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on December 4, 2015
I'm a firefighter and I have used this tool many times on the job over the years and it works very nicely. There are a few points that should be explained to anyone buying this....
1) If possible, wear a glove! you have to push this against the window with some force to activate it and it is easy for your hand to continue forward once it shatters. sometimes just a hole surrounded by cracked's hurts. If you don't have gloves, make a conscious effort to not continue forward when the glass gives.
2) Side windows are tempered glass and windshields are laminated glass. This will work on a side window but not a windshield/rear windshield. Side windows "cube' and fall apart windshields do not because the plastic sheeting in them keeps the shards together. It is hard to kick a windshield out even after it has "spidered".
3) A good spot is usually near the corner (about 2"-3" diagonal from corner) and there's less chance of putting your hand through it at the corner....did I say that glass is sharp? And that it hurts? It is....and it does!
4) If you're getting someone out of a car and they're conscious...tell 'em to turn away when you break the
5) Seat-belt cutters work way better if you can manage to pull the belt taught with your other hand.
6) If you have this hanging off a is very likely it will fall off...break off...etc. I stick mine in the rubber flashlight band on my helmet. Not that I wanna tell you where to stick it or.......yeah....OK...
7) These don't work over and over forever. The point gets dull. But when I get a new one, In usually test fire it on a thick piece of cardboard or soft wood to make sure that it functions.
8) Just hold against window and push until it pops.

That is all....stay safe...and remember...
Glass is sharp....and it hurts!
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on January 22, 2013
I bought this product for my wife and one for my daughter. In 2010, she had a car accident and had to use the seat belt cutter and the glass inpact hammer after she went off a bridge and into the water.......I believe it helped save her life.
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on March 4, 2016
I don't want anything added to my keyring so I installed them with Velcro tape to the center dash/console of our vehicles. That way both driver and front passenger always know where they are and has one within reach at all times.
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on February 16, 2015
As a firefighter, I bought this last week to put on my MVA carabiner to use at wrecks. Low and behold, last night we had a rollover MVA with the passenger being suspended in the car by her seatbelt. With all of her weight on the belt, it was impossible to unlock it using the traditional means.

Once we stabilized the car and were starting extrication, I crawled inside and started patient care. Luckily, she was conscious and had only minor injuries. While the top of the car was being removed, I was going to attempt to free her to the ground (which was the drivers side of the car) so she would be as comfortable as you can be while having spreaders/cutters and a sawzall 2 feet from your head. I grabbed my carabiner off of my turnouts and fumbled around under the blanket with my flashlight looking for my new resqme. It wasn't there. The key-ring was still on my biner, but no tool to be found.....

The reason for this was discovered this morning when I got off shift, went searching, and found the tool in the engine bay behind the rig. The plastic piece had broken off at the key-ring and had been sitting there for X amount of time.

I shouldn't be bitter, I've seen these in action, and they do work well. Just be careful how you stage them with other gear, as they aren't the most durable tool you can use.
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on November 24, 2009
My wife wanted me to order some of these as stocking stuffers for friends and family. We live in area with alot of big lakes and rivers, so it makes sense to have a safety device like this in every car. While noticing that several reviewers had problems with them not working, I was tempted to go for the larger LifeHammer instead. I would feel terrible if someone was relying on a gift from me to save their life, and have it fail when that time came (God forbid!)

I took my chances and ordered 8 ResQme keychains (4 Blue, 4 Yellow.) All arrived quickly in usual Amazon fashion. I found a scrap piece of soft wood and proceeded to test them out. Of the 8, only 1 (yellow) failed to "strike" the wood and leave an impression from the steel point. However, after cycling the device 5 or 6 more times, it began to strike the wood and leave an impression in the wood. After 10 or so additional tests, I was unable to get the device to fail again. My guess is that there was some plastic "flashing" inside from the injection molding process that was slowing down or stopping that striker from firing properly (based upon a small, thin piece of yellow plastic being left on the wood after the 5 cycles preceding the device starting to work properly.) So, if you get one that does not work, try cycling it many times and see if that fixes it before going through the return process. ** I STRONGLY recommend testing this or any other device you may some day rely on with your life. The chances of needing to use this are remote, but please make sure that it works in the event that day arrives.

While I would certainly have preferred that all of the devices worked upon delivery, the end result is that they were all working in short order, and I feel comfortable giving them as gifts to people that I care about. The 4 stars in because the factory should be testing these before shipping them out the door...
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on September 3, 2013
I've used several different type of glass breakers, so hopefully I can offer some perspective on this particular one.

