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on August 17, 2014
Lol I was hesitant to buy this game because of all the bad reviews I read. I watched gameplay of this game online but even that didn't convince me that well. A lot of people kept saying the controls were bad, gameplay was bad and that the game took away the survival aspect of past RE games. Not to mention some said the game was too difficult. Oh well.

After almost 2 years on the market I decided to just take a chance on this game since I was bored with my current games and never played this before and since i am a RE fan and the fact I paid less than $10 for this game brand new I figured why not. I am not new to the RE serious although I never played any of the side RE games on other systems. I played RE1 back in 96, RE2 in 1998, RE3 in 99, Code Veronica on the the Dreamcast when it came out and then on the PS2, RE4 and RE5 and I loved each and every one. I own RE1, 2, 3 and code veronica on my PS3 and I have RE4, 5 and now RE6. I am not going to do an in debth review since so many others who liked this game said pretty much the same I will say.

Graphics: Very good. Nice shadows. Not a lot of lag, if any because I haven't experienced any
Sound: Very Good. Some sounds were recycled from previous RE games but it's nothing bad about it. I like the music in the game too.
Acting: Good. I can say that since RE1 the acting in all RE games afterwards has been much better.
Controls: Good. The tank controls are gone although I never had no serious issues with them. You use both analog sticks to move around. Like in other games AND YES YOU CAN FINALLY SHOOT AND MOVE AT THE SAME TIME!
Gamplay: Good. The game is broken in 4 campaigns. Leon, Chris, Jake (a new character) and Ada. They did a patch on this game so ADA is unlocked from the get go. No need to beat the first 3 campaigns first. Chris's and Jake's campaign have a lot of action. Leon's action doesn't pick up til about the 3rd chapter or so. Ada's is about the same as Leon's although her's seems a little more difficult plus she is the only one that does without a partner.

Each campaign is broken up into 5 chapters. Each chapter is about 1 hour long including the cut scenes. The story line is a bit confusing compared to other RE games. They took away the "notes" you would find in game that would tell a little bit more about what was going on. The game autosaves now, no more typewriters. The menu systems is different. In RE5 your weapon (or whatever you put in the slot) corresponds to the directional pad. In RE6 its a little similar but now everything has its place. Left and right on the D pad sorts through your aresonal. Up and down deals with your grenades and first aid sprays (yes, those are back lol) Your herbs have their own slot.

No more merchant and weapons can no longer be upgraded. You get skills that can help in combat. All characters have improved moves now. You can dodge punches yourself without waiting for a prompt like in RE4 and 5. I wouldn't say this game is an improvement over RE4 and 5. At least not to me. It's still good and better than I thought. Infinite ammo returns but this is the first RE game that I have played that does without an infinite rocket launcher. There is a LOT to do in this game though so it should keep you busy for a while.
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on April 28, 2017
In my estimation this is a really bad game. Characters are stiff, too much movie you can't skip, don't have control of the character, I could go on but it would take up too much room. Maybe I am spoiled to the graphics, story and control of games like Tomb Raider, Mass Effect, etc. this game does not compare to them at all. This is truly one of the most frustrating and worse games I have ever played.
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on April 12, 2016
My 2nd favorite, this is action horror at its best, you have high replay value here. There is multiple characters, story lines that intertwine to make this the best story driven RE yet. The online co-op is best but playing offline is acceptable too. The action here is intense, and the boss battles are epic! A MUST have for any1 especially for RE fans!
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on May 23, 2014
Resident Evil 6 Xbox 360 Review

I have always been a Resident Evil fan since the release if Resident Evil 4. I played the game first on the Play Station 2. The suspense of that game made it so interesting and I wanted to get that feeling again with Resident Evil 6. When I heard it was going to have Leon I told myself that I have to get the game. I ordered the game and this is what I got upon its arrival.

I bought the game new so it arrived in perfect condition; wrapped and with the seal still there. When I opened the cover I found two discs inside. Disc 1 which included the actual game and disc 2 which included additional languages which could be installed. I speak and read only English so disc 2 wasn't useful for me.

When playing the game and inserting it into my Xbox 360 Slim, I realized that there was a very noticeable noise of the disc spinning. It was loud enough to make me think the game was going to break. So what I did and highly recommend is to install the game before playing it. This resulted in the noise still being there but for only 2 minutes. Afterwards the game didn't make any noises.

