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Resident Evil 6
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$19.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 5, 2017
This is literally the worst Resident Evil game I've ever played in my life. The controls suck and the game is frustrating!

The controls: ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC! Muddled and confusing, ESPECIALLY the crappy cover system, the super-stiff and inaccurate melee combat, and piss poor stealth mechanics.

The story: confusing. There pretty much is no story here.

The use interface and lack of HELPFUL in-game tips: terrible. Oh and you cannot ever pause the game at all sometimes.

The gameplay: terrible. This is one game that actually could've benefited from regenerating health, but it lacks it! Melee attacks are slow and don't lock onto their targets. And headshots are non-existent in this game; they do NOTHING to enemies! It's literally more efficient to use your knife than it is to use the basic handguns because they're so terribly weak and zombies absorb damage like sponges! Also zombies always attack you through cutscenes and quick time events and are often cheap about it. They can attack you while in the middle of melee'ing them with a kick or right before you shoot one dead, so their QTE and cutscene attacks are always given priority to any damage you do to them. This is obviously extremely annoying!

The voice acting: terrible. Stiff. Wooden. Emotionless.

This game is actually frustrating to play in how bad it is! You need the game's permission to do simple things like drop off a ledge and you often have to wait for the prompts to come up to do anything! This game is pure garbage and it's actually makes you angry trying to play it! I wish I could give this game Zero Stars!
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on October 25, 2014
I’ve been a fan the Resident Evil series ever since the first one, and have had a chance to see it evolve with each new game. RE 4 was an amazing game, and I even enjoyed RE 5. But by the time I bought RE 6 for the low, low price of $9 new, I had already heard all the critiques about it being too far of a departure from the things that made the series great. So it was hard not to jump into it without some major bias. Here’s what I found from my experience with the game:


-Looks pretty good on the Xbox360, a last gen system.

-A wide variety of characters to play, with multiple missions for each.

-Player models are detailed and interesting.

-For the most part, weapon controls are tight and responsive.

-Nice execution of the standard arrangement of weapons and inventory items.

-Some of the sequences are challenging in an exciting way.

-While most of the chapters are action oriented, a few lean more towards the survival-horror we love.

-A decent, cohesive story consistent with the crazy stuff that goes on in the RE universe.

-The total game length is decent.


-Your characters, the highly trained operatives that they are, will spend a lot of time during cutscenes standing around with their thumbs up their tailpipes watching really bad things happen to their friends and allies. Seriously, they stand frozen, gnashing their teeth melodramatically when we all know they could whip out a gun and place a shot between the bad guy’s eyes faster than we can hit the “skip cutscene” button. Now I know this is done intentionally as part of the story so things can unfold the way the designers imagined, but in my opinion it is really weak storytelling and an extremely frustrating way to eject the player from their immersion in the story.

-While part of the series “charm” has been the over-the-top acting, I personally have never cared for it much…especially given the very adult themes at play. While RE6 isn’t the worst offender in the series, there’s plenty of it on display here. The Last of Us is a far better example of how all of these genres and tropes can be brought together in a way that doesn’t feel like it was written by a 14 year-old.

-I really hope that Quick Time Events die in a horrible, flaming death. Likewise, whoever invented them should have to write “I’m sorry I invented QTEs” on the chalkboard a million times. Seriously, developers need to band together and pledge that they will never ever put QTEs in their games again.

-Progressing through the upgrade system is slow and will require multiple playthroughs to unlock. Considering it was a chore just to play through the game even once, it’s unlikely I’ll ever pursue unlocking them all.

I hate to say it, but by the end of RE6, I didn’t even feel that the game was a good way to spend my time. Granted, I felt compelled to finish it since I actually paid for it, but that’s a bad reason to do something. And it’s not that the game was absolutely horrible. It’s just that everything good was brutally cancelled out by something equally frustrating. It became a slog very early on and before long all I was focused on was finishing the game rather than enjoying it.

I really hope that the RE series loops around and returns to some of the things that made it interesting in the first place. RE: Revelations was a much more enjoyable game, played much more like RE 4, and signals that it is possible for the developers to do so.

So while others may have enjoyed RE6, I simply can’t recommend it. It’s better to spend your time playing a “decent” game like RE: Revelations or one of the recent Silent Hill entries if you’re looking for something in the survival-horror genre. Cheers!
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on February 23, 2015
While mostly devoid of scares, and 2 infuriating stealth sequences, I find this game fun, and a good ACTION game. And for only $10 It offers quite immense, albeit convoluted, story line, with hours of game play. However, don't go into this game expecting a thrilling horror game, as only 2 points in the massive campaign story lines feature anything close to atmospheric scares, Though there were some jump scares, most were what many would call "cheap" with the enemies being unable to be harmed until they get up. Also an important side note, Local Co-Op is availible, however you have to set the game to split screen, never once stating it as a co-op mode. And this isn't the only place the game utterly fails in conveyance.
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on May 11, 2014
I was not disappointed with this game. It was very different from any other title in the series, but that was to its advantage. I played through the whole game on co-op, but I can imagine it might not be as fun to play alone.

