracting and sometimes actually block your view.
4) The memory remixes - yes, sadly this ended up in the bad section even though I didn't want it to be here. I loved this unique idea and it provides more insight to your character's struggle with morality than anything else, they are few and far between and end up being more trial and error than anything else. So you end up watching the original memory, rewinding, changing details, whoops screwed it up, rewinding, changing different details, whoops that didn't work, rewinding, lets try this instead, no still not quite there, rewinding, oh I see I missed that option, then finally getting it right. So in the end, you're just sick of the memory and want to move on.

The Ugly:
1) At last we come to it - the biggest and most annoyingly frustrating part of the game by far is the fact that there are serious glitches. I'm not talking about little bugs, I'm talking about getting into a really difficult battle and finally, after getting killed repeatedly and going at it again and again until you finally beat it and are so relieved to be able to move on and then...nothing. The "battle" music never ends, there are no enemies left alive but you are unable to move forward. Instead you wander around aimlessly, stepping over the corpses of the enemies you fought so hard to destroy only to find that you simply cannot advance. The cure (and you'll love this) is restarting the last checkpoint which of course is at the very start of the battle, and you have to do it all over again. This happened to me twice - both after major battles with totally annoying enemies that were difficult to beat and then I had to do it all over. Seriously? Completely unacceptable.

So to summarize, I liked the story even though it probably isn't something I'll remember (pardon the pun) and I liked that you could customize your fighting style and the game looks great but those glitches - while it only happened twice, it was incredibly annoying and frustrating and every time I had another battle I was wondering just how many times I would have to play the same part over again before I could move on. Is the game worth playing - yes but only if you get it at a serious discount.
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on June 4, 2013
Remember Me is destined to be overlooked, which is unfortunate.

I'm about mid-way into the game, and it is a fantastic and hypnotic game, captivating me with it's beautiful and heavily detailed world. The setting is the first thing you'll notice; vivid, unconventional colors blot this world, and it is a feast for the eyes.

Combat works and plays out like Batman, but not quite as fluid. The ability to change up your combos makes for a refreshing experience each time. Enemies are can be quite tough in numbers--especially when they differ in types, forcing you to use different tactics for various enemies. Button mashing won't get you very far.

The platforming and exploration are the weakest links, as they are far too scripted. You never get a sense that you're in immediate danger from scaling walls. And exploration is so linear, so confined, which is a shame considering Neo-Paris is a major sight to behold.

Memory Remixes are the star of Remember Me, setting it apart from other action/adventure games. Basically, you can hack into peoples memories and alter things, changing the outcome of their behavior. It's fun to mess around and experiment. Not to mention, the memory remixes give great insight into Nilin's character; you really get a sense that she is conflicted with the ethics of what she is doing, which, in my opinion, makes her a very human character to whom we can relate.

The story... I won't elaborate about it. You really need to experience it for yourself because it will blow you away. Some of the writing is awful, though. But most of it works.

Overall, fantastic game. The story and lore are the strongest aspects. The game play is, for the most part, solid. Remember Me is a game you don't want to miss.
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on June 5, 2013
On the store shelves, we've started to see an influx of lack of creativity. That is to say, most of the games today consist of grey-and-brown shooters with overtly patriotic plots, with the same cover-based gameplay and shoehorned multiplayer modes. While there are some shimmers of hope, there's no sign of these games slowing down. With this predicament, we have to latch onto these shimmers for truly unique and original experiences, and hope they can deliver. And now, much like this year's magnificent "Tomb Raider", Capcom delivers a game that truly breaks the mold. "Remember Me" isn't perfect, but if you care about video games as an art form, it demands your attention.

Over half a century from our present time, memories are treated as digital items to be bought, traded and stored, much like a movie or an eBook. But a group of revolutionaries known as Errorists are attempting to stop this practice by taking down Memorise, the corporation who has started to hold the world's memories in a monopolistic chokehold. They use the very tools they hate to gain access to top-secret information to topple the company, but their biggest asset is a woman named Nilin. Not only can she steal memories, but she can hack into people's brains and insert new ones, therefore altering their motivations and alignments. But Nilin has run into a bit of a problem: she was captured by the company, and almost all of her memories were wiped. Now she's on a quest to regain her memories and beliefs, while grappling with the moral ramifications of altering the very foundation of what makes people unique.

