Customer Reviews: Resident Evil 5 - Xbox 360
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on March 25, 2009
I just beat Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360, so I decided to post a review of the game. Here are ten important things you need to know:

1. Graphics - RE5's graphics are amazing, and they are some of the best you'll find on a console. They are sharp, the characters are highly detailed, and the lighting makes the environments really stand out and feel real. The cut scenes appear to ramp up the contrast and brightness more than necessary, but that's no big deal.

2. Controls - I embraced RE4's control scheme, but the same scheme today feels a bit outdated. You still cannot walk with your gun or knife ready. The developers say it is more realistic this way, but even in cut scenes Chris walks with his gun pointed forward. And now that I think about it, why can't I simply walk up and punch or kick someone? Why must I wait for them to be stunned?

3. Sound - A lot of the sounds including the music are very similar to RE4, which is a good thing. It helps make the game keep familiar. I noticed nothing about the sound to complain about, except that it often wasn't creepy enough.

4. Co-op - Some of the best fun I had with RE4 was getting together with friends and watching each other play through parts of the game. With RE5, we can now play together. Awesome! One problem with co-op is the fact you can't give weapons to your partner. That doesn't make any sense at all. Also, watch out when using an AI partner for Sheva. She sometimes wastes ammo, refuses to use her powerful weapons, heals you unnecessarily, and dashes off. Surprisingly though, she isn't bad enough to ruin the game.

5. Items - All items have been needlessly streamlined. The weapons are less complex, there are no more combinable treasures, and yellow herbs are nowhere to be found. Also, you can buy items anytime between chapters. I liked the merchant in RE4, but he's gone this time around. So who are you buying items from? Apparently, just a menu system. Also, RE5 redesigned the item management system in order to make it more realistic than RE4. I like how it no longer takes me out of the game, but sometimes it is hard to use. The fast equip feature via the D-pad is greatly appreciated, but it doesn't make up for the fact that the process of trading and stacking items can be cumbersome and illogical.

6. Horror - RE5's biggest issue is the fact it continues the series' trend of removing all aspects of "horror" from the survival horror genre. In fact, I would just call RE5 an action game with elements of adventure. There is rarely any suspense, the action is almost nonstop, and many of the potentially scary settings occur in daylight. The slogan for this game is "Fear you can't forget." It's more like "Fear you'll never notice."

7. Bosses - Simply put, the boss fights in this game are not as original or exciting as RE4's boss fights. Most are easy, unvaried, and unnoteworthy. Some of the boss fights don't even feel like fights, but mere struggles instead.

8. Puzzles - Unfortunately, RE5 offers virtually zero puzzles. There's not even the task of combining treasure. If you're ever confused about anything, Sheva will tell you what to do. The only thing remotely close to a puzzle is finding the blue BSAA emblems. Shooting them is a cool way to unlock bonus features. It makes you pay much more attention to your surroundings and get immersed in the environment.

9. Saving - I like being able to save my game at various points, and I like being able to start a brand new game, but these features are gone. RE5 keeps track of all items and money you have so that to play previous chapters, you always bring your latest gear. It almost makes it too easy. I miss the typewriters.

10. Charm - RE5 lacks a lot of the charm found in RE4. Chris is almost emotionless, whereas Leon was witty and classy. The quick time events in RE5 are overdone and predictable, whereas in RE4 they were fun and surprising. The only character with real "character" in RE5 is Irving. It seemed the whole cast of RE4 stood out.

Resident Evil 5 is a short, fun action game, but it lacks a lot of what made its predecessor so great. The only improvements are the graphics and the addition of multiplayer. The rest of the changes negatively impact the overall fun of the game. Still, it is a fun game, and I recommend it for any Resident Evil fan or those who are looking for a good action game.
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on March 13, 2009
RE4 was a staggering reboot for the ailing franchise; Res Evil's traditionally clunky controls were discarded and scaled back the puzzles in favour of rapid-fire action against far faster and more aggressive enemies than ever before, all wrapped up in amazingly detailed visuals. More than just being the pinnacle of the RE franchise, many people consider RE4 as being among a small handful of the best titles created for the last generation. RE5 has a handful of problems, and is nowhere near in the same league as RE4 in terms of all-time classics, but it does provide a suitably similar mix of exciting action, along with some utterly gorgeous visuals.