At first I was skeptical of the new controls, but then I saw how they made for a faster-paced and more fluid movement of the characters. The new aiming is great, as is the ability to melee opponents without having to stun them first. This entry feels more like an action title rather than survival horror. Although there are some great co-op moments, there isn't much of a scare factor in this game. That being said it is a blast to play through. There are some clever co-op moments other than the old "cover your partner with a sniper rifle" one. Most of the creatures, zombies and the new J'avo are fun to kill. Although sometimes the J'avo's transformations can seem quite ridiculous, like the chicken men or bone chainsaws...

I loved the return of the mercenaries mode, but I was a little disappointed that there were only three stages. I guess the number of characters kind of made up for this though. I will look into buying the expansion as well.

To sum it up this is a great game, it may not be as great as some of its predecessors, but I still loved it.
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on December 30, 2013
I've been a long time fan of the Resident Evil series, and I didn't balk at the changes that RE 4 & 5 brought along. I actually thought that moving from fixed camera angles to over the shoulder action was okay. However, this game is a mixed bag.

Resident Evil 6 is split up into four different campaigns, this isn't really spoiling anything, because the latest Xbox update unlocks everything from the get go. Anyway, all four of the campaigns are very different, and chances are, you'll like one more than the others, and hate one more than the others. A quick summary:

Leon's campaign: As close as it gets to traditional survival horror. More puzzles and more zombie like elements, but closer to Left 4 Dead than classic Resident Evil. I enjoyed this one the most for both gameplay and story.

Chris's: More action based and focused on bigger, badder monsters. Plenty of ammo to be found. This one was hit or miss for me, some parts I loved, some parts I did not, the story I didn't like at all.

Jake's: This campaign is combat focused, and it's okay. It has the most vehicle sequences, and one of the most annoying levels, a snow area that makes it hard to see. Gameplay wise, I liked it the least, but I thought the story was surprisingly good.

Ada's: I hated this one beginning to end. This is really a mixed bag, but mainly, this game is designed for two players and I did her campaign by myself. You can do co-op for this one though. Ada's story ties up some loose ends from the others.

Overall, I have no idea where Capcom wants to take this series, and I got this game as a special from Amazon for $8. If it hadn't been that cheap, I wouldn't have bought it, and having played it, my mind hasn't changed. I'm not saying it's an awful game, just know beforehand what you are getting yourself into. More than likely, you'll love one style and wish there was more, and hate another and beg for it to end.
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on December 18, 2016
a classice twist intertwining some serious main characters, meshed together in a fantastic way
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on June 20, 2014
So far I've only played about an hour or two worth, it's pretty good, you play and then it go's to cut scenes like most games of today.Controls are ok. I don't like the auto save feature which forces you to keep playing when you don't want to waiting for it to save. If you miss the little typewriter flashing in corner I think you could be stuck playing for an extra forty minutes or so, saves about every twenty minutes of play when reaching goals. Looking forward to spending some time with this one.
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on September 29, 2013
Resident Evil is a game that I do enjoy playing, especially with my friends and how our enjoyment for taking down zombies is fun. Resident Evil 6 is a game that has a big cast of characters you can pick from; original characters like Leon and Chris, along with new characters Helena an agent that is assigned to protect the president and Piers a soldier that is Chris's partner in spec op group to take down any chemical warfare by Umbrella, along with others that have huge surprises. I enjoy the fact that the zombies are back, but unfortunately they're only in Leon's walkthrough the rest of the game is those parasites creatures. The game is fun, especially with friends and single player is alright, but it can be frustrating depending on the difficulty. They did made a few changes to the items and tools you use too survive, which is alright but sometimes keeping your original material is good too.

Overall it's a fun game, but I highly suggest to play this game with a friend.
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on October 27, 2014
Well, pretty good game! We were wondering about all the negative reviews that were listened for this game.that lost the resident evil essence and its a lot of a short game, personally I think that its very original for resident evil saga, tink that there were lots of resident evil games and ideas are getting less and less accurate so they have to explore other options, I'm a resident evil fan since director's cut and its now time for ending this treacherous saga, resident evil 6 rocks too, but perhaps its time to end resident and think another tips of game a little different (perhaps zombies ate my neighbors new version?) That was one of my favorite games on SNES! Thanks
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on September 27, 2013
No matter what type of RE fan you are this game is for you. With the multiple campaign system, you have the option of being able to play a very action oriented game followed by the horrific story. Great idea by the cap com team. However, I do have this complaint, by the time I made it to the last campaign I was playing to just finish the game. I had lost interest. It is hard to care when it is the same story from four angles. Great idea, I just don't think it worked out well, at least for me. Still a fun use of time if you are looking for a new game.
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