Customer Reviews: resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA (Black) - Pack of 2
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on November 24, 2009
My wife wanted me to order some of these as stocking stuffers for friends and family. We live in area with alot of big lakes and rivers, so it makes sense to have a safety device like this in every car. While noticing that several reviewers had problems with them not working, I was tempted to go for the larger LifeHammer instead. I would feel terrible if someone was relying on a gift from me to save their life, and have it fail when that time came (God forbid!)

I took my chances and ordered 8 ResQme keychains (4 Blue, 4 Yellow.) All arrived quickly in usual Amazon fashion. I found a scrap piece of soft wood and proceeded to test them out. Of the 8, only 1 (yellow) failed to "strike" the wood and leave an impression from the steel point. However, after cycling the device 5 or 6 more times, it began to strike the wood and leave an impression in the wood. After 10 or so additional tests, I was unable to get the device to fail again. My guess is that there was some plastic "flashing" inside from the injection molding process that was slowing down or stopping that striker from firing properly (based upon a small, thin piece of yellow plastic being left on the wood after the 5 cycles preceding the device starting to work properly.) So, if you get one that does not work, try cycling it many times and see if that fixes it before going through the return process. ** I STRONGLY recommend testing this or any other device you may some day rely on with your life. The chances of needing to use this are remote, but please make sure that it works in the event that day arrives.

While I would certainly have preferred that all of the devices worked upon delivery, the end result is that they were all working in short order, and I feel comfortable giving them as gifts to people that I care about. The 4 stars in because the factory should be testing these before shipping them out the door...
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on January 1, 2009
This thing will work. Back on my days on the fire dept. we used a spring loaded center punch (automatic center punch) to break out car windows. You don't have to swing it like the hammer type so you don't have to worry about follow through and hitting a person on the inside of the car. It will work best if you use it on one of the corners of the window. This thing works on the same principle as the center punch. It will not work for the front windshield, it is laminated. It will break the front window but the laminate holds the window together. The seat belt cutter is a nice thing to have also. It seems like most of you folks want this for water safety. Remember one thing, when your car hits the water it is like hitting a brick wall. Anything in the car is going to go flying around. This thing is designed to stay on your keys till you need it and you just pull it off. If you can just pull it off, I would say the force of the impact COULD send this thing flying. FYI, even a plain old screwdriver can break your windows in no time. Just lay the screwdriver flat against the glass (best if done on one of the corners). Press the handle of the screwdriver with the palm of your hand then grab the tip of the screwdriver with your other hand, pull it back and let go. It will snap the tip of the screwdriver into the tempered glass and shatter it in little pieces.
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on January 22, 2013
I bought this product for my wife and one for my daughter. In 2010, she had a car accident and had to use the seat belt cutter and the glass inpact hammer after she went off a bridge and into the water.......I believe it helped save her life.
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on February 11, 2007
I got a couple of these a coupld weeks back after watching a Mythbusters episode about submerged cars. For my wife the unit is small and easily added to here key ring. I hung mine from the seatbelt in my car. I had some tempered glass laying around my garage, so I gave it a quick try. It worked as expected. With just a little bit of pressure the glass was punctured and immediately shattered.

I highly recommend this device, especially give its low price.
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on December 12, 2009
After reading the other comsumers horrifying review I called the company who manufactures the ResQme keychain. I am not sure how the other consumer "tested" his/her keychains but the person I talked to said it has to be tested "on" someTHING. You can not just push the botton and have it "spring" into thin air. He recommended a notebook so the device's blade would not dull. He said you can even use this device more than once. Fire fighters and Police Officers, Rescue Personnel do use this or the Life Hammer. He said the disadvantage of the Life Hammer is that if you are submerged under water you are not able to swing the Life Hammer, where with the ResQme keychain it is spring loaded.
After a 22 year old woman just died from sliding off a highway during a Minnesota blizzard into a ice cold lake,(12-8-09) I am getting ReQme keychains for all my family members for Christmas gifts! I would rather take the chance of it not working than my family members not have it at all. I do have faith that it WILL work.
Any questions please call the Life Hammer and ResQme keychains manufactuer. Their phone number can be found online.
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on July 8, 2007
This is a great tool. Its about 3" long by 1.25" wide and .625" thick. Thats roughly the same size as a standard remote keyfob. It is very lightweight so it doesn't make your keys too heavy either.
I chose the yellow so it would be easy to find, and so far it's helped me find my keys at least 20 times. To top it off it comes in a set of 2.