Two-player co-op can be played either online, over system link or split-screen. It's great to see Capcom supporting such a wide range of options for the co-op mode. While the general exploration and blasting of monsters plays out very similarly to RE4, the environments have been expanded a little, with many more split paths to give each player enough elbow room to fight. There are some great moments where one player can stun an enemy with a headshot, while the other rushes in and smashes them with a melee attack. It's even possible to link melee attacks together, so one player's punch will send an enemy stumbling back, then the other player's kick knocks them to the ground.

RE5 also adds a minor improvement to the movement controls. RE4's quasi twin-stick movement has been upgraded to today's standard twin-stick 'turning while walking' control system. For some odd reason though, turning with the right stick is disable when you're running. As you'd expect though, your feet are still nailed to the floor while shooting, to retain the usual Res Evil tension. As you've probably gathered, RE5 mirrors the gameplay of RE4 very closely, but this can be both a blessing and a curse. As in RE4 you'll spend the bulk of your time dispatching monsters and scouring the environments for ammo and treasure. You still collect treasure from corpses, cupboards, crates and by shooting it off walls. You still spend it on upgrading the same damage, reload speed and capacity characteristics of a very similar range of pistols, shotguns and machineguns. You're still forced to waste a lot of cash upgrading early weapons, only to have to sell them back for a fraction of the price when the better weapons are unlocked.

In lots of ways it's a good thing that RE5 sticks closely to RE4's brilliant template, but in other ways it's a shame it's progressed so little. A lot has happened in the games industry over the past four years and RE5 does feel dated as a result. It sure doesn't look dated, because the graphics look incredible, but it feels old. Other than the co-op mode and a couple of very minor tweaks here and there, the gameplay is identical to 2005's RE4.
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on June 27, 2009
This game is worth about 20 dollars. The controls are awkward. The camera is flaky at times. The unnecessarily prolonged and repetitive boss battles are very annoying they are extremely easy and just requires you to perform the same sequence of actions for what seems like hours. One of the most annoying aspects of the game is the pseudo cut scenes.. Right when you think you are watching a non interactive cut scene... BAM you better press a button or you die. Very annoying but you get used to it. The game has its good points though, the visual are good and the story is nice.

Another point I would like to make is how TERRIBLE the friendly A.I. is. Although it is better then other games, sometimes your partners actions leaving you questioning if this is supposed to be a punishment for choosing to play by yourself. I would not recommend attempting this solo. I did complete the game solo, I would warn against it. Unless of course you are a masochist like me.

Save your money, get something else instead.
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on March 30, 2009
Alright, in order to best summarize this game, I should probably break it down to serve the game some justice...

Graphics: 10/10
Absolutely amazing, whether in broad daylight fighting the Executioner (a giant axe-weilding zombie),or in pitch darkness using a lantern to see the zombie hordes, the graphics are just beautiful, living up to both the PS3's and the Xbox 360's standards.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 9/10
Let's kickoff with Sheva, your partner along the journey. She is definetly a god-send to RE5, but can have her problems.

+ She is never far behind you
+ She gives you ammo that she doesn't need based off the weapons in your inventory
+ She heals you when the game senses you have low health (provided she has a herb, the main way of healing)
+ Has an "Attack" mode, where she runs recklessly around killing zombies.
Has a "Cover" mode, where you meet a more caution-oriented sheva, conserving valuable ammo.

- Rarely aims for the head, and is quick to waste valuable ammo
- Is quick to use up herbs, even if your above 70% health
- Is slow to help you when grappled by a zombie, even if she's right there
- Dont assume she's got your back... chances are, she doesn't.
- Specific to the "Caves" level, she seems hesitant with the lantern

Next, is the zombies; boy do we wish Sheva had this kind of intelligence. Frankly, I would be searching hard for bad things to say about the enemy AI, other than they are slow to react when you are near, but sometimes this is actually PROGRAMMED!!! For example, the harder the difficulty, the less preparation time the zombie carrying a chainsaw above his head will take when near you before cutting you in half. The RE5 team programmed an IN-GAME difficulty switch, depending on how your doing with your enemies. For example, if your doing really well on Amateur (the easiest difficulty), but maybe a little less than average on Normal, you could actually end up with the same difficulty, thus always providing a challenge.

