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on January 3, 2015
I ordered this package on Christmas day and received it today (1/3/15). This gun is absolutely wonderful. I love it!!!
Fairly accurate for 30ish feet. Had a friend shoot me in the back at 5ft and u kno u got hit but not harmful (paintballs hurt worse)
Came with a lot of accessories as it said it would (missing laser sight but o well). I got an upgraded sight on it and fore grip with flash light. Its an excellent set up for beginners or indoor war games. Playing in the woods would be good for it too.
I would recommend getting .20g or .25g bb's for more accuracy.
I would recommend this package for anyone looking to get into airsoft but don't want to dump hundreds of dollars on a pro grade weapon.
Also would recommend high capacity mags and upgraded battery. But out of the box performance I have not one complaint.
Very satisfied with performance and quality of product!!!!!
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on August 2, 2017
 This gun was okay at first it destroyed my friends. After that my friend got a new better AK - 47 model and then thats when I realized that this gun sucked. This gun runs out of ammo so easily that I had to buy two more mags and that still was not enough, the mags only hold 45 bbs. Do not let the other accessories fool you they are really cheap and the scope worked for like a month. The worst thing that happened with the gun recently was I was charging it and it over heated and burned the battery link so now it use less. The FPS is terrible it 200 not accurate at all the bbs go up when you shoot unless you use 20 grams which improve the accuracy but deaden the range. Overall please don't buy. It is decent for cqb only cqb. DONT BUY!!!!!!!😤😡😱👎😤 The gun it self is also very cheap plastic!!!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎 Also the front barrel snapped of because the barrel attachment snapped cause it sticks to the screw part of the barrel. Overall SUCK!!!!!
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on November 25, 2017
Honest review:
- Model is nice to have if you just want an M4 to look at.
- It shoots like it should, and is fine for backyard shooting.

- Bad idea to use in competition.
- Very fragile material; be careful screwing in the suppressor or muzzle because they will break if you aren't careful.
- Low cap mag.
- Rather inaccurate.

I returned mine since it broke so easily, but if you're on a strict budget and you just want an M4, this is your best bet. Just be careful with it.
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on August 4, 2015
Hard body construction with tactical black color, semi and full auto finctionality switch, stock extends giving greater length and support. Co es with orange tips I changes that with tactical paint. Scope is weaker plastic, a child age 7 would brake it by step in on it, flashlight is old fashioned bulb, bright enough for granny to read news paper, weak enough to allow enemy to hide, lol. Clip co,es out and can be loaded quicky via quick loader that comes with it. Strap included with plastic connector that's strong enough to bounce around on your back while running with all attachmnts attached. Grip is strong to grip tight. Looks real enough to be real to anyone standing 15 or more feet away blackened tips look real up close. All in all for a big inner or a teen or for copay I'd say grab the card, because I'd buy again and again.
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The package arrived promptly via 1-day shipping and had been packaged and protected well. Upon opening the outside carton I noticed the packaging on the M83 box had been opened. Some screws for the scope and flashlight were floating around as well as the laser just laying in there having been rattled and shaken every bit of the trip with no protection other than the Styrofoam the Rifle sits in. It did light up when the batteries were installed though. After reading the instructions I began the assembly to find the battery already installed with the wires pinched in the cover. The battery wasn't connected though but the wires were jammed under the housing. I finished assembly and felt a lot of flex and twist down the length of the rifle. So much that when utilizing the fore-grip I could see the front sight move with the flex of the rifle. I disassembled and put back in box and am returning to Amazon. I'm soooo glad I used Prime because I would have just gotten ripped off weather the seller knew of this rifles issues or not. At the very least would have had to pay to ship back. All Airsoft places should be upheld to a high standard of quality control with their 20% restocking fees and paying return shipping even if the thing arrived defective, BS. Not saying that about these guys but if anyone that gave a care had bothered to check the rifle they shipped me they would have felt the flex. Maybe they did and sent it anyways. In any case, I still want to try another M83 because either this one was used or handled quite a bit before I got it or defective. I give it a three because it seemed to have potential had it not been so flimsy feeling. Probably just a defective one so will try again through Prime only though.
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on July 30, 2015
This is a very good gun for people who have just gotten into airsoft. This gun comes with a lot of accessories. It feels looks and weighs like a real m4. I highly recommend this. But there was one downside, my first order I had gotten the mag springs got off track and stopped working and because of internal issues, so I had to return it to UPS and the shipping was free because Amazon covered it. I recommend tapping the mag one time around. Ever since I got my 2nd order and I've been really happy with it. The price is excellent especially for metal gears and barrel.
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on August 18, 2015
Cheaply made, but its not a high-end weapon either. My son loves his new toy, and the manufacturer didnt leave out any options. There is a red dot sight, vertical foregrip, laser pointer, flashlight, small pack of bbs, tools w which to adjust the laser pointer, batteries, and a small screwdriver. My only conplaint is its PROPRIETARY battery. It wont hook up to a smart charger; it is a 7.4v battery, n i dont see any way to upgrade.
Update: although the manufacturer sends a pack of .12 g bbs, the gun runs much better w .20 g bbs.
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on December 28, 2015
Bought this one for my son and a more expensive one for me....Oops! This one is much better. He ended up taking off the flashlight, scope, and laser and just likes it bare bones. It shoots in a tighter pattern than mine. It also shoots much quicker. The battery is in a better location and uses a much more standard charger plug so i can charge it with my smart charger i had for an rc truck. No complaints. buy a speed loader and some extra clips. it does run out of plastic bb's in a hurry.
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Used 2 of these on a film shoot. Two of the actors that had prior military experience remarked on how accurate they looked, felt, and weighed. We didn't actually fire either of them, but I can say that the rail system works great at holding the accessories, and it was easy to change out the barrels in a pinch.
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on December 25, 2013
Red dot - has co-witness with the front sight post, basically you can brighten up the front post (i.e. you can see very little through the scope other than the front sight post
Came with two batteries for the laser sight, requires 3.
Instructions give no indication how long to charge the battery (hoping the charger turns from red to green to indicate it's done, we'll see.
Extremely inaccurate - but the battery may not have been fully charged so we'll see how this goes.
No variable hop up as suggested on product description, box, and instructions- instructions suggest the hop up is below the hop up cover which is the simulated dust cover, but the dust cover does not open, it is the same piece of plastic as the weapon (i.e. it does not move nor provide access to a hop up adjuster)
One clears the weapon with the cleaning rod, per the instructions, but mine did not come with a cleaning rod
Laser sight mounts behind the front sling post so if you use the sling, it will block the laser. If you mount the laser to a side rail (or anything to a side rail) you'll have to remove and remount it to get at the rechargeable battery.
My first shots are way, way off. So much so that I'm still holding hope that it was just a largely uncharged battery as the culprit. Otherwise it's going back as the sights are not adjustable. Or more accurately the only sights that are adjustable are the largely unusable red dot, unless you get a riser for descent co-witness (but it will only adjust elevation downward very little as they're expecting this thing to co-witness directly with the sight post or the laser which mine didn't come with the batteries it was supposed to come with (or just doesn't work if it's a misprint in the directions) and would be blocked by the sling if used.
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