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on October 6, 2013
My father gave me his 742 woodmaster that he was given at a younger age by my granddad .After giving it a good cleaning I bought a Leupold scope for it at my local wallyworld and took it to the range to sight it in. The rifle shot like a dream, no misfires,no jams, just a bang every time. the gun had less than 10 shots fired through it when it was given to me. I put 40 round through it at the range and was shooting 175-250 yards almost dead on with a 2 1/2 inch grouping. After getting home and cleaning the gun i noticed i had scratched the bottom of the stock a little bit in a few areas. I then thought that i should buy a Synthetic stock for it. After reading reviews on this 7400 model I decided to go for it! and it was a perfect fit! No adjustments were needed, it was just screw off and screw on. The stock came in perfect condition in 3 days! It makes the gun slightly lighter but after shooting it I saw it made no difference. I then added a 10 round magazine from Triple K to make it a bit easier at the range. All around a good gun, Amazing stock upgrade from the wood stock. One day i will rest the 742 and put it back in its former glory and keep it in a display to pass down. I have now put around 180 rounds with the 742 with great results! I will upload some pics of the rifle.
review imagereview image
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on September 12, 2014
What I was really looking to do with this stock was to lighten my load while stalking Maine White tails... for this I would rate this stock 5 stars... unfortunately their is no rear sling attachment recepticle(I will have to use a loop... Pain in my @)^#) so I must knock off 1/2 star for that... Then there is the actual fit... I ended up with a 3/32nd gap where the stock and rifle meet... I could put the dremel to it and may have to if I look at it much longer... loss of another 1/2 star... The fore end stock fit rather well... It does not have a receptical for the sling screw either(but I have an old attachment screw with a sling attachment... Yes I am a bit anal when it comes to my fire arms... all in all I have to give it 4 stars and am Okay with that...
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on December 26, 2016
Bought this for a Rem 7400 to replace a well worn wood stock and forearm. The forearm was a completely drop in replacement. Went in smoothly with no issues. The stock required some very minor sanding to shorten the part that inserts into the rear of the receiver. Even removing the small spacing shim that was original to the gun, had to take about 1/16" or more to get a tight fit to the receiver. Do the sanding very slowly and check fit often so you don't take off too much. Also, be careful tightening the stock screw, it is easy to over tighten and damage the stock screw tunnel. The Stock worked great with no issues on a .280 cal Rem 7400. Recoil pad is very effective. Stock and forearm held the Allen Gun Sling Swivel mounting hardware I got from Amazon very well.
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on June 28, 2012
Just as with the other posters, I have a Remington 742 Woodmaster 30-06 and my factory stock was cracked. This new stock installed in under 15 minutes and it fits PERFECTLY. No modifications needed and I was able to reuse the front sling clip. There is no stock clip on this stock however so you will need to figure something out.

I have not shot with the new stock yet so I may come back and change the rating if the gun does not perform well. Also, just as someone else pointed out, the butt stock is 1" shorter than the original so it is better for people like me with short arms.

Great stock.
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on August 27, 2016
It took me 10 minutes to put this on a 1960s 308 742. Believe the reviews. No problems whatsoever. I did take the metal spacer out where the stock marries the gun and used the Uncle Mike's sling swivels that so many reviewers suggest. This was a lot easier than I expected and looks great.

Update. Have shot a couple boxes of shells out of it. No problems with cycling. Fit is still great and looks great. If you need a stock for your 742 buy this. It is perfect.
review image
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on September 22, 2016
Inherited a 742 .308, left handed {shell ejects on the right, but the Monte Carlo cheek piece was also on the right. He did not take very good care of it, shoots fine, but the high end checkered stock and for-end were busted, cracked, and scratched. He killed a lot of deer with the thing though. When I first fired it, the plastic dust cover partially broke and flew off, so it went in the safe for 15+ years. Recently traded off my Ruger hunting rifle for a long-range Savage, but it's way to heavy for hunting. So, I pulled out the 742. Ordered this stock after reading the reviews, and it was a bolt on. Have about 1/16" gap between the stock and the receiver, & if I gave a rat's you-know-what I'd grind it to fit. Ain't gonna mess with it. I guess that's why the box it came in said it would not fit a 740 or 742. Rifle still has the 1970 Redfield Illuminator 3X9 scope on it. Very pleased...
review image
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on September 30, 2014
I know that Remington states that this stock does not fit the 742, but it fit mine perfectly. At first I thought that I needed to shave off about 1/8 inch on the stock but then found a spacer in the gun and once I removed it the stock fit perfect. The rifle is lighter and I haven't had the chance to shoot it yet since putting the stock on, but this stock raises the cheek weld and now my eye lines up with my scope perfectly/
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on May 10, 2014
As many reviewers have already said, these will fit the model 742 with one very small adjustment. The rear stock is directly interchangable without any issue. I own an older (1974 Remington 742) and this rear stock looks soo good on it, it makes it look like a whole different gun! The front fore stock must have 1/8" trimmed from the undercut that contacts the rifle (the lower rear notch) if You want a PERFECT fit. It will fit as is only if You get a slightly longer mounting screw as it will only go in about 3 turns; not enough in my opinion. After I trimmed it with my table saw it fit perfect and the origonal screw was sufficient.
They look amazing and I can put my classic wood stocks away. These can get wet and bumped without issue and are very tough.
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on December 7, 2012
Like most old 742's I had a stock break in the middle of a hunt. Unfortunately, mine broke on the first day of a five day snowy Colorado Elk hunt. The price for a wood replacement is outrageous and most of the synthetics don't fit on the older models. I received this stock and didn't expect it to fit but, to my surprise, it fit perfectly and is a great product. Thanks for providing an inexpensive but rock solid stock replacement that will breathe new life into my old 742!
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on November 9, 2016
No question about the fit on the Remington 742. Perfect. Early to mid 60's 742 Carbine, it went right on. I had to remove the steel spacer between the wood butt stock and the receiver so the new stock would fit flush. The extension into the receiver of the new stock is such that that spacer is no longer needed. I used the Mikes sling swivel kit to mount the forearm. I haven't fired the rifle yet but it seems that the action functions as normal.
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