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on April 18, 2014
I have a Graphtec data logger that takes a proprietary battery that costs a bloody mint. I spent some time looking at less expensive batteries, as I figured that the proprietary one was probably a relabeled mass-produced battery of some sort...and sure enough it's the Sony NP-F550. To check the compatibility, I bought two of these cheap Sony replacement batteries...mostly just to verify the size and voltage compatibility.

To my surprise the replacement is working like a champ: correct voltage and size in my application...and after a year of use the self discharge rate is still very acceptable (pretty much holding charge for several months between uses). For my application, there was no need to go off and buy the more expensive "name brand" batteries. These were one tenth the cost of the Graphtec batteries they replaced.

BTW...I don't charge the batteries in the Graphtec, which lacks the third charging terminal used by Sony. Instead, I bought a cheap "Battery Charger for SONY Li-Ion NP-FM500H NP-F550 NP-F570" from Amazon. It also works like a champ and charges the batteries just fine.
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on May 31, 2014
I purchased 2 of these batteries to use with my Neewer CN-160 LED panel for my Nikon D5200. Shipping took a little longer than I expected but regardless I received them.

Charged both of them for 12 hours but one of them seems to not have the same amount of power as the other (it seems to never get a full charge) and dies faster than the other one. BUT, for $3, you can't complain. I don't even know how they make money on this battery when they sell it so cheap. But that's good for us! So all in all, I have no complaints. No brainer, especially for the money.
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on January 17, 2016
NP - F550

Great for energy output vs size. I primarily use them for portable LCD Monitors and 300 LED film lights. They are an alternative to several electronics that I use that opt for this battery or 6 AA batteries.
They have a decent charge time, usually around an hour for short use and 4 hours + to get a full days use from them.
I purchased them a year ago and they still work and hold a good charge.

- Many film and portable items have the capability to use this type of battery, most Sony camcorders or cinema cameras, portable LCD Monitors and LED panels
- Inexpensive, and an overnight charge lasts very long depending on your product and output.

- Purchased a few, one fell about 4 feet, and broke in two, superglued it, worked for about a week but has since died after. Plastic bodied, high density batteries, falls can take them out easily.
- Battery power can be very tricky as there is no accurate way to meter or gauge a full charge. Due to universal application and third party companies making their devices accept this type of battery it may die faster on some items and last longer on others.

OVERALL - They have lasted me for a year +. Very reliable for cost and being a third party item. Drop was a fault of mine, and I cannot take points away from inaccurate readings from non sony and off - brand adapters.

Would recommend.
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on November 10, 2012
Let me be clear, there are plenty enough horror stories on the Internet about how you can ruin a good camcorder with bad batteries. These stories are real, and companies like Sony have taken to putting special chips in their batteries to keep people from using them. Not only does this lock the customer into buying overpriced battery replacements, it also saves Sony some money from doing warranty repairs because that cheap battery wasn't made to Sony's specifications. While YOU would never call in a warranty on an item you'd knowingly damaged, there are people that would, and warranty repairs cost money.

Some replacement batteries are very high quality. Others are not. How do you know which is which? Trial and error is a little like Russian roulette with your camcorder. Tons of research is almost more trouble than it is worth, especially with 'plant' reviews. However, if there is no brand name on the battery or it is labeled Sony when you know it isn't, I wouldn't trust it out the gate. The batteries I received had no brand markings on them. So no, I don't trust them.

