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on August 9, 2016
These parts are accurate replacements for the Syma S107. However, a word of caution: If you, like me, have the WorldTechToys version of this helicopter, the main shaft won't fit. On the WorldTechToys version, the shaft is slightly thicker than the shaft that ships with this kit.

I bought this kit because the piece that secures the top rotors to the main shaft broke, causing the "Toilet Bowl Effect" unstable flight. The issue is described in a video I found on YouTube. It seems that the two pins on the main shaft mount that allow the blades to pivot are easy to snap off, and the shaft mount needs to be replaced.

However, the replacement top rotor mount would not fit on my main shaft. I tried drilling it out, but then it was too loose. So in the end I just chucked the helicopter, since it would be cheaper/easier to get a new Syma at this point.

None of this is the fault of this replacement part kit, however, just a word to the wise.

I took one star off because the parts kit is somewhat incomplete:
- It does not include the screws that attach the counterweight to the top rotor. Extra screws would be appreciated since these screws are so tiny
- It includes the t-shaped main shaft mount, but not the rotating piece that attaches the blades to the t-shaped mount, nor the piece that attaches the lower rotors to the counter-spin shaft I had to re-use these from my old helicopter.

Everything you see in the pictures is what you get, so make sure you have enough left of your original helicopter to cannibalize parts.
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on October 5, 2015
The parts arrived well ahead of time. But the fit of some of the parts was not good. The inner shaft base was too wide for the grip set and the grip set had to be trimmed to fit (easier to trim this than to try to trim the shaft base). Flashing had to be trimmed from the shaft base and from the blade pivot points. The inner shaft was thinner than my original which was still in good condition. I had to drill out the shaft base so that it would fit my shaft. This was way to much work for what should have been a minor quick repair. I would definitely pay more to get parts that fit without modification. I did not try to use the gears (they would not have fit my shaft and were not needed) and I did not use the tail parts (they were not needed). The balance bar fit was good. With the modification to the parts the helicopter is back to flying normally.
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on February 15, 2013
I'd never flown a remote controlled helicopter before buying a Syma 107, so I bought this set of spare parts immediately. I knew I'd use the replacement main blades within a few days as my first flights often ended in crashes until I got the hang of flying the 107 and the blades had several little dings in them. New blades make a huge difference to flight - especially when trying to gain altitude. My flying time is very noticeably longer again with new blades as the motor doesn't need to work as hard to keep the helicopter in the air.

One particular crash broke both the tail fin and also the top plastic part of the main shaft of my helicopter, so I used more of the items in this kit than I originally intended to when I bought this kit. I was very happy to have all the replacement parts I needed to get my helicopter back to perfect flying condition. Only the plastic at the top of my main shaft was snapped, (the part that supports the balance bar), so I could just remove the two locking screws that hold the plastic to the metal and replace that part without having to remove the whole shaft and rebuild the gears which would have been a little daunting.

I've pretty much got the hang of flying now, and now crash very rarely. My helicopter flies perfectly well after having being rebuilt using the parts in this kit.

I notice some of the older reviews for this product state that some customers received a kit different from what is listed. I assume this was one particular seller's mistake or a now corrected problem as I received exactly what is detailed and pictured. The Amazon seller that I bought my kit from was "RC Toys Village".

