Customer Reviews: 2 Replacement BP-727 Battery Packs for Canon VIXIA HF R30, HF R32, HF R300, HF M50, HF M52, HF M500, HF R40, HF R42, HF R400 Camcorders Includes: 2 Replacement BP727 Battery Packs + Rapid Travel Charger
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on June 17, 2012
I ordered the item on Jun 10, and received it in 6 days. What I don't like is that this company "ZeeMo Digital" did not even make an effort to give a better estimate of the delivery date. It estimated 3 weeks delivery on July 2 despite the order arrived on Jun 16. While I appreciate the early delivery, I don't like the totally bogus estimate which caused me to make unnecessary arrangement to have someone to receive the shipment for me. Of course, now I can cancel my arrangement.

What I received does not exactly match the descriptions on the Amazon Marketplace page. Instead of getting 2 batteries plus one charger, I got 2 individual packs each contains 1 battery and 1 charger. It is not a complaint, the extra charger will come in handy when I need to charge both batteries in parallel. It takes almost 5 hours to fully charge each battery. Charging both in parallel means I don't need 10 hours to charge both. The price of my purchase has dropped almost $4 before the shipment arrived. So the extra charger made me feel a little bit better about missing the price reduction by just a few days.

I used this battery on a Canon HF R300 camcorder. For testing purpose, I set up the camcorder to record until the battery runs out. The fully charged battery ran out in 2 hours and 20 minutes when recording in SP mode. The BP-709 battery that comes with the camera only lasts 30 minutes doing the same test. So this bigger battery BP727 lasts like 5X as long as the smaller battery.

I only gave 4 stars in my review because the battery cannot show the remaining charge level on the camera LCD display. A label on the package says "Important: Camera LCD will not display power status while using this battery". This information is important enough to be on the packaging, but it is mentioned briefly in one sentence on the product descriptions in Amazon Marketplace. I feel that the consumers should be more clearly informed of this limitation before making their purchase decision. When the camcorder is turned on with this battery, a warning screen pops up stating "Cannot communicate with this battery pack. Continue using this battery pack? YES / NO" If you select YES, the camcorder will continue to operate without displaying the battery power level. i.e. you will get no warning when the battery is going to run out in the middle of an important taping. If you select NO, the camcorder will simply turn off.
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on June 28, 2012
Bought this battery for use with Canon Vixia HF R300 Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 51x Advanced Zoom notorious for the short battery life of its OEM battery of 20 min. The ad description didn't say Lithium, and the price is only 1/9 of that of the genuine Canon BP-727 Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack so I didn't expect much. But it arrived in 5 days, and it met my needs completely. It has a Lithium label, it lasts 80 min, takes 150 min to charge on a separate charger that didn't need to plug into the camera. It even came with a separate car charger, not mentioned in the ad.

Pros: Low cost, Useful battery life; separate charger (rapid charge); cones in two pack, car charger included.

Cons: no communication with the camera so to keep track of power remaining you have to go the old school way (Canon propritary, expected). Shorter life than the genuine BP 727 ( 2 hours vs 80 min). Don't now how it is going to hold up after a few months of use.

Considering the price of the HF R300 is less than $300, I am not going to spend $100 for a 2 hr battery. For the Canon BP 727, it works out to be $0.89/min, for this replacement, it is $0.21/min. The choice is clear.
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on July 12, 2012
The two batteries worked well. One of them was a tight fit, but one it was set in the first time it was not an issue. Each battery lasted for over an hour of recording, and the charger recharged them within two hours. The charger also worked for the original battery, as worthless as it is. You do have to remember that these batteries don't show a battery meter. In fact, the camera states that is can't communicate with the battery. I just hit OK and continued. Not having a readout of the remaining battery was not an issue, as I know to limit my recording to 1 hour and then change the battery. Given that the large Canon battery was over $100, these batteries are a great deal.
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on August 21, 2012
The main complaint of owners of the (awesome, in my opinion) Canon vixia R30 is that the battery that comes with it is really bad. And it is. It lasts less than 30 minutes. But that is why the camera is so affordable. I would rather spend less on the initial purchase of my camera and then buy more battery power, than spend a lot of money just to get a genuine battery.