It's all very thought-provoking stuff, and done in a very impressive fashion. The whole narrative plays out like a blend of "Ghost in the Shell" and "Total Recall", while adding original elements to prevent it from being too familiar. Especially intriguing is the blend of philosophical banter and believable technobabble, which makes for a meaty plot with plenty to reflect on. What makes this so reflective is the relative believability of the concept; seeing how corporations today are bent on gathering personal information and storing it to profit from, the idea that actual memories could be used for that purpose is entirely feasible to a certain extent. Grappling with the ethicality of this practice is something that any writer would have an issue with, and while there are some ideas that could definitely be explored further here, what script does with the concept is commendable, and definitely deserves an "A" for effort, if not for execution.

What helps sell this concept is Nilin herself, who is without a doubt the finest female protagonist I've ever had the joy of playing as. Her introspective nature, coupled with her stoic build and unconventional looks, makes for a truly unique protagonist. This is not a character who panders to the lowest common denominator, or one is routinely othered because of her gender. She matches and outperforms the men in the game, as do the other female supports. Her arms are ripped with muscle, and her tongue is as sharp as her wit. That being said, she is vulnerable in the sense that she is struggling to understand who she is, or the validity of what she does. Nilin is a torn, yet powerful, protagonist, and helps elevate the game to narrative levels that I personally didn't know games were capable of ascending to. Lara Croft, Faith Connors and Bayonetta have undoubtedly been left in the dust by this memorable, lovable and deeply human character.

This ambitious narrative and wonderful protagonist, however, comes with a small hitch. The gameplay's scope is just as far-reaching as the plot, but unfortunately, it fails to deliver the same bite. What it excels in, it masters; in this case, it's the exhilarating platforming and the relative fluidity of Nilin's move set. The parkour-esque moves lend themselves well to exploration and maneuvering through combat situations. That being said, the combat itself feels a bit stilted. While being able to build your own combo trees (a la "God Hand") is fun, but being able to use those combos is deeply frustrating at times. You'll have to hit the buttons in perfect sequence with perfect timing in order to pull them off; this should be easy due to the fact that they're displayed at the bottom on the HUD, but you'll spend so much time looking at them that you'll lose sight of enemies surrounding you and get pummeled.

Adding to the frustration is combat is the only way to regain lost health. Building restoration combos in order to get back health is essential, because there are no med kits to speak of outside of occasional health refill terminals. This is a really ambitious idea, but the combat is too precise and finicky for it to truly work. Overall, it feels great to control Nilin when she's jumping across buildings or cartwheeling through the air, but things get a bit frustrating when it comes to fisticuffs. It's fun once you get the hang of it, but it takes a while to do that, and some players might not have the patience for something other than button-mashing.

The most unique gameplay element of "Remember Me" is, without a doubt, the Remixing feature. Nilin hacks into people's memories and alters them to suit her goals, and she does this through an odd little process that does just as many things right as it does wrong. Players move the analog stick forward or backwards to play through somebody's memories, and search for "glitches" that will change the course of the event. It's a fun novelty, and it's almost reminiscent of cult gem "Ghost Trick" in its ambition to find little details in order to change an outcome of any given situation. While the concept is nice, and it works well enough, it would have certainly been nice to have the rewind and fast-forward commands be less awkward. Having to rotate the stick gets annoying, especially when having to alternate speeds, then jam it in a certain direction to pause. Furthermore, having to find the exact sequence of glitches can be an arduous chore, even more so when considering that you have to erase glitches if you want rewind past them. It turns the entire experience into an extended cutscene of trial and error. Certainly, it's admirable that the developers made cutscenes with so many outcomes, but a bit more direction and streamlining of the process would have been nice.

From combat to movement to "remixing", the problem with the gameplay is that it's simply too ambitious for its own good. While it definitely has plenty of new and fresh ideas, some polishing of the more basic mechanics (combat, remixing) would have been much appreciated. This doesn't hamper my enjoyment of the game, really, but it definitely makes it a bit more of a challenging recommendation to everybody.