EDIT: March 7th 2013. I just bought this product again, (this time from an Amazon seller called "SELL BELOW COST") and did not receive the full kit as pictured and described. I didn't get the tail stabilizer and replacement tail fin, (which was annoying as it was the tail fin that needs replacing.) I'll be sure to avoid the seller "SELL BELOW COST" in future and try to order parts from the Amazon seller "RC Toys Village" who did sell me exactly what I ordered.
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on May 16, 2016
Nearly indestructible! My husband flies helicopters and my 3 year old is obsessed with them. He REALLY wanted a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas. After researching for several hours I found this little gem. After 6 months of use it is still going strong. My 3 year old is getting really good at flying and crashing it. I purchased this replacement kit in the inevitable event that parts would be needed. Well it is still sitting in my cupboard after 5 months. Despite all the crashing, it has not broken ANY parts. I did visually match up all the replacement parts to those the came on the helicopter and they are identical. It is nice to know that if anything breaks I have this little set at the ready for repairs. I would highly recommend!!!
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on December 31, 2012
My 10 yr old son got the RC Fast Lane Hawk 4 helicopter for Christmas. He only got to use it for about 30 minutes before the blade broke off at the hing. The first time it hit something the blade shatered. It broke his little heart. He had a cheap one before that I bought at Big Lots that was difficult to control and it banged into everything in the house and did not break. So when this RC broke so fast it was a huge surprise. To calm him down I immediately went looking for replacement blades. I could not find any on Amazon that said they were for the RC Hawk 4, but these looked about right so I took the gamble and bought them. Good Gamble! The blades are not replacement blades for the RC Hawk 4, these blades are far superior to the blades that came on the Hawk 4. First off, the blades that come on the Hawk 4 are paper thin and flimsy (and break easily). These blades are much thicker and sturdier. They also have a lot more reinforcement around the hing hole then the original blades. They are also about 1/4 inch longer then the original blade. But, you do have to modify them to make them fit. The hing hole is slightly smaller then the original blades and you have to drill it out to make it fit.

I was worried that because these blades were a different size, thickness and length, that the chopper would not fly right. Not So! It flies 10 times better! It is so much more stable and easier to control with these blades. It also has about twice the lift over the the original blades. These blades are tough. Even though my son seldom runs it into anything (because it much easier to control now), even when he does, it does not harm these blades. Don't be afraid to buy these for your Hawk 4. You do have to make the wing hing hole a tiny bit bigger to make them fit, but they are well worth the effort.
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on November 29, 2012
Not a bad set but some things I learned the hard way. I have the yellow s107 so this was a direct replacement.

My upper rotor assembly broke so I just wanted to replace this part, not all the gears, etc.

I could not get the upper rotors to stop slipping (strong clockwise turn and no lift). I learned that the stock shaft for the upper rotor has a notch slightly lower than the replacement shaft you will receive. This means that the rotor head screws will not engage the notch in that stock shaft to prevent rotor slip. This was easily solved once I figured it out, I took a pair of wire clippers (strong ones) and cut about 1mm off the top of the top rotor shaft, allowing the rotor assembly to go down the shaft farther, and thus allow the set screws to engage the notch.

I think that if I had used the rotor shaft that came in the replacement part set that this would have not been a problem as the notch sits a bit closer to the top of the shaft, but that involves then replacing gears, etc which I did not want to do.

Another star off because did not include 2 of the shown parts in the photo (the rear tail and fin).

Also, not shown, but replacement screws would have been nice.
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on July 15, 2015
Haven't needed to use any of them yet, but for the price I went ahead and bought them when I bought my Heli just in case I would need any of them, There was two parts in this kit I couldn't identify yet as not pictured, but there was also two parts that were missing that is shown in picture!...But oh well it all works out I guess! But would recommend to buy this kit at Amazon's great price if you do buy the Heli there made for or already have one just in case of a crash that broke something or if you just want to change your Heli's colors around for a custom look!
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on January 13, 2016
This is an inexpensive set of replacement parts for you're helo if you just don't really want to trash it and buy another. Someone gave me the helo, said it wouldn't fly. The blades were mauled by their cat and the helo just flipped over instead of flying. I had no idea what was wrong with it. I found this set and took the helo apart and found two tabs on the main shaft had broken off, so the upper blades weren't turning full speed. I changed the shaft and blades and it flies like new now.
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on May 31, 2014
I kept waiting for the product and I now suspect that I will never see it. You pay your money and take your chances.
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on March 3, 2015
My 14 year old son worked for hours (or so it seemed to me) to repair our damaged helicopter. The tear down required to replace some of the parts was extensive and reassembly was intricate. I suspected the results would be marginal and have poor results. To the contrary, it now flies perfectly! My son could not be happier with the result. He did break a very thin wire in the process, but we were able to solder it back.

Shipping took quite a while; over 2 weeks if I recall correctly.
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