Unless you get a faulty unit it should break most windows, but not necessarily on the first try. It also depends where you place the unit. The smallest corner of the window is the most effective place for any glass breaker to be used.

To check if the unit will actually push out the glass breaker (i.e. is not faulty), use your fingers to pull on that piece, keeping them away from the hole. If the conical tip forcefully springs out then it's not faulty.

Now, some people may think it's faulty because it won't break every window every time. I'm not sure if there is any glass breaker that will break every window every time in one punch. If the glass doesn't break on the first try, don't think that nothing has happened. The structure of the window has been weakened, just not enough to shatter. From here, you should keep pressing the resqme against the window in exactly the same spot. Most tempered windows will shatter by the second or third push.

*WARNING* Be careful not to push too hard as your hand could fly through the window and get cut by the glass. Practice using the tool on other hard surfaces and you will see the small indendentation made by the glass breaker. Try to practice pushing hard enough for the spring to activate but then stop pushing. This should keep your arm from going through the window.

Now, I mentioned earlier there are many other glass breakers. The spring-loaded center punch types, like the one made by Fire Hooks Unlimited, work pretty well (better than resqme) as the spring is stronger. But with these you have to push with so much force that your hand will often fly through the window. The best type, in my opinion, are the kind like those made by Zak Tools. For this device you pull back on a spring and then release it along with a weight, which strikes the conical tip imparting a great deal of pressure on a tiny spot. The best feature about this type of glass breaker is you can control the amount of force. If you pull the spring back as far as you can, the amount of force will greatly exceed that provided by the resqme and will break almost any window in one strike. And since you are not pushing against the window, there is no chance of your hand flying through and getting shredded by glass. There are also the Lifehammer type devices--I have not used these so I can't really comment, but they look a bit sketchy.

As far as convenience goes, nothing beats the resqme. The design is brilliant. You can keep it on your key chain, pull to separate from the keeper, and you are ready to go. This is also the most compact type of glass breaker. Since most people will rarely if ever need to use such a device, a convenient, small glass breaker is probably preferable to bigger more heavy duty ones.

In summation, I would highly recommend the resqme to everyday consumers. For professionals (firefighters, rescue workers, etc.) I would look for a more heavy duty tool like some of the ones I mentioned, and get a separate seatbelt cutting tool (such as the one made by Fire Hooks Unlimited) that you can put on the same keychain.

Advice to ResQMe: This tool could be perfect with a couple improvements. First, if it had a stronger spring that required say, 20+ lb of force to activate, then it would fail much less often. I understand some people (children or the elderly) may have trouble pushing that hard but the new device could be called "ResQMe Pro" or something like that and you keep marketing the original. A second improvement would be a harder tip, like tungsten carbide. These improvements would doubtless raise the cost of the device, perhaps even double it, but it would be worth it for a compact, convenient, life-saving glass breaker that works every time, without wearing down after repeated use to make it a more rugged tool for professionals.
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on July 7, 2016
I ordered this product, described as "resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA." I received a knockoff product called Lifeguard, which was made in China. (Photos of packaging included with my review.) Shockingly obvious bait and switch. I'm returning it.
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on July 1, 2016
This is NOT the product you will receive! I received a cheap knockoff from China called "Lifeguard." It is NOT the resqme Original Keychain Car Escape Tool as advertised and pictured. WHAT A RIP OFF! If I don't receive a refund, I will be filing a claim.
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on February 5, 2017
BROKEN without any use!

I was amazed by the advertisements and bought 2, one for me, the other for my dad. I put it in my car for emergency uses. However, today I just realized that it was broken!!! The blade is exposed to the outside and the key ring just fell off! VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Can't imagine what if I need to use it in an emergency only to find that it was broken! Stay away from this product and look for something else.
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on September 11, 2016
Great, life-saving gadget to attach to your key chain! Although you might be thinking "What are the chances that I will ever need to use this?", don't take the chance if you are frequently on the road like my family and I!

Shipped and delivered quickly. Weary of defects, as cautioned by fellow Amazon reviews, I decided to give the devices a test...on my mom's front door (made of wood). Fortunately for me, they all worked! Unfortunately for the door, they all worked...leaving tiny puncture holes on the surface (However, so undetectable she doesn't even know lol). To use the device, all you need to do is press the front black face onto the surface of your window. At first try, this may seem to be difficult as it requires a bit of push before the "pin-sized bullet" ejects. However, it is this pressure that will allow the pin to hit your window with enough force to shatter it quickly and successfully.

Although it's your personal preference, I would recommend purchasing a more visible color (rather than black) for easy-locating in the event of an emergency.

Amazing product and as suggested by a previous Amazon reviewer, great little gifts that will always be of use!
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