Finally, gameplay. Resident Evil 5 being the last game I played, I definitely found a difference in gameplay. There are a lot more new features added in the game such as stamina that you must be aware of. There were many new controls which you had to use if you wanted to pass the game. Though they are very easy to get used to. One thing I was disappointed about in Resident Evil 6 was the suspense. I didn't get all the suspense that was there in Resident Evil 4. I feel maybe it was because of the lack of dark alleys or suspense music. Whatever it was it wasn't as suspenseful as Resident Evil 4. Though the game kept me wanting to keep playing it because the story continues from where it is left off in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Damnation (the movie). Since there are so many stories to play from you just want to keep playing to unlock the full story. It just connects everything very well, at least from what I have completed which is 2 out of the 5 story modes. Overall I say if you are a Resident Evil fan this game is a must buy.
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on February 23, 2015
While mostly devoid of scares, and 2 infuriating stealth sequences, I find this game fun, and a good ACTION game. And for only $10 It offers quite immense, albeit convoluted, story line, with hours of game play. However, don't go into this game expecting a thrilling horror game, as only 2 points in the massive campaign story lines feature anything close to atmospheric scares, Though there were some jump scares, most were what many would call "cheap" with the enemies being unable to be harmed until they get up. Also an important side note, Local Co-Op is availible, however you have to set the game to split screen, never once stating it as a co-op mode. And this isn't the only place the game utterly fails in conveyance.
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on May 11, 2014
I was not disappointed with this game. It was very different from any other title in the series, but that was to its advantage. I played through the whole game on co-op, but I can imagine it might not be as fun to play alone.

At first I was skeptical of the new controls, but then I saw how they made for a faster-paced and more fluid movement of the characters. The new aiming is great, as is the ability to melee opponents without having to stun them first. This entry feels more like an action title rather than survival horror. Although there are some great co-op moments, there isn't much of a scare factor in this game. That being said it is a blast to play through. There are some clever co-op moments other than the old "cover your partner with a sniper rifle" one. Most of the creatures, zombies and the new J'avo are fun to kill. Although sometimes the J'avo's transformations can seem quite ridiculous, like the chicken men or bone chainsaws...

I loved the return of the mercenaries mode, but I was a little disappointed that there were only three stages. I guess the number of characters kind of made up for this though. I will look into buying the expansion as well.

To sum it up this is a great game, it may not be as great as some of its predecessors, but I still loved it.
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on October 25, 2014
I’ve been a fan the Resident Evil series ever since the first one, and have had a chance to see it evolve with each new game. RE 4 was an amazing game, and I even enjoyed RE 5. But by the time I bought RE 6 for the low, low price of $9 new, I had already heard all the critiques about it being too far of a departure from the things that made the series great. So it was hard not to jump into it without some major bias. Here’s what I found from my experience with the game:


-Looks pretty good on the Xbox360, a last gen system.

-A wide variety of characters to play, with multiple missions for each.

-Player models are detailed and interesting.

-For the most part, weapon controls are tight and responsive.

-Nice execution of the standard arrangement of weapons and inventory items.

-Some of the sequences are challenging in an exciting way.

-While most of the chapters are action oriented, a few lean more towards the survival-horror we love.

-A decent, cohesive story consistent with the crazy stuff that goes on in the RE universe.

-The total game length is decent.


-Your characters, the highly trained operatives that they are, will spend a lot of time during cutscenes standing around with their thumbs up their tailpipes watching really bad things happen to their friends and allies. Seriously, they stand frozen, gnashing their teeth melodramatically when we all know they could whip out a gun and place a shot between the bad guy’s eyes faster than we can hit the “skip cutscene” button. Now I know this is done intentionally as part of the story so things can unfold the way the designers imagined, but in my opinion it is really weak storytelling and an extremely frustrating way to eject the player from their immersion in the story.

-While part of the series “charm” has been the over-the-top acting, I personally have never cared for it much…especially given the very adult themes at play. While RE6 isn’t the worst offender in the series, there’s plenty of it on display here. The Last of Us is a far better example of how all of these genres and tropes can be brought together in a way that doesn’t feel like it was written by a 14 year-old.

-I really hope that Quick Time Events die in a horrible, flaming death. Likewise, whoever invented them should have to write “I’m sorry I invented QTEs” on the chalkboard a million times. Seriously, developers need to band together and pledge that they will never ever put QTEs in their games again.

-Progressing through the upgrade system is slow and will require multiple playthroughs to unlock. Considering it was a chore just to play through the game even once, it’s unlikely I’ll ever pursue unlocking them all.

I hate to say it, but by the end of RE6, I didn’t even feel that the game was a good way to spend my time. Granted, I felt compelled to finish it since I actually paid for it, but that’s a bad reason to do something. And it’s not that the game was absolutely horrible. It’s just that everything good was brutally cancelled out by something equally frustrating. It became a slog very early on and before long all I was focused on was finishing the game rather than enjoying it.