The basic concept is easy. There are two tools, one to cut the seat belt and one to break open the window. The tool attaches to the keychain by a plastic clip that snaps on firmly and doubles as the seat belt cutter protective cover.

When you need it you can just grab it and pull away from the keyring, leaving the keys in the ignition. Slip it over the seatbelt and pull. Slices like butter. Then press the larger end against the window and press. No need to smack or swing or use any force at all. The spring loaded punch will do the work for you. The hardened metal point pops into the window smashing it easily. Try it on a cardboard box, or a piece of scrap wood and you can see the dent it makes. Don't try it on your window though, unless you are ready to buy a new piece of glass.

There is a note in the instructions warning that it does not work on laminated safety glass. Front windshields use that type to keep the pieces from cutting you if it breaks. It makes that milky spiderweb look and holds all the pieces together.

I have had the lifehammer tool, but there is no good place to keep it. If I needed it, would I have time, or even be able to find in the glove box or the bottom of the center console? I doubt it. With the ResQMe keychain, its right at the ignition, where you could reach it any time. This is a fantastic improvement.

It comes in several colors too help accesorize too. Personally I love the yellow. Comes in package of 2 so you have one for your loved one too.
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on January 18, 2007
I use this in the line of duty and find it very useful. Good tool for all firefighters or law enforcement officials
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on February 16, 2015
As a firefighter, I bought this last week to put on my MVA carabiner to use at wrecks. Low and behold, last night we had a rollover MVA with the passenger being suspended in the car by her seatbelt. With all of her weight on the belt, it was impossible to unlock it using the traditional means.

Once we stabilized the car and were starting extrication, I crawled inside and started patient care. Luckily, she was conscious and had only minor injuries. While the top of the car was being removed, I was going to attempt to free her to the ground (which was the drivers side of the car) so she would be as comfortable as you can be while having spreaders/cutters and a sawzall 2 feet from your head. I grabbed my carabiner off of my turnouts and fumbled around under the blanket with my flashlight looking for my new resqme. It wasn't there. The key-ring was still on my biner, but no tool to be found.....

The reason for this was discovered this morning when I got off shift, went searching, and found the tool in the engine bay behind the rig. The plastic piece had broken off at the key-ring and had been sitting there for X amount of time.

I shouldn't be bitter, I've seen these in action, and they do work well. Just be careful how you stage them with other gear, as they aren't the most durable tool you can use.
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on July 25, 2013
I've been previously employed as a Firefighter/ Medic and a Police officer. In the past I have used window punches to gain access to patients entrapped within vehicles. I never found them too convenient outside of work until I became a cop. I was driving home one day and observed a car flipped over and engulfed in flames on the side of the interstate in northern Virginia. I was able to stop, kick out the rear window, and pull the driver to safety. Ever since then I sought for an alternative and I located Resqme. I liked the idea that I could attach it to my keys and always have quick access.

More recently I was transporting a prisoner when I observed a wrecked car with smoke pouring from the engine in south Texas. I slowed to notice the driver was knocked out and face down on the steering wheel. Upon exiting my vehicle I forgot the resqme device and attempted to smash the window unsuccessfully with a knife. I returned to my vehicle and retrieved the resqme. To my dismay, the device malfunctioned and failed to break the window. I'm unsure if I have a faulty device but I alerted the company. They never responded to my email but I'm no longer fully comfortable with the product and will most likely return to the traditional window punch.
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on January 18, 2007
I am a firefighter and find the tool not only useful but space saving and extremely functional as well
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