What certainly saves players from constant frustration are the incredibly lush aesthetics of the game. Environments are teeming with life, bleeding vibrant colors and filled to the brim with creative paths that Nilin is led down. Everything in this game is positively beautiful to look at, and during platforming sequences, every single thing in the world seems to be moving and changing at times. What helps make it more visually appealing is the sheer variety at play. French architecture, modern houses, futuristic skyscrapers... this game truly offers the most beautiful vision of the future in a game since "Binary Domain", with plenty of variety and a vast array of beautiful colors. Special note should be made of the "advertisements" that hover in the air around Nilin, a part of her permanent memory augmentation from what I was able to gather. Character models are also wonderful, with little clothing and facial details lovingly added to even the most minor characters. When it comes to visuals, from creativity to color to variety, this game packs a one-two punch.

To tie it all together, we have one of the most brilliant musical scores in recent years. The beautiful symphonic arrangement, spliced with pounding techno during battle sequences, conveys a sense of wonder and whimsy that parallels the works of music maestros such as John Williams or Hans Zimmer. It's an amazing score, and one that even non-gamers ought to listen to, simply for the sake of listening to some great music. Adding on top of it all is the great voice acting, which is consistently good across the board. While there are some issues (some characters sound a bit too archetypal for my tastes), the major players have seriously great actors, with Nilin having a strong and assertive voice that displays traces of uncertainty, and the villainous Doctor Quaid coming across as a neurotic yet powerful sociopath. Powerful performances atop a great score makes for an all-around pleasant auditory experience.

Developer Dontnod was aiming for something truly different with their debut, and they've certainly achieved it. While it has some issues that could have been worked out, the sheer scope and ambition of this project is truly admirable, and I do hope that Capcom holds onto this very talented and creative team. "Remember Me" is definitely not a perfect game, but like many games that hold this distinction, it has hacked its way into my heart and become one of my favorites of recent years.

New entries in the "Call of Duty" and "Battlefield" series will come and go, but "Remember Me" will stand tall as a truly unique and fresh experience that is quite unlike anything I've played before.

Plot: 9.5
Gameplay: 8.5
Graphics: 10
Sound: 9.5
Overall: 9.25
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on October 15, 2014
Remember Me is, I feel, a diamond in the rough that could have, with a bit more time and polish, really shined. As it stands, its a competent game with an amazing sense of atmosphere.

The general gameplay is a cross between Assassin's Creed and the Batman Arkham Game series. You climb up walls with some limited parkour, and have several character brawls where countering and dodging attacks are key to victory. While both of these are quite functional, they're probably not going to light your world on fire. A special mention should be given to the combo-system, which allows you to mix and match single button attacks into a pre-made move list. As a very basic example, say I want to do a two punch and kick combo; I'd go into the combo menu and input two different punches and a kick, and hey presto, you have a custom combo. You do get more moves later, some of which are essential for harder enemies later in the game. However the system is quite basic, and the use of actual combos is tied completely to this system; don't come into this combat system expecting the willy-nilly freedom of Devil May Cry.

Another gameplay special mention should be given to the Memories Sequences. In these, you use Nilin's powers over memory to re-write events to suit you. There are only a few instances of these in the game, but they are fascinating to toy with. Will knocking over a bottle cause a gunman to shoot somebody he shouldn't have, or simply knock him over? I really feel like the game could have used some more of these bits, as they're a really interesting sort of puzzle mini-game. It should be noted that these aren't "multi-path" sequences; you have a specific objective and messing around will count as a fail and cause you to simply rewind the memory.

All in all, the gameplay is solid, but with the Memory Sequence bits aside, fairly mundane.

Where Remember Me absolutely shines, however, is presentation. The graphics are strikingly pretty for a small company, and the art direction is stunning. Fans of the cyberpunk ascetic of Ghost in the Shell or Deus Ex: Human Revolution will love it. The music is also very good; it sets the mood wonderfully and makes for a great listen outside of the game. All the little bits of the world look good, and have detail and depth. And, outlandish as the premise might sound, the game's datalog collectibles show a very firm effort to show how the world might react to technology that allows one to save, download or delete their memories. The English voice work is good, but probably won't be winning any awards. The game does offer a nice cross section of languages, with French dubs with English subs offering some wonderful immersion into late 21st century Paris. The main negative in this regard is that, aside from Nilin and the two central antagonists, the other characters feel very *there*. They fit, and they help advance the story, but they won't be who you remember.