Gameplay: 9/10
The controls are similar to RE4, with a few minor improvements. At first they ae hard to grasp, and a new player to Resident Evil will struggle with the first couple levels. My only concern, in addition to the complexity of the controls, your character lacks the ability to walk and shoot. Although it adds to tention, it just feels cheap, and I feel ripped off as a gamer. As for enemy spawns, I have no complaints. Everything runs smoothly, zombies arent appearing out of thin air (although it'll feel like it) like we've seen in Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Lastly, lets talk about the zombies reation to bullets. Obviosly, they dont like to be shot at and wll respond in rage once they recover from the wound. Interestingly as well, they also have animations and actions depending on where you shoot them. Say i were to shoot a zombie in his weapon heand. He will drop the weapon and grip his hand in agony. Sometimes a shot to a body part will allow chris and sheva to use a context sensitive move, conserving ammo and dealing massive damage. The only reason I marked this off one is because of the controls.

Replay Value: 10/10
There are many great games with impressive single player and multi-player, but lack replay value. Fortunately, RE5 is not one of those games. With additional mission modes, costumes, Acheivements/Trophy's, unlockable weapons, and countless bonus features, this is a game worth owning. If I use too many more words, I'll kill the effect, so I'll just leave it at that!

Story: 8/10
This story starts off just like all other horror games... WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!?!? I wont spoil it, but the story is best around the mid-game, when your still left guessing, but arent completely uninformed. Unfortunately, towards the end of the game, you've already guessed who's in the mysterious mask, who's the main problem, and how it's going to end. My other problem is the final boss. I must have killed him on 4 different occasions, and HE'S STILL COMING BACK!!! Overall, the story was intense, but predictable.

So Is It A Horror?
It seemed to me that CAPCOM's idea of horror is throwing together a whole bunch of blood, gore, and zombies.If your opinion of a survival horror matches this, then have a jolly old time changing underwear, but for me, with the exception of a couple select chapters, was unpreturbed.And in order to satiate my horror needs, bought Left 4 Dead. So is it scary? Thats for you to decide.

In conclusion, with grea graphics and gameplay, this game deserves to be honored with 5 stars, and re-defines action games (in a good way). But if your looking for a horror, and your not easily scared, game like Silent Hill, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Space might be the ones for you.

Best Regards!
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on July 26, 2009
It has been 10 years since the Raccoon City incident and ever since then Unbrella (The one responsible for all the crazy mess in Resident Evil) was finally outed into the public, being hit hard with countless lawsuits that left Umbrella banktrupt and out of business for good. Among those who has been fighting Umbrella since the beginning is former S.T.A.R.S member, Chris Redfield. Now working for the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) he is sent to South Africa to track down a (supposely) bioterrorist named,Ricardo Irving, who is selling B.O.W's (Bio-organic weapons) on the black market. To give him some extra backup the BSAA partnered him up with the sexy animated,Sheva Alomar, so he could easily get around the area. Soon as the carry on their mission they find out that the people are acting very strange. As they venture on their quest to find Irving, they soon come to the horrorifying truth that they are not welcome there.

Since I don't have a PS2 I didn't get a chance to play RE4. But I knew it was good from the graphics. But when I bought my XBox 360 my brother bought me the 5th installment to the Resident Evil franchise and I loved it. The graphics were awesome, the weapons were awesome, and the mini and big boss fights were awesome. Everything about this game was awesome.

