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on December 30, 2014
I purchased this for the LG G Watch R. I'm very pleased with the look. It feels sturdy yet it's lightweight. It was easy to fit on to the watch and the additional links were removed for a custom fit. It's the perfect addition to this watch.
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on February 19, 2013
I just received this band for my Pebble watch. it is a great match and it looks like it goes with the watch. It is more of a matte finish as opposed to the glossy finish of the watch, but I knew that prior to purchasing it. As has been previously mentioned, it does take two small straight screwdrivers to remove the links and the clasp has extra adjustment points as well if you want to get the fit closer than the links allow.
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on July 21, 2013
Bought this strap because another reviewer stated it worked with a Pebble watch and since I was looking for a different band for my Pebble...

Well, it does work and go well with a Pebble watch, but needs a little modification to fit properly. Using an X-Acto knife (hobby knife, razor blade) I had to trim the edges of the band that inserts into the watch so it would fit well. It took only a few minutes and was relatively easy to do since the band is made from a hard rubber.
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on June 17, 2015
I bought this watch band for my new black Pebble Time, and it looks and feels great. I had to purchase a pair of generic spring bar pins ( since the notches in the band are too small for the Pebble pins. The pins that came with the watch have a tiny knob on the side that's kinda "in the way". I could cut the notches on the band back a bit to accommodate it, but I didn't want to mess with it.

The band's lightweight and not too think, but sturdy enough for vigorous workout. It's made of polyurethane so I don't need to worry about sweat ruining the band like in leather or scratches like in steel. The links conform to the shape of the wrist very well, and that's helpful for small wrists like mine. I had to remove a total of 7 links.

1 star taken away for not including spring bar pins considering the price of the band is relatively high.
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on February 8, 2016
There was nothing wrong with my Neo's original band but I thought something a little beefer might be fun. I'd never seen a poly-link bracelet quite like this one and it seemed like a decent color match so why not, I gave it a shot. So far it's worked out fine.

I will admit that putting this band on was a slightly humbling experience; even with a watch tool set I had a hard time lining the spring pins I had around up right. The screws attaching each link did make re-sizing it very easy though and the ease of changing the fit is a big positive.

I've had it on for some bike rides, a run, and a move and the watch has kept all it's functionality--it feels very secure. The only reason this is 4 vs 5 stars is the fact that pins weren't included. I knew that going in, but come on, throwing in a $1 pair of pins on a $30+ band is a smart way to foster some good will. And feel free to go with some heavier duty pins when you use your own too, there's plenty of room.
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on May 21, 2015
This is an excellent replacement for the LG Urbane's leather straps. I have a big wrist, and the LG watch band only fit on the second to last or last hole. It was tight and restrictive. I balked at this one because of the price, but after ordering and returning a cheap rubber band (from Amazon,the "Rubbertech" silicone rubber watchband) I decided to give it a try.

The polyurethane (plastic) is slightly textured and articulated at each link. The joints (links) are secured by screws that have screw tops at both ends and are easy to take out. You can customize your fit easily with the right tool set. I used an inexpensive tool set I purchased from amazon that included a mini pry-bar to remove the spring pins and multiple mini screwdrivers. You will need 2 of the mini screwdrivers to complete the job.

The clasp is lightweight and cheap feeling but because it comes with a locking over clasp, it is secure. The band is light weight as well, so if you are looking for a heavy band, this is not the one for you. It has worked very well in the shower and the watch looks better for this watch strap.
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on September 23, 2016
I've been using this on my Pebble Time Color for around a year or so and it has been a good watch band so far. The band is made of all plastic links with a light metal clasp. Removing and adding links can be tricky since you need two small flat head screw drivers and 3 hands, (or someone helping out) but not impossible.
I did have to remove/cut away a bit of plastic where the band connects to the watch, (as seen in some other reviews) so that it would fit properly. This is where the links being made of plastic came in handy. Just be careful not to remove too much plastic like I did, this can make the band occasionally pop loose from the watch when pulled on, (like getting caught on the seatbelt while getting out of the car) but this has only happened two or three times in the past year that I've been using it every day.
I would recommend this as a nice replacement watch band as long as you don't mind the plastic links. Even though it is plastic it is still tough, light, stylish and the double locking metal clasp stays closed without any problems... at least for me.
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on March 31, 2015
I bought this as a replacement band for my LG G Watch R smartwatch. I really like the look of the band, but there are a few things frustrating with it.

- Matches the matte look of the LG G Watch R really well.
- It has a nice modern tech look to it (that is a bit in the eye of the beholder, but I have even had a few people comment on the watch and band looking nice together).
- Can adjust to your wrist size very well.

- Pins between bands are very difficult to remove because they have a notch on both sides where you turn the notches on one side and old the other in place to screw the pin on/off.
- Pins also come loose over time. Since having this band about a month I have had to tighten a couple of the pins twice in order to prevent it from falling apart.
- Clamp to lock the band on the metal portion of the watch is a bit flimsy. It occasionally loosens over time and won't latch unless you bend the clamp's sides in a bit for it to catch again, which is easy to do, but makes it feel cheap.

It's a great looking band, but the annoyances leave too much to be desired. If I could do it all again, I think I would check out other bands instead of this one.
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on February 20, 2015
My original band on my Luminox (series 0200) finally gave out. So I did some searching and found this one. I ordered this thinking it was 22 mm where the band joins the watch it's self, however this band is wider than 22 mm. Therefore, I had to do some "minor surgery" with an exacto knife in order for for the band to join the watch.

The band itself is fully adjustable, from the micro adjustments withing the clasp, and the individual removable links. Providing the exact fit for every wrist. Comfort?? This band doesn't pinch you skin, or pull your hair. And best of all, you get look of a metal band without the noise or weight. = AWSOME

To remove the links, you will need two of the tiny little screw drivers (such as those sold in those little glasses fixit packs - or for you tech heads, its the 1.4mm flat head screw drivers. With those in hand, put the head of one driver in the slot on one side, and use the other driver to twist out the screws. The pins within the links are a tubular pin and a screw that goes into that.

To re-size the clasp, simply use a standard or # 1 paper clip, and straighten out part of it. Use it as a pin to push the spring loaded pin and it should slip out - You can also use a paperclip to push out the pin where the band joins the watch
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on December 18, 2014
Really good replacement brand for a Pebble smartwatch. It looks far better than the standard band, and gives the watch a much more interesting look and personality. The band itself is very lightweight, but feels strong.

As noted by several reviewers, the ends of the band need to be trimmed slightly to fit Pebble lugs. This was easy to do with a pocketknife, basically making a 45 degree diagonal cut at the end of the point were the band narrows to fit the lugs. You are removing about 1mm of material. Easy to do and understand when you have it in hand.

I did have an issue with the screws that hold the band together. I found it difficult to unscrew some of them, it seemed like they were rotating freely without coming loose. Indeed I found that threads on some of screws were stripped, and the two halves were held together by friction, and not the threads. These had an unfortunate tendency to come apart in use. However, I was able to identify the broken screws, and used cyanoacrylate (Krazy Glue) to fix them in place (put a drop of glue on the socket, thread it through the band, and push the other half of the screw into place).
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