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on May 24, 2011
I needed to lower my monthly bills, so I kicked Dish and got Netflix and found online feeds for alot of "cable" channels(Spike, TNT, USA, etc.) but my rabbit ears would only pick up 1 station on my locals.

I found this and was skeptical about buying it due to the price. I saw others almost like it going for $100 and more. But in the end I decided to give it a try. If it was no good-well I only lost $20. I got it from UPS today and hooked it up. Assembly is real easy. I AM STUNNED. For $20, you can not beat it. I now get about 17 channels and 15 of those are crystal clear and in HD. I live about 60 miles from the worst quality channel I get and I am at least 25-30 miles from the best. It claims reception up to 125-150 miles-well I don't know about that but 60 or less I say you can't do much better.

I would recommend this to anyone that needs locals and lives within 60 miles or so of the stations they are trying to get.
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on December 26, 2011
The antenna is made from aluminum and plastic, with steel bolt/nut/washers. No extension pole is included, only the top unit shown in the photo. It is light weight, and provides minimal instructions. The unit is made in China and comes mostly assembled.

I have positioned this unit both inside the house, and on the rooftop. The signal gain is immediate. It picks up SD, HD signals from UHF/VHF sources. For where I live, it must be used with the ampliflication to get signals. For some reason, I get a better picture and more stations inside rather than roof mounted. I suspect it made be due to signal loss through an RG6 coaxial cable (left in place from Dish). I will try using a direct line to the roof with an ultra-low loss cable. In a few weeks will post the result.

The rotation command buttons are pointless. There only needs to be a single button, because the two remote buttons perform the same command (rather than left or right rotation). The direction will reverse by either waiting for a complete revolution, or by releasing the button, and then hitting it twice in a row. It helps to have a 2nd person and a pair of walkie-talkies for rooftop adjustment.

I wanted to buy a low-cost unit before spending more on "fancy" units. This seems to meet the need and was more than covered with the cost of one month of satellite service. I wasn't able to find information online that compares the performance of these units to other brands. Please post if you have this unit, and share your thoughts.Thanks!

UPDATE - Dec. 31, 2011
I put this unit back on the roof with a replacement coax cable (rg6). We have no trees or mountains blocking the line of sight, nor any military installations or airports nearby. It still does not pick up the transmittors that are 25 - 50 miles away. But, great news, we still get digital Telemundo (si senior) from a tower about 10 miles away. I have ordered a real long range UHF/VHF antenna (Winegard) from Amazon. Looking forward to strong signals. No more Chinese products for me.
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on January 14, 2011
It claims to have 125 miles of range, I don't think thats quite true but it is good enough to pick up signals from the nearest towers 40-50 miles away, but somedays it will pick up a certain station and other days it won't and it doesn't hold a signal strength any higher than 65, and usually holds a signal strength around 40. In the products defense I do live in a heavily wooded area with many many tall trees stretching above the height of the antenna, which I am aware probably plays a role in the low signal strength but to what extent I don't really know.
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on March 13, 2014
Signal wise, this product is probably the best antenna I have ever seen. I am literally picking up stations from over 100 miles away from my home.

The only drawback is that it is very cheaply made. I would pay a little extra for it to withstand a little more. In no time at all, the screws rust - but that is not the big problem.The big problem is the largest outer wings break off very very easily. And when those break off you will barely get any channels at all.
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on April 21, 2012
The big issue is that the controller for the rotator, which evidently is also the pre-amplifier, died after just a week. We have no idea why, but now the pilot light doesn't come on and the antenna doesn't rotate. It would be too much trouble to uninstall the antenna, box everything back up and ship it back, so we will just live with it.

We purchased this antenna / rotator / preamplifier in order to determine if we could "cut the cord" on cable. The results are mixed...the big 3 networks have excellent pictures, but PBS does not. All the broadcast antennas are located just 3 miles away in the exact same direction (as per, so it's unclear why we have difficulty with that one station. It might be a multi-path issue.

Anyway, the antenna is mounted inside the house in a back room that visitors don't see. You can bolt a floor flange to the ceiling, then add a 3/4" PVC pipe pointing down and mount the antenna onto the PVC pipe. Mounting the antenna to a 3/4" support is easy and no tools are needed.

The antenna itself is very light weight, and I'm not sure it would survive strong winds or sun exposure. The rotator (while it still worked) had a mind of its own about which way to turn the antenna, and there was no indication back at the control box or remote about which was it was going or in which direction it was pointed. The motor in the rotator was completely silent.
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on August 4, 2011
I will update this once it is out side for now my inside review.

First the unit. It comes with cheap coax I will not use there wire at all since I got better wire from mono price. The inside box is nice you got power switch on the back side Input and 2 tv outputs. Top of box has a touch to rotate button if you lose the remote. Front red power light green light when you are turning the unit. Also red light on the top if you turn it from the box.

Antenna is easy to put together. you just unfold the rods. Screw 4 screwes for the pole mount on the bottom of it. Will it hold up to the sun and heat that will be my big test for it in a few days.

remote is nothing special 22 buttons but you can just use one of them the unit will turn left or right after you stop it then start it aging.

Inside I get all the networks but cbs.

Now next part is also what size pole to use no where does it say in the book or on the box.
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on April 14, 2014
I expected to get stations that are farther away with this supposed long range antenna, but preforms as well as the ten dollar indoor antenna I had been using. Plus, now if I want to watch/change channels, I have to rotate the antenna to increase signal strength. Totally disappointed with the price and performance and the high-high additional charges that were snuck in to the package price. I doubt if I'll be ordering from here again. I should have bought an antenna from a big-box store, where I would have been able to get my money refunded without the hassle... so I'm keeping the antenna as a reminder of a stupid tax and not to pay stupid again.
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on August 1, 2011
First, antenna works pretty good. I live about 45 miles from Cleveland. Picks up all stations from that city and closer. Digital is nice.
Second, had to make my own mount. Just a couple brackets worked fine,
Third, the remote for the rotor/amplifier is a bit tricky. I have four TV's. Tried hooking up amp to just one TV. No luck. Has to be tied in closer to actual antenna, before the cable splits into four TV's.
Fourth, rotor has no read-out. Don't know if it's turning clockwise, counter-clockwise or not at all. Have to run back and forth to check position and TV picture. Less than convenient.
But, for $20, I ditched my cable and am saving more than $100/year.
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on February 7, 2012
Living in a mobile home some 25 plus miles from nearest broadcast station with a small local airport right in the path of most broadcasters. Upon first installation ran into some of the same problems with antenna not rotating as others have described even though it was located rather close to the sending unit. However, after moving it further away and raising the height (30 feet away and 30+ feet high) the rotation worked fine. Be sure your connections are tight and you leave ample cable wire available for rotation to happen. That said, once you find the best reception of stations (positioning of antenna) you really don't need to rotate it. I suggest using one of the online antenna/broadcast station listings to see what stations are available in your area and in which direction they are located before installing. Overall once you get over the initial little bumps the antenna works fine and I can pick up stations even over 60 miles away. Don't get discouraged it may take you a couple of days or more to get things set up but is well worth the effort.
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on January 22, 2016
I cant tell you how many of these things claim the same thing that this one does. We bought the exact same one about three years ago and it was broken when the wind blew it off our pole. It broke so we bought a similar one that claimed to have the same range. Not even close. We got mad and ordered yet a different one. Finally we taped it together and used it until we tracked down the original order and ordered a new one.
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