These two batteries solve the problem. They each give you about 1 hour of film time on the camera. They can be charged. And are super affordable.

The only downside is that you can't see on the camera how much battery life is life. That is why you have two. Charge both and take them with you. When one dies, you know you have another 1 hour of film time. For $30 bucks for 2 batteries I am OK with not being able to see how much if left on the screen.

This makes the R30 the perfect camera.
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on December 20, 2012
MUCH longer life and MUCH cheaper- what more do you want ? :) It's no big deal that it doesn't communicate with the camcorder to display the battery life. The pack works flawlessly and when fully charged you get ~2 1/2 hours (from other review, I did not personally test this) Two packs were included so charge them both up overnight initially and you should never run out of battery life. No complaints at all, I used it for an entire weekend on and off with no issues at all. Excellent value for the price.

quick tip: when the camcorder alerts you that it cannot communicate with the batter pack (usually after 20-30 sec), it automatically pauses your recording if you started one, so you have to hit the record button again after pressing "Yes" its OK to use this battery as your recording will then be in the "paused" state. I thought I was in "reocrd" mode a few times in the beginning only to find out my recording was actually "paused" due to the battery pack error message.
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on March 4, 2013
It's a shame the description on the batteries doesn't say how long they are supposed to last. I had high hopes after getting the batteries, but was disappointed with the results. I have measured the run time of both batteries and consistently get 27 minutes for one battery and 50 minutes for the second battery. While the price is certainly a bargain, they don't last as long as I had hoped. I have also bought a 2nd brand - Wasabi Power and they did much better. Their batteries lasted an average 95 minutes. I would definitely recommend them over this brand. The price is about the same.
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on August 16, 2012
I have now bought this item twice, so I thought I should give an account of my own experiences with this product.

I used this battery with the canon vixia HFR32, because the provided battery, as you may know, lasts about half an hour.
I was very happy to see that one of these new batteries could last about an hour and a half to two hours.

Both times I received the product it came with one charger, unlike some of the other reviews that report two.
The battery level is also not communicated as previously mentioned, but also note that the camera gives a "Change battery pack" warning a few minutes before it shuts off.
Another thing to note is that the battery WILL NOT CHARGE when the camera is plugged in, it will ONLY charge in the provided charger. Charge time is hard to say, but I would have to say around 4 hours.

I bought two bouts because after about a week of use, one of the pins on the battery bent, and broke off when trying to re-align, but I would say this was just a fluke. Just be careful the battery is straight when sliding up into the charger.

All that aside, amazing deal considering the alternative is buying ONE battery for about 150 - 200$ from the actual manufacturer.
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on September 9, 2012
these batteries give me about one hour and ten minutes constant recording time each when fully charged.this as compared to the battery that came with the camera that gives thirty eight minutes.Add to this the plug in charger and the twelve volt adapter and the price and this is a very good buy.
the only drawback i see so far is that these batteries are not compatable with the cameras ability to "communicate with battery pack".this effects the window that shows the recording time remaining on the battery.this is only a minor problem as long as you have another battery .
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on July 28, 2012
I tested the batteries with my Canon Vixia HF R300, and they worked well. I used it for about an hour and had no problem. The camcorder will not display the charge remaining, but that's where a fully charged second battery comes in handy.

The only thing is that one has to use the separate charger (part of the package) to charge the battery. The camcorder will not directly charge the battery. For the price, it is a good deal.
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on August 14, 2012
Since the original batteries lasts only for a short time, unless you can always be connected to a power source to record, these extra batteries are a must, not really an option. The Canon batteries are much more expensive than these. These batteries are working good for me, the only problem is that the camcorder will not read the battery life, and this is a known issue and is already in the product description. The other thing I noticed is that whenever you use these batteries, and turn on the camcorder, it will come up with a warning message which sort of says you got a generic battery blah blah blah .. just click ok, and you are on your way to recording good videos and pictures. Enjoy !!!
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