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on March 1, 2009
I first tried Rescue Remedy to help me fall asleep at night, which worked well, but Rescue Sleep is even better. Just a couple of sprays as part of my nighttime routine and I feel an overwhelming urge to close my eyes and fall asleep within 15 minutes. Other reasons to love this product:
-I fall asleep and stay asleep all night.
-I wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy.
-If I get woken up in the middle of the night, I can use 2 more sprays, even if I have just a couple of hours until I need to wake up.
-When I run out, my ability to fall asleep is not compromised like it can be after taking other sleep medication.
-It's non-addictive (although being able to fall asleep so effortlessly sure is!).

I've met some people who have not found this product to work. I'd say it's worth a try. I've never had a problem with it,and it's definitely a must-have for me.
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on January 7, 2011
This is the second time I have purchased this. I think they work well. I originally found this product on the manufactures website after purchasing their anti-anxiety drops for my dogs. After I ran out I did not reorder right away and I did notice a difference in the amount of time ittook to get to sleep and the quality of sleep in general. After I received some more I noticed an improvement.

The taste has a very distinctive alcohol flavor. If my husband kisses me goodnight after I spray he asks if I've been drinking brandy or wine. For that reason, if you are a recovering alcoholic, DO NOT buy this. Or if you are just very sensitive to alcohol smell or taste, then thisproduct is not for you.

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on April 20, 2008
I love this remedy! I spray two quick sprays on my tongue and within minutes I am out. I have a chronic sleep disorder in which I practically never sleep. I usually get up really early and go to bed way late in the wee hours of the morning. I have tried numerous prescriptions by my doctor to help me sleep but, they all leave me very hungover in the morning and I have to fight really hard to stay awake and not be hungover at work. This is the first all natural sleep aid I have tried that I wake up and feel refreshed and well rested. I intend to start a collection of all of Bach's remedies to have on hand for whatever ails me. I love this product!
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on September 10, 2007
Don't know if the effect is real or imagined, but the difference is irrelevant. I use this product at bedtime, and usually have a gentle sleep, instead of thrashing about.
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on August 22, 2013
I have been suffering from insomnia for over a year. Do not want to take addictive sleep products. A friend gave me Rescue Remedy Sleep. For me, once awakening in the wee small hours I could not get back to sleep. This was impairing me in many ways. Finally Rescue Remedy, if and when I awaken way too soon, two sprays on the tongue and I can complete a full nights sleep. My health is returning as well as mental acuity. No drugged feelings in the morning. This is literally restoring normalcy.

I read some of the negative reviews, and would like to comment for new users. As they say "you pays your money, you takes your choice". Hope this helps.

1. Dreams. For me I am dreaming again, but not nightmares. Dreaming is a way for the mind to process material, if there are nightmares it may well be due to the need of psyche to process life experiences pushed down into the unconscious. We all have such events in our lives. My dreams are now remembered and quite pleasant. Point being it doesn't seem to be Rescue Remedy that makes nightmares but something better, the mind goes deep enough in sleep to attain the "Dream State". A good thing. Sometimes we learn from nightmares. I'm happy to be dreaming again. During my lengthy insomnia siege I found I'd have occasional DAY-dreams that were unpleasant. Now there is a healthier more joyous more alert day. Think of it this way: being able to sleep deep enough to achieve the dream state is a blessing.

2. Negative taste was also a complaint. Rescue remedy contains alcohol. A tiny spray of it on the tongue leaves a temporary taste akin to brandy. Which soon passes. Surely not enough to cause intoxication. Poof! you spray, then the taste, then it's gone. Some might say alcohol is an 'acquired taste' and those complaining of it or the 'burning' sensation are experiencing nothing more than the tongue meeting the alcohol. It's gone quickly. For me all I know is I'm quickly back asleep and finally able to get a full night's sleep which is improving my well being in so many ways. By morning there is no after taste at all.

For me the negative complaints are nothing to worry about. I sleep a healthy sleep with no drugged after-effects and worse, the serious effects of constant 'sleep deprivation', (Google that and see if you're also so afflicted). Sleep deprivation was much worse than the two above complaints given in some reviews.

One last comment: this product can help with jet lag. Which is how my friend who gave me my first bottle of RR came to learn of it.
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on July 24, 2009
I started using Bach Rescue Sleep when things in my life were really stressful. I was having trouble stopping my thoughts when I went to bed. I've tried Bach Remedies in the past and found them to be helpful. This was no exception! I love this stuff! I use it nearly every night. I find that it cuts my getting-to-sleep time from about 20-30 minutes to 5-10. I just take a couple sprays and before I know it I'm asleep. In the past I've laid there while thoughts run ramped in my head...silly things like tomorrows chores to important things. I've laid there over an hour trying to get to sleep I use the Bach Sleep Remedy...I love it!!!! I highly recommend it!

As a little disclaimer...if you want to call it that...if you have a problem with sleep and you've got yourself in a pattern it will probably take a while to work it out. I know people who have sleep problems but don't give anything enough of a try to see if it will work. Give it a try and stick with it for a while. You too can have a good night's sleep!
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on November 10, 2010
Honestly, I don't really care if this stuff actually works or if I just think it does. Does it matter if the effect is psychosomatic if the effect is the desired outcome??? I take this spray about 10-15 minutes before I'm ready to go to sleep. The taste is awful and is really the only con I can come up with. But it's not so bad that I would quit using it. Within a couple of minutes I can feel my shoulders relaxing. I suddenly snuggle further into the bed. The TV begins to annoy me and I just want everything to be quiet. As soon as the TV goes off, I'm out.
I have noticed that it doesn't work all night. I tend to wake up around 3am, but only once have I needed to re-spray in order to get back to sleep.
All in all, this product does what I wanted it to. It helps me fall asleep quickly, it relaxes me, and I have zero side effects (no nightmares and no grogginess the next morning). If you're nervous about trying a sleep aid, this is a good one to start with.
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on April 17, 2013
I was desperate for some decent sleep, and my trainer recommend Rescue Sleep. It really does work, though i use three squirts instead of the recommended two. Only problem is i'm very groggy in the morning. But cutting back to two sprays doesn't work as well, and the directions do say that you can use more as needed. i will keep buying this b/c at least it helps me go to sleep. I like the spray better than the little sublingual gel caps, but those work too.
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on March 9, 2011
Since I've started using the Rescue Sleep Remedy (5 days) I've also had nightmares every night involving violence but it's weird because I seem to be really rested during the day.... I read somewhere that this can happen if you have repressed feelings and then it will go away (never knew I had so many repressed feelings....). But I've given the product 5 stars because I do wake up in the morning feeling rested and I have confidence that with time the nightmares will go.
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on October 26, 2010
Rescue Sleep works flawlessly in getting me to sleep on stressful nights when I can't quiet my thoughts, but for me it's had a bizarre side-effect. Every time I've taken it over the past few months, the same exact thing has happened. I have bad dreams, usually involving violence and crime, and I wake up cold. This might just be my reaction to it, but it certainly has been strange. Besides that, it helps me rest more completely, greatly facilitating the waking up process in the morning.
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