All of that praise aside, if you look at the art design and feel its not your cup of tea, the gameplay is probably not going to save it.

Bottom line: Average gameplay; amazing art and music; a few cool characters among a bunch of "ehs". I loved it, but the factors that make me love it won't necessarily save it for others.
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on August 27, 2013
I got this game for a Birthday gift, I was hesitant to buy because there was such a large variation in reviews on this game, from as low as a 4 (out of 10) to an 8. For me, that is a pretty big risk to spend $60 and not be sure I am going to love it. Like I mentioned, I got it for a birthday gift and when I started it was a little difficult to get used to the controls as they do something a little different that really has not been done before and once you get used to the controls and the story, it works great. I think the bad reviews were from people that really did not appreciate the new controls, and they did not really play around with the combos you can create. The game is called "remember me" so they took advantage and make you use your memory to remember the fight button combos, or hints on where a treasure might be if you can remember where it is on the next map.
The other thing I was worried about was the story "stealing memories...really, how could that be a story", again I was pleasantly surprised with the sci-fi writing, turned out to be a gripping story and you do start to get deep feelings for the main character. Overall I give big kudos to the developer for taking the risks on this game and I think it paid off big time. The only downside I had is that I wished it was a little longer, however the time frame it took to beat it was 10-15 hours, and replay value is very high. I think if it was a 30 hour game, I would not be as willing to start another session. The night I finished the game, the next morning I started up a new game on the plus mode to see if I could get more trophies (and I think it will be much faster on the second play through).
I also liked that there is a good mix of puzzles, that are not too hard that you have to go online to find the answer, but hard enough that you will stop and think for 10 minutes. The game also does this great thing with manipulating memories, where you actually edit memories to change the outcome to get a bad guy on your side. Hard to explain, but when you get in to that mode, it is more fun than I imagined. Overall it is a fair mix of game play, puzzles, memory edits, and story, you never get bored, the action is challenging but not frustrating. Great game, very happy!
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on August 6, 2013
After reading some reviews, I was a little worried about getting this game but I am so glad I did. People complained about the combat system where you get to come up with your own combos, but I loved it and found it fun to create them! I loved the game so much that I played it twice in a row. Once on easy and again on hard (also platinumed it!)
Yeah, the graphics are pretty simple and they probably could have done a lot more with the eviroment but the story grabs you enough where that won't bother you. Trust me!
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on June 4, 2013
First Impressions are a big thing to me with games. In the first ten minutes of it this game immediately hooks you as you feel like you're really thrown into Nilins' situation. (main character)
I only got to play it for about 45 minutes this morning but from what I can tell, the game play is very much a cross between the new Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia.
The fighting system is rather unique in itself, as a dodge can break up a combo that was being executed, and the combos themselves are ones YOU make up and program in, as opposed to having to memorize them.
As far as graphics and sound go, I'd absolutely say a 10 on both in my opinion. They're smooth and sleek with a LOT going on in the background on most levels.

In the end if you like a game where you can scale walls and buildings like Tomb Raider, have a fighting system like Prince of Persia where you can actively dodge, and a badass story line where social media gets way out of hand, you'll definitely enjoy this.
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VINE VOICEon March 18, 2014
I remember seeing previews of this game and thinking that I would absolutely love it. The Presentation, the Story, the World of the game looked amazing. Then it came out...and got reviews that ranged from mediocre to VERY negative (IGN gave it a 59 out of 100). But knowing what I know about game critics and their tastes (El Shaddai's metacritic is 75, Child of Eden's is 81) I figured the critics were just snubbing the game (as usual) for not being a sepia-toned FPS with lots of blood and gore. I figured right. I was actually about to purchase this game outright when SONY offered it for free as part of PlayStation Plus. Needless to say I was overjoyed at an opportunity to try it out for free.

Welcome to Neo Paris

Don't let the crappy orange box art fool you. This game is absolutely gorgeous in the art, animation, and presentation departments. Literally from the moment the game starts you are enveloped in a gorgeous futuristic world of Minority Report-like technology. The menus, the interface sounds, the help system, are all slick as the designs from Designer Republic in Wipeout 3. As you move through the world of the game, there are digital indicators everywhere like an AR (augmented reality) system that we all know is coming to the real-world soon. Like the glowing, moving advertisements in Mass Effect, or the city details in Arkham City, it feels like a living, breathing city straight out of Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell with Minor Report thrown on top. As a lover of cyberpunk I am in love.