To give you alittle heads up on what to expect. If you played RE4 then you get the general idea on what your in for, but with a twist. Throughout the history of Resident Evil it was only you controlling one character while the other antogonist goes off somewhere promising he/she to is fighting the good fight(so they say?). This time its a whole new ball game. Instead of going in it alone, you partner up with Sheva Alomar to help you on your way. Thats right RE fans, its 2 players. You can play with the computer or you can have a second mind to help you along the way. Another thing is that unlike zombies that pop up infront of you where you can see them coming, you are in a wide 3D environment where monsters can climb,jump,and pop out of anywhere and you won't know until its too late. Which makes the game even more gripping.

The weaponry is so fun that I play the game all over again just to try them out. Even though you don't find the weapon or you seem to miss by accident, once you beat the stage you can either play it over again or buy it in your inventory. Another thing is to power up the handgun, shotgun, and magnum all the way so you can buy more powerful weapons in the game.

You would be amazed by the graphics in the game. It looks like you are controlling and fighting against real people in a amazing environment. If they only did this with zombies I think it would be a hit.

There are some problems. If you play with the computer, it does act like it doesn't know what it is doing. It will collect ammunition and healing herbs to give to you, but when it comes to using the right weapon to kill it sometimes uses the weakest one or the weapon you choose to give it. Its best to have another mind to help you through it because common sense helps alot.

Overall this game is Awesome with a capital A and I suggest if fans out there who have been following along RE for years what to catch up to the franchise then this is the game for you. Have fun, me and my brother did!
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on March 20, 2012
As a long-time fan of the RE series I was a little bit disappointed with the game. I loved the characters, especially Sheva. Unfortunately the storyline lacks the quality you see in other 3rd person shooters on the xbox like Gears of War. The A.I. is nonexistent as far as your partner is concerned using up your herbs when a nail is broken or not backing you when the enemies get overwhelming. After coming from such a great game like RE4 I think we all expected a experience similar or better than it's predecessor.

Multiplayer is very good as well as co-op, nothing better than another human being taking over Sheva and playing single player. For the price of 15 it's a good pick, especially with RE6 coming out this fall.
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VINE VOICEon August 8, 2009
After finishing Resident Evil 5, I couldn't help but feel a little bit cheated. I think most people who were around to play the first Resident Evil when it was new will probably agree with me. While Resident Evil 5 looks great, has good controls, and lasts over 10 hours (for most people), it is a serious departure from the RE games before it. And not in a good way.
As others have mentioned, this game is indeed an action packed experience that gives you little chance to breathe. The game starts off slowly, but picks up momentum quickly, and maintains interesting set pieces and graphics that really flow nicely. What bugged me most about it was its complete lack of suspense. Every RE game before this one made an effort to build a mood and tone that kept you on your toes. Not so here. The most effective scene in this game is the very first one where Chris and Sheva are walking through the town, and all the townsfolk are glaring back through dark, yellow eyes. It's creepy, and a very good way to start. Unfortunately, the rest of the game features countless dudes running from around corners acting as shotgun fodder. There is very little challenge in this game, and the A.I. is completely dumb. And where the hell are the zombies?? Aren't zombies what Resident Evil is about? I've never been a fan of the "zombies" that run around corners and use weapons to attack. When someone is running at you with a chainsaw and a bag over his head, he ceases to be a zombie; he is a crazy motherf'er with a chainsaw and a bag over his head. Big difference. Zombies are slow, meandering lumps of flesh that have no means to attack you other than their dead meathooks. I guess I blame the film 28 Days Later for the newer and improved zombie, but I prefer the classic George Romero zombie.
But again, there is no suspense at all in this game, it's all about shooting as many people as you can. Which can be fine, but in a RE game it is not acceptable. And when did Chris Redfield start lifting weights? He looks like some ahole who just stumbled out of the fitness club. His pumped up meathead look seemed to be an attempt to make this installment a war game only, skimping on the horror.
Which leads me to my next gripe. The story in this game is AWFUL. I mean, really bad. And the cliches were absolutely astounding. When are game developers going to stop resting on their laurels and deliver a well-written game? After playing games like Metal Gear Solid 4, the story in Resident Evil 5 is insulting to my intelligence. Lines like "welcome to the party", or "so glad you could make it", or "I will destroy you!", or "this is for our fallen comrades!", or.....I could go on and on here, and Resident Evil 5 has them all. The story and dialog is laughable to say the least.
But, I suspect people find the true value of this game in its online content. I don't really play online, so I'm leaving my review to the one player experience only.
Despite these gripes, the game is still a playable experience. I finished the game which says I enjoyed it enough to stick through it. But only barely. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with the gameplay of RE5, but fundamentally this game misses the mark. To me, Resident Evil 5 is akin to taking the Final Fantasy series and turning it into a first person shooter game. Capcom took the things we all love about the RE series and erased them with bits of other action games.
I would not recommend this game to people who love the RE series. They skimp on the horror, and beef up the action. And with 360 games out there like Gears Of War and Halo 3, you can buy much better action games than this. I really hope Capcom goes back to what made Resident Evil good in the first place....SURVIVAL HORROR.
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on July 5, 2009
Resident Evil 4 was a revolutionary game that changed not just survival horror, but action/adventure games in general. The over-the-shoulder perspective is now a staple in the action genre, plus the game was so well designed, it is one of the few games that keeps bringing me back after the initial sparkle wears off.