I really hope that the RE series loops around and returns to some of the things that made it interesting in the first place. RE: Revelations was a much more enjoyable game, played much more like RE 4, and signals that it is possible for the developers to do so.

So while others may have enjoyed RE6, I simply can’t recommend it. It’s better to spend your time playing a “decent” game like RE: Revelations or one of the recent Silent Hill entries if you’re looking for something in the survival-horror genre. Cheers!
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on December 31, 2012
I'm a very big fan of RE and have been excited about this game for years. I wanted to like it, even when I felt the temptation to turn it off after an hour I kept going. I did warm up to it a little but my final conclusion is that it's just ok. While it is playable, it gets VERY boring after a while. All of the environments look the same (it's very easy to get lost or turned around if you're in a hurry or running from something), green herbs are scarce, and they've done away with purchasing upgrades using money. You now have these stupid little things called skill points. Each skill thingie you pick up in the game (instead of money) is probably worth about two points each, which is ridiculous because you can't get hardly anything once you finally rack up enough points to purchase something. All of the skills you really want cost about 12000 points, so you have to beat the game and play again before you'll have enough points for something decent, or you'll have to skip out on the crappy semi-helpful skills you need in order to save up for something big. You also don't get to find treasures like you did in 4 and 5. I thought that was great fun and definitely made the game replayable because you could always find something you hadn't found before.

Remember how easy it was to point and shoot in RE5? Say bye bye to that. I'm not exactly sure what they've done with the lasers on the guns, but it makes it absolutely impossible to see what you're shooting from faraway. I'm not a hardcore gamer or an expert but I've heard people compare game play to Modern Warfare blah blah blah a bunch of other games I've never played. So maybe it's just me that has that issue, either way it's ANNOYING!!!!

I know everyone has some reservations about new games when they come out, they're expecting the old formula that they liked with a bunch of new stuff thrown in, so if you're reading this review. I get that, I totally do. I'll end this by saying, it's worth a play, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not a game I would want to play over and over again like 0-5. It feels like an unfinished RE game, with all of the things that made it fun removed.
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on January 23, 2013
Apparently, they do not include a players manual with the box anymore, so figuring out the controls is kind of trial and error. They do offer some in-game control tips, but most of them are on the loading screens so by the time they tell you, you are already a good way through the game. When the game starts off, you can choose 3 campaigns (and a 4th unlock-able) but in order to understand the story, you have to play them in order. (I was confused and thought I was just picking characters but they are actually 3 story lines that coincide and overlap). I also do not understand how, considering it is 2013 and hundreds of first person shooters have influenced game-play for years, yet Resident Evil still doesn't allow you to duck and shoot at the same time?! It is nice that they are trying to introduce a lot more action than the previous games, but for a game that is trying to mix this sort of gameplay into the survival horror play, you would think they would have some better controls to dodge, duck and shoot. Lastly, this reaction/timing-"hit this button combination at the right time to dodge a boss or die instantly" thing is just getting old. I want to shoot things, not play Simon!
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on December 30, 2013
I've been a long time fan of the Resident Evil series, and I didn't balk at the changes that RE 4 & 5 brought along. I actually thought that moving from fixed camera angles to over the shoulder action was okay. However, this game is a mixed bag.

Resident Evil 6 is split up into four different campaigns, this isn't really spoiling anything, because the latest Xbox update unlocks everything from the get go. Anyway, all four of the campaigns are very different, and chances are, you'll like one more than the others, and hate one more than the others. A quick summary:

Leon's campaign: As close as it gets to traditional survival horror. More puzzles and more zombie like elements, but closer to Left 4 Dead than classic Resident Evil. I enjoyed this one the most for both gameplay and story.

Chris's: More action based and focused on bigger, badder monsters. Plenty of ammo to be found. This one was hit or miss for me, some parts I loved, some parts I did not, the story I didn't like at all.

Jake's: This campaign is combat focused, and it's okay. It has the most vehicle sequences, and one of the most annoying levels, a snow area that makes it hard to see. Gameplay wise, I liked it the least, but I thought the story was surprisingly good.

Ada's: I hated this one beginning to end. This is really a mixed bag, but mainly, this game is designed for two players and I did her campaign by myself. You can do co-op for this one though. Ada's story ties up some loose ends from the others.

Overall, I have no idea where Capcom wants to take this series, and I got this game as a special from Amazon for $8. If it hadn't been that cheap, I wouldn't have bought it, and having played it, my mind hasn't changed. I'm not saying it's an awful game, just know beforehand what you are getting yourself into. More than likely, you'll love one style and wish there was more, and hate another and beg for it to end.
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