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Format: Video Game|Change
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on July 28, 2017
this was the game that was supposed to build up the story to bring a closure to the series which was suppose to be re7 but instead ppl cry about this change not understanding the story that they not only change resident evil completely and the original concept to re7 so badly that it's unrecognizable my only issues for this game is the gameplay even tho its improved and no longer using tank controls my issues are the camera move way too much also automatic reload doesn't work u still have to do it manually even after changing it also there's a lot more goofy than characters/enemies than re5 and he (ragdoll) hit detection makes u fall down even more than that operations raccoon city garbage which makes it even more harder to play at times this change is good bcuz theres no tank controls but the bad thing is that this game needs a lot more improvements and mercenary mode is worst mode in this entire game i feel like capcom ruined it the hardest stage is the first one they spawn way too many enemy types that can take all or even half your life bar wit one hit and there's too many quick time events and there's times u have to move analog stick when a dog is on u and no matter how many times u wiggle free u still take massive damage sometimes your whole life bar i hate the fact that capcom thought b.o.w.s which is one of the new enemy types have weapons thats one of the reason why the movies took this direction to bring more action instead of horror i blame capcom for introducing this crap to the series not knowing what to do with this franchise after the creator of resident evil Shinji Mikami lefted crapcom so when ppl blame the movies for not following the games they actually was but due to the fact that capcom ruined it so much and so badly that they or some so called fans don't even recognize what have been already introduced to the series that was from the games that was added into the movies this is why the movies was action based instead of horror but all that is another story so to in this review if u dont like tank controls and want to play something new than this is the game for u just note that there's gonna be minor issues with with including ridiculous new enemy types but if u dont mind that than all means get this game there's lots of mutiplayer modes including playing as a zombie aka b.o.w.s honestly thats one of the best thing capcom has ever done oh and i forgot to also say that the driving mechanics is terrible! its one of the worst part of this game every new thing thats been added failed so bad that it fall right on its face
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on July 30, 2015
This is a great game! Long time fans with bad reviews are helping Capcom NOT make any more. Sillies.

I have finished Leon's Chapter One, playing as Helena. Rocks. The game is very dark, however, and it is hard to see the enemies even when they are very close. I am not a great shooter either, so the first chapter took me almost 3 hours to complete. I finally bought some skills! WOOT! Love the action.

Chapter 2 took me four hours. That makes 7 hours for 2 out of 5 chapters. And some reviews state this campaign is five hours long! hogwash!

I get just enough ammunition and healing items to keep me going. I am playing offline on Normal. The shooting is great and I like the controls - L1 to Aim and R1 to shoot, very nice. Anyway, I am so glad that I finally started playing Resident Evil 6.

The quick time events are not big deal. They happen for things like being grabbed by a zombie or for opening doors. So far the QTE's are easy.

Leon's Campaign was over 10 hours. Played as Helena. Great time.

FINAL: All 4 campaigns, 20 missions, total 35 hours 17 minutes 4 seconds
some parts were frustrating but try try again got me through
1st and 4th campaigns seemed the must fun
great music
great game
hope 7 is soon!
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on February 2, 2015
I do not want to sound like an old curmudgeon and come out and say "Its horrible because its not like RE 1,2,3, etc...", but its definitely a problem. Its a confused game, in a series that lost its way sometime during the development of Resident Evil 4. Don't come expecting a coherent story that furthers the series, because that is simply not going to happen. I'm a hardcore fan of the series and I often found myself asking just what in the **** was going on.

The biggest enemy, the enemy that will give you the most challenge throughout the game is not the zombies, as they are laughably easy, its not any of the bosses, as they too are easily dispatched, NO, its the ******* camera. The camera controls are atrocious. 90% of the time I find myself rocking the right stick back and forth just in a mere hope that I might be able to see where I am going, usually to no avail. To further explain the horrendous camera, a friend of mine and I were playing co-op, and she actually had to get up and leave the room because the camera was making her so motion sick.