Resident Evil 5 borrows heavily from Resident Evil 4. Having said that, comparison is inevitable. And initially, it seems like more of the same good stuff. But is it really?

The first difference that's gonna hit you in the graphics. Yes. They're gorgeous. You will find yourself spending time in each level just marveling at the details and effects.

Along with the improved graphics, the combat is also sped up a little bit and the game is perfectly paced. The action is fast and fun, and brings back the Resident Evil 4 feel pretty well. The gameplay alone makes it worthy of a rental. Resident Evil 5 also introduces Co-op gameplay where a friend assumes the role of Sheva Alomar, partner to the main character, Chris Redfield. Co-op is implemented well and is fun to play with a friend online or on the same screen. But that's where the good ends.

The game is short. It'll take you 10 hours to beat the game, maybe 12 if you are the exploring type. The game is not designed as well as Resident Evil 4; without going into too much detail, you will only have reason to play the game through twice before its just no fun anymore. Besides the combat, you will partake is some excruciatingly easy puzzles, in which you are basically hand-fed the solutions to. Bosses are easy as well. Everything feels very dumbed down compared to Resident Evil 4. Even the inventory system has been re-designed to make it simpler for the player.

One of the things that made Resident Evil 4 so intense was the fact that the player was always low on ammo and tight on space. Battles had to be meticulously planned in the inventory and since ammo was sparse, the player had to be crafty. That was fun. But in Resident Evil 5, you are never really strapped for ammo, and you can almost always use your partner as a pack mule. It changes the game mechanic, making it much less interesting.

Speaking of intense, one of the things about Resident Evil 4 that made it so intense was the fact that it was truly scary and maintained a sense of horror and suspense. It made the game immursive; you really felt like you were alone in the dark. In Resident Evil 5, you are neither. Thanks to your partner and the sunny African setting, you'll never be alone or in the dark. Horror has left the game in Resident Evil 5, and with it went an undeniable sense of charm and excitement that is woefully missed.

Because that sense of Horror is absent and the game is more action oriented now, it seems kind of strange that the developers stuck with the setup where the player cannot walk and shoot at the same time. I know other reviewers address this all too often and to be honest, it is the most minor of my complaints in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is still worth noting.

This is not to say it is impossible to have fun in Resident Evil 5. It is a perfect rental, because it can be beaten quickly and once it is beaten, there is not much worth-while to return to. I'd say definitely find a way to play it, like co-op-ing it at a friends house, because the first time is a blast. Otherwise, I'd stick to Resident Evil 4. But trust me, you don't want to be the loser who actually paid full admission while the disc sits on the shelf collecting dust for years to come.

RENT IT. 3 stars out of 5.
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on June 29, 2016
I am sure the game is fine, but I can't play it. The game won't run for more than 30 seconds without informing me of some kind of an issue. The seller advertised the game as in good condition. They lied. I will not order from them again. Just for control's sake, the console will accept other discs fine.
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on January 3, 2015
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