That said, I bought them to go in my LED light. For that, they are working wonderfully and I have no complaints. They are rechargeable and cheaper than AAs if I get 2 full uses out of them. I do not KNOW that they are not good enough for a camcorder, but I would not try it. They work fine for my light though, and neither one has failed me.
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on August 1, 2015
I bought two of these for use in a CN-216 LED video light. Since the CN-216 can also run off of (6) AA batteries, I tested runtime with the AAs and with each of these generic NP-F550 batteries. Also, I measured EV of the light every half-hour, so as to see how it changed during the run time. One F550 lost 1/3 stop of light after the first half hour, an additional 1/3 the 2nd, 7/3 the 3rd had hour, and then effectively died before 2 hours was up. The second F550 lost 1 stop after the first half hour, 1 stop after the 2nd, an additional 1/3 after the third half hour and then effectively died before 2 hours was up. Both batteries started out with an EV a little over 10 (measured at about 6ft away in a dark room). It was a surprise that the batteries differed so much from each other in their performance. I tested these batteries twice, and although these numbers changed slightly, each battery was consistent with itself on how fast/slow it lost power.
The 6 eneloop batteries (I believe they are 3rd generation 2100mAh) lost 2/3 stop after the first half hour, an additional 4/3 stop the second half hour, no loss the 3rd half hour, 1 stop the 4th half hour, 4.3 stop the 5th had hour. I stopped the test at this point.
With the eneloop batteries, the starting EV was about 1/2 stop less than with the F550.The light loss across the two F550s and the envelop were about the same after 90 minutes, but after where the F550 died, the envelops get pushing out some amount of light (5.23 EV after 2.5 hours).
A 12-pack of 4th generation AA eneloops is a little more than the cost of 3 of these generic F550s. So, three of these generic F550s should give you 4.5 hour (3x 90 minutes) of decent light before they die. Considering the I tested with 3rd generation envelops, a 12-pack should give you 3 hours of decent light, and then another 2-3 hours of soft light. Which way you go depends on your lighting need.
I could not give these generic F550s a 5 star rating because I can’t say how they compare to Sony branded batteries. I could not give them a 4 star rating because the batteries’ performance were not consistent with each other, making lighting reliability unpredictable.
Can anyone provide details on how Sony brand NP-F550 batteries perform?
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on May 2, 2014
Life of battery still strong after a year, I was very surprised and pleased. I hesitated at first but this was a good buy. I use it for an LED light box and this battery keeps it bright for a long time and many times I cannot tell that the battery is low by looking at the power of the light. So this is a good buy ;)
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on October 28, 2016
This battery is garbage. The first time I went to charge it, when I removed it from the charger the terminals came out of the battery exposing the wires and contacts. I was so surprised that I had no idea what to do for a moment. I did not want to touch the terminals to put them back in for fear that I would create a spark or give myself a small jolt. Needless to say, I opted to return them but these are most definitely a poor quality battery with questionable QA/QC methods.

These are simply put...NOT SAFE!
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on November 29, 2015
I have now owned these batteries for a few months and it's safe to say this is a terrible product!!! I typically don't write reviews untill I've used the product for some time so I can leave an adequate assessment. First off it takes these batteries at least 7 hours to charge witch is ridiculous. Then once they are fully charge they only power my monitor for about thirty minutes. The other day I was powering a small LED light and the battery must of given up because it only lasted about thirty seconds! Thankfully I had some OEM batteries to get me through my shoot!
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on February 4, 2017
I bought this item a couple of years ago. It's still working. A reasonable value for the price. I use it for the Neewer LED camera light I bought from Amazon.

When I check the charge level using the Neewer light it says that battery is at the 80% or 85% charge level immediately after charging. The Neewer LED light after I first bought this battery would indicate that the battery was charged 100% after charging.

It's either the Neewer light or this battery. I don't know which. The battery still works good.You can't expect a battery to last forever. I am happy with this purchase and would purchase the battery again.
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They fit and work very well. I have 5 of these and use them with the 3 CN-160 LED lights I have. Battery life is decent as I have went 3 hours on full wide open power without any degrade in light. I can't comment on any other sources as I don't use these for Cameras or other devices as of yet. When these did arrive I did drain them all the way and then recharge them fully.

Update 12-31-15:
I still use these for the LED's and they have underwent 9 cycles of charge and are still going strong. In fact, I used them over the Holiday and didn't notice much difference in time with the lights aside from one pack that seemed to go a bit quicker by seconds.
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