Leon's story is by far the best, as it is the closest thing you will get to a resident evil game. The other two just feel like bad Call of Duty, but from a third person perspective. Chris, who has done nothing but take steroids since his appearance in Code Veronica, feels more like I am playing as a tank than a highly trained soldier, and Jake....... just skip his story.

The game is not horrible, its just not good, and its simply not Resident Evil. Capcom has been making a noted effort to tap into the Cod fanbase for sometime, and its at the expense of one of their largest, and most successful franchises, which 15 years ago, literally revolutionized horror gaming... my oh my, how the times have changed.

Recommendation, skip this one, and pray that RE7 is better...and pray hard, this series needs help.
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on June 4, 2016
Underrated game. If you were expecting Resident Evil 4 or a return to the more horror-oriented titles in the series, you will not be impressed. However, if you liked 5 or the over-the-shoulder action these newer RE games have provided so far I think this is solid game. The action elements are particularly fun if you're playing co-op or split-screen. I gave it a solid 3. It's a step back in the series but not as horrible as everyone says. If you can find this for a cheap price it is worth checking out for a play-through especially if you have someone to play it with.

Good: Split-screen co-op,character art design, decent graphics for twilight-years PS3 release, throwback "Raccoon" city levels, gameplay mechanics have been made more 'efficient' but sometimes too simple, melee attacks and other new movies, bonus costumes and mercenaries add some replay value

Either/Or: Action over horror, simplified gameplay, not that difficult, emphasis on fantastical enemies rather than zombies, cover system is 'meh,' not sure how I feel about the "updated" mercenaries mode but it is still pretty fun, weapon-upgrading has been reduced pretty much removed but some do not want to be bothered with this, decent gameplay length

Bad: Dark graphics and not enough variety, gun-wielding enemies turn the game into a generic military shooter, story and characters are forgettable, stealth gameplay (why?), little if not non-existent survival horror elements
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While the storyline of Resident Evil 6 felt better to me then the previous RE5 did overall game controls are pretty much the same which is appreciated. A nice touch is adding a mix of co-op teams to play either in numeric order or how the gamer wants to play depending on their preference though I would have liked to see Claire Redfield here she does get her own game time in Resident Evil:Revelations 2.

So for fans of the series here's a decent addition to your RE game library until the next one(Not counting RE:Revelations 2) which is sure to be on the Xbox One and PS4.
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on January 31, 2016
So i waited till i beat RE5 before i got RE6, beat the game twice, and now am finally ready to do the review.
There are several things about this game that many people will find off-putting, and I'm inclined to agree then each of them. The movement is klunky, camera angles are horrid, and control of the characters is mediocre at best. Overlooking these things brings us to the story. The story itself isnt that bad and was pleasantly surprised to see old characters from previous RE games come back. There was only one downside i can see that was big enough to irritate me, though not enough to give up on the game until i played through it twice (with friends). You have to play through it 4 or 5 times (once for each set of characters, from their own perspective of how the story unfolds). They definitely could have executed this idea a little bit better. Other than that, if its on sale 50% or more off, and you still have a PS3, a big fan of RE series, and looking for some co-op game to play with a friend on your down-time, then i'd say go for it.
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on July 11, 2015
As an original fan of the series that used to black out all his windows in the daytime just to enhance the thrill of RE1, this just didn't do it for me. I absolutely adored 1 through 5, including the progression of gameplay that really started in 4, and then progressed even further with 5 (not going into Code Veronica or others here, just the headliners).