Catch me if you can

I cannot overstate how incredibly the character models, animation, and world are presented. The main character moves like a beautiful woman (not waddling like a duck, like the female Shepard from Mass Effect). The animations are incredibly life-like and SMOOTH. As you walk through the first rooms and the opening credits scroll, you feel like you are in a science fiction film. Awesome.

Once things get going, you find yourself running away/toward areas to accomplish objectives, and fighting off enemies. The platforming is straight out of Prince of Persia and the excellent Tomb Raider Legend, but... it's BETTER. Instead of jumping to your death when you meant to jump to a ledge, instead of trial and error and frustration, the indicators show you where to go and our protagonist is remarkably sure-footed. The frustration is ENORMOUSLY less than other games of this type I have played.

You gotta fight

Everybody and their brother lately is trying to emulate Arkham Asylum/City's combat system with combo-based fighting. This game pulls it off extremely well and in a very fresh new way. Unlike in Batman where you will often find yourself completely surrounded and trying to figure out what combination of buttons fires the one gadget you need for this ONE enemy type, here you can customize combos to suit the situation. The action plays out incredibly smoothly, remarkably like a fight from the kind of movies I enjoy, pulse pounding and never frustrating even when things were difficult. I don't think ANY combat system is perfect, but this one is dang close.

Thanks for the memories

The stealing and manipulation of memories is key to the story, and it also makes up part of the gameplay. You will follow in other's footsteps using memories they leave behind, overload the minds of thugs, and hack into people's minds to remix their memories. All of this is extremely well done and highlights a great strength of the game.

Star Wars:Force Unleashed had quick button press events that were overused to the extreme and distracted from the gameplay. Prince of Persia:Sands of Time had over-long platform-climbing segments that slowed down the pace of the game. And don't get me started on how games have a near-constant combo-fighting gameplay leave you feeling exhausted and wanting to reach for the power button. In contrast this game is extremely well balanced, and will have you exploring, climbing, fighting, and remixing at intervals that keeps everything fresh and exciting.

My game of the year

The things people complain about in this game are quite frankly ridiculous. The world is too restrictive? It's an interactive cyberpunk not a crime-fighting superhero/western. And it's a far cry from the "tube world" of Final Fantasy XIII. Memory remixes aren't done enough? They aren't the point of the game, they are a part of it. This isn't a memory remixing simulator, it's an interactive movie. There's too many bugs? Batman: Arkham Origins had a LOT more. So did KOTOR II: The Sith Lords. So did X-com: Enemy Unknown. And don't get me started on Skyrim. Didn't seem to hurt those games scores (or sales).