For some reason I could not get into this game even though I was so excited for it, and I personally viewed the changes in 6 as off-putting (I had no problems with the premise, just the gameplay). That being said however, games are just like art, movies and music, and personal opinions are difficult to stand as a "review" because they get conflated with emotions; they should not be judged the same as whether or not say a portable BBQ was what it was advertised to be. That's why people who are qualified to judge such things (and you can add food to that list as well) are not reviewers, but rather critics with merit they earned over a career. If you enjoyed 6 for whatever reason I think that's great because you got your money's worth and I did not, therefore I would never mark down another review for disagreeing with my own - that's absolutely bonkers. For me this does get emotional, because I have such strong ties to the series that has been part of my life for almost 20 years now and unfortunately it just didn't line up for me.
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on May 23, 2013
I knew exactly what I would be getting into with Resident Evil 6, which is why I waited until the game dropped to about $20 on Amazon (I actually had no intention of ever playing it, but couldn't believe the price). I think even disappointing games are worth a $20 bill as long as they are playable.

This game is not Resident Evil. I know that, and you know that. It's a third-person action shooter that just takes place in the RE universe and utilizes the RE characters. They really should've just created this game as a totally different IP and put the Resident Evil trademark out to pasture. If you're looking for the classic RE experience, just give up and go play the earlier games, because that experience is never coming back.

So how does it fare as an action shooter? In my opinion, not too well. I personally can't stand how close the camera follows your character as he/she will essentially take up half of the screen, making it difficult to see where enemies and obstacles are, particularly in skinny hallways and small rooms, and especially when running. With some exceptions, the environments are incredibly dark, even with the brightness maxed out, making it all the more difficult to see what you're supposed to be shooting at. Given the outrageous scripted action sequences and active environments, there's not a lot of "horror" to be had here, and having to navigate unnecessarily dark rooms is aggravating instead of scary, and also led to some serious eyestrain.

The aiming mechanics are clunky, and it can be very difficult to hit moving enemies (most of them are), leading to a frustrating waste of ammo, which is often surprisingly scarce for an action shooter. This can be counteracted, however, by utilizing a character's melee attack, which is almost too effective, but it's silly to play what is clearly a shooting game and go around throwing elbows all the time. You can at least move while aiming, and that's a nice feature than any shooter should have; however, the movement is incredible slow and is not really useful in most situations. Your character also has a nasty habit of automatically "sticking" up next to walls and other forms of standing cover when you get near them while aiming. With me this often happened suddenly and unexpectedly right in the middle of a huge firefight, leading to frustrating battles with the controller to get my character off the wall and back under control.

The enemies you face this time around are, of course, zombies and a variety of strange, increasingly bizarre mutated things. Unfortunately, the term "zombie" is used more for historical effect, as the enemies in RE6 are a far cry from what most would consider zombies. "Zombies" now shoot firearms, including light machine guns and rocket launchers, as well as carry shields, and pop in and out of cover. How jarringly stupid is that?? As I mentioned above, this is a flagrant reminder that this is not resident evil, but just a Call of Duty-style shooter with a very thin coat of traditional "survival horror" paint slapped on it. Give me a freaking break, Capcom.

As another slap in the face to "survival horror," your character now has a constant companion (human or AI)that joins you. This is, of course, entirely for the purposes of human-human co-op gameplay, but it makes an already unscary game even less scary. I never played with a human teammate so I can't comment on that (although i suspect it's probably enjoyable), but I can easily say that the friendly AI player is incredibly useless. They can't seem to hit things a few feet in front of them most times, and it's not uncommon to see him/her go running into and through a room, completely ignoring the enemies within, only to stop at the exit and wait. At least they're seemingly invincible and you don't have to keep reviving them. And on no real surprising note, co-op events are inanely limited (as always) to pressing a button to open a door together or pressing a button to boost the other player up to a higher level.

The graphics are nice and pretty, but that's about all companies like Capcom and SquareEnix are known for these days. The music and sound are fine but nothing to write home about and nothing memorable. The voice acting is pretty decent, but the dialogue is standard hokey fare.

The plot is not noteworty by any means, unless you happen to be obsessed with the RE universe and its details. I followed along with all of the cutscenes and dialogue throughout the entire game, and I remember very little of why I was doing what I was doing. Who cares. Move from Point A to Point B and shoot at bad guys until a really large bad guys shows up, and then shoot at him. Do it again. Eventually the game ends. I've done all of this many, many times before in other games in the last several years.

Fortunately, the cutscenes in RE6 are not obnoxiously long or even painful to watch as in some other games, but they still pop up during times when you just want to PLAY the game, not watch it. As in other modern games with cutscenes, there are many stretches during which you will sit through a cutscene, only to regain control of your character so that you can walk down a single hallway....... and into yet another cutscene. Sometimes rinse and repeat once or twice more after that. This has become somewhat of a staple of video games these days and is rapidly wearing out its welcome. Scripted action sequences and scenes are plentiful but sadly very routine and lacking creativity, such as a helicopter suddenly showing up to blow up cars in front of you or a zombie magically appearing in an apartment window and blowing up something in front of you with a rocket launcher.

The length of the experience is a notable plus. There are four campaigns, each made up of 5 chapters, and a good number of them will take many hours to beat leading easily to a total playtime of 20-30+ hours. If you're looking for a game that has a high time:money ratio, then this is a good pick. I don't like multiplayer add-ons and cannot comment on those aspects of this game.


Overall, to me the problem with this game is that is does nothing new and nothing memorable. I've played this game many times before under a variety of names and titles, and God knows there are more to come. I get why developers are morphing popular non-action series into action series.... because they appeal to a broader audience and are more financially palatable to publishers and investors. But I can still express my disappointment with this "evolution" in game design, and I will still mourn the decline of memorable gameplay of many, many years ago.

In my opinion, from a pure gaming point of view, I wasn't miserable while playing RE6, but I'm very proud that I only paid $20 for it. A rental over an extended weekend would have probably worked even better. There's just no reason to pay more than that for an action shooter experience that you can experience any other day of the week.
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on December 10, 2014
There are plenty of reviews here that go over the pros and cons to the game, so I'll let you go ahead and read those if you're looking for more specific game critique.

I honestly thought it was an okay game. I liked playing 5 better than 6, but those are the only two in the series that I can compare.

I watched my Dad play the original resident evil when I was a young kid and that first zombie (you know the one, quit pretending you don't!) has terrified me for life. I can't even play any of the games before 5 because it's just too scary for me. This game is just not the same as the older ones. I don't find myself being frightened and getting into the same mindset of survival horror that I would like to be in. The physical attacks are fun, but playing through the campaign one time was more than enough for me. Since I finished the campaign, I've played this game only a few times.

Overall, it's an alright game but I think I was expecting more out of a Resident Evil.
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on December 4, 2014
Before I get into some general questions about the Res. Evil universe as a whole, I would say that this game was totally fun. I played it several times through, on co-op campaign, and it was really fun. Was it great? No. Was it better than Res Evil 5? Not in my opinion. Did it change my life: Yes, in that instead of not playing this game, part of my life was spent playing it. Pretty deep, no?

Questions about Resident Evil (as a whole):

What is it about the Resident Evil writers that makes them think they're capable of actually writing a compelling story? There are times in every Res. Evil game when a cut scene occurs and I think, "How is it possible that someone thought I would take this story THIS seriously? Do they think this is drama? Do they think this seems profound? Do they want me to suffer? Do they really want to hurt me? Do they really want to make me cry?"

Why would you construct a game such that players were forced to watch a series of horrible cut scenes, each worse than the one that came before it, which seems difficult to accomplish, because the one that came before it was the worst thing ever?

Can we talk about forced walking, or "fwalking" in the resident evil franchise? Its horrible.

Why does no one in a resident evil game ever make sure that anyone is dead? You fight the same bad guys like sixty times because each time you wear them down to unconsciousness, the characters are like, "Whew! That was close, we'll certainly never see that guy again in an even more dangerous mutated form with added health and more annoying types of attack."

Women in Resident Evil are the WORST. During every one of Ada Wong's cut scenes and cute little quips, I was thinking, "Man it would be great if some mutated monster just killed her right now."

So there you go. Trust me, I once lived through a zombie apocalypse and it was TOTALLY not like this.
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