This game has it all. A beautiful, intelligent, sexy protagonist with an intriguing past, fantastic voice acting, gorgeous visuals, incredibly facial and character animation, a incredibly detailed game world, a fantastic soundtrack, thrilling combat, slick non-frustrating platform climbing-traversing segments (that make Uncharted look like the garbage it is), and a story and presentation that sucks you in makes you want to keep playing till the the end. There world needs more games like this. 10 out of 10.
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on June 7, 2013
I pre-ordered this game because I really like video games that doesn't follow the ordinary shoot and kill gameplay. However, Remember me couldn't reach my expectations. Let me tell you this, the game is amazing, the music and story are the strongest points of the game. The music is just perfect for this game, as you are fighting with enemies, the rhythm changes; basically music follows you through the game. Story is very interesting and fun to follow. Now the down side of this game.
As we know, there is no gun or shooting in this game except a power that let's you shoot some sort of memory destroyer to your enemy, and occasionally open doors and slide things around with it. It's all about combos that you use and some powers ( like perks that you use for few seconds like a massive explosion to kill multiple enemies at once). Here is the deal about the combos: since you can't button smash, you need to pay attention which button goes next in order to make a perfect combo. For example: you do 2 triangles and 1 square in order to gain health and increase power. In my opinion, it's a good thing and a bad thing because it takes away the tension of fighting and kills the interest of the player to fight. Anyway, the environment is very well designed, but there aren't much to explore. I wish I could go to stores and upgrade my suit or buy upgrades rather than just gaining them as I play. That would increase the sense of exploration to find stores and hidden stuff( only hidden things are memory packs( increases your health) and some other thing that I really didn't care about( it unlocks 3D models and pictures in gallery). Another down side of the game is that it is very linear, all you do is climbing, remix memory and fight 5-10 enemies. Don't get me wrong, remixing memory is very interesting and takes time to figure out the right order. By the way, the game is really easy and doesn't need any skill, super easy for me. Compared to God Of War or Uncharted it's really easy.
The first hour of the game was just perfect, I enjoyed it, and I was emotionally touched to the point that I had tears in my eyes( One part of the game, you are passing homeless people begging someone to give them a memory, he said" I beg you, I do anything for a happy memory, I need to remember something happy"). Shortly after 2 hours in the game, everything becomes linear and repetitive. Designers tried really hard to keep the game going and make it enjoyable, but it's a short game with tons of opportunities to make 10/10 video game, but lack of exploration & customization killed the game for me. I recommend this game to people who like to play a game that offers: a very beautiful environment, cool story line, no button smashing, linear gameplay, amazing music, and take a break from COD and other shoot them up video games :-)
After playing this game I realized why I have trouble remembering biology terms during exams; maybe a bastard student has "Errorists" like Nilin to steal my memory and give it to other students :-)
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on June 10, 2013
E3 2012, this game looked awesome. The trailers looked awesome, the story, the universe (theme, genre, world etc etc) is awesome, the main character is awesome... and yet...

This game wasn't really much like what E3 led me to believe. This game has such high reviews on Amazon, with a metacritic of 70 (at launch 59) I felt like it was a bit high for what the game offered.

Now, as far as themes go, I love this game. Cyberpunk world with a "ghost in the shell" feel to it in a neo-Paris? AWESOME! The main character is actually really good. Definetly not your typical main female protagonist, but not at all in a bad way. Story wise, besides all the unanswered questions, decent. I'm almost done with it, and the only reason why I continue to play is 1. the scenery and 2. the story

Now for the cons, plenty of positive rewiews that you can read besides mine.

This game physically makes my eyes hurt. Color scheme, artwork, no idea. (Deus Ex at times did, maybe it's that orange grey color scheme). I like it, but it hurts. I may be just one out of a million players that it happens.

This game is about playing a movie/story. It's linear, the free climb is scripted, and... the platforming is nothing complex. There really is no room to explore and for me, with such a great location, is a huge disappointment. You can't just climb some random wall, it's all specific to your path.

The combat isn't bad, you have combo setups that you can change up with different bonuses. It's neat, but... I've been running the same setup from the beginning with a few modifications throughout my playthrough. The special attacks are entertaining but nothing over the top.

The audio for this game is really good, with great voice acting. Sadly some of the lines makes you cringe or just roll your eyes wishing you can just skip it.

The game changer, or what makes this game unique is this special called remix. It's like a minigame where you mess with peoples memories to change an outcome of things. doing different things will give you different results, but to progress through the story, you have to complete the objective. Another disappointing thing about this is, the lack of it. The actual remix part is really fun and is interesting, but it doesn't feel like a huge part of the game, but i feel as if it should've been a huge part of the game from the story.

As far as the game goes overall. Not worth the retail price. I was disappointed with the lack of involvement I felt with the game. How scripted and stiff the game felt. Yes the game has an awesome theme, and yes the game has a decent plot, but as far as gameplay goes... it's not mind blowing. Maybe it's unfair because I just finished playing Tomb Raider. But seriously... the levels are short, there's no exploration, the game feels short, and your actions don't feel weighted as it's scripted.

Now as far as your character goes, she struggles philosophically, with her morals, and her vs the greater good. And if the action is evil, if it can be outweighed from the good it can come out of it. If anything I feel like I relate with the character more on the sense of helplessness and the fact that she feels like just some errand person without personal choices.

There are a few high profile games coming out, I'd wait for those rather than picking this up. For the price, it's a bit of a disappointment, even with all the positive reviews.

If you need your future cyber genre type game fix now... yeah this will have to do, until Cyberpunk